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Are Amazon Mystery Boxes Worth It

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Often Contain Items For Daily Use

Even if you dont find a century-old artifact or a necklace worth a million dollars in a box, youll certainly find goods that you can use in your daily life. It can be anything from a pair of earphones to a watch to a charger or some home decor. You can keep the items you need and sell off the others.

Whats even better is that you get these items cheaper than you would normally pay for them. It can save you a good couple of dollars that you can spend elsewhere later. You get the goods you want and you pay lesser than normal. It is nothing but a win-win situation.

Is Mystery Tackle Box Any Good My Complete 2020 Review

Mystery Tackle Box is a popular fishing tackle subscription service that sends you lures, baits, and hooks in a specially curated box right to your doorstep every month. You can select from boxes designed to catch bass, trout, catfish, walleye, panfish, and even inshore saltwater species like snook, flounder, and redfish. There are various membership levels you can choose from but they all offer a ton of value.

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Tips To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of A Phishing Scam

1. Watch out for potential spelling mistakes in the domain name: before making purchases, check the domain for spelling mistakes that may highlight the malicious nature of the page, such as a .co instead of a .com

2. Use credit cards where you can: debit cards are linked to bank accounts, so the probability of attackers accessing our data is much higher. So, always use credit cards, which offer greater protection.

3. Only share the information thats strictly necessary: making purchases online naturally means sharing some data. Be wary if you are being asked for information that you do not consider necessary for the purchase.

4. Search for the pages security protocol: avoid buying products on pages that do not have an SSL security certificate or the https protocol.

5. Research before you buy: do some research beforehand on the website you are thinking of buying from. Look for signs that prove its credibility.

Pros And Cons Of Buying Mystery Boxes

Amazon Funko Pop Mystery Box Unboxing

January 29, 2021 by Post

You may have heard all about the buzz of mystery boxes, but have you ever considered buying them?

But, what are mystery boxes exactly?

Mystery boxes consist of a number of random goods stacked inside of a box, which customers pay a fixed price for.

Why would anyone purchase a product when they dont know what theyre getting for the payment?

The element of surprise is one reason, but the discount at which you receive it is an even stronger motivating factor.

The price differs from box to box depending on where you buy it from, who you buy it from and whats its size, but mostly it comes at a very cheap rate.

Obviously there are pros and cons both to buying mystery boxes and well walk through both.


1. A great number and variety of items at a very small price.

As mentioned above, you get a lot of random items inside a mystery box. Now what theyre worth depends upon the items but numerically speaking you get a lot of them under a fixed price. So about a 100 items for say $20 doesnt sound like a bad deal.

2. Get a great profit margin if items are great inside the box.

Now, from those numerous items, you could get lucky and get one item which could pay your money off and gain you profit as well. Or you could get many items which are worth something or the other and with them combined you can pay off your money and gain you profit easily.

3. You can choose special category mystery boxes.

4. Mostly shelf pulls/warehouse damage merchandise.


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Nordstrom General Merchandise Half Pallet

Another popular mystery box in-store is the Nordstrom general merchandise half pallet. This box has anything and everything from the Nordstrom stores. The half pallet comes as a pack of 4 boxes with 200-300 units in each. Since it is a liquidation pack, you will find some unsellable items and some used items. However, the packers try their best to provide the best quality products in each box. If you are lucky, you may receive a box that has 2-3 items worth the whole pallet!

Coming on to the types of goodies, you may find sunglasses, shapewear, undergarments, cosmetics, handbags, scarves, belts, home décor, toys, electronics, accessories, and many more. All items come from a mix of seasons so you may not get exclusive winter/summer-related items for that season. The Nordstrom half pallet is currently available for $995 with a flat shipping rate of $149.

Amazon Canadas Mystery Boxes

Here is how this unusual auction organized by Maxime works.

We all know that buying online is prone to mistakes. As evidence, tons of products are returned to Amazon every day, but the e-commerce giant believes that processing returned boxes is sometimes too expensive. Thus, some of these products, still in their sealed boxes, are assembled in batches. Buyers can then acquire these pallets full of random packages at a good price. According to Maxime, sometimes these buyers are people from the retail trade, who will then try to sell the unpacked products in their stores.

Since Maxime doesnt yet have the purchasing power of these big buyers, he has found a supplier willing to sell him sealed boxes. He then divides his lot into several packs of 10 boxes which he resells for $120 to individuals, in pop-up shop mode.

In fact, the next sale takes place Saturday in Québec city.

For the sake of transparency, boxes that are inadvertently opened are withdrawn from sale. Maxime has no idea whats inside them, and thats what makes this idea fun.

I started out by selling the boxes to my family, so trust between my clients and me is part of the projects DNA. I want people to be happy and find great products. I have a friend who made a $400 profit by reselling what I sold him blindly for $600.

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How To Protect Yourself More

If you want to be the first to find out the most notorious scams every week via email, then feel free to subscribe to the Scam Detector newsletter here. Youll receive periodic messages from our team we promise not to spam.

However, feel free to educate yourself with some other Amazon fraud-related articles listed under this paragraph. Last but not least, please use the comments section below to expose other.

My Experience With Mystery Boxes


Lately Ive been considering new ways to source items for my Poshmark closet. I like shopping at thrift stores and visiting the Goodwill bins, but they have their drawbacks.

I think its worth exploring other methods of acquiring items because you cant put all your eggs in one basket.Mystery boxes have the potential to be a great alternative.

Theyre shipped directly to your door. Buying them is fast and easy. Thats why Ive given thredUP and Goodwill mystery boxes a try to date.

Ive really wanted to like mystery boxes that Ive received. Unfortunately for me, theyve been mediocre or disappointing so far. I think its possible to have a great experience with mystery boxes if you get the right one.

I liken it to playing the lotto or other gambling. You really dont know what youre going to get. Sometimes you win and receive great items that are worth reselling. More often than not, you lose. You wouldve been better off trying a different supplier or different method altogether.

My thought going forward is to buy mystery boxes more for the entertainment value than the expectation of profit. Use fun money to buy them. If you lose that money, its not the worst thing in the world. Youre still going to have food on the table and a business that keeps on moving.

If it works out in your favor and you get great items to resell then Id take it that you got lucky that time around. You and I may not be so lucky in other instances.

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Why Should You Buy One

Why shouldnt you? Firstly, it is completely legal to buy mystery boxes and you are bound to make a lot of profit out of it. When you evaluate the amount with the actual cost of each item in the box, you will discover that your purchase is far less as compared to the original price of all items together.

Sometimes you can resell the items you dont need. This way you can cover the full cost of the box by selling only a few of the merchandise you receive. Besides this, if you are unable to sell the items, you can sue them for yourself or you can gift them to your near and dear ones.

Another benefit of buying a mystery box is that it saves you a lot of storage space. All the items are packed in a crate so you can simply leave them in the box until you have used or sold everything.

Mystery Box Scam: How It Works

Watch out for all kinds of mystery box offers online, a trendy scam thats been flourishing in the last few weeks. People have been writing us inquiring about the veracity of new terms such as Discraft Mystery Box, Hypebeast, or Dragon Ball Z Mystery Box. In this article, we will address these so-called surprise purchases and will show you how to check if a website is legit or not. Lets dive in.

If you purchase items online regularly, you might come across deals named Mystery Auctions or as in the last scam that hits our social media feeds the Mystery Gift Box. In the first case, those are auctions containing items that are sold as a surprise, so you might get an item that is worth less than you bid, or if you are lucky is more valuable than your bid.

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This Company Is Offering $1000 To Not Open A Mystery Box

You can get a Tesla Cybertruck or a chewed piece of gum inside!

Mystery boxes have emerged with the evolution of internet markets. You can get a box of this sort from internet merchants such as Amazon, Wish or eBay. These boxes can contain just about anything and you may or may not get your moneys worth. However, a company named MSCHF recently launched a mystery box that follows the same concept, but with an unexpected twist.

MSCHF is a company that deals with trendy internet stuff. Remember the Nike Jesus Shoes that was filled with holy water from the Jordan River and cost $3000? Those shoes were made by these guys. It is a Brooklyn-based creative company that likes to have some fun with its customers.

So, coming back to these mystery boxes, they can contain just about anything, ranging from items worth $0-$7000. You could get aLouise Vuitton bag or a chewed piece of gum, depending on your luck! However, remember the twist I talked about before? Well, the twist is that each of these boxes cost $100. Now, the chance of getting a Louise Vuitton bag is 0.1%, whereas the chance of getting that chewed piece of gum is 2%. But, you redeem the cost of the box and gain some more cash by not opening the box! Yes, you read that right.

Personally speaking, if I get my hands on one such box, I would rush down to the nearest subway station or the airport to use their X-Ray scanner. Then I will decide if I should open the box or wait for my $1000.

Is Mystery Tackle Box Worth The Money

Unboxing My First Amazon Funko Pop Mystery Box. Payed $33 ...

In my opinion, Mystery Tackle Box is well worth the cost of the subscription. I spend a lot of my own money on fishing gear so thats my vice. MTB helps Me save money while simultaneously helping me discover great lures you cannot find anywhere else.

The lures are all marked below MSRP and you get a great variety every box. Not all of the lures you get are home runs but most of them are real gems. I think MTB is a great way to discover your new favorite lures and get baits that will catch bass, walleye, trout, catfish, and more, that very same day.

These lures are hand-selected to catch fish the season they arrive. I love that. Its not for everyone but if you are serious about finding great fishing lures that will be fished by no one else on the water, go with Mystery Tackle Box.

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How Does Mystery Tackle Box Work

The concept is quite simple but ingenious. You buy a subscription of either regular, pro, or elite and select the species of fish you want to target. Most people seem to pick bass but I have loved what I got for walleye, panfish, and trout so far.

Once you have selected your species, MTB will send you between 4-7 or so premium-quality lures, hooks, or baits that you cannot just find in regular stores.

Once you get the lures shipped to your door, start fishing. Its as simple as that. Every month for as long as you maintain a subscription, you will get a new box full of awesome lures sent to you and you are free to change up the species box you get sent simply by emailing customer service.

I believe that Mystery Tackle Box was the first tackle box subscription service though I could be wrong. Its such a simple process but sure to introduce to your new favorite fishing lures.

My Impression Of The Mystery Box

As a reseller, this box was a disappointment. Most of the items in the box are not worth reselling. The more I look through the items and inspect them, the more disappointed I am with them.

First of all, I had high hopes for the box but was prepared for the worst. I knew I wouldnt be getting a lot of great brands and styles. If the items were great brands for resale, they would have sold as individual pieces on the thredUP site. They wouldnt be in a mystery box.

I think the impression that a lot of people have about mystery boxes on thredUP and elsewhere is that theyre composed of rejects. Theyre the things that didnt sell individually.

They are boxed up to send to you at low prices so the person or company can get rid of stale items and recoup some of their money. Thats not always the case, but I suspect that is the case here.

Have you ever been to a second-hand store like Crossroads or Buffalo Exchange? These stores pride themselves on being fashion forward. They buy things that are in style and expect to resell those items for a profit.

Those shops have half-off racks. Sometimes the items are damaged with stains and holes. Sometimes theyre decent clothes that just havent sold for one reason or another but are still from good resellable brands. I was hoping the box would be like those half-off racks at Crossroads or Buffalo Exchange.

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How Do You Buy Unclaimed Amazon Packages

This brings us to the question that’s been on pretty much everyone’s mind: How do you buy unclaimed packages Amazon or otherwise?

Many TikTokers, like Stephanie, have found success at local swap meets, where they’re able to buy unclaimed packages in bulk. Unfortunately, the one Stephanie went to in Las Vegas doesn’t sell the $1 mystery packages online.

You can also try looking on GovDeals, where mail that’s deemed valuable but undeliverable is auctioned off, according to the U.S. Postal Service . WiBargain sells boxes of liquidated goods from retailers such as Target and Amazon, too. You might also try your luck at

Happy unboxing, folks!

Exclusive Mystery Starter Pack Of 10 Pops

Unboxing a $60 Mystery Box from Amazon | Was it Worth it ?! | Ainio

This is an exclusive Mystery Box with a pack of 10 figures. It is ideal for collection starters, birthday gifts, party favors, stocking stuffers, Easter basket fillers, Christmas presents, and trade bait. The pack of 10 pops are randomly packed with a range of different titles, including TV serials, TV shows, movies, anime, cartoon, sports, video games, and many more.


  • It is a great mystery box for starters.
  • It comes with 10 figures and no duplicates guarantee.
  • Value for money.

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Bogus Gift From The Anonymous Group Via Cnnewsdeals

The mystery gift box presented here is called the Anonymous Gifting Pack. For $47, what a deal! Lets see what they say:

You never know what you might get in a Mystery Box. Perfect gift for the people who dont know what they want.. Value of gift is anywhere from USD20 to USD1000 worth. Items are picked at random. Perfect gift idea for Christmas or this holiday season. We have all inventory in stock, usually ships SAME DAY from USA. If high volume orders can take up to 48 hours. Who buys a Mystery Box?

Ever felt adventurous enough to buy a product that is a complete mystery? Take a risk it just may pay off. Maybe you become the new owner of a gold Rolex? The mystery is endless. Try our new Digital Mystery Box to win full game product keys, skins, and weapons for your favorite game such as Pubg, Fortnite, Black Ops 4, Counter-Strike CS: GO, and tons more.

As expected, you put your credit card details and expect to receive something. Good luck with that!

Tipped off again by the horrible grammar mistakes, we decided to take a look at this fake CNN News Shopify store . Whats on the homepage? An unfinished site.

Even if you go on all the other pages , they have no information whatsoever.

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