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Are Audible Books Free With Amazon Prime

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Audible Cost And Payment Options

How to Listen to Free Audible Books with Amazon Prime

Audible is costlier than many of the other audiobooks publishers. As I mentioned earlier, after the 30-day free trial where it asks for your card details, it charges you $14.75/month or $149 if you choose to pay yearly for its Gold membership. This membership plan gives you some advantages.

As a Gold member, you get 1 Credit and 2 Audible Originals.

On the other hand, if youre ready to spend more, the Platinum membership could be a better deal for you where you get 2 Credits and 3 Audible Originals in $22.35/month or $223.5 per annum.

Fortunately, it accepts payments from all the major credit cards and debit cards as well as via Amazon Store card . Good news if youre someone like me who doesnt use credit cards.

How To Get Free Selected Amazon Prime Audiobooks

Amazon is the largest book, ebook, audiobook sellers in the world. To improve the experience of enjoying digital content, it also created the Whispersync service which allows users to switch between reading and listening seamlessly. When you search an ebook, it will display the counterpart audiobook which is available. Besides, you can listen to them by streaming online but have no authority to download them. For offline listening, it requires an Audible membership.

Step 1. Open your Fire or Kindle device. If you are using a computer, go to the Amazon website, select the “Kindle Store” section.

Step 2. Search a book you want, it will show you some book results.

Step 3. Check to find the ebook which has a Prime logo and the Wispersync option.

Step 4. You can borrow the ebook first with Prime membership and then click the “Listen for free” button to borrow the audiobooks.

Please note only some titles are available on Amazon Prime. If you’d like to see all the Prime audiobooks, you can click “Prime Benefits” under the “Audible” category on a Fire tablet. Or you can check with Audible narration on computers.

What Is Amazon Prime Reading

Amazon Prime Reading allows Prime members to access and read more than a thousand books or magazines at no extra cost. Amazon says you can think of it as a “private library that lets Prime members read free”. You can download and read up to 10 titles at a time, and dozens of Prime Reading books are available with Audible narration, too, so you can listen while you are commuting, cleaning, running, or whatever.

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How To Get Credits On Audible

With the purchase of the annual membership that’s on sale right now for $99.95, you’ll also get one year’s worth of credits as soon as you sign up. Each Audible credit is like an audiobook waiting to be listened to because you redeem them in exchange for any book title. This isn’t unique to the saleyou’d get 12 credits with a full-price annual membership, toobut with the monthly subscription, you only get one credit per month, so in a way, the annual membership is advantageous here, as you’ll get all your credits up front with no waiting involved.

Another perk? These credits never expire, so you never have to stress about losing them if you forget to grab a new book for the month.

How To Find Free Audiobooks With Prime Membership

Amazon prime free audible books,

People with prime membership are allowed to have Audible audiobooks. Podcasts, too, are given, and the good news is that you dont pay more. But unfortunately, you dont get to enjoy the full audible membership. But again, you are exposed to more than fifty books.

Also, its not a must-you have the Amazon Membership to access the free audiobooks. As long as you have reached 18 years old, then you can have a prime account. That gives you the mandate to enjoy Amazon-free audiobooks.

Interestingly, Amazon doesnt have a say in these books. Audible is responsible for rotating these books. Though the free audiobooks are available, they can be changed at any given time. That makes it impossible for you to download. In that case, you listen to them using compatible devices.

Lets get to know how you can get the free Audiobooks with Prime Membership.

The first thing is to download the Audible App and install it. Use your Amazon Prime information that is found in your prime membership account.

After that, follow these steps

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Books With Audible Narration In Prime Reading

You can enjoy Prime Reading books with Audible Narration on iOS and Android phones and tablets, Fire tablets and Alexa devices through the free and Audible’s free listening app. Look for the Prime Reading “Read and Listen Free” on Kindle book pages or browse our catalog below to find titles with Audible narration included in your Prime Reading benefit.

Get Audible Amazon Prime Audiobooks Under Whispersync Service

Being the biggest audiobook seller, Amazon has taken a step further to ensure readers enjoy audiobooks. They introduced the Whispersync service. It allows the reader to switch in between reading or listening. How do you do that?

  • If you are using a Kindle device, open it. If you are using a computer, log in to the Amazon website and open the Kindle store from there.
  • Once it opens, books will be displayed. You can enter the name of the book you are looking for, and the book will pop up.
  • Look for the ones with the logo of Prime and Whispersync.
  • Proceed to borrow the book with prime membership. After that, you can go to the listen for the free option and request the audiobooks.

NB: Not all titles are available. Amazon Prime doesnt have all the titles, and you are encouraged to check the free list. You will know which free audiobooks are available from the list provided.

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Is Audible Free With Prime Free Audible Benefits For Members

Is Audible free with Prime? This is a common question for audiobook lovers to ask, but the answer isnt a clear cut yes or no. Instead, its a bit of both! So if youre asking Does Amazon Prime include Audible?, read on to learn the answer and learn everything you need to know about your Audible Amazon Prime perks!

Where The Lost Wander

How to Get Two Free Audiobooks During Audible Trial with Amazon Prime

Amy Harmon gives us a thrilling love story of a widow. She is widowed young. She decides to find happiness in another place. Along the way, she meets the love of her life. Despite their worlds apart, they connect and try to be happy. But when tragedy strikes, they separate, and all they can do is keep memories. But again, they need to find who they are.

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Ways To Get Free Amazon Prime Audiobooks

You are a member of Amazon Prime and wondering whether you can get free audiobooks. It is possible if you pay the Amazon Premium membership fee. It is the one that unlocks the possibility of a person getting free audiobooks. Included in that membership fee, you will be able to get videos, music, audiobooks, and EBooks.

The downside is that Amazon doesnt give any clear information on getting those Audible books. That leads to some users paying extra to access them. With such limitations, lets discuss how you can enjoy the free audiobooks at no extra costs.

We will discuss three parts that you can get free amazon prime audiobooks.

Download Audible Audiobooks With Amazon Prime For Offline Playing

As we show you above, you can access to audiobooks with Amazon Prime . Yet you can only listen to them inside the Kindle app. Therefore, it’s quite inconvenient for you if you want to get them in other apps. In this regard, we recommend an effective tool – AudFree Audio Converter. It aims to convert the formats of Audible books – AA/AAX to MP3, FLAC, M4A, AAC, WAV and M4B.

Why do you need to convert the format? Because the Audible AA/AAX files are encoded, which are not compatible with other apps. Luckily, the AudFree Audio Converter enables you to get lossless audiobooks files that can be played in other apps offline. Besides, you can edit the ID3 tags and spilt audio files into small segments as you like.

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Get Free Audiobooks With Amazon Prime Via The Audible Channel

Books with Audible narration leaving Prime Reading

Aside from the first method, we got another one in this section. So upon learning what audiobooks are free with Amazon Prime, you can also try getting them via the Audible channel. Just an added note, you can also access free podcasts, programs, comedy shows, and more apart from audiobooks .

All Amazon Prime members have the ability to access free content but if you are a non-subscriber, nothing to worry about because you are given 30-minute access via the channels. Also, you must know that getting an Amazon Prime membership wonât mean that you are an Audible member as well. You can subscribe to the Audible channel at 4.95 USD per month.

Now, to get free audiobooks on Amazon Prime via the Audible channel, you simply need to follow these steps.

  • On your device , have your Audible application opened.
  • You will see the âChannels for Primeâ option. Click on this.
  • A new window will be displayed. From there, all featured content will be displayed and shown.
  • You can have any channel opened and followed. You can even stream online just by hitting the âplayâ button.
  • Note: If you have the Audible membership, you wonât be seeing this âChannels for Primeâ option. Youâll see âOriginalsâ instead. The content under this will be different from that of Audible Channels.

    Now upon knowing what audiobooks are free with Amazon Prime, what if you want to keep them forever? What must you do? Learn more details as you move to the next part of this post.

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    Do Amazon Prime Members Get Free Audiobooks

    As we have been stressing in the introduction part of this post, one good thing about being an member is that they have access to free content including audiobooks. And, this is all thanks to the feature.

    This is actually a service that has the ability to give a free rotating library of magazines and of course, books to users as part of the perks of having the membership.

    If you are not sure what to get and you are wondering what audiobooks are free with Amazon Prime, we have some recommendations for you here. You can maybe check these out and try streaming as early as now.

    • Cut and Run by Mary Burton, narrated by Brittany Pressley
    • Emergency Skin by N.K. Jemisin, narrated by Jason Isaacs
    • The Girl with the Golden Scissors by Julia Drosten, narrated by Kathleen Gati
    • Graceful Burdens by Roxane Gay, narrated by Samira Wiley
    • If You Must Know by Jamie Beck, narrated by Susannah Jones and Therese Plumme

    Take note that the above are only five of what audiobooks are free with Amazon Prime. There are of course a lot more! There are about 250 from the collection â e-books, short reads, and Kindle short stories that you can browse and see.

    If you are wondering how you will be able to see what audiobooks are free with Amazon Prime, you can follow these steps.

  • Using your Audible application, begin on the main screen. Now, hover to the upper left portion and look for the icon corresponding to âmenuâ. Just click on it.
  • Choose which you want and listen to it.
  • A Summarized Version Of The Audiobook

    Most of the audiobooks in Audible are around 6-8 hour long and sometimes you dont have that much time to commit. Its like skimming through a long-form blog post to get only the major points instead of reading every word.

    And youll be glad to know that Audible has this facility, too. Along with the full versions, it also offers the summarized version of audiobooks at lower prices for those who are tight on budget or time.

    Though it is not available with all the titles, opting for the ripped copy is still an excellent choice for saving time and money at the same time.

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    Audfree Audible Audiobook Converter

    • Convert AA/AAX to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, etc.
    • Preserve ID3 tags of Audible audiobooks.
    • Split Audible audiobooks into small parts.
    • Work at 30X faster speed and keep original quality of audiobooks.

    We offer you a detailed guide on downloading Amazon Prime audio books for playing on your favorite players.

    Step 1Load Audible audiobook files to AudFree
    First of all, download Audible audiobooks and AudFree Audio Converter on your computer. Launch the AudFree tool. Then drag the audiobooks which you want to convert to the window. Or you can tap on the left button to add them to the interface.
    Step 2Set Output Parameters
    Before you convert the format, you need to personalize the output format and parameters like codec, channel, sample rate and bit rate. Drop your mouse on the top right, you can reset the output folder and make sure whether you will archive output tracks by Artist/Album or not. Touch the Audible tracks you upload. Hit the ‘Edit’ icon on its right. You can spilt the Audible files and edit their information like title, album, artist, composer, etc.
    Step 3Convert Audible audiobook Amazon Prime files
    Tips: You can only get one-third of each converted Audible track with the free trial of the AudFree software. To have the full transferred file, you are suggested to buy the AudFree Audio Converter.

    Follow The Clues Audiobooks

    Audible Trick: THREE FREE months of Audible using Amazon Prime for FREE!

    These are basically Mystery genre audiobooks. Currently, there are the following 5 titles in this category:

    • The Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie
    • Baltimore Blues by Laura Lippman
    • The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle
    • Dust and Shadow by Lyndsay Faye
    • The Coroners Lunch by Colin Cotterill

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    What Are Audible Channels

    Audible Channels or Audible Audio Shows are basically podcasts without ads. Audible has various podcasts including ones about problematic teens, comedy, psychology, politics, parenting, and news from New York Times, Washington Post, and the WallStreet Journal.

    Audible podcasts are different than audio books. Audio books are specific novels or stories read out loud. Podcasts are like talk shows, where the podcast hosts share ideas, discuss various topics, or entertain listens with funny stories and jokes.

    Some example Audible comedy shows include:

    Compatible With Different Devices

    Its next to impossible to use a phone or computer in every single place, and Audible understands this very well.

    Thats why it provides a plethora of device options that support the Audible app. It includes:

    • Windows and Mac computers
    • iOS and Android smartphone or tablet
    • Amazon Kindle
    • All the devices that support Amazon Alexa
    • Mp3 players & Visually impaired devices

    I also love its drive mode that lets me listen to my favorite book while driving to the grocery shop or coming back home.

    In short, it eliminates all your excuses for not having the time to read a book because, with so many options available, you can literally listen to an audiobook anytime, anywhere.

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    Amazon Prime The Gift That Keeps Giving Now Includes Free Audible Content

    Like audio books and podcasts? If you live in one of the 38 percent of American households that are members of , your world just became more full of sound, according to Fortune.

    Amazon Prime members, who pay $99 annually for free two-day shipping, can now access Audible audio service content at no additional cost. Youll be able to stream from a rotating group of more than 50 audiobooks. You can also listen to ad-free content including podcasts on Audibles new on-demand service Channels. Non-Prime members pay $4.95 monthly to hear Channels curated podcasts and other content.

    That extra audio content on Channels includes comedy shows, short fiction, talk shows, and audio versions of articles from major publications. Amazon Prime members already have access free music, video, and Kindle e-books, so adding audio content from its newly acquired Audible further fills out the information/entertainment roundup.

    One of the video benefits of Amazon Prime is free streaming of Amazons own, in-house video productions. The same benefit now applies to content produced by Audible. An example mentioned by Fortune, is Ponzi Supernova, a podcast about the financial shenanigans of convicted American fraudster and former stockbroker, investment adviser, and financier Bernie Madoff. The podcast includes an interview from the incarcerated Madoff.

    Get Free Audiobooks With Amazon Prime Via The Whispersync Service

    Amazon Prime Audiobooks: 57 Free Audible Books with Prime!

    Amazon has been one of the largest audiobook sellers. With several subscribers and readers around the globe, it is just right to further take another level by giving its users the ability to enjoy free content.

    Thus, they have introduced this so-called Whispersync Service. This service is giving the users the ability to easily switch from the reading mode to the listening mode and finally get the free audiobooks that the user wants. How can this be done?

    • If you are accessing Amazon Prime using a Kindle device, open it. Now, if you are using a personal computer, simply sign in via the Amazon website. After doing so, open the Kindle store.
    • After opening, the books will be shown on the screen. Or, if you are not seeing the book that you like, you can just enter its name and wait until it pops up.
    • Simply look for the book containing Prime and Whispersyncâs logos.
    • Now, borrow the book with the prime membership that you have. Once done, you can listen to it via the free option and even request the audiobooks.

    Keep in mind that you might notice that all titles might not be available on Amazon. It is always recommended to check the list of the free items first to know if the one you are looking for is available for free access.

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