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Can I Advertise My Amazon Product On Facebook

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How to Sell Amazon Affiliate Products on Facebook Pages

The product detail page is where the sales happen on Amazon. The information you put on this page helps sell your product and encourage shoppers to buy. Candle brand Homesick has a stellar example of a product page that sells. Lets look at why.

Targeted product title

Your product title is essential for an Amazon listing for two reasons. One, it captures shoppers attention and tells them they are in the right place. Two, it can improve your click-through rate in search and improve your SEO ranking.

Product titles have a 200-character limit, but youll want to keep your title between 60 and 80 characters. Why?

  • A Skubana study of more than 3,000 high-ranking Amazon listings found that 33% of them fell between 60 and 80 characters.
  • The guidelines recommend it.
  • Amazon can shorten product titles over 112 characters.

Every word in your product title is searchable. Include the most relevant search in the beginning of your product title. Youll notice Homesick uses its brand name , the product line , the style , features , and the container size.

This gives shoppers a clear and concise description of your product. They can then make a decision whether to stay on your page or go find the product elsewhere.

Clear product images

Your main photo should clearly show what the product is before zooming in. Additional photos should provide additional angles of the product and, if relevant, lifestyle imagery.

Concise bullet points

Concise product descriptions

Product variations

Bid On Popular Brands That Sell Similar Products

When brainstorming keywords to bid on, dont forget about your well-known competitors. For instance, if you sell backpacks you should be bidding on terms like L.L. Bean backpacks and Northface backpacks because these are well-known brands that are commonly searched for and purchased. This will allow you to gain exposure and pursue someone to buy your much cooler, less well-known brand name backpack.

To find your top competitors, do a generic search on Amazon for products in your vertical say, backpacks and see which brands come up the most in your search results.

How To Promote An Amazon Product On Facebook Ads

Facebook can be one of the best sources of traffic for your Amazon product links, but its also one of the more tricky traffic sources to use. The reason is simple: Facebook doesnt actually allow affiliate links as ad destinations.

As we talked about in this post, Facebook doesnt like users promoting affiliate links. They dont really come out and state it anywhere in their community guidelines, but they do routinely reject ads because of affiliate links. Its spotty enforcement, much like everything else with Facebook, but it exists.

You can probably attempt to run ads directly to Amazon affiliate links, but chances are good you wont get your moneys worth out of them. Either Facebook will remove them, reject them out of hand, or many Facebook users will ignore them. Theres also the small possibility that Facebook might decide to take action against your account if you try to circumvent their rules too often. Instead, why not boost the legitimacy of your ads, bypass Facebooks filters, and promote an Amazon product all at once?

Theres another situation to consider as well. Perhaps youre not digging into affiliate marketing, and youre actually selling through Amazon as a vendor. Its extremely easy to sell items through Amazon, though as with all e-commerce platforms, there are a million little details to consider at all times.

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Play With Promotion To Boost Amazon Sales

Promoting Amazon products is unlike traditional marketing for a single store, where youre mainly focused on driving external traffic. You also have to find ways to increase your listings visibility internally on Amazon. The marketplace is so competitive, so you have to find innovative ways to make products stand out against other sellers items.

To simplify promotion on Amazon, make the most of the nine key strategies here for boosting your listings visibility inside and outside of the marketplace. Experiment with these different methods, and track your results to see which ones lead to greater sales. The more you test these tactics, the better prepared youll be to win Amazon buyers attention and stay ahead of competitors.

The Opportunity In Marketplaces

How Self

Marketplaces like Amazon and eBay can help people discover your brand easier. Amazon has over 150 Prime members and 300 million active customer accounts worldwide. You can set up a selling account fast and reach a global audience with easebut this all comes with a price.

Fees aside, Amazon has been under fire for steamrolling its sellers. From using data about independent sellers to developing competing products to creating blatant copycat brands, you run the risk of losing sales and customer data when selling on marketplaces.

So what does that mean you for? Look at it this way: these marketplaces give consumers a plethora of choices. They give shoppers a quick and easy way to find the products they already want. What they dont do, however, is provide an enjoyable shopping experience where products are organically discovered, like in an online store.

This gives ecommerce businesses a unique opportunity. You can use Amazon to sell certain products and help improve brand awareness, as well as create an online store where you control the experience and the data, and save money on fees.

Use both a branded web store and marketplaces to complement each other. This reduces customer dependency on a single sales channel but also provides customers an option for additional discoverability and buying features.

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How To Optimize Your Amazon Ads: 6 Tips

Among all of the products on Amazon, you might be doubting that the platform could yield your business a return. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to stand out from the competition in the massive Amazon marketplace. It just requires going into it with an informed Amazon advertising strategy.

Here are six tips to get you started on the right foot.

Getting Started With Amazon Ads

To start advertising on Amazon youll first need to sign into your seller or vendor account.

If you dont have either of these accounts you can check out their various pricing and plans to fit your needs here. If youre a first-party seller then youll want to sign-up as a vendor, which is unfortunately by invitation only. If youre selling via Amazon Seller Central youre considered a third-party seller. Seller Central has pricing options for pay-as-you go for independent sellers vs. a pro option for those with higher sale volume. Pro merchant sellers also have the option of letting Amazon manage shipping, returns, and customer service, which is not a bad perk! Lastly, Amazon has a Vendor Express option that might be worth exploring if youre interested in going the vendor route, but are lacking an invitation.

Once youre logged into youre signed up for the correct plan, you can log in to your Amazon account you start setting up your ad campaigns!

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Ensure Your Ad Copy Is As Specific As Possible

Your ad copy should also be very specific in terms of what youre selling. For example, if youre selling a water bottle I want to know how many ounces/cups of water it holds, if its BPA free, if it keeps my water cold for up to a certain number of hours etc. While it might be hard to expose all of this information in the ad text, its important to jam the most important information in there. The ad below is a great example of one that does this well because I know the weight, height, and what this product comes with from reading the headline.

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads

How To Advertise Your Amazon Product on Instagram

Sponsored product ads operate similar to ads run through the Google Shopping Network. These are the ads that drive Amazon searchers directly to a specific product youre .

When shoppers click on your sponsored product ad, theyll be directed to the ads product detail page. Sponsored product ads are typically displayed above or below the search results page, as well as on other product detail pages. These ads are keyword-targeted, and advertisers have the option of choosing from exact, phrase, or broad match types. Advertisers also have the control of setting a daily budget, as well as the campaign duration. While the campaign can be paused at any time it must run for at least 1 day.

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How To Promote Amazon Products: Benefits And Strategies

According to a recent report from Jungle Scout, 74% of consumers begin their product search on Amazon, rather than search engines like Google. This trend continues to widen, and it is inevitable that customers will search for your product on Amazonwhether you decide to sell there or not.

While conventional wisdom suggests you should diversify your sales channels and reduce reliance on the retail giant, the truth is that when properly harnessed, Amazon can be a great sales channel in addition to your own Shopify site. Advertising products on Amazon can help you gain exposure and build a funnel of potential customers who go on to shop on your own site.

What Are Amazon Ads

Similar to , when you type in a keyword in the Amazon search box and results appear, some of the top results will be sponsored posts these are considered Amazon ads. They are denoted with subtle sponsored or ad text like in the image below.

Advertisers who want to gain more visibility to their products on Amazon can pay for these positions by bidding on specific keywords, which will lead to higher visibility in the Amazon SERPs. The advertiser will then be charged when a shopper clicks on their ad. You can essentially see Amazons advertising platform as the Amazon version of AdWords.

Amazon ads can also appear on individual product pages. For example, when looking at the water bottle below I can see an add for sunglasses on the far right hand side of the page.

As I scroll down the page, Ill find even more ads!

However, there are many types of Amazon ad options beyond these sponsored search posts, some of which well explore in this guide.

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Complement Your Shopify Store By Selling On Amazon

At first glance, Amazon can seem like a challenger to your small business: a global marketplace, a massive audience, a go-to destination for consumer search. However, when approached properly, Amazon can actually help entrepreneurs make money online.

Listing optimization can help you get discovered by a global audience and unlock new markets for you. In-Amazon promotions can elevate your brand atop the competition, giving you center stage in front of a highly qualified audience.

Your online store is your home base, and Amazon is your opportunity to reach massive new audiences. Strategic planning, experimentation, and some hustle will get you a long way to successfully selling on Amazon.

Use Shopifys step-by-step guide to open up your new Amazon sales channel. Refer to this guide as you begin launching new products on Amazon.

Run A Competitor Analysis

Documenting the hilarious, weird world of Wish ads washing up on ...

The first step to promoting your Amazon product is to understand what youre up against. For most categories, you can learn a tremendous amount about what customers want and dont want based on competitor pages. Additionally, reviewing complementary products regularly can alert you to best practices and/or promotional opportunities. Specifically:

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Take Advantage Of Promotions

Discounts and promotions, including Amazons Daily Deals or Prime Day events, are a great way to sell your Amazon product at an increased velocity, ultimately leading to more reviews. The goal is not to always be on promotion or providing deep discounts, but if you sprinkle these in towards the beginning of your Amazon product lifecycle, you can quickly gain a critical mass of reviews and build relevancy so other customers can find you.

Amazons policies explicitly prohibit Amazon stores from incentivizing reviews by offering free or discounted products. However, Amazon sellers can have their products included in the Early Review Program. Amazon randomly selects customers who leave reviews and provides them with a small incentive to thank them for sharing their unbiased review. While there is no guarantee that this reviewer will provide a positive review, this is a great opportunity for customers to engage with new products.

Straight To Amazon Ads

The first option is to use Facebook to link directly to Amazon. You can do this both with affiliate links and with product links, but as I mentioned above, affiliate links are liable to be removed or rejected before theyre even allowed to run. Product links, on the other hand, work just fine.

There are a few quirks to using direct to Amazon ads. For one thing, you should make sure your ad copy mentions that youre selling via Amazon. Users dont want to click an ad that they think is directing them to your site, only to find themselves on a contextless Amazon page. Even if Amazon is pretty good at selling, theres a disconnect that will lose plenty of users.

Secondly, you should not attempt to use Amazon images in your ad. Specifically, Im talking about their logo or related symbols. Using these may seem like a trust factor, but in actuality, its probably in violation of both Facebook and Amazons various trademark usage policies. Since youre not Jeff Bezos or an authorized Amazon representative, chances are pretty good youre not authorized to use Amazon trademarks.

If you want to go all-in as an Amazon seller, you dont even need to have a website of your own. You lose out on the ability to brand yourself, grow as a business you can sell easily later, or build SEO clout with a blog, but honestly, that kind of marketing isnt for everyone. Sometimes all you need is an Amazon storefront and a stable of products to sell.

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Retargeting Landing Page Visitors

This is a great way to build new audiences for your product and spread brand awareness.

Drive external traffic to your Amazon page by using a retargeting pixel. You can simply install this pixel on a landing page, generate enough traffic on this page, and then retarget all these people with Facebook ads about your Amazon product.

The second way to retarget buyers on Facebook is by sending traffic to a landing page, tracking that traffic, and then retargeting it with a Facebook ad. All this is made possible by one thing: Facebook Pixel.

Before I tell you how to set up the Facebook Pixel, lets first learn what it is and how it works.

A pixel is a code snippet that is added to a web page to track all the traffic going to that page. If you add the Facebook Pixel to a landing page, it can return all sorts of information to you, such as people who made purchases, people who only visited the site, etc.

However, Amazons sellers must go through an additional step to use the Facebook Pixel. Since they cant install a pixel directly on their Amazon page, they need to have another landing page to initially send the traffic to. This page will have the Facebook Pixel to record everyone who visits.

Once this page receives at least 100 people, Facebook will then let you retarget these people with ads that direct them to your Amazon product listing. This method is called sending external traffic to your Amazon page, and if youre not already doing it, you need to start now.

Step 2: Wait

Optimize Your Amazon Product Listings

How to Create INSANELY Profitable Facebook Ads for Amazon FBA Products!

Ecommerce shoppers, particularly on Amazon, make a decision within seconds on whether they want to further engage with a product detail page or return to their search results. How do you pass this initial hurdle so that a customer scrolls below the fold and seriously considers purchasing your product? Start by making it simple for them.

Here is an example of a detail page before the seller updated key items to optimize conversion rate. Notice the short title, confusing photo, and rambling product description.

Now, here is the same product detail page after several updates. Notice that the title includes important product details, while the photo and description have been updated to offer a clearer sense of Dream Waters features and benefits.

Here are some other important considerations when setting up or updating detail pages:

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Create An Amazon Seller Account

The next step is to create a new Amazon seller account. Before signing up, keep the following on hand:

  • Business email address
  • Tax information
  • Phone number

Next, head over to to sign up. Amazon will ask for details about your business, such as address and tax information, as well as bank and identity information.

Amazon requires sellers to get approval for certain product types. Fashion, grocery, music, and jewelry are popular categories that require approval before setting up your Amazon seller account. Read the overview of product categories you can sell in.

Once your Amazon seller account is approved, youre ready to get your products listed and start selling.

Promote Your Brand And Drive More Sales With Amazon

Amazon can be a very competitive and complex marketplace, but if you spend some time on optimization and promotion of your Amazon product listings, you’ll be in a much better position to compete.

Dont get distracted by trying to game the system. Instead, focus on what you would want to see if you were the customer: clear and descriptive pages, competitive pricing, reputable and high quality reviews, and a trustworthy and responsive Amazon seller.

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