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Can I Buy Wholesale On Amazon

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Will The Wholesaler Or Distributor Care If I Sell On Amazon Or Ebay

Where can I buy Bulk Items to sell on Amazon: Where can I buy things in bulk online

Should you tell your supplier you will be selling on Amazon?

Things have changed a lot in the last few years and most wholesalers are now fully aware that people will be reselling on eBay and . Some of them are even doing it themselves under a different company name.

We have wholesalers and distributors who actively encourage us to resell on Amazon. They will even email opportunities they have spotted where we can buy their products and make a profit.

In some cases, the brand owner may insist the wholesaler does not supply Amazon sellers as it devalues their products.

We recommend you focus on other sales channels when initially setting up wholesaling accounts and try to avoid explicitly mentioning Amazon. For example, you could tell them you will be selling their products to schools or business customers.

Tip : Recognize In The Early Stages Of All The Expenses That Will Be Incurred

The true cost of selling wholesale products is more than just a number on a price tag. There are also plenty of other expenses to consider, and if you dont factor them in early on, theyll rapidly add up. Make a thorough profit analysis that considers Amazon fees, fulfillment and shipping expenses, inventory management, and applicable taxes.

How To Ship Products To Amazon Fba Warehouses

This process is fairly straightforward for those with previous selling history. You simply have the company you are buying from ship to your address. They will either bill you for shipping on the invoice, or theyll ask for your UPS parcel or freight number.

If they mention that they can Bill collect to your shipping address, this just means that it will bill to your UPS freight account which is attached to your address. So its the same as asking for your freight account number. If you dont have an account with UPS, youll want to head to their website and create an account if you have a supplier asking for this number.

Once the product is received at your location, you can then go through the process of prepping the items to be sent to Amazons FBA warehouses. You can learn .

One quick note on shipping: as your wholesale business grows, you can typically negotiate shipping rates with the carriers you are using. The more volume you do with them, the larger the discounts they will be able to offer. This can provide very material savings on every shipment you do going forward.

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Search A Vetted Wholesale Directory

Try searching a wholesale directory like Worldwide Brands. Now, I want to tell you up front, that this is the only suggestion on finding wholesale sources that comes with a one-time cost, but if you use it the right way, then it can be worth the investment. In fact, Im glad there is an upfront cost to use this service because if it were free, then everyone would use it and the sources would not be as good.

Why is there a cost to get connected with these wholesalers? Because Worldwide Brands has done the hard work for you and has found countless wholesalers who have stated they will sell to Amazon resellers. Some wholesale companies dont like selling to Amazon sellers, but with one click of a button on the search page, you can have Worldwide Brands only give you the search results that contain Amazon seller approved wholesalers.

Now, as with anything, youll still need to do the hard work of finding which wholesale companies have profitable items, but once you find them, you can order and reorder again and again. Note: Worldwide Brands also promotes dropshipping, which we do not recommend , but for someone wanting to create wholesale relationships with wholesalers, this is a good start.

How To Choose The Right Products To Sell On Amazon

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Of course, before you can properly understand how to find products to sell on Amazon, it’s helpful to first choose a specific type of product that you’d like to sell.

So, if you’re trying to decide what to sell on Amazon, you’ll want to keep the following things in mind:

  • Cost: How much does the product typically cost? You’ll want to look for something that isn’t too expensive to purchase, but not so cheap that it will be difficult to make a profit.

  • Shipping: Are these products easy to ship? Shipping costs will play a large role in your business, so the easier an item is to ship, the better.

  • Competition: Just like with cost, you’ll want to find the right balance when it comes to competition. You won’t want to get involved with a product or category that has too much competition, however, you also don’t want to start selling a product that no one is interested in.

  • Customers: Who is the ideal customer for the product you’re looking to sell? Can you enter into a niche market with highly engaged customers? Can you fill a missing need in a specific market? Thinking about these possibilities will help you find the right products to sell.

All of this being said, there are a number of research methods you can employ to decide what type of products you want to sell on Amazonincluding using tools from Amazon themselves. Here are three strategies you can use:

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Choose A Product With Good Profit Potential

The last step to take when looking to choose wholesale products to sell on Amazon is to choose a product with good profit potential. If you may find a high-demand and low-competition product, but if the product is not profitable, your efforts would amount to a waste. Profitability analysis and cost estimates are important parts of determining whether or not wholesale products would be profitable. Other tips to follow include:

  • Choose a pricing strategy that ensures profitability and still works for your product category. Remember, wholesale prices competition is intense on Amazon, so dont get trapped in a race to the bottom.
  • Look for products that are small and lightweight. Smaller and lightweight products take less space to store and are cheaper to ship products. This will increase your profit margin and also save you a lot of costs on overhead. You can look through the FBA fee schedule to get a good sense of the costs associated with various dimensions.
  • Understand all the costs associated with selling on Amazon. The truth is that selling on Amazon goes beyond a simple retail price tag. There are tons of costs to consider if you dont account for them early on, the costs will quickly stack up. While doing your profitability analysis, factor in fulfilment and shipping costs, Amazon fees, inventory management, as well as other relevant taxes.

What To Consider When Comparing Suppliers

While searching for a product supplier for your Amazon FBA business, you need to inquire and compare certain factors amongst the suppliers. Heres a list of things you should ask the suppliers.

  • Shipping duration of the products
  • How they track the packages
  • Shipment mode
  • Return policy
  • What happens if the product doesnt arrive?
  • Standard documents and product certificates if applicable
  • References from other sellers who have used their services

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Use Retail Arbitrage To Source Amazon Products

In retail arbitrage, you purchase deeply discounted retail products and resell them on Amazon. It sounds simple, but doing it rightmeaning profitablytakes some work. Retail arbitrage sellers are absolute pros when it comes to hunting up discounted and clearance deals in local stores and matching them with hot sellers on Amazon.

The secret is knowing whats selling well on Amazon on any given day, and for how much. You also need to clearly understand your cost of selling that item on Amazon. Amazon seller fees run about 15% of your selling price, and shipping orders can take a big bite out of your profits if youre not careful.

Luckily, there are tools to help you spot profitable bargains. Amazon pricing apps are the retail arbitrage sellers secret weapon. These are smartphone apps that let you scan item UPC codes and match them to current listings for that product on Amazon.

These apps deliver a wealth of information to help you price your products including the average selling price and buyer demand, your shipping or Fulfillment by Amazon costs, and your potential profit.

Using this information, you can decide if you should buy a product and how much inventory to stock based on the current demand and your profit potential.

You can also see detailed storage and shipping costs if using FBA for fulfillment. The FBA fulfillment option has its own costsbut managed right, it can be far cheaper and less time-consuming than handling fulfillment yourself.

I’m Now A Power Seller And Things Are Just Going Great

5 Items to buy in Bulk & Resell on Ebay Amazon.

When I started my membership with SaleHoo, I wanted to find some great quality inexpensive jewelry to sell. I’m now a power seller and things are just going great. Read more

I’m a mum who works from home, so I can still care for my two boys Max 3yrs and Freddie 2yrs. So thank you SaleHoo for your support and great wholesale jewelry shops you have put in contact with. Best wishes!

Denise Bartram, GB

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Find Exactly What You’re Looking For

Our easy-to-search directory makes it super-simple to find the type ofproduct and supplier you need.

  • Search for products and brands…With over 8000 suppliers in our directory, selling over 1.6 million products, we probably have a supplier for what you’re looking for. Just do a quick search.
  • …Or just browse.Not sure what you want to sell yet? Browse through our categories for inspiration. We have suppliers of everything from baby gear to samurai swords.
  • Advanced filters to find your perfect supplier matchNeed international shipping? Low minimum orders? Want a supplier who will dropship for you? Just tick a few boxes and SaleHoo will zero in on vendors who meet your exact requirements.

Make Your Mark Online

Even if you are planning on selling exclusively through Amazons marketplace, its smart to set up your own business website and email address. You couldset up a simple Gmail account with your business name, but having your own domain appears more professional to both your customers and suppliers.

The first step is purchasing your domain. Ideally, is your best bet. In some instances, though, you may need to get a bit more creative. Whatever you end up choosing, make sure its memorable and reflects your business. If youre new to the world of websites, iPage provides simple and affordable solutions for people of all skill levels. Keep in mind that you dont haveto list and sell products on your website. A basic website featuring your businesss name, logo and story, along with contact information and a link to your Amazon page, is sufficient. If you arent comfortable setting up a website and email account on your own, Fiverr is a great place to find help at affordable prices.

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Simple Steps To Set Up A Professional Website

1. Firstly you need to buy a domain and site hosting. We use Siteground for all our sites as they offer great support and have always resolved any issues quickly. Visit Siteground to get started.

2. Then you need to install WordPress. Luckily on Siteground, this is incredibly simple and also free. You just click a button and fill in some information and its done.

3. WordPress comes with some preinstalled themes which look okay. For a more professional and customisable website, we like to install our own themes and plugins and we use MyThemeShop for these.

4. You now just need to add a contact form, logo and your company details to your WordPress site. You can then put the site live and you are done.

PRO TIP This is a great opportunity to take your online selling to the next level. You will feel more focused and professional once you have a Limited company or LLC in place and a professional website and email. Not only will the suppliers take you more seriously but also Amazon and your future customers.

Tip : Select A Product That Is In High Demand

Where Can I Buy Almond Flour?

A product that you can sell easily and quickly is the ideal wholesale product. You might have discovered a terrific supplier with deep discounts, but if the product has no market demand, youll incur losses. You can start from scratch or use a supplier catalog as a starting point for product ideas, but the first step should be to measure demand for the product in the market.

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Want To Take A Shortcut

We use Tactical Arbitrage for analysing stock and pricing spreadsheets. Most Amazon wholesalers and distributors will be able to provide these files.

You can quickly upload the files into Tactical Arbitrage and it will pick out profitable products to sell on Amazon.

Tactical Arbitrage offer a free trial and it is very effective software saving hours of your time trawling through data.

Keeping Track Of Inventory Levels

Tracking all of the inventory levels of all of your products you source wholesale is a very important task. Well walk through two ways you can use tools to help you with this task now.

The first option to setup replenishment alerts directly within Amazon Seller Central. This is a free option and is a good starting point when you dont have a huge number of items to keep track of. Lets walk through a quick example of how to setup a replenishment alert on any item in your inventory:

First, locate the item in your inventory and click on the button just to the right of Edit as shown below:

Then we will want to click on the Set replenishment alerts option that pops up:

You will then be taken to a screen to set the inventory level you want to be notified of when you reach. Lets say you set the replenishment to 10 units, that means that when your inventory level reaches 10 units, Amazon will let you know.

You can set up the replenishment alert quantity in this next screen. Enter the number by the red arrow as shown in this screenshot:

After clicking save, you will receive alerts going forward when your inventory reaches the level you set.

The above method is great when starting out but can be difficult to manage as your business scales. If you reach that point then its worth taking a look at getting a more robust tool involved. We currently use RestockPro to help us manage which products to reorder.

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How Does Amazon Fba Work

Amazon offers sellers two options to fulfill orders, and the most popular is FBA, which stands for Fulfilment by Amazon. If you choose this type of fulfillment method, Amazon carries the burden of picking, packing, and shipping your products. It also handles customer service and returns.

As explained by Amazon, here are the steps to get you started:

  • Create an Amazon selling account.
  • Log in to Seller Central to set up FBA.
  • Create product listings.
  • Specify a listing to FBA inventory in the Manage Inventory page.
  • Prepare your products for transportation to a fulfillment center.
  • Ship your products to Amazon.
  • While Amazon takes care of your fulfillment woes, your job is to:

    • Conduct a product and keyword research.
    • Create and optimize your ASINs or product listings.
    • Rank and advertise your product.
    • Manage the Q& A and review section of your product detail page.
    • Replenish your stocks.

    Yup, it is your responsibility to maintain your stock or inventory level. You can store them in Amazon’s warehouses or fulfillment centers, which is one of the services offered by Amazon FBA.

    Find Products To Sell

    Buying Wholesale to sell on EBAY / AMAZON – Where to Find Products Profit Breakdown | Ralli Roots

    So, what do I sell?

    The answer to that question is very simple. I sell what people are buying.

    Picking the right products is the key to a successful e-commerce business. You make the wrong move here and you will end up spending your money on a bunch of junk that never sells.Our framework for identifying products that will sell fast and make you money is a huge pillar of our training program The Wholesale Formula.

    I have some good news and bad news about that.

    The bad news is that The Wholesale Formula is only open for a few weeks a year. We only conduct the program a couple times per year and enrollment generally only lasts about a week. The program is also not cheap. We dont just go around giving away ALL of our business secrets for free.

    The good news? I will give you a summarized version of how we source products right here.

    Sourcing = The process of searching for products to sell.

    There are two ways people traditionally source for products to sell on Amazon:

    1.) Going to tradeshows or signing up for accounts with distributors and wholesale companies. They will then go through those companies giant catalogs of branded inventory to find products they can buy to profitably resell on Amazon.

    2.) Contacting Chinese manufacturers and having them put your own brand name on generic products that you will launch on Amazon. This process is called private label.

    With Reverse Sourcing, we do things the safe and easy way.

    Enter our method of Reverse Sourcing.

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    Make Your Business Official

    This step is not 100% necessary and some skip this action, but its a step that I 100% recommend. While you can technically set up your business as a sole proprietor and use your Social Security number, its much better for you to set up your business as a corporation . Corporations have better legal protections than sole proprietors. You can read more about the differences in each setup here. If you want help setting up your business legally, you can talk to your bank or a local CPA, or check out LegalZoom.

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