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Can I Order Flowers On Amazon

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Should You Use Amazon Flowers

Buy House Plants Online! – My Houseplants Haul -Order Air Purifying Plants on Amazon

Perhaps not your first choice, but Amazon does offer fresh-cut flowers for a reasonable price. Amazon may not be able to offer the most artisan flower arrangements, but it is one of the cheaper options around. If you want a convenient, no-fuss method to order a pretty bouquet, then Amazon is the way to go as its familiar and will get the job done, as long as you know exactly what youre after.

Amazon works with third-party sellers, so the upside is youll be offered a lot of choices from a lot of different businesses all in one place. However, the downside is that some vendors are more reputable than others, so you should definitely check out customer reviews first to see if theyre worth your time.

If youre after a more personalized experience that includes add-ons, such as a stuffed animal or sweet treats, youre better off with a service that specializes in flowers and gift-giving, like FTD Flowers, although this could cost more.

Best From Local And Independent Florists: Floom

Support local businesses and get the best quality blooms at the same time with Floom.

The company combines the ease of online flower shopping with the benefits of shopping locally, making it easier than ever to get flowers delivered in your neighborhood.

We only work with the most talented and unique artisans, and were passionate about supporting our skilled family of florists. Its not always easy to find beautifully crafted bouquets when ordering flowers online or dashing at your local supermarket,the brand website reads.Thats why we celebrate the amazing local florists who bring true passion and talent to every flower arrangement they assemble.

You can even support the local florists on Valentines Day and show them the love with their Valentines Day collection. The best part is that many qualify for same-day delivery, so no one will be waiting too long to have fresh flowers in hand.

Flower Delivery By Canada Flowers

Award winning Canadian florist.Order flowers online with Canada Flowers for same day delivery across Canada seven days a week, including most Sundays.We feature well over 1500 beautiful flower arrangements and original bouquetsdelivered by the best FTD® florists and Teleflora florists in Canada.Our entire website offers fresh flowers for delivery and are designed for any sentiment.All of our products are professionally designed and hand-delivered by a Canadian florist.Send Flowers across Canada from any catalogue on our website.

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Amazon Flowers Review: Prices And Value

Because of the wide range of Amazon flower offerings, we also found a wide range of prices. We were pleased to see some very affordable arrangements, from $30 to $50. There were also arrangements for well into the hundreds of dollars, if you’re looking to spend a hefty amount. Whether or not each bouquet is worth their price heavily depends on the reliability of the vendor.

However, we warn that delivery fees can be quite exorbitant if you don’t have Amazon Prime. Delivery fees depend on the vendor and the price of the arrangement.

Buy Bouquets Sprays And Wreaths On Amazon India

15 Houseplants You Can Now Buy on Amazon

Amazon India presents to you a wide range of attractive bouquets, sprays and wreaths at affordable prices. Pick bouquets for someone special or buy sprays and wreaths for your home online. Try Amazon India and find the best deals and discounts on these items.

Looking for a special gift for someone special? Want to make him or her smile by gifting him or her something cute and eye-catching? If yes, you have come to the right place. Amazon India has come up with a large collection of flower bouquets featuring a nice bunch of exotic flowers like roses, Asiatic lilies, gerbera, orchids and more. Also, you will find a gamut of sprays and wreaths which are ideal for anyone who has a passion for gardening and home decoration respectively.

Make Every Occasion Memorable by Gifting Bouquets

Bouquets are something that can never go wrong on any occasion. They are colourful, appealing and always inspiring. Whether its New Year celebration or wishing someone on his or her birthday or anniversary or any other grand day, bouquets are ideal for gifting all the times. Bouquets with red, white, yellow, purple and all the other exciting coloured flowers are available for easy grabs now.

Take Proper Care of Your Plants and Flowers by Watering Them with Spray BottlesMake Your Home the Most Beautiful Place on Earth

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Best For Handmade Bouquets: Teleflora

Add a personal touch to your bouquets with the florists at Teleflora. Each bundle is arranged by hand and designed by local florists so every bunch feels unique. Because they can be local, also keep an eye out for same-day delivery options and other perks you dont get elsewhere.

Their Valentines page is also something to check out, as they offer a plethora of handmade bouquets that are as unique as your loved one. For a timely delivery, they suggest ordering with flex delivery, allowing their team to arrive between Feb. 12 and Feb. 14.

Are My Flowers Sustainable What Is Their Impact On The Planet

Your flowers come from Rainforest Alliance Certified and Florverde Certified, family-owned farms and facilities across South America and the United States. This means: Better Water Water conservation measures are applied in washing and packing stations, housing areas, and irrigation. All sources of contamination are strictly controlled. Protected Wildlife We respect natural habitats. Riverbanks are preserved with buffer zones, critical ecosystems such as wetlands are protected, and forest patches on farms are preserved. Good Conditions for Farm Workers Workers get fair wages, decent housing, clean drinking water, sanitary facilities, and a safe and wholesome work area. Our employees and their families have access to schools, health care, transportation, and training. Waste Reduction Byproducts like leftover leaves are composted and returned to the fields as a natural fertilizer. Plastics, glass, and metals are recycled wherever possible. Better Environmental and Human Health Dangerous pesticides are prohibited. Agrochemical use is strictly regulated. Farmers use mechanical and biological pest controls to reduce toxicity and quantity of chemicals. Sustainable Soil

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Best For Shopping By Color: Global Rose

Make your vision come to life, with a perfectly color-curated bouquet from Global Rose.

On the site, shop by colors ranging from deep burgundy and crisp white to neon pink and rainbow hues. Or, choose to mix-and-match different colors to make one giant bunch of beautiful blossoms. You can also shop by the number of stems or even just get some colored rose petals, perfect for tossing as you walk down the aisle or for a romantic date night.

Plus, they of course have a whole page dedicated to the holiday of roses: Valentines Day. Shop for wholesale roses of every color to decorate the apartment, scatter in the bath and bedroom and still have plenty left over. They offer free shipping, but be sure to place orders soon so they arrive in time for Feb. 14.

Best With Custom Vases: From You Flowers

Why Valentines Day Isnt 1-800-Flowers Busiest Day

Cards are so 2021. Show them you care with a personalized vase instead.

Using FaceVase, From You Flowers is changing the vase game, one face at a time. Simply upload your favorite photo to the FaceVase page and then pick an arrangement, which will arrive on the recipients doorstep with ease. Take advantage of the same-day delivery on eligible arrangements and show up for your loved ones, even when youre across the country.

If you also want some curated Valentines Day flowers to go with your card-vase, check out their selection here, and pay attention to the ones labeled with same-day delivery.

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I Tried The Amazon Plants Store And Got Covered In Wet Dirt

As you may know, Amazon sells plants. They’ve been available for a while now, but the retailer’s selection has been in the spotlight recently thanks to the .

I have a complicated relationship with Mother Nature’s gifts. After murdering an innocent peace lily last winter, I spent a few months off plants entirely, choosing instead to put a polyester-blend fern on my windowsill. Thankfully, times have changed. In fact, I am currently the parent of a moderately healthy Sansevieria cylindrica.

The idea of a living organism arriving at my door in a cardboard box seemed deeply impractical.

Ready to expand my plant collection, I set out to explore my options. In addition to supporting my local greenhouse, I decided to order three plants from the Amazon Plants Store in the name of service journalism. The idea of a living organism arriving at my door in a cardboard box seemed deeply impractical and vaguely dystopian, but I still wanted to try it.

I ordered a pothos and two aloe vera plants , all from the brand Costa Farms. Despite being purchased through Amazon Prime, which guaranteed they’d ship within two days, they arrived at my office six days after I placed the order. The shipment came in two separate boxes: one for the pothos and one for the two aloe.

The aloe box seemed fine.

Below the dirt, though, it was lush-looking and mostly green, with only a few yellow leaves.

“Those are thick,” a colleague remarked.

Light Pink Roses And White Lilies

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Amazon Has Quietly Launched Its Own Online Flower Shop

Add Amazon to the list of startups getting into the flower business.

Over the past month, the Seattle-based online retailer has started to sell and ship its own flowers through something it is calling the . Previously, shoppers could only buy fresh flowers on Amazon through third-party sellers.

AllThingsD first noticed the offering in an email from Amazon to consumers earlier this month.

An Amazon spokesman confirmed that the company started selling flowers directly in early August.

At Amazon, we continually look for ways to delight our customers and we are pleased to provide them this opportunity to conveniently purchase fresh cut flowers, Amazon spokesman Scott Stanzel wrote in an email.

As of now, the offering is limited in many ways. For one, Amazon only seems to be selling six flower arrangments to choose from five of which contain roses though some styles offer multiple flower colors. A dozen roses of assorted colors is currently selling for $28.92.

All six of the arrangement types are eligible for free delivery through Amazon Prime, although there is a note on the order pages stating that even though the bouquets are in stock, they might take an extra day or two to process.

But delivery is available only to the 48 contiguous states. Another restriction and an important one for those buying flowers for special occasions is that Amazon does not currently allow shoppers to schedule a delivery date.

Best For Fruit Bouquets: Edible Arrangements

The 9 Easiest Plants You Can Buy on Amazon

These flowers wont last long, since they double as a tasty treat as well as a beautiful floral centerpiece.

Edible Arrangements is the name of the game when it comes to fruit baskets shaped like gorgeous blooms. Choose from a variety of arrangements, including multiple sizes of regular and chocolate-dipped fruit flowers to feed the whole family.

For a tasty Valentines Day treat that is way better than corner store chocolates, check out the special page for the even more special holiday. Here youll find classic fruit arrangements plus chocolate-covered strawberries, cookies and more.

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How To Sell Plants On Facebook

Facebook is a different animal. Selling plants on Facebook is two-sided: theres the free way or the paid way. Both work. One takes time, one takes money.

Ill explain both. The free way to sell plants on Facebook is to list them for sale in all of your local Buy/Sell/Trade groups. There are Garage Sale Groups/Pages, there are groups and pages for classified ads, and more.

In a matter of minutes, you can probably find and join 10 or more groups on Facebook specific to your local area. When you have plants for sale, create a post much like the one I showed you how to create for Craigslist and share it in each of those groups you belong to.

This is a very manual process and the life of these posts is not very long at all. The bigger the group, the shorter the time your ad will be seen. Every new post pushes the other down a notch until eventually its too far down to get seen.

The paid way can give you a much different outcome. Weve run paid ads for our plants sales in the past and get hundreds of people to show up over the course of our 3-day sale.

Heres one of the ads we ran on Facebook for one of our local 3-day plant sales

Notice how different it is from the ads Ive been telling you to run? The goal of this ad is really to get people to click through to our website where they can read more about the sale.

The website then lists all of the different kinds of plants available at the sale. Theres just no way you could list them all in that small of a space.

Top 4 Reasons To Buy Fromamazon Flowers


We take pride in our work, and stand behind every arrangement we deliver. If you are not completely satisfiedwith your order, please contact us so that we can make it right.


We’ve been Miramar local florist and we are proud to serve this community. There are a lot of “online companies”that pretend to be a local florist, hurting both you and small businesses like ours. You can feel confident that you will get an amazingarrangement that is supporting a real local florist!


Buying from us means that all arrangements are designed by artists who knowthe floral trade. We hand-deliver every single arrangement so your recipientis sure to love their gift! No wilted, sad, flowers in a box here! Your design will be exquisitely arranged and sure to be loved!


Our customers and the happiness of their friends and family are our top priority! When you buy from us, you are getting an arrangement that is sureto impress and delight! We will personally ensure that you’re happy with your arrangement!

* Free local delivery is available for local online orders only. For orders being sent outside of our local delivery zone, a delivery fee based on the recipient’s address will be calculated during checkout.

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Selling Plants On The Backyard Growers Business Center

The Backyard Growers Business Center is one of the only places online where you can buy and sell plants to other growers just like you. It really is exclusive.

Sure there are other classified sites and forums out there but no one understands the business of selling small plants like the members in the business center.

Take a look at the image below

This is just a small glimpse of some of the deals going on right now. Ive made a few circles in red to point out a few really cool aspects of the Business Center.

Notice the bottom circle this ad was first posted 18 hours ago . Look at how many people are interested in buying them already 16!!

Now, some of those 16 people are asking questions but I when in and counted and Dave had 9 ORDERS already. 9 of those 16 people placed an order within 18 hours of him posting his ad.

Same goes for the other ad I circled above it. Some people asked questions but the majority of those 14 posts were orders.

Thats the beauty of the Business Center. Thats why I created it! I saw a need for both buyers and sellers and I created a place for them to go to interact.

Im very proud of what its turned into. Being a part of the Backyard Growers Business Center is like having a second family. Im there on a daily basis answer questions and giving advice. We also have many other successful growers who offer their advice as well.

This is Part 1 of a 3-part series on buying plants online and also selling the plants you grow online:

Will My Flowers Arrive In Buds Or Already Blooming

Plant, planter haul/ Buying plants online on Amazon and @home / Amazon India / @naazplants

We pick most flowers in bud form. They travel much better, and you can enjoy them longer. Some flowers, like mums, arrive fully open. Others, like roses and alstroemerias, need a day or two to bloom. Lilies and sunflowers may require a few days to fully pop. The warmer it is, the faster they will open, but avoid overheating and direct sunlight!

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Best For Seasonal Arrangements: Urbanstems

UrbanStems gives farm fresh a whole new meaning when it comes to flowers.

The flower company prides itself on having fresh, seasonal flowers sent straight from the farm to your doorstep in a matter of days not weeks like some companies. Since bouquets change with the seasons and what is currently growing on partner farms, the seasonal arrangements are always perfectly bright and fresh when they arrive at your home.

We specialize in delivering a rotating selection of seasonal bouquets and gifts, all of which are sourced and designed in-house. Every bouquet has been lovingly designed with only the freshest stems meaning we cannot customize orders,reads the website.Our arrangements arrive almost exactly as pictured. Small amounts of natural variation can be expected as color is impacted by variations in rain and sunshine at the farms.

Valentines season is the best of them all, so be sure to check out their curated page for all things love, with plenty of flowers and plants to give and receive.

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