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Can I Sell My Amazon Store

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Listing Products On Amazon

Can I Sell my Amazon FBA Store Business

Listing a product that is already available on Amazon is easy.

To get started, use a computer to go to the desktop version of Amazons site and navigate to the product page.

Make sure that the product is an exact match to the one you have! A good way to do this is by searching by the UPC code on the product.

Lets say you have a hardback copy of The 4-Hour Workweek that you want to sell. Searching Amazon for the UPC on the back of the book will show you the exact result you are looking for:

When you open that listing, you need to look for a button you may not have noticed before that says Sell on Amazon.

You will find the button under the Other Sellers on Amazon box on the right side of the page.

If the sell on Amazon button is not displaying on a product page, you can also list a product by logging into seller central, hovering over inventory, and then clicking add a product.

This starts the listing process. For a step-by-step walkthrough of completing the entire listing process, check out pages 23-38 in my .

How To List A New Item To Sell On Amazon

1. If you’re not already logged in to your Amazon account, do so.;

2. Once on your “Seller Dashboard,” click “Catalog” in the menu bar. Select “Add a Product” from the dropdown menu.

3. Choose “I’m adding a product not sold on Amazon.”

4. Browse item categories before choosing “Select category” and picking a subcategory.

5. Enter your product’s information in the “Vital Info” and “Offer” tabs.

6. Click “Save.”;

What Is Amazon Fulfillment By Merchant

Amazon Fulfilled by Merchant makes you responsible for picking, packing, and shipping the products you sell on the Amazon Marketplace. FBM does not give you the option to list products as Prime.

FBM Pros and Cons

While youll avoid some of the fees that come with FBA, youll be required to abide by all of Amazon seller rules . Not easy, but doable if you already have the right infrastructure in place to handle all of the above.

Unfortunately, With FBM you will not have access to selling via Amazon Prime , which in turn will lead to less sales than a comparable FBA offering.

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What To Sell On Amazon

Okay, now you know the print-on-demand concept and how to start selling POD products on Amazon.

The next thing to think about is what should you sell on Amazon? To know that, you need to do some product and market research.

What kinds of quotes do people like? What kinds of people will purchase a mug or t-shirt? Do they purchase it as a gift, or for themselves?

From my statistics, most print-on-demand products will be used to represent the owner of the item.

Lets think about a t-shirt or a coffee mug, for example. If we choose a t-shirt to wear or a mug to use, the design on it will be something we like or are related to, right?

You can check out the top-selling product in GearBubble here: Top Selling Products.

Most of the items will contain a specific design, like Donald Trump, mother, father, a veteran, etc.

They are something that represents the owner, or something they like.

People will buy it for themselves, or for someone they love.

Ok, lets check out another example. This time well look at .

Theyre the same, right? These mugs are related to family members, or to people who support Donald Trump.

There are also many mugs related to professions. Lets search Amazon using the keywords Engineer Mug.

You can see that there are many products reviews on these Engineer mugs. This means there are many people purchase the Engineer mugs.

Its very easy to find niches to create a print-on-demand product.

How To Build An Amazon Store: A Step

Where in Belfast Can I Sell My Used Books TODAY ...

If you want to sell more products on Amazon, consider starting a store that will give your brand more visibility. Heres what you need to do to launch your store.

When creating an Amazon store, remember to use rich detail in the product descriptions.

In the world of online retailing, few companies can compete with the size and reach of Amazon. In 2019, the company generated more than $280 billion in net sales, with millions of retailers and individuals using the platform to sell products across the U.S. and globally. One way retailers can stand out on the site is to .

Opening an Amazon store is a way to go beyond simply selling your products. With a store, you have the opportunity to establish a more robust and immersive brand experience so customers can learn more about the company and see all of your products in one slick place.

Heres a quick step-by-step guide on how to open a store on Amazon.

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How Can I Sell On Amazon Prime

There are three ways you can sell on Amazon Prime:

  • Fulfillment by Amazon : Among the other benefits associated with using FBA, this order fulfillment method also allows you to sell on Amazon Prime. Once you set up FBA and send your inventory to Amazon, all of your FBA product listings are automatically Prime eligible.
  • Seller Fulfilled Prime : If you dont use FBA, and instead, fulfill and ship your own orders, you can still sell on Amazon Prime through the Seller Fulfilled Prime program. There is no fee to enroll in this program; however, to qualify, you must meet specific performance requirements during a Prime trial period. Then, once youve qualified and enrolled in the program, you must adhere to the Prime seller criteriaâwhich include maintaining a Professional selling plan, following carrier pickup time instructions, among other requirements.
  • Vendor Central: The Vendor Central program is invitation-only; with this program, Amazon invites large manufacturers and established sellers to sell to them as wholesalers, as opposed to selling on the Amazon marketplace to consumers. With the Vendor Central program, all products are sold by Amazon, and therefore, are automatically Prime eligible. As you might expect, however, this option is not going to be available for the majority of Amazon sellers.
  • List Your First Product As An Amazon Individual Seller

    Once youve set up your account, you can start listing products on Amazon. As an Amazon individual seller, you cannot create listings for products that arent already on the platform. So, the easiest way to put your products on the market is to find them on Amazon.;

    Search for your product on Amazon, and open its product page. On the right side of the listing, you can find the Buy Box. Scroll down until you find the Sell on Amazon option, as seen in the image below.

    Once youve clicked the button, you will be redirected to a page where you will have to add the following information.

    • SKU: You can enter a code yourself or leave it blank. If you dont populate this field, Amazon will randomly generate an SKU for your inventory.;
    • Price: Set the selling price of your product. Amazon has a handy button that lets you match the lowest price.;
    • Quantity: The default quantity is one unit. You can change the number depending on the number of products you have to sell.;
    • Condition: For most products, you only have two options Used or New.;;
    • Fulfillment method: Here, you enter your preferred fulfillment method. You have the option to fulfill the order yourself through FBM or SFP , or you can let Amazon take care of fulfillment using FBA .

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    How Do I Set Up My North America Unified Account

    Chat Amazon’s support and request for approval for a North America Unified Account. If your account is healthy, Amazon will probably approve your account in days.

    If you register as an individual seller in Canada, you will have immediate access to the United States and Canadian Amazon marketplaces but not Mexico.

    If you register as a professional seller in Canada, you will have immediate access to and

    However, if you register as a seller in the United States, you will need to request for approval for a North America Unified Account.

    Explore An International Amazon Strategy

    How To Sell Your Amazon Products In Your Shopify Store

    In the beginning stages, most Amazon sellers will experience a combination of both excitement and fear when it comes to selling products internationally.

    Common concerns like credit-card fraud and shipping delays may seem overwhelming at first, but with the right guidance, sellers can avoid common mistakes and simplify their global expansion process.

    The decision to go global is often driven by a combination of many factors, some financial and others marketing, merchandising or operations related. It can be lucrative for some sellers, and not for others research carefully.

    More resources on selling on Amazon internationally:

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    How To Start Selling Products On Amazon

    Selling print-on-demand products on Amazon is very easy. Let me show you the process so you can get started quickly.

    Open a seller account at Amazon Seller Central. There are individual and professional accounts. If you want to do it seriously, go for pro, because you can list many products a month and you can use the Amazon Marketplace Web Service to integrate with POD suppliers. You can check the comparison here.

    Open a GearBubble account. GearBubble is a supplier who can make the item and ship it to your customer. You can also try Teelaunch, Teespring, or Printful as well. There are many POD suppliers out there.

    Create a design, and put it on the product in GearBubble or any other POD services you choose.

    Upload the product to Amazon.

    • If you have GearBubble Dropship Integration, connect your GearBubble account to your Amazon account. You can upload the product to Amazon easily through their user interface. When there is an order, Amazon will send the order information to GearBubble, and GearBubble will start making the item and ship it to your customer automatically.
    • If you dont have GearBubble Dropship Integration, fine. But youll have to create the product in Amazon by yourself. Copy the product image from GearBubble and copy it to Amazon. When there is an order, youll have to place an order manually in GearBubble. There is no fee for this option.

    Optimize the product title and keywords to make your product visible to people.

    Sit back and wait for sales!

    Thats it!

    Sign Up For Amazon Associates

    In order to receive your special Amazon affiliate tracking links, you first need to sign up for the Amazon Associates affiliate program.

    So head on over to the and sign up.

    The entire application process takes about 5 minutes and youll usually get approved within 24 hours or 1 business day.

    After you sign up, youll receive an email confirming your application for Amazon Associates. Youll also receive a login to your backend Amazon Associates dashboard where you can track clicks, sales and income.

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    How To Give Your Amazon Creative A Boost

    Amazon branding is crucial for building your brand equity, building a connection with shoppers, and establishing trust. The good news is that there are more tools than ever at your disposal to build your branding on Amazon.

    Here are a few ways to start the process of optimizing your creative on Amazon:

    • Work with an agency to transfer your brand equity to Amazon using A+ Content, EBC, and Stores.
    • Analyze Amazon customer reviews to understand what trigger words customers are searching for .
    • Pull your advertising search term report to understand what words consumers are searching for when they purchase your products.
    • Create comprehensive detail pages, images, and copy. By pairing attractive content and imagery, youll be able to more effectively communicate why consumers should buy your product.

    More resources on Amazon Creative:

    Now lets get into the game-changer: Amazon advertising.

    What To Do Next

    Where Can I Sell My Laptop? Online For Better Deals

    Congratulations! Hopefully youve either sold your first item or have at least listed your first item on Amazon.

    If you havent made the plunge yet, but;are still curious about Amazon FBA, check out our blog posts , , and what . Or, click on the image below for a free eBook.

    As your business grows, learn how to connect and to the rest of your business systems like an order management system!

    Get;advice and best practices about eCommerce, multichannel, retail, and more, delivered right to your inbox, every Monday. Start your;work week;with us.

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    A Real Life Horror Story Selling On Amazon

    My friend Kevin Williams was making close to 8 figures selling on Amazon with his cleaning brushes when Chinese sellers decided to copy his entire product line.

    And when I say copy, they made an EXACT duplicate of his cleaning brush with inferior materials, took his EXACT packaging and sold it under his listing at half the price.

    Because the Chinese sellers price was significantly lower than his, they got the buy box and stole all of his sales.

    Even worse, because the Chinese knockoff was a piece of junk, angry buyers started leaving 1 star reviews which basically destroyed his entire business.

    For the next year and half, Kevin would invest over a million dollars and constant headache trying to fight off these sellers because Amazon does not allow you to easily shut down the copycats.

    If you want to hear his story first hand, I had the pleasure of having Kevin on my podcast which you can listen to below.

    Add Amazon As A Sales Channel

    Shopifys merchants can add Amazon sales channel from the App store or activate it directly from Shopify admin. Below you will find the instructions on how to add Amazon sale channel on Shopify Admin.

  • Log in Shopify admin, click + button next to the SALE CHANNELS heading.
  • Click Amazon to get more information about the sales channel.
  • Select Add channel.
  • On the Amazon account page, click Connect to Amazon
  • Follow the instructions to share the information from your Shopify to Amazon Seller Central accounts. When the process is complete, you will be redirected back to your Shopify admin. In the User Permissions section of your Amazon Seller Central account, confirm developer access for Shopify.
  • Merchants can also add Amazon sales channel on both Iphone and Android devices.

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    Invest In Amazon Creative

    You might think that companies selling on Amazon have no control over their own branding. After all, its Amazons webspaceyoure just a tenant, and so your brand looks like whatever Amazon wants you to look like. But really, nothing could be further from the truth.

    Your brand identity can come through on Amazon with just as much power and uniqueness as anywhere else on the web. Amazon understands the power of a compelling brand story, and gives merchants the tools and space they need to tell those storiesyou just have to know how to do it properly.

    You have the options to select from three Amazon creative options to help create brand equity on Amazon:

    • A+ Content

    How To Open An Amazon Account

    MY EXPERIMENT Can I sell LEGOS on Amazon FBA & How?

    To sell on Amazon, you can go through the following steps:

    Step 1: Go to

    Step 2: Scroll down and click the Selling on Amazon link .

    Step 3: Select between Sell as a Professional or Sell as an Individual. As a beginner we recommend selling as an individual. Amazon charges $0.99 per sale. For a professional seller account Amazon charges $39.99 per month.

    Step 4: Fill out the required information and once youre done then youve officially become an Amazon seller.

    You can also use this video below detailing how to open your Amazon seller account.

    How to Open an Amazon FBA Account

    Use your personal information, you dont need a legal business right away to start an Amazon business.

    Your personal tax information is perfectly fine because you can claim any earnings as personal income to start.; If youre .

    If you want to sell on Amazon from outside the US this is what you currently need:

    • A local bank in your country that supports whats known as ACH which only means that your local bank can receive electronic transfer payments from Amazon.
    • Your home address where you receive personal mail.
    • local phone number with your countries prefix.
    • A US EIN number. You dont have to be a corporation and have any type of legal status in the US to get this number. An EIN may be obtained by filing IRS Form SS-4, Application for Employer Identification Number

    There you go, its that simple.

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    The Exact Steps To Finding Overseas Private Label Suppliers

    Follow these steps to open an Alibaba account and buy from Alibaba:

    First: Go to Alibaba and click on Join Free

    Second: Enter your Email address and verify that you own it. Try to not use your main/personal email if you dont want your inbox clogged up with supplier emails.

    Third: Fill out your basic information. Password, location, first name, last name, and telephone number.; Alibaba asks you for Company name..Do not panic. The name can be whatever you want.

    Fourth: Confirm your personal information and complete the opening of your new Alibaba account. Now you can start buying products on Alibaba.

    How to open an Alibaba account

    Minimum Requirements to Select the Perfect Supplier

    • Accepts Trade Assurance, Paypal, or AliPay
    • Theyre a Gold Supplier
    • Has been assessed and certified checked onsite by Alibaba

    You want to keep your money as secure as possible. So checking all these boxes is a way to make sure you protect yourself when looking for a good supplier.

    Startupbros must have requirements in a supplier:

    Now, lets dive deeper into Alibaba payment methods and which ones would be better over others.

    Overview of Alibaba Payment Methods

    Suppliers like to compete on price but some might be willing to offer you a better one.

    Finding a supplier making the exact product you found on Amazon is crucial. Youll see that sometimes the pictures are even the same ones that are selling on Amazon.

    Side Note: Were not doing that when we list our product!

    Copy and Personalize This:

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