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Can I Sell My Art On Amazon

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Becoming A Verified Artist Not Only Helps You To Sell Your Paintings Directly Through Galleristin But Also Acts An Assurance To The Buyer On Your Strong Association With Us Which Will Strengthen Their Buying Decision Here Are The Benefits:

Why I don’t sell artwork on Amazon Handmade w/ Lachri
  • Paintings by verified artists will be placed on the top.

  • Your new paintings can be highlighted on website Home page.

  • Whenever required the Gallerist team will do the quality check-up & stamp your paintings for Quality assurance.

  • Gallerist team will support you in selling the paintings by various promotional methods.

How to become a verified artist?

Building Your Brand As An Artist


As an artist learning how to sell your artwork, your brand may evolve as a natural extension of your art. Your chosen style and medium will define you as an artist and you will naturally attract fans and buyers based on this alone. However, there are many decisions you will need to consciously make when you start to think of yourself as a business as well as an artist.

Because art is a personal and sometimes emotional purchase, your brand story as an artist could factor into someones decision to buy. And other business assets like packaging and site design should mirror or complement the visual aesthetic of the work itself.

Your branding exercise should answer the following:

  • Do you create and sell art under your own name, a pseudonym, or a brand name?
  • How will you approach brand storytelling? How much of your personal story will you tell?
  • Do you have a mission, values, or a cause that you want to communicate through your brand?
  • Outside of the art itself, what is the visual direction of your brand identity? Whats the tone of your communication?
  • What branding assets do you need? Even without design skills or the budget to hire a graphic designer, you can generate a logo and execute branding design with free and simple tools.

Many artists build fan bases based on their online personas or personal brands that are closely tied to their art. Tatiana Cardona, also known as Female Alchemy, has chosen to put her face at the center of her social media strategy:

Pick A Fulfillment Method

Fulfilled by Amazon vs. Fulfilled by Merchant or Merchant Fulfilled Network are the two primary methods that orders can be fulfilled on Amazon.

FBA fulfillment comes with multiple benefits making it the ideal choice for fulfillment on Amazon. FBA products are Prime eligible, buy box advantage, improved product visibility, more programs available, customer service, returns, and shipping are processed by Amazon, and convenient inventory storage.

Some cons of the program include high FBA fees, inventory storage charges, lower profit margins, no control of packaging, and limited access to storage once in Amazon fulfillment centers.

FBM are orders fulfilled by the merchant. Meaning orders will come in through Amazon, and you will be responsible for fulfillment. You will also be responsible for all returns and customer fulfillment inquiries. Keep in mind Amazon has strict seller guidelines. Late shipments and bad customer service will lead your account to be suppressed. Depending on your sales velocity, FBM fulfillment is a cost-effective way to penetrate the Amazon marketplace. FBM is ideal for sellers who hold small amounts of inventory or leverage a third-party logistics provider. Some additional benefits include control over packaging, easier inventory management, and better margins.

Some cons of the program include high overhead costs, tough to compete against FBA sellers, more responsibilities on the seller in terms of tracking and customer service.

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Can You Actually Make Money

Making money in an online product business depends on a handful of things. These can be your customers ability to find your products and your ability to charge enough to cover your costs including your time.

Amazon has an incredibly large reach, so part of the appeal of is that makers get access to all of those people people who already know, trust, and are used to shopping on Amazon.

That large reach only matters if those people can easily get to your products. If you go to Amazon and search for a product it auto-selects a category to display results from. Under normal operating circumstances, thats fine because it does a pretty good job of giving you the products you asked for. However, since Handmade is a category of its own, those items dont show up in the initial search.

If you want a pinback button from a certain Handmade seller, you have to manually select that category. Thats not a big deal for someone who doesnt care who made their product, but it doesnt help Handmade sellers.

Are There Any Restrictions For Selling Art From Home On Amazon

12 Best Places to Buy and Sell Art Online

Basically, there are some restrictions youll need to face if you want to deal with Amazon paintings on canvas.

According to the platform, you have to comply with all federal, state, and local laws once you decide to supply products for sale on it.

Also, you should keep in mind the sites policies for the products youll be offering and their listings.

Long story short, not every piece of your art will find a place in the marketplace on Amazon.

With that said, what kind of artwork is not welcome on Amazon?

While you should check the policies yourself, I can tell you that the platform will not display any unauthorized copies or reproductions of artwork that violate any copyright or trademark.

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Whats Not Great About Fine Art America

25 Designs Uploads Limit

Artists are limited to 25 art uploads unless you upgrade to a premium plan at $30/year. That means youll have to do some research and really niche down to a particular subject in order to see if this site will work for you.

Once youve made $30 within a year in royalties, I suppose it would then be worth upgrading so you can really push your designs.

Traffic Not As Huge As Redbubble / Teepublic

Traffic is somewhere between Society6 and Teepublic, though with significantly less organic reach than Teepublic. But if youre interested in selling primarily Posters/Wall Art than T-Shirts this is a good bet. They dont have a style or easily identifiable aesthetic like Society6 though, which means youre going to have to do some research and perhaps rely on their organic reach to bring you sales.

The Artist As Entrepreneur


For many emerging artists, the best way to sell art online is to just get started with what you have at your disposal. Cat started her art business from a spare bedroom. Whether its a basement or a kitchen table, it can work as your launch pad.

In this stage of your business, youll wear all the hats: creator, marketer, packer, shipper, web designer, and customer service rep. Cat describes this time in her own journey as lean and humbling. It gave me assurance of knowing every aspect of my business inside and out, she says, including its strengths and weaknesses.

You could know everything about business and you could know everything about art, but its the combination of both that really makes a successful brand.

Maria Qamar, Hatecopy

Thinking of yourself as an entrepreneur right from the get-go will be crucial to your success. You may stumble as a creative to learn the business aspects, but they will ultimately help you grow and scale. Eventually, you can delegate and automate, allowing you to focus on what you do best: making beautiful things.

You could know everything about business and you could know everything about art, says Maria, but its the combination of both that really makes a successful brand.

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My Experience With Threadless

Just before Quarter Four I uploaded around 100 of my designs to Threadless . Over the following Quarter those designs generated a few hundred dollars in royaltieswith minimal promotion from myself .

I think this is because the Threadless audience is pretty well matched to my work.

Would those earnings have been higher if I hadnt let Threadless manage my pricing and promotions? I simply dont know.

Overall Id say that Threadless works great as a simple storefront and it gives you the ability to get at least some potential exposure via their discover system. But if youre looking for decent organic traffic and sales, you are unlikely to get that from Threadless unless you get your designs selected as part of their main Threadless collection.

How To Set Up A Successful Storefront In 6 Steps

How to Sell Your Art on Books with Amazon KDP and Book Bolt

Selling your handmade products on Amazon starts with building a storefront thats professional, eye-catching, and optimized to be found. Then, when you want to make sure your sales volume grows, you can use smart promotional tactics to get in front of your target audience and make money faster.

Here are six key tips for successfully doing all of the above:

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Things That Can Be Sold On Amazon Under The Collectibles And Fine Arts Category

Sellers must get approval from the business team before listing their artwork under the fine art category. The types of paintings that can be listed in the Amazon fine art store are

  • One of a kind paintings, drawings, watercolors, and two-dimensional mixed media
  • A print a photograph that is limited edition that meets the following requirements
    • It should be an addition of 200 or less.
    • The Prince must be numbered and must be signed or accompanied by an authenticity certificate that the artist signs.
    • Colour test proofs or artist groups or allowed for additions that are less than 200
  • Sellers must authenticate secondary sales works, and they should have proof of purchase to provide to the buyer.
  • What Is Limited Edition

    Limited edition means printing only a certain number of prints before they are gone. These are often numbered and signed by the artist to add value and authenticity.


    • The effect is much like that of a limited time offer: creating a sense of scarcity and urgency is an excellent marketing strategy
    • The limited availability adds value to the art, meaning you can sell prints at higher price points


    • Because the demand is higher than supply, this creates a secondary market where buyers resell the pieces at inflated prices.

    Spoke Art

    Spoke often opts for the limited edition strategy. We work really hard to find things that are very special to sell. Things that are special should be treated like theyre special, Ken says.

    To help minimize reselling, Spoke will limit quantities of certain prints per customer. Making sure that the real fans are actually the ones who are able to get the things that we sell is always a priority, Ken says.

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    Tips For Selling On Amazon Handmade

    If theres one thing we know for sure, its that youre the craftiest person on your block. Theres no one who can create your art quite like you, which means the whole world can benefit from your skills. Its time to amp up your crafting and get the cash you so deserve to roll in. You can start by selling on Amazon Handmade.

    The arts and crafts market is booming these days. By 2024, its estimated to become a $50.9 billion industryworth nearly $10 billion more than it is today! Establishing your brand online now, with the help of Amazon Handmade, gives you the chance to claim your share of the market and make it as massive as possible.

    Well help you sell on Amazon Handmadesuccessfullywith six tips for setting up a new, professional store.

    Whats Good About Fine Art America Star Wars Trilogy Episode 4

    Good Organic Reach

    Not too shabby traffic or organic reach numbers.

    Fine Art America has about half the total traffic of Zazzle, but with the same level of organic traffic. That says to me that theyre doing something right when it comes to SEO and organic promotion of their products.

    Theyre On The Up

    Fine Art America has a positive upward trend on both their organic traffic, and their brand searches on Google. This tells me they are growing both through organic reach, and also becoming better known amongst customers.

    Fine Art America are also maintaining a decent review on TrustPilot:

    Focused On A Specific Product, Easy To Navigate

    Fine Art America is a well organised site with useful categorisation and good sorting functionality which means you can see whats working and what customers are buying to help you better refine your designs and your targeting.

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    Whats Good About Redbubble

    Redbubbles Organic Search Traffic

    Redbubble has huge organic reach meaning it gets a lot of traffic from search engines. This is good new for independent designers and artists without a large following because it means Redbubble is pretty good at getting your designs to show up on Google especially for long-tail keywords and search terms. So right now Redbubble is probably the best, easiest way to get your designs in front of the eyeballs of people searching on Google, for free.

    Redbubbles Brand Growth

    Redbubble is becoming better known as a brand as this Google trends graph below for Rebubble shows .

    Thats good news for artists for a number of reasons not least because it means Redbubble is likely increasing its visitor numbers and not just via Google searches for niche or topic related terms. And the more customers Redbubble has, the more likely you are to make sales.

    Redbubbles Product Quality

    Redbubble uses print-on-demand printing companies around the world to produce and ship its products and the quality of goods can vary significantly depending on the printing partner and the product in question. Redbubbles customer review score on TrustPilot has dropped in the past year, which could be an indicator that Redbubble needs to do some work to improve the quality of its goods.

    Flexible Artist Margins

    Redbubble has flexible margins on its products, and its customers are often willing to pay higher prices on average than on other platforms.

    How To Sell Print On Demand Products On Amazon For Beginners

    There are so many ways to sell things on Amazon. I see many of my friends doing well using the retail arbitrage method. Some people also find local products near their home and send them to Amazon.

    Ive never done that before. Im not the kind of person who likes to source a product, pack, and ship it by myself.

    Thats too tiring for me.

    When I decided to be an Internet Marketer, my goal was not just to make money. I wanted to have more time, too.

    So, Ive been selling products on Amazon since 2017, but all of my products are print-on-demand.

    I like selling print-on-demand products because all of the products are uniquely designed and have less competition compared to other kinds of products.

    Also, all the production processes are done by the suppliers. I dont need to make or ship anything by myself.

    I have been selling thousands of coffee mugs, but I never see the products I sell.

    There are many articles about selling products on Amazon in this Tiny Marketing Lab, but I just realized that I never wrote a basic article on how to get started on doing all this.

    So, in this article, Im going to show you how to make money on Amazon from print-on-demand products , even if you are a beginner.

    The process is easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!

    Lets get into it.

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    How To Sell Your Art On Amazon

    If you are an artist trying to sell your art, Amazon can be an excellent platform to sell your art and become famous. We had left those days far behind when an artist had to make arrangements for an exhibition to sell his artworks. Amazon can be the best place for artists to start selling their artwork.

    Selling Art Direct To The Customer

    Sell Digital Art Online (How-To For Beginners!)
    My experience of listening to and watching people who are successful online tells me that:

    • YOU need to identify the platform which has the right audience for your art
    • YOU drive the traffic to your presence on that platform – it does NOT just “happen”
    Bottom line it’s all down to YOU – not the platform

  • Are you producing quality work?
  • Do you present it well on a platform which people have confidence in re. making purchases?
  • Are you driving traffic to places where it can be bought by people who will be interested in your art?
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    Working With Galleries To Sell Your Art


    You can work with galleries to sell your art on your behalf if you are not interested in handling the business side of art, or as an additional channel to complement your own efforts. This partnership can give you access to new audiences, including serious art buyers and art collectors.

    Here are a few dos and donts when working with galleries:

    DO check out the gallerys social media accounts. If you have more followers than that gallery does or that gallery doesnt have a lot of followers, that may give you pause, says Ken. A gallery should be able to give you a wider exposure than you can get yourself.

    DONT approach a gallery via social media. Youd be amazed at how many people try to submit to us via Facebook Messenger or tag us in a post on Instagram and ask us to look at their work, says Ken. While social media is a major focus for us, thats just not a very professional way to come across if youre an artist.

    DO your research and contact only those galleries who represent work in line with your own style. You cant sell street art to somebody who collects impressionism, says Ken.

    DONT sacrifice quality for quantity. Its frustrating when an artist who’s hoping to catch our attention tags us and 20 other galleries all in the same post. Select the top few galleries that you want to work with most and send individual outreach to each.

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