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Can I Sell Used Clothes On Amazon

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What Prep Do You Do Before Sending Products To Amazon

Can You Sell Clothing and Shoes on Amazon FBA? [ My Opinion After 60 Days +]

There are a few steps to follow once you have your products home and youre ready to send them off to Amazon.

Jessica outlined her process as follows:

  • Scan the products and tell Amazon what you have to send them.
  • Tell Amazon what price you want to sell your products for. Jessica said the dont usually undercut the current buy box seller.
  • You will be asked some questions about the products as you add them to a shipping plan.
  • You can then label the products yourself, or Amazon will do it for a small fee.
  • Jessica prints FNSKU codes and covers up the original barcodes, this identifies the products as hers when sold.
  • Polybag any products with open faces, bubble wrap any breakable items.
  • Add everything into a box, make a note of the weight, and ship it to the distribution center Amazon tells you to.

Different Types Of Amazon Restrictions

  • Brand restrictions Sometimes Amazon will restrict an entire brand for some sellers. Some examples might be Nike, Cuisinart, or Hasbro. In these cases either Amazon or the brand owner has decided that the entire brand needs to be protected on Amazon, and you will need approval to sell that brand.
  • Category restrictions Sometimes Amazon will restrict an entire category for some sellers. In the past such categories as Clothing, Shoes, Grocery, and Beauty have been restricted categories, and you would need to either be grandfathered in or apply for approval in these categories. At times Amazon will suddenly begin gating a category for new sellers, and at other times they will suddenly ungate the category for all sellers.
  • Subcategory restrictions Sometimes Amazon will leave an overall category ungated, but they will gate certain subcategories within the main category. You might be ungated in a main category but gated in a subcategory. You would need to get approval for the subcategory before you can sell items within that subcategory. One example is that you might be approved to sell in Toys & Games, but not approved for Building Block Toys or Learning Game Toys.
  • ASIN restrictions Sometimes Amazon will restrict specific individual ASINs and will require approval before a seller can list that particular ASIN for sale.

There may be other types of selling restrictions that come up, but the ones Ive listed above are the main ones that impact most FBA sellers.

How Reselling On Amazon Works

Jessica takes advantage of Amazons FBA program, or Fulfillment by Amazon. This is Amazons way of crowdsourcing its inventory, and letting regular people like us tap into its world-class logistics network.

That means this Selling Family doesnt have to ship anything to the end customer, handle returns, or write up product descriptions.

How the business works is like any other retail business: you profit on the spread between the cost of your product and what it sells for. Now you have to account for Amazons fees and shipping costs, but its basically buy low, sell high.

And the best part of this side hustle is that you can get started today with whatever initial inventory investment youre comfortable with.

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Selling Clothes On Amazon Is It Worth It

While there are some barriers to entry when you choose to sell clothes on Amazon, by creating unique, popular designs, it can be a winning business model.

If you are planning on becoming a full-time Amazon seller, I highly recommend signing up for the FBA program. It can be slightly more difficult to keep track of inventory, but not having to deal with product picking, packing, and returns is well worth the additional cost.

Because this is a competitive category, its essential to be strategic with your approach. Having the right tools is also a must for finding the right products to sell and staying ahead of competitors.

If you have any questions about starting and thriving as an Amazon seller, leave me a question in the comments below.

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Posting Items 1cm Can Cost You S

Announcing Merch by Amazon: A New Way to Generate Revenue ...

To slash Royal Mail postage costs, buy envelopes that fit within its ‘large-letter size‘ . While jeans and jumpers often won’t squash into this size, it’s perfect for tops and thin dresses.

To show the saving, a 200g skirt costs £1.29 to send first-class recorded if it’s large-letter size. If the same package is even 1cm over, it’ll cost £3.85 to send as a ‘small parcel’. Paying extra in postage can really eat into your profits.

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What Are Amazons Guidelines For Selling Clothes

In the past, clothing was a gated category, which meant that sellers had to get Amazons approval before creating clothing listings.

Thats no longer the case.

The No. 1 rule when it comes to selling clothes on Amazon is that they must be new. You cannot sell used clothing on Amazon like you can on eBay.

Sellers must also:

  • Provide photos of the clothing item listed
  • List branded clothing items with the original manufacturers universal product code
  • Only sell authentic products

Amazon enforces that last point by requiring sellers to ask for permission from certain brands and/or Amazon before selling its clothing. The list of restricted brands mostly includes well-known and luxury names like Adidas, Guess, Lucky Brand, and Under Armour.

Before you buy a boatload of name-brand clothes to resell, download the Amazon Seller App and use it to scan the barcode of items youre interested in selling. The app will tell you if an item is restricted.

Dont just check items while doing retail arbitrage. Its important to check for restrictions when youre doing online arbitrage, too. In short: always check before you buy. Itll save you money, time, and headaches.

And stay away from clothing thats graphic, insulting, or offensive to any group of people.

Recycling Programs In Japan

If you have clothes to spare, brands like Uniqlo, H& M, and Zara accept them for reuse and recycling. They can be dropped off at the counter or boxes in store, but check the conditions set by the company before coming in. For example, Uniqlo will accept Uniqlo products only, while H& M takes clothes of any brand and condition and theyll even gift you with a 500 yen voucher for a bagful.

Another method worth researching is local programs that accept donations, or for example, Mottainai Flea Market in Tokyo collects usable second-hand items to sell, with proceeds going to The Green Belt Movement, a Kenyan-based project which seeks to promote environmental conservation and empower communities. There might also be a library or community center near you looking for books, toys, and so on.

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On Pro Merchant Accounts

Open your preferred Web browser and navigate to the Amazon website. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and double-click on the words “Sell on Amazon” listed directly underneath the “Make Money With Us” heading. Alternately, log in to your existing Pro Merchant account.

Select the “Start Selling” tab under “Sell Professionally.” As of 2011, Pro Merchant account fees are $39.99 for a yearly membership plus a referral fee and a variable closing fee for each item sold. Follow the prompts to create an account if you do not have one yet. Disregard this step if you have an existing account.

Open the “Manage Your Inventory” section on your account homepage. Double-click on the “Create a Page” link.

Select “Apparel” from the first “Category” drop-down menu. Pick a suitable subcategory from the following drop-down menu to classify your garment.

Provide the name of the garment and the name of the designer in the blank text boxes. Fill in any UPC codes or product numbers on the garment in the appropriate text boxes and give the name of the brand. Click on “Next.”

Describe your garment in the blank text field. Type the price that you want to charge for your garment in United States dollars in the text box below the “Enter the price for your product” heading. Type the number of the garments of the same condition that you are selling in the text box below the “Quantity information” heading.


When Selling On Amazon:

You Can ONLY Sell New Items on Amazon… Really?!
    You can add new products to the Amazon catalogue whenever you want.By using Fulfillment by Amazon, we take care of customer service, product shipping, and all logistics.You can check our help pages within Seller Central to help answer any questions you may have. Our seller support team will help you manage your account.Sell your products in Canada, United States, and Mexico. You control what you sell and where you sell it, managing your business from a single seller account.Earn a better location on the product detail pages.Customize the shipping rates of your products.

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Merch By Amazon As An Alternative

If you want to , there is another option to consider print on demand.

In the video below, Ed talks about how you can get started.

Merch by Amazon is an on-demand t-shirt printing service, allowing sellers to create and list their designs at no cost.

As a merchant, you can reach Amazons customers without the worry of paying for stock upfront.

Here is how it works.

Once you have an account, you upload your designs, select the type of product you want to sell, pick some colours, add a price and title, and publish.

For every product that someone purchases with your design, you receive a royalty.

A little while ago we put together a

Merch by Amazon used to be open to anyone, but now its invite-only. The good news is that the approval process is now much quicker than it used to be when I first applied I was waiting three months.

The sign-up process takes about 10 minutes to complete and requires your business contact information, social security or tax number, and bank account details.

Head over to the to request an invitation you will need to sign in to your Amazon account to do this.

As a side note, know that if youre not based in the U.S., Merch by Amazon may withhold up to 30% of your profits for tax purposes.

If you dont have a company name, you can use your first and last name during the invitation application process.

Complete the forms honestly if you want to be accepted into the program.

How To Sell Clothes Online

eBay is a great marketplace to sell clothes online, as its been around longer than any other online reselling platform. Selling on eBay is like hosting your own virtual garage sale.

To get started, you will want to do a search on eBay for previously sold listings that are the same or similar to the used clothing youre trying to sell. Read about how to use eBay in flea market flipping to learn how to price your items on eBay.

Once you have an idea of how to price your used clothing, take good pictures, write a relevant description, and list it!

Your listing will be active for 30 days. Be sure to check on it daily to see if you have any watchers or offers.


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How Long Will It Take To Receive Payment Once I Trade In My Item

Depending on your location, trade-in items may take up to 10 business days to arrive before they are processed. The packages you sent can be tracked anytime in Your Trade-In Account. Once your item is received and appraised, you’ll receive an e-mail notification within 2 business days informing you whether your items were accepted or rejected. You can find the status of your trade-in anytime in Your Trade-In Account Once your trade-in value has been paid, you’ll see the amount when viewing your gift card balance.Instant Payment may be offered on eligible trade-ins to eligible customers. If your submission is eligible for, and you choose to participate in, Instant Payment for your trade-in items, you will receive Gift Card in the amount of the trade-in value at the time you submit a trade-in. You may also receive a limited-time promotional credit towards the purchase of a new qualifying Amazon Device. See the Instant Payment section of the for more details.

Are You Going To Sell Clothes Online

How to Sell Clothing on eBay

There are more options than ever since I originally published this blog post. Is selling second hand clothes a side income youre interested in pursuing? Do you think the new tools available mean more opportunity to make money online selling unwanted clothes?

What do you think? Is selling used clothes online in otherwise a viable small business option? Is it something you want to see me try out and document on this blog? Im interested in hearing your thoughts!

If you are looking for other side hustle ideas or would like to get notified when I write about additional ways to make money online, be sure to join the Niche Pursuits Newsletter here.

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Selling Used Clothes Faq

Q: What is the best way to sell my old clothes?

A: Online options give you more opportunities than traditional garage sales or consignment shops. If you hit the right apps or the right online site you can turn a pretty decent profit from your second hand clothes.

Q: Where can I find in-demand used clothes for cheap?

A: I still stand by eBay as being one of the best options out there. Among online options this is probably your best bet but you never know what you might find in-person at a local garage sale, thrift store, flea market, or consignment shop.

Q: Where are the best sites for selling used clothes?

A: There are many online consignment shops like Le Prix, Tradesy, Poshmark that focus on used clothes. However, for many people eBay and Amazon are still some of the best options out there. The ASOS Marketplace is another name that comes up and has some pretty positive reviews from users. It is definitely worth checking out.

Q: Is ThredUp worth selling unwanted clothes on?

A: The general consensus seems to be no. The waits are long for all the clothes to be sold. Then it seems like a huge number of reviews from users focus on being surprised at just how little cash came back. While it might work for some, the general consensus seems to be that this isnt the best option for selling used clothes. Especially if youre hoping for some solid profit numbers.

Know The Resell Price Before You Buy

However, as I quickly learned, the key to being successful in selling used clothes is knowing what will sell before you buy it. This can be a very difficult task because there are literally hundreds of brands. Also, some brands tend to do well with women and others do well with men. So, you really have to do your homework.

Because I knew absolutely nothing about name brands , I spent hours of research on the eBay completed listings trying to figure out what sold well. I was able to write down 20 or 30 brands or so that I should keep an eye out for.

So, when I went to the thrift shop, I smuggled in my list of name brands and starting hunting through the racks.

As I recall, I could have purchased a lot more than I did, but I think I ended up with 7 or 8 articles of clothing on my first trip.

This would give me a good idea of this stuff would sell.

I went home and started taking pictures of the clothes. After that, I simply listed them up on eBay and waited for the bids to come. One important thing that I did was to make the minimum price the profit margin that I needed. In other words, if I bought the jeans for $5, then I might have made the minimum bid $12 or something.

Used clothes is not something that is going to start a bidding war . So make sure your minimum bid is high enough to get the profit youre wanting.

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How Much Money Can You Make Selling Clothes On Amazon

Generally, the amount of money that you can earn monthly by selling clothes on Amazon depends on many factors such as:

  • Your business model
  • Risk that you make
  • And more

Nearly half of Amazon sellers earn $1,000 $25,000 monthly in sales, which means they make in the annual sale from $12,000 $300,000. Besides, there are some super-sellers who earn up to $250,000 monthly in sales. This means they make about 3 million dollars in annual sales.

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Why We Are Different

What sells on Amazon? | 30 Items that Sell FAST on Amazon FBA for Great Money!

When selling your brand to us, you will immediately see an elevation and uplift in terms of distribution, sales, and margin.

When integrating your brand into BBG, we will immediately increase the listing of your brand to all 100+ channels of our BBG platform. We are among the top marketplace sellers on Amazon globally and among the top 5 sellers in Europe. However, most of our revenue is generated outside of Amazon. With our platform and different sales channels, we have access to 1.5 billion active ecommerce shoppers in a total of 28 countries in Europe, the U.S., China and Turkey. This includes our 70+ web-shops.

In addition, we can also help your brand from a cost perspective. With buying offices in Europe as well as China and volume deals for shipping, packaging etc., we will take the profitability of your brand to a completely new level.

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