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Can I Use Audible Without Amazon

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Instructions To Cancel Audible Membership

Before you try AUDIBLE… WATCH THIS | Amazon Audible Review 2021

To cancel your Audible membership, follow these instructions:

1. Go to the Account Details page on the Audible desktop site.

2. Click Cancel Membership at the bottom of the Membership details section.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions and steps. Before you cancel, Audible will make sure you dont leave anything on the table and try to resolve any issues you have. We cover some of these items in more detail below.

4. After you cancel, an automated email will be sent to you as proof of your plan changes.

How Much Does Audible Cost

Depends on which plan you want:

  • Audible Plus: Unlimited access to thousands of included titles in the Plus Catalog for $7.95 a month.
  • Audible Premium Plus 1 Credit monthly: 1 credit per month for any premium selection title for $14.95 a month.
  • Audible Premium Plus 2 Credit monthly: 2 credits per month for any premium selection title for $22.95 a month.
  • Audible Premium Plus Annual 12 Credits: 12 credits per year at $12.46 per credit or $149.50/year
  • Audible Premium Plus Annual 24 Credits: 24 credits per year at $9.57 per credit or $229.50 per year

Plus all members get an additional 30% off any titles purchased without credits, and can return any audiobooks you dont love within a year of purchase.

What Is Amazon Audible Is It Free With Prime

  • Amazon Prime audiobooks are basically the list of free Audible books that are available for Prime members . The members get access to a rotating selection of more than 50 audiobooks which they can listen to by streaming online. However, the Prime members do not have any control over which Audiobooks will be available as Amazon Prime free Audiobooks.

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How To Listen To Audible On Iphone Without App

If you can’t download Audible app on iPhone, you can also listen to Audible on iPhone without app. What you need is a third-party Audible Audibook Converter such as ViWizard Audible AA/AAX Converter. You can use it to remove the copyright protection first and then convert Audible books to MP3 format, so you’re able to play them on your iPhone and iPad via any MP3 player.

ViWizard Audible Converter is one of best Audible DRM removal apps in the market. It is capable of converting Audible audiobooks from AA, AAX to MP3, WAV, FLAC, WAV, or other common audio formats, so users can easily listen to Audible without Audible app. Besides, this app can keep lossless quality while converting Audible books at up to 100X fast speed.

What Is Audible And How Does It Work

Can I buy audiobooks without a subscription?

Audible is one of the most popular platforms for listening to books, but how exactly does it work?

Audiobooks are convenient you can listen to them in several situations, such as your morning commute or when you’re going for a run. The ever-growing popularity of audiobooks has seen the profile of Amazon’s audiobook service, Audible, become more prominent.

But how does Audible work, and what kind of subscriptions can you get? We’ll discuss both of these topics, plus much more, below.

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Audible Login: Confusion Since The Takeover By Amazon

Audible is the leading provider of commercial audio book downloads and is now a subsidiary of Amazon. the company Audible Inc. was established in 1995 by the US best-selling author Donald R. Katz, Audible has developed the most popular download platform for audio books before it was sold to Amazon in the year of 2009. This companys history still has an impact on the Audible login because it often leads to confusion about how and where users are intended to login.

Several different options for Audible Login cause confusion.

Seriously Check The Library

If youve read any of my previous book-related guides, Im probably beginning to sound like a broken record with this one. But libraries are truly the best source of books, no matter what format youre in the market for.

The majority of library systems in the United States use a platform called Overdrive for both ebooks and audiobooks. Each library has a personalized URL for accessing its particular flavor of Overdrive the Brooklyn Public Library systems is, for example. Your librarys OverDrive portal will almost definitely be linked on the librarys main website if not, you may need to inquire with a librarian.

Almost every aspect of Overdrive is meant to mirror the experience of visiting a physical library. After logging in with your library card number, you can browse librarian-curated collections or search for a specific title or author. The library purchases a set number of audiobook licenses for each book, which means you might not always be able to access a title right away. But theres a hold system, too, and Overdrive will even estimate how long youll be waiting and send you an email when your book is ready for download.

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How Do You Cancel An Audible Membership

If youve purchased one of the monthly membership options, canceling is easy.

Go to the Audible website and click on Account Details from the dropdown menu listed with your name.

Under Your Membership select Cancel Membership.

It will ask if youre sure. Simply keep clicking that you do, in fact, wish to cancel and ta-da! Your subscription will be canceled. You can learn more about how to cancel Audible here.

If you have purchased a yearly membership, canceling is the same, but you wont get refunded for your purchase and can still use all credit purchased. But you wont be charged again next year and the subscription will not renew.

Load Audible Aa/aax Files To Viwizard

How to Listen to Free Audible Books with Amazon Prime

To get started, please click the “Download” button above to download and install ViWizard Audible AA/AAX Converter to your PC or Mac computer. After that, open the ViWizard app and import the audiobooks downloaded from Audible to it. You can simply drag and drop the Audible files or click the Add Files button to add them.

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What Perks Do I Get As A Member

So many! You get access to the Audible Plus catalog at all levels plus your monthly or yearly credits with Premium Plus plans, plus an additional 30% discount on any titles you want to buy without credits. Heres some more info on a few of the features youll find in the Audible Plus catalog.

  • Audible Originals: These are titles created only for Audible and produced by the Audible studios. They range from theater productions to lectures on brain chemistry to romance novels.
  • Podcasts: Audibles podcasts are free for members and feature content for all ages. Topics include everything from gripping original fiction and laugh-out-loud comedy to business management and history.
  • Sleep: These stories, soundscapes, guided mediations, and more are specifically designed to help listeners fall and stay asleep, and wake up feeling refreshed.
  • Audible Latino: Audible also offers hundreds of titles narrated in Spanish.

Convert Audible Books To Mp3

Once all the settings are done, you can then click the Convert button. ViWizard will start to bypass DRM protection and convert your Audible audiobooks to MP3 format. Wait for the conversion to end, and then you will able to view all the files through tapping the Converted icon and you can open them by clicking the Search button.

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How To Browse Audible

Browsing is pretty easy. On the top menu, theres an option that says Browse with an arrow next to it. Hovering your cursor over that option creates a dropdown menu with categories, which you can click on.

The categories are extensive, ranging from kids to horror to religion and spirituality. Its a great place to get started. Once youve decided that you want to purchase a title, Audible gives you two options after adding it to your cart. You can purchase the title with your already paid for credit, or you can pay cash for the title.

This is helpful when you want to get a Daily Deal price or they are having a sale where the title costs less than you pay for your credit. Once purchased, Audible will send the title straight to your app and you can listen across all devices without ever losing your place thanks to WhisperSync. This feature remembers where you left off on your phone so you can keep listening on your smart speaker at home, so long as both devices are connected to the internet.

How Does Audible Plus Work

Best iPhone Audiobook Apps

Audible Plus titles dont have a special icon like Audible Escape audiobooks used to. Instead, all Audible audiobooks that you need to buy have an icon saying 1 credit, while those that are included in the Plus catalog have a banner that says included.

The buttons next to the Plus audiobooks say Play or Add to Library instead of showing buying options. You can download or stream the Plus books, so you can listen during offline times.

Audible Plus is a real unlimited audiobook subscription. You can click through the catalog and listen to as many titles as you like. You dont have to remember to return them since you can borrow as many audiobooks as you like and keep them as long as you like. When your membership runs out, the titles will automatically be removed from your device. Of course, this only applies to the borrowed AP titles! Audible books you bought are yours to keep and you can always listen to them, even after canceling your membership.

Right now, the Audible Plus catalog has over 10,000 titles with new audiobooks being added every week. Those should indeed be additions though, not a rotation. Titles are unlikely to be removed from Audible Plus again and, according to Audible, you will be notified if a title you have saved has to be removed.

Science Fiction and Fantasy: 1200

Childrens Books: 900

Young Adult: 200

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How To Get Audible For Free

Audible is Amazons online platform dedicated to Audiobooks. If you find that you dont quite have time to sit down with a book any more, its a great way to listen to the best of fiction and non-fiction while doing something else or on a commute, especially as the world starts opening up again after lockdown.

Quite similar to the online Kindle store, it enables you to buy thousands of audiobooks and to listen to them on diverse devices.

There are a few ways you can get the service for cheap or absolutely free. Heres how.

How To Buy Audible Books Via Whispersync Deals

Whispersync deal is suitable for audiobook lovers who also are e-book readers. Whispersync is a service enables readers to synchronize reading progress, bookmarks, and other information across Kindle devices and others. One of its perks of this service is that if you purchase e-book and its related audiobooks from Whispersync page, the amount you will cost will be chapter than purchasing one version only.

If you don’t purchase the target audiobook or eBook, please directly enter to Amazon Matchmaker page, this service will detect the audio version counterparts of the eBooks, and then you can buy them together with lower price. If you have already purchased audiobooks, you need to navigate to Audible library page to discover the eBook counterpart and purchase it instead.

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You Can Listen To Top Authors Narrate Their Books

There are over 200,000 audiobooks on Audible, many of which are classics or bestsellers. Recently, Ive listened to the audiobooks Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg and On Writing by Stephen King. These are just two examples of where the author in question is also the narrator of his or her book.

Whereas before I was sceptical of reading this way, now I believe theres something intimate about having the author of a book read it to you the way he or she intends.

In other cases, professional actors narrate popular books and classics. One particular standout is Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. Kenneth Branaghs is the narrator of this book. His interpretation of Conrads classic sent shivers up my spine.

Whispersync For Voice Rocks

How To Make Money Publishing Audiobooks On Audible (3 Ways)

My favourite Audible feature is a clever technology known as Whispersync For Voice. Heres how this works:

I use Audible for listening to audiobooks while out for a walk or run using the iPhone app. Later that night when I pick up my Kindle Oasis, it automatically finds my place in the book in question so I can continue reading.

Then, the next morning when I open Audible before my commute, it resumes narrating from where I stopped reading on my Kindle Fire the night before. I love Audible for this seemingly simple, yet awesome feature.

There are a few caveats.

Firstly, the book must be available on Kindle and Audible.

Secondly, I have to buy both versions to use Whispersync.

Thirdly, both your Amazon account and Audible account must be in the same region e.g. Whispersync wont work if you buy a book off the UK Amazon store and an audiobook off the US Audible store.

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Now You Know How To Use Audible

It can be difficult initially to work out which subscription model is best for you, or how to bundle your purchases in such a way that you’ve got the cheapest possible audiobook price. But once that’s done, and you have the audiobook in your hands, getting started with listening is pretty simple. And the versatility of the app means you can listen pretty much anywhere, while listening via an actual Kindle offers an impressive level of integration.

More Tips: Enhance Audible Audiobooks Listening Experience

Above are the top tips to buy Audible audiobooks without subscription. By buying Audible books through these deals, you should save big money on the audiobook cost and you don’t need to worrying about wasting the recurring subscription fee.

Please rest assured. DRmare Audible Audiobook Converter for Mac/Windows is here to help. It is equipped with the latest technology to decrypt Audible AA/AAX files while keeping the original chapters, metadata. The converting speed could reach up to 99X faster compared to the other tools in the market. After removing DRM, you can play them freely on much more devices such as car GPS, MP3 player and so on.

  • Crack DRM from Audible AA/AAX files, iTunes audiobooks and common audio files
  • Batch convert AA/AAX files to MP3, AAC, M4A, FLAC, M4B at 99X faster speed
  • Split large audiobook files into small chapter/hour/minute/second and so on
  • DRmare keep improving the software, more features will be added as time goes on

Audible files are in special formats AA/AAX. Compared to the common formats, AA/AAX are not as popular as MP3. Now let’s me show you how to transcode the Audible formats.

Step 3Convert AA/AAX audiobooks
Finally, you can choose the output folder and click “Convert” button to get rid of any DRM protection from your Audible books. You will locate the files on the folder you specified. To make it better to manage your files, you can also choose the option to archive files by album/playlist before converting.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Audible:

Why would I use Audible if my library has Overdrive? I totally get this! I love Overdrive and am so grateful for my libraries that have it. But those hold lines can be SO long and then you have to make sure to get through it in the allotted time before it goes back to your library. So Audible is awesome for when you want to listen to something right away and then have as much time as you need to listen. And also when you want to be able to listen over and over again .

What happens if I dont use my credit? Credits roll over until you get to five . So if you have a month where you dont get around to picking a book? No sweat. Just pick two the next month.

What if I dont like the book I picked?Best news Audible guarantees all their audiobooks, so if you dont like something, you can just exchange it, no questions asked. No risk.

How much do you spend on Audible per month?We have a regular $14.95/month plan and then I buy one-off audiobooks when there is a good sale or if there is something I really want. And then I use Overdrive or Scribd for the rest of my audiobook needs.

How do I find good sales on Audible? I dont have a rock solid way, but they do have a deals page with the daily deal and any audiobooks that are a below-average price. I also try to mention it when I notice one on or .

Do Audible picture books have page turn signals? There may be a few, but I have never listened to one that does have that little ding! Which leads to the next question. . .

Most Used App I Have Aside From Gps Smarter Branding without Breaking the Bank: Five Proven ...

Love this app so much. Had it for years and does not disappoint. Thank you for being here, existing and being in my life. Such a great idea and concept. Sorry it took me so long to rate this amazing app! Get it, you wont regret it, so many wonderful title and books and not over priced!Update: This is still a great app but it needs to be said that the home tab is waaay too much noise visually speaking. Way too many suggestions and advertised books for an app. Its not a clean look and honestly its ugly. The app needs a more sleek minimalist feel for ease of use. I literally get anxiety seeing the homepage with all the extra books recommendations, catalogues and so forth. When I use the app I just want to get to the point not be defaulted to a crazy looking page foot of book images. Please higher someone to update your app comestically. With the IOS update people are discovering less is more with widgets and less apps. Try to use that same concept, I want to see recommendations make it the last tab not the first. Have the first tab be the library and instead of a line chart of books maybe give the option of line display or chart display, just something more sleek please.Update 03 May 2021: The app skips the audio for some reason and when the screen goes dark it stops playing. Please fix this. This is pretty frustrating and my settings dont have anything that causes this to happen.

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