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Can I Use My Fsa Card On Amazon

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What Amazon Items Are Fsa And Hsa Eligible

How To Use Your FSA & HSA on AMAZON!

Not sure what you can buy with your FSA or HSA card? You can view Amazons complete list of eligible brands and products here.

Amazon will also include FSA or HSA Eligible disclaimers on product pages to make things simpler.

Generally speaking, though, FSA and HSA cards can be used on health care expenses. Plus, cardholders can buy things for their family or eligible dependents.

That said, its still a good idea to check with your employer about any possible restrictions.

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Can You Use Your Fsa To Buy A Massage Gun

FSA accounts provide more flexibility than regular bank accounts when it comes to purchasing massage guns.

The Internal Revenue Code section 125 provides employees access to cafeteria plans that create Flex accounts within their insurance policies. Cafeteria items were originally referred to by this term, but flex spending has now caught onto it as well.

A flexible spending account can be used to pay for a variety of medical expenses and often for dependent care expenses. The FSA rolls over a portion of its balance every year, just like the HSA.

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act allows you to carry over up to $500 without losing the funds.

Massage guns can only be purchased with FSA funds after receiving approval from the cafeteria plan provider. Similarly, the HSA does not have clear guidelines for massage guns.

On the other hand, if you look at the approved expense list, youll find that:

  • Acupuncture
  • Therapy

Are there any specific expenses that are not covered by FSA funds?

There is no mention of massage gear, massage therapy, or massages on that list for starters.

You are likely to be approved for massage treatments if you require them for a medical reason.

You may be required to complete a paper form if you are approved, or simply be able to purchase your massage gun using your FSA debit card.

Can I Use My Fsa Card At Cvs

If you use an FSA debit card for purchasing over-the-counter health-related products, or for your prescription co-payments, our FSA easy store register system will automatically charge FSA eligible items* to your FSA debit card. You can then choose an alternative form of payment to cover any remaining items.

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How Do I Get Money Off My Fsa Card

Can I Get Cash Off My FSA Card? In rare cases when you need to pay for qualifying expenses but the provider or store doesnt take your FSA card, you can use your card to withdraw cash to make the payment. However, you must keep all the documentation proving that the amount you withdrew was used for eligible expenses.

Q: What Is An Fsa Or Hsa


Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts are health benefit accounts that allow you to contribute a portion of your salary or wages to cover medical expenses that you would otherwise pay for out of pocket. If youre unsure whether or not you have an FSA or HSA, please check with your employer or plan administrator.

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Is A Massage Gun Hsa Or Fsa Eligible

Can I buy a massage gun using an FSA / HSA ?

Is a massage Gun HSA or FSA eligible?

People ask these questions a lot and the answer to this question is it depends.

For some of you, the answer is YES, while for others it is NO!

Why just some? Well, you see there are a few things that you have to keep in mind to get reimbursement for a massage gun

  • You have a serious issue other than some medical problem, and perhaps a history of claims to treat your condition that the doctor advised you to buy it.
  • FSA and HSA approval all depends on your insurance company. So, you have to follow the appropriate steps before purchasing.
  • Most massage guns support HSA or FSA payments.
  • To explain how and why lets take a closer look at the HSA and FSA.

    Fsa Cpap Eligibility: Get The Equipment You Need

    End-of-year financial decisions are always stressful, especially considering they come on the heels of open enrollment and right in the middle of the holidays. This year, instead of seeing FSA mandatory, use-it-or-lose-it requirements as a burden to put up with, consider your year-end expenditures an opportunity to upgrade your equipment and improve your inventory so you can continue to enjoy the benefits of your CPAP or BiPAP therapy without worrying about equipment malfunction or worn-out accessories.

    Treat yourself to a new mask, a CPAP device cleaner or a humidifying element to make your therapy comfortable and convenient, or invest in a backup system so you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing youre prepared for whatever comes your way. At, we help men and women get the most value for their FSA dollars by providing them with the guidance and information they need to make the best purchases based on their individual needs. To learn how to use your FSA funds to upgrade your CPAP equipment before those funds expire, give us a call at 1-800-356-5221 and speak with a team member today.

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    What Expenses Are Hsa

    The list is pretty long but includes eyeglasses , hearing aids, pregnancy test kits and much more. One big change in 2021, thanks to the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, or the CARES Act, you now can use your HSA or FSA card to buy over-the-counter medicine with or without a prescription and period care products. But, while items like thermometers and oximeters are covered, face masks and hand sanitizer are not.

    How To Use Your Fsa Or Hsa Card To Make Amazon Purchases

    Can I use my HSA card on Amazon?

    To use your card, just add it to your Amazon Wallet alongside your other method of payment. You may also want to check out Amazon’s HSA/FSA frequently asked questions.

    Here’s one: Why can’t you buy over-the-counter meds this way? Turns out you need a prescription to use an HSA/FSA card for those, even though that contradicts the very definition of OTC.

    But if you need anything from air purifiers to wart removers, you can shop on Amazon and pay with your HSA/FSA card. Who knew?

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    Can I Use My Fsa Card On My Deadline

    Short answer, yes. However, it is risky to use your FSA card on Amazon if youre shopping on your deadline. This is because Amazon charges your card when the item ships. So say you have a 12/31 deadline and would like to exhaust your FSA funds before they expire at midnight. If you use your Amazon card for this purchase and your order ships out on 1/2, the funds from your new plan will be charged instead of your old plan year. You can read more about this in their FSA FAQ here.

    To ensure your purchase is made in the proper plan year, it is important that you plan ahead of your deadline day and ask your benefit plan administration for more information. I recommend using your credit or debit card on Amazon if you are shopping on deadline day, or visiting a store that accepts FSA cards near you. You can also use since they are one of the only online retailers that charge on your deadline.

    Is Cpap Covered By Fsa

    CPAP devices and accessories are used to treat Sleep Apnea, a diagnosed medical condition. In fact, CPAP is one of the most effective treatments for Sleep Apnea, helping men and women who have Apnea decrease their risks for serious medical problems like heart attack, stroke, and obesity. Nighttime breathing problems can also impair your overall quality of sleep, leading to moodiness, irritability, problems focusing and even depression. Plus, daytime drowsiness significantly increases your risk for accidents at work and on the road.

    CPAP is a continuous therapy, which means you need to use it all the time to reap the benefits of treatment. By providing a continuous flow of air while you sleep, your CPAP device prevents your airway from collapsing. Because CPAP is a recognized and effective treatment for Sleep Apnea, your expenses associated with CPAP therapy are eligible for reimbursement using your FSA funds. And that means when you use your pre-tax FSA funds to pay for your CPAP equipment, you can save a considerable amount of money compared to paying for those expenses with post-tax dollars from your regular checking account.

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    How To Use Fsa For Your Eligible Cpap Supplies

    If you use CPAP equipment, that means it can be a great time to upgrade your unit, buy a backup unit, or increase your inventory of hoses, masks or other accessories before December 31 when most benefit years end and all those FSA funds disappear into thin air. Heres what you should know about CPAP FSA eligible expenditures so you can get the most out of your hard-earned savings.

    Crane 2 In 1 Personal Steam Inhaler & Warm Mist Humidifier


    Humidifiers have been popular with Shopping readers this winter. One of the best humidifiers of 2021, this Crane humidifier is a kind of vaporizer which boils water before releasing it into the air as steam. This humidifier is a two-in-one, with a warm mist humidifier function and a personal steam inhaler add-on . When you want to shift from function to function, you just have to switch the humidifier tank with the inhaler attachment and vice versa. It can run for up to eight hours and heat up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit.

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    What Can I Purchase On Amazon With My Fsa Or Hsa Card

    Eligible products range from canes and gauze to pregnancy tests and syringes. As always, make sure to keep all detailed receipts as they will most likely be requested. Over the counter medicine cannot be purchased because they require a prescription to be FSA or HSA eligible. This feature is not supported by Amazon. If you have a prescription for an OTC medicine and decide to purchase it on Amazon using other payment methods, then you may be able to request reimbursement from your plan administrator.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Amazon Fsa And Hsa Purchases

    Luckily, our community has great insight to offer on Amazon FSA and HSA purchases. Here are their answers to the most frequently asked questions. And thanks to everyone who contributed these answers:

    Q: What exactly is an FSA or HSA card?

    A: Also known as health benefit accounts, Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts allow you to use a portion of your gross salary or wages to cover any incurred medical expenses that youd otherwise have to pay for out of pocket.

    Not sure if you have an FSA or HSA? Check with your employer or plan administrator.

    Q: How do you use FSA or HSA cards to shop on Amazon?

    A: Amazon allows you to add your FSA or HSA card to your account as a method of payment. You can then use your card to make eligible purchases.

    Q: Which items are FSA or HSA eligible on Amazon?

    A: Not all healthcare products on Amazon are FSA or HSA eligible. Therefore, its important to know which ones are covered by your health benefit account. Eligible Amazon products are labeled FSA or HSA Eligible on their individual product pages. You can also browse a complete list of eligible items here.

    Your FSA or HSA card can even cover the product tax and shipping. If your order contains ineligible items or youd like to gift wrap to an eligible product, simply add another method of payment. Amazon will charge the correct amount to each card or payment method.


    Q: Can you purchase over-the-counter medicines with your FSA or HSA card?

    Q: Do FSA funds expire?

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    Can I Use My Hsa For Vitamins

    Generally, weight-loss supplements, nutritional supplements, and vitamins are used for general health and are not qualified HSA expenses. HSA owners usually cannot include the cost of diet food or beverages in medical expenses because these substitute for what is normally consumed to satisfy nutritional needs.

    How To Save No Matter When Or Where You Shop

    A guide to using HSA/FSA for Period Products | a look at the new Walgreens Cup

    Navigate multiple sales at once by setting Deal Alerts on Slickdeals for items you want and need. While youre at it, check our coupon pages for current promo codes for your favorite stores.

    You can also download the Slickdeals browser extension to help save you money when you shop online. It auto applies coupon codes before you check out and can also show you any active deals our community of over 12 million active deal hunters has found as you visit any of the hundreds of supported stores.

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    What Is An Fsa How To Get Started Shopping Online With Fsas

    Select is editorially independent. Our editors selected these deals and items because we think you will enjoy them at these prices. If you purchase something through our links, we may earn a commission. Pricing and availability are accurate as of publish time.

    If you have a flexible spending account, or FSA, nows the time to use up any money left over from last year and you might be surprised by just how far reaching FSA eligibility is: It covers everything from face wash to tampons and reading glasses to breast pumps.

    SKIP AHEADHSA- and FSA-eligible products weve previously covered

    When it comes to FSAs, the most important rule youll want to remember is use it or lose it. Usually, FSA funds expire on December 31. But, depending on exceptions set by your employer, your FSA funds could be given a grace period of two months and 15 days into the following year you would then have until midnight on March 15 to spend the remaining balance in your account. Or your employer might limit the amount youre allowed to carry over into the next year, up to $550. Employers can only offer one of these options, so youll want to double check your companys guidelines.

    You Can Now Use Your Fsa Or Hsa Card On Amazon

    Health savings accounts and flexible spending accounts are a great way to use pre-tax dollars to purchase eligible healthcare services and supplies. For example, HSA funds may be used to pay for doctor appointments, prescription medications, imaging, medical equipment, medical supplies and more.

    Now, as an added convenience, you can , just like you would at any other retailer who accepts those cards. Amazon provides a list of eligible items as well as an FSA & HSA Shop, making it easy to know up front if your item is eligible.

    Each eligible item has a notation reading FSA or HSA eligible within its description — regardless of whether you find it in the shop or simply by searching Amazon. The Details link beside this description explains that these items can be purchased on Amazon with most HSAs and FSAs and also gives you the option to add your card to your account. See images below as reference.

    Amazons Frequently Asked Questions provide additional details. Specific information on your HSA or FSA is available via the Benefits website.

    Questions can be directed to Human Resources at 765-494-2222, toll free at 877-725-0222 or via email at .

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    Ways To Use Up Your Flexible Spending Account

    If you have a flexible spending account and there are two kinds: one for health and medical expenses and one for dependent care expensesthe end of the year means youre most likely under pressure to use the funds or lose them. Your company might offer you a carryover of $550 or a grace period of 2.5 months in which to use up your leftover funds, but it cannot offer both.

    If you have an FSA for dependent care in addition to one for health and medical, be aware that you can only spend each fund in its category. With careful planning, you can calculate your dependent care expenses and make sure you don’t have any extra funds in that FSA. If you do, you can only spend them on dependent care.

    Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen Spf 40


    Lots of sunscreens are actually FSA- and HSA-eligible, too, with highly-rated options from brands like Neutrogena, Coppertone and CeraVe. Skin care experts weve consulted recommend adding sunscreen to your beauty routine yes, even if youre indoors. But for those with darker skin tones, it can be difficult to find the right sunscreen that doesnt leave a white cast. One of the beauty editors we spoke to previously favors Supergoops Unseen Sunscreen for its light-as-a-feather formula that sinks into the skin seamlessly. With an SPF of 40 , this broad spectrum sunscreen is oil-free, scentless and promises shine control.

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    What Is An Fsa

    Whereas FSA funds have a deadline, HSAs can be used at any time. But that isnt the only difference between the two.

    FSA stands for flexible spending account . If you have health insurance through your job, the company may offer either one as an option. You can put money into one to pay for some out-of-pocket healthcare costs. Its important to know that no employment or federal taxes are taken out from the money you decide to contribute , according to the Internal Revenue Service. Keep in mind: There is a limit to the maximum amount an FSA can hold, which the IRS set at $2,750 for 2020 and 2021 your employer can choose to limit your plan to less than that.

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