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Can You Sell Books Back To Amazon

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What Will Amazon Pay For Textbooks

I’m Back To Selling Used Books On Amazon FBA!

for a book, and sometimes it offers the worst price or won’t buy it at all. Unlike electronics, which tend to have competitive trade-in prices no matter where you sell them, textbook prices are all over the map.

As with electronics, Amazon Trade-In’s convenience factor may win out over price. If Amazon offers a reasonable price, it’s a very easy way to sell your books. However, it’s always important to compare prices when you’re selling textbooks.

Where Can I Sell My Books For The Most Money

If you have a large collection of good-quality books, you can make a decent amount of money using a platform like AbeBooks or Amazon.

But if youre just trying to sell a few dog-eared paperbacks, youll need to reset your earning expectations. You can take them to a second-hand bookstore to see how much they will pay, but its unlikely youll make any serious money.

Tag Your Book With Related Kdp Keywords

Now that your categories are golden, its time to turn to the business of choosing KDP keywords. Amazon uses keywords to index your book for related searches, which will impact the future discoverability of your book. For example, you can be certain that the books below have some variation of 15th century and mystery among their chosen keywords.

When you pick your two initial categories in the Kindle Direct Publishing dashboard, youll also have to select seven keywords to tag your book with. You should pay as much attention to these keywords as you do to the categories.

The logic for choosing keywords is the same as that of choosing categories: you want to include keywords or phrases that have a high search potential, but not so high that theyre too competitive. We have a free course on selecting the right Kindle categories and keywords to help you out, or you can check out our deep-dive into keywords.

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How Do I Sell My Kindle

Recycling services

Websites such as MusicMagpie, Compare My Mobile and all specialize in buying your devices and selling them on to other people.

You can use these as each will be able to take your Kindle off your hands, but it wont give you as much money as if you were to sell it directly through other means. If you want to make more money, use the options below.

Car boot sale websites

If you want to keep your sale local, you can use car boot sale-style websites such as Gumtree or Shpock to be able to sell on your Kindle. These services allow you to meet up with the person buying your Kindle and hand it over in person.

The benefit of this is there are no charges directly from these selling services so you get whatever money you decide to sell your Kindle for.

Theres also now that allows you sell your device to someone in your local area without having to sign up for a separate account.

Auction websites

If you want to put your Kindle in front of the most eyes possible you may want to opt to sell your ereader on eBay.

Generally most people head straight to eBay to buy their second hand tech, and if youre willing to add on a delivery charge and pay eBay’s listing fee then it should allow you to make a quick and easy sale.

Whats The Condition Of The Book

7 Lessons I Learned From Publishing On Amazon Kindle

After you select the book, it asks you for the condition of the book. Be truthful about this part, otherwise Amazon may reject the trade-in for your book.

Youll need to answer some questions about how wrinkled the pages are and whether youve made highlights or notes in the book.

Tip: As a heads up for future trade-ins, avoid marking up your book and keep it in good condition.

After you answer a few questions about the condition, Amazon shows you what the trade-in value is.

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Provide Great Customer Service

If you have managed to sell some books, your customer may wonder whether the order arrives, what your return policy, and how to open the package that you protected very well. Amazon requires a high standard of customer service. Therefore, if you offer a terrible customer experience, you can lose a competitive advantage of sales.

Amazon recommends any message to be responded to within 24 hours as delayed responses double the negative reviews. Amazon will estimate the speed of on-time responses. And if you do not manage to respond promptly enough, they may even take corrective action against you.

If your business expands, you will have to deal with a lot of requests or claims. The situation may worsen if you sell on eBay and Amazon and probably other platforms simultaneously. In this case, you have to reply to more questions in different places with different tools. And to make the task more simple, the integration of Amazon with an eCommerce helpdesk is crucial. The platforms like Zendesk and Freshdesk can handle all your support. Amazon, eBay, Walmart, your website, social media, even phone calls will appear on only a single screen. ChannelReply is what connects them.

Therefore, you should pay attention to your customer service step to make sure you create a good customer journey for your customers.

Amazon Hot New Releases List

As weve mentioned above, Amazon gives extra exposure to new releases books in the first 30 days of their launches. You might have heard of the Amazon 30-day cliff: a term authors use to describe how their sales plummet a month after their books release.

Whats responsible for the extra exposure given to new books? Mostly, the Hot New Releases list. The list itself isnt that easy to find while browsing Amazon its also hidden in the sidebar. But its often featured on the main Kindle Store homepage, and is also a primary driver of email recommendations. Whenever you receive an email from Amazon promoting the best new releases in Self-Help, you know where that email is coming from.

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Keep Your Books In Good Condition

If you did a not-so-great job of keeping your books in good condition last semester, be sure to be vigilant about that in the upcoming semester.

If you know what classes you plan on taking in the next semester and which books are required, start looking early. The earlier you look, the cheaper the deal you may find.

Do Your Books Have To Be In Good Condition

How to Sell Books on amazon FBA 2018 | Make $100K+ a Year Selling Used Books

Amazon doesn’t offer a range of prices for textbooks. If they’re in good condition, Amazon will likely buy them. If they’re falling apart, it won’t. Amazon is relatively demanding about the quality of textbooks.

The cover and binding must be intact, without torn pages or water damage. There can’t be any notes or names on the cover, and the interior of the book can’t have “excessive” writing or highlighting. Instead of offering lower prices for damaged books, Amazon simply won’t buy them.

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General Rules Of Thumb For Book Condition

Amazon looks at the following to determine whether the textbook is in good condition or not.

1. The binding

Is it in tact, new, and sharp? Or is it tattered, torn, and coming apart from the rest of the book

2. The pages

Generally speaking, are they wrinkled, folded over, or water-stained? Or are they crisp and without a lot of wear and tear

3. Water damage

Water is a books mortal enemy. If the book as been exposed to water or extreme moisture, the pages will be bumpy and Amazon will most likely not accept the return.

4. Did your book also double as your notebook?

If you went overboard and personalized the book with your name, doodles, notes, and highlights, Amazon will probably not accept it as a trade-in. In the future, try using sticky notes if you want to mark a page.

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Books On Amazon

Given that there are three distinct methods outlined above, the amount of money you can make selling books on Amazon can vary.

For trading in books, youre limited to what you have to sell from around your house. Textbooks are going to fetch the most amount of money, and even then, youre selling them for about 10-15% of what you paid. Still, thats better than letting them sit and collect dust forever.

As for Kindle Direct Publishing, the sky is the limit here. Youre selling a digital product and are in control of pricing, but youre also responsible for the marketing and sales as well.

Finally, reselling books. This is the area youll want to focus on if you want to make serious money in this space.

Scan the UPC codes of the books in your inventory and see how much theyre currently listed on at Amazon. You can quite easily find books that sell for 2x, 5x, and even 20x what you pay for them. Granted you need the right buyer, but with enough inventory, you can pull in a few extra thousand per month.

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Don’t Explain Every Detail Just Give The Reader A Taste Of What To Expect

The blurb is where you tell readers what your book is about without giving away the goods before theyve paid. Dont overwhelm them with a blow-by-blow summary. The last thing you want is to sound like youre trying to prove youve actually read your own book.

Instead, focus on high-impact keywords that play to your target market. Terms like serial killer for a thriller or personal development for a self-help book will signal to readers that they will find exactly what theyre looking for. In the end, your blurb is all about building intrigue and drumming up anticipation for the moment when buyers get to read the book in full.

Why Sell Books On Amazon

10 best
  • Get started with just a few books
  • Choose from a wide variety of genre categories
  • Sell books for cash or credit
  • You choose how to fulfill orders
    • Merchant Fulfilled Network Is the DIY Route. List books on Amazon, then pack and ship orders to customers yourself.
    • Fulfillment by Amazon Is the Do It For Me Route. List books and have Amazon store, pack, and ship to customers for you
  • Sell books multiple waysby title, ISBN, weight, or by scanning the barcode

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Create An Amazon Seller Account

First, you’ll have to create an Amazon seller account. Here’s how:

1. Log in to your Amazon account or sign up if you don’t already have one. Then visit scroll to the “How to register” section, and select either “Sell as an Individual” or “Sell as a professional.”

2. Choose the country you’ll manage your virtual shop out of, and when a dropdown appears, designate the type of seller you are before clicking “Agree and continue.”

3. Next, select or enter details on your citizenship country, birth country, birthdate, proof of Identity , business address, and phone number.

4. Amazon will send a one-time pin to the phone number you provided. Enter it in the pop-up window.

5. After clicking “I Understand” to confirm you have all the necessary banking information to open a seller account, provide your financial institution information and bank account information. Then check the terms and conditions box before selecting “Verify Bank Account.”

6. On the following page, enter your credit card information and select a billing address.

7. Now input your store name, and tell Amazon whether you have UPC codes, diversity certifications, and whether you’re the manufacturer or brand owner for all or some of your products.

What Condition Do My Items Need To Be In

We currently accept items ranging from non-functional to good condition. To be paid at the highest value for your trade-in, your device must be in good condition. You can find the full condition descriptions by visiting our Electronics Eligibility Criteria page. Non-functioning items may be sent to our certified recycler, but your submission may still make you eligible for a limited-time promotional credit towards the purchase of a new qualifying Amazon Device.

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What Types Of Books Are Profitable On Amazon

To , you should focus on offering non-fiction books. However, you should not look for all of them in the stacks of books because it may be time-consuming. While some of those fiction books are bestsellers with hundreds of daily copies on Amazon, the prices are simply too low for third-party sellers to profit on.

Because selling low priced books may lead to a loss, if you source your books, you should search for books that are over $25 in value. You can choose to set a lower limit if you find it reasonable.

How about the low priced books? Well, you can still choose to sell them as long as you have a good pricing strategy. Also, in addition to non-fiction, there are different types of books such as textbooks, history, parenting, psychology, self-help, sports, and religion.

Regarding non-fiction titles, you should explore the specific or niche topics, or the so-called long-tail books. For instance, there are hundreds of books about growing mushrooms, but there may be very few about oyster mushrooms.

How Much Does It Cost To Sell Books On Amazon

How to Sell Books on Amazon FBA for Profit – Bookselling Tutorial for Beginners – Quick Start Guide

An important factor to consider is the overhead costs, delivery charges, royalties, referral fees, etc. Upfront costs include a referral fee of 15% that has to be paid to Amazon for every book that you sell along with a closing fee. There are also fees on your Professional or Individual seller account.

Apart from the upfront costs, a seller needs to factor in operating costs FBA or FBM. FBA charges can keep accumulating over time, and they include charges for storage, disposal costs, penalties, and shipping. If youre an author, selling books on earns you royalties for every sale that your book makes. Simultaneously, a percentage of the book price goes to Amazon as commission.

All in all, selling books on Amazon does not cost a lot of money even after taking all the charges Concerning into account. This is what makes it one of the best categories to explore while selling on Amazon.

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I Wish I Had Amazon When I Was A Student

The College Board estimates that students are spending roughly $1,200 a year on books and supplies. Why wouldnt you try to make some of that back, even if its in the form of a gift card?

While Amazons trade-in pays you only in and not cash, if youre a poor college student, an Amazon gift card could be just as good as cash. Or you can use the credit you earn towards future book purchases for the upcoming semester.

Heres what to know about Amazons buyback program and other sites that allow you to sell your used textbooks for cash.

Sell Used Books Directly To Students

Some of your underclassmen will need to get the same textbooks you bought last semester. You can sell your books directly to these students.

Pros: You can potentially make a profit by cutting out the middleman.

Cons: Finding a buyer isn’t always easy. Even students who want to save money might feel uncomfortable paying you for textbook. There’s also the possibility that students will drop some classes. When that happens, they may come to you for a refund. You don’t have to give them their money back, but it’s an awkward conversation that can make you look like the bad guy on campus.

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Leave The Reader Wanting More

Finish strong with a snappy takeaway that explains why readers should pick up your book in particular. What will they get out of it?

Draw connections to relevant bestsellers in your genre explain why your YA romance will tug at the heartstrings of people who cried at The Fault in Our Stars, or why your self-help book is the Gen Z-friendly update to The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Highlight the value you bring to readers.

Where Can I Find The Status Of My Trade In : LYWYGG 8X6FT Bookshelf Backdrop Vintage ...

The most recent status of your trade-in is available online anytime in Your Trade-In Account. If you need help submitting the items you want to trade in, you can contact Amazon Customer Service via phone, chat, or email by clicking the Contact Us button on any Help page. You can find full program details by visiting our page.

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Contact Amazon To Get 8 Bonus Categories For Your Book

Pro tip: youre prompted to select up to 2 categories when you go to , but you can also add up to 8 additional categories post-publication by .

You should absolutely take this step. Note also that not all of the sub-categories are available through the publication dashboard. Some can only be added post facto, or by using a specific keyword as part of your seven keywords.

How To Sell Old Books On Amazon

When it comes to selling used or old books on Amazon, one important factor to keep in mind is that books deteriorate easily if not protected from mildew, color fading, and other agents. Even though people buy used books, they will still expect them to be in fairly good condition.

To sell used books also the requirements are the same as the one for new books an Amazon seller account, a fulfillment method, and an inventory is what you need. The process of finding used books is also similar to new ones involving online and offline methods.

However, it is important to follow the condition guidelines which are provided below especially when you are selling used books

If you want to successfully sell used books on Amazon, then the points below must be kept in mind while pricing

  • The quality of the books decides what price it goes for. The lesser wear and tear, the higher you can price.
  • Competitor pricing, Amazon pricing, and ratings must be analyzed. It is a well-known fact that ratings from customers are extremely important to sales so ensure that you do everything possible to receive good customer reviews
  • Winning the Buy Box Must be made a goal since most purchases are made through it and this will increase your credibility while selling used books and lead to more sales.

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