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Can You Use Amazon Gift Cards For Audible Books

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How Can I Buy An Audiobook From My Wish List

How to redeem Audible Gift Card?

You can purchase a title directly in the iOS app if you have a credit. Take the following steps:

  • Open the Audible app on your phone.
  • Select Library.
  • Select the title you want to buy by tapping on it.
  • Select Buy with 1 Credit from the drop-down menu.

However, if you dont have a credit, you can use the Audible mobile site to purchase a title from your Wish List. Take the following steps:

  • Using the web browser on your mobile device, go to the Audible website.
  • Select Menu, then Wish List.
  • Select the title youd want to buy by tapping on it.
  • Tap Confirm Purchase after selecting Buy Now for $X.XX.

Gift An Audible Book Through Send This Book

The feature of “Send this book” provided by Audible allows you to share your favorite audiobooks to your friends. To share an Audible book through “Send this book”, you can either realize it via Audible app or via Audible web page. Here I’d like to show you how to send Audible books with this feature by taking the Audible app for Windows 10 as an example.

1 Download the Audible app from Microsoft Store, open it and log into your Audible account.

2 Go to your “Library” and all the books you’ve purchased or downloaded are listed there.

3 Select the audiobook you want to gift, right-click on it and you’ll find “Send this book” on the popup menu.

4 Send the book to your recipient via email or message.


1. Each person is entitled to redeem only one free audiobook recommendation through this program. That is to say, the first recommendation your recipient receives can be redeemed and downloaded for free, even if they don’t have a membership. But if theyve already redeemed one before, they will get your recommendation about your favorite book and have the option of buying it themselves.

2. Since Audible app is not accessible in Windows 7 or Mac, you’re suggested to go to web page to “send this book”.

How To Gift An Audible Membership Or Books

To give a single book as a gift, log into your Audible account on your Mac or PC and find the book you want to gift.

Then on the product page where you would buy it for yourself, select the “Give as a gift” option below the other payment options and then follow the prompts as to how you can deliver the title.

To give an Audible gift membership, go to the membership gifting page and select the plan you want to give.

Audible gift memberships can be given in one, three, six, and 12-month plans. These cost $15.00, $45.00, $90.00, and $150.00, respectively. Each membership will also give them a certain amount of credits, which can be redeemed for a free audiobook.

Then, simply fill in the form there and opt to email the membership gift or print out a code and instructions that you can give in hard copy.

Note that you can share any book in your own Audible library one time , so if you own a title a friend will love, you can use the share shortcut and save some cash.

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Did This Answer Your Question

With Audible, you can purchase a digital audiobook and listen to it on a compatible Fire tablet, Kindle device, Kindle reading app, or Audible app. For more information about listening to audiobooks on other devices or MP3 players, go to Audible Help. Audible audiobooks can be purchased on Amazon with your default 1-Click payment method or existing Audible credits or coupons, or from Audible. Note: Purchases are billed directly by Audible. Audible titles on Amazon can’t be purchased with an Amazon.

Sell Amazon Gift Card For Cash

You can

Websites like Gameflip, Raise, Gift Card Granny, and many others allow you to sell your unwanted Amazon gift cards directly in exchange for cash. Generally, Amazon gift cards are listed at 2% to 15% off the card value. For example, if you have a gift worth $100, you can expect around $90 in cash.

All of these websites are highly secure and reliable as they verify each user registration manually. For instance, Gameflip requires users to provide a government ID with a selfie. Plus, itll take up to 2 to 3 days to verify all the details manually by Gameflip employees.

Once the buyer receives your gift card code, redeems, and completes the transaction by rating, the money is deposited into your wallet which you can withdraw anytime. Also, these websites will charge you a small amount of commission for the sale you make.

Disclaimer: These methods will only work if you have an Amazon gift card code. Once you redeem the code in your Amazon account, you wont be able to sell it. However, even if you have redeemed your gift card, theres still hope. You can buy another gift card from the Google Play Store using your Amazon gift card balance and then sell the Google Play gift card instead.

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Where Can I Use Amazon Gift Cards Besides Amazon

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If youve received Amazon gift cards and cant find what youre looking for on Amazon, you may wonder where can I use Amazon gift cards besides Amazon?

While your options are somewhat limited since Amazon gift cares are limited to Amazon products and services, you have a few options. Before we get into where you can use Amazon gift cards, its important to note that they cannot be used as a payment method when using Amazon Pay. You can only use them to buy goods and services sold on Amazon and other related sites.

In This Post:

  • Walgreens

You can also trade your coins in at a Coinstar kiosk for an Amazon gift card. You pay no fees and turn your coins into spendable cash!

You can also use third-party websites to get great deals on gift cards. Sometimes you may even get them at a discount.

Amazon Does Not Let You Use Credits To Buy Audiobooks From Audible

January 4, 2016 By Michael Kozlowski

Many people have received Amazon gift cards for Christmas and are itching to use them. Some people have run into the situation where they want to use their credits to buy audiobooks from Audible, after all Amazon owns them.

Amazon has a bug in their system that will not allow you to use Amazon credit to buy Audible books. Instead, it will just charge your credit card for the full amount and the audiobook will show up in your Audible account.

The same error happens if you visit the Amazon site to purchase the Kindle book and then add the audio for a reduced price. When this process is initiated it doesnt redirect you to Audible, it just charges you for the full amount on Amazon.

Hopefully Amazon addresses this bug soon, because lots of people want to try an audiobook for the first time.

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How To Gift An Audible Book Step By Step

Audible is one of the best online books shops that provide an easy gift sending option. Furthermore, you can choose books for different ages to gift your friends or family. The process of sending gifts through Audible is simple to complete. But, you need to know the right way of sending gifts successfully. Here are the steps to follow to gift an Audible Book below:

You Can Read More Great Books More Often

How To Buy More Audible Credits

The Audible app is available on phones, tablets and desktops. You can download Audible for both your android and iOS devices.

I use this app mostly on my Apple iPhone, and because my phone is always with me, I can listen to Audible audiobooks while commuting, during my gym session or when out for a run. More recently, I’ve started listening to Audible audiobooks using Alexa.

In other words, I can read and do something else at the same time. The Audible app makes it easier for me to spend more time reading and finishing great titles.

Even if you have an Android smartphone or tablet, the Audible app works smoothly.

I particularly like that you can slow down or speed up the play-speed of each audiobook. For readers who want to immerse themselves in a story when listening to audiobooks, this is a welcome feature.

Typically, I listen to my audiobooks at 1.25 times the normal playback speed. Any faster overwhelms me, but if you want to, you can listen to Audible audiobooks three times faster than normal.

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How To Purchase And Gift Someone An Audible Gift Card

If you have family and friends who are voracious readers, they would most certainly prefer books as a gift which is fantastic. Audible Gift Card makes such a wonderful gift for book lovers because the receiver can listen to them while doing various chores like cleaning the house, washing dishes, or walking the dog effectively multitasking. It is also perfect for people who do not have a lot of space to store physical books. However, you cant buy Audible Gift cards as presents, not even on Amazon. Any suggestions you might see on like will simply send you back to the Audible website.

How Do I Pay Off My Amazon Australia Gift Card With Afterpay

Once you have purchased an Amazon gift card with Afterpay, the service will split the total cost of your order into four equal instalments.

These instalments are paid off in two-week intervals and are processed automatically. You will receive reminders via email or text before each payment is due.

As long as you pay the required amount on your scheduled day, Afterpay’s service is completely interest-free.

Bear in mind it will be the gift card you’re paying off with Afterpay, not your Amazon purchase. Even if you don’t use your gift card straight away, you will still need to start making payments on it.

To find out more, see our full guide to Afterpay.

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How To Buy Credits On Audible India

Audible India doesnt allow purchasing extra credits outside of the credit-per-month subscription option on Audible Premium. However, it allows you to save up to six unused credits for future use.

Additionally, if you happen to use up all your monthly credits, you can purchase more audiobooks for 30% off their list price. The service also allows you to swap the audiobooks for free if you dislike them.

Can You Buy Audible Credits Without A Membership

Can you use amazon gift cards for audible ...

No, you cannot. You can purchase Audible content without membership through Amazon, but you dont get access to credits without membership. The Audible Plus plan doesnt land you with any monthly credits, but some countries allow purchasing extra credits through this membership plan. Audible Premium Plus gives you one credit per month or twelve credits per year.

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Redeeming Audible Gift Code

Audible offers gifts for the users by mailing a redeeming code to the email. You can use this code to download books from Audible. To redeem the gifts, you need to enter the code on a specific area of the AUdible website.

First, you need to log in to Audible with your registered user id and password. Then you can open the from the drop-down menu by selecting gift center. By clicking on the gift center, you will see a new page with a text box. Here you will find the need to Redeem? title including the text box. Then enter your gift code and click on the Go button. Next, you will get access to download your desired book.

Fill In The Recipients Details And Add A Gift Message

When you click the Give as a gift button, youll be taken to a new page with a form where you can fill in the recipients details. At this step, you can choose between sending your gift in an email or printing and delivering it yourself.

From this page, you can also choose a delivery date if youre delivering by email and add a short personalized gift message that will be sent to the recipient with the link to redeem their Audible book gift. Once you have filled out the form, click Continue.

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Gift A Prepaid Audible Membership Plan

As you already know, Audible offers audiobooks in two parallel systems:

  • You buy audiobooks one by one, paying a full price for each.
  • You buy a subscription and get a set of benefits.

One month of Audible subscription costs $14.95. For that price, a subscriber can get one audiobook and two Audible Originals . Plus, you never pay a full price. You get 30% off titles, and on top of that you get access to exclusive member deals and sales.

If you know that the gift recipient is a current Audible subscriber, she or he will be more than happy to learn that the next couple of months will be for free thanks to your gift.

You can buy prepaid Audible plan either on Amazon or Audible.

In the end, the benefit for the giftee is the same, but the price for you is different. Currently, buying the prepaid Audible membership on Amazon will cost you less. Here is a comparison:

Shop For Someone Else

How to Give an audible book as a gift (audible send a book)

Another simple yet effective way to use Amazon gift cards and turn them into cash is by reaching out to friends and family. You can get to know if theyre planning to make a purchase on Amazon and trade your gift cards for cash. Also, you can offer them a 10% discount to create a win-win situation. Needless to say, thatll be a much safer option than selling to some unknown person on Reddit or Facebook.

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Can I Use Two Amazon Gift Cards At The Same Time

When youre shopping on Amazon but your cart total surpasses the balance on one of your gift cards, you can always add another gift card to the account.

Amazon allows you to combine gift card balances and also use them with credit or debit cards. The balance of all your gift cards will simply be deducted from the total at checkout.

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    Send An Audiobook From Your Audible Library

    Did you know you can send one audiobook from your Audible account free of charge to anyone, even if she or he is not an Audible user?

    Audible offers a feature called Send this Book. This feature is available in Audible mobile apps as well as via Audible website. It allows you to send audiobook recommendations to friends and family.

    The first audiobook someone receives from you can be downloaded free of charge.

    This method is fantastic if you want to share with someone a great listen, but its not a good idea to treat it as a real gift-giving. The recipient will know you share the book from your Audible library. Plus, there is no way to make it look like a real gift.

    How to send an Audible audiobook using Send this Book feature

  • Open your Audible app. You can use Audible on Android-powered smartphone or tablet, Amazon Fire tablet, or iPad/iPhone.
  • In your audiobook library, find the title you want to send.
  • Tap the three-dot menu next to the audiobook, and tap Send this Book option.
  • From a share menu, choose how you would like to send the audiobook, enter the recipients info, and follow the instructions.
  • You Can’t Use An Amazon Gift Card For Audible Here’s How To Use A Credit Or Debit Card To Purchase Audible Audiobooks

    Can i use amazon gift card for audible books ...

    Unlike Amazon, which accepts gift cards, pre-loaded debit cards, and Amazon store cards, Audible only allows payment from the four major card companies. In order to buy an audiobook, you must purchase it with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or a Discover credit or debit card as no other methods, including Paypal, will be accepted.

    To purchase books through Audible, you can either sign up for a monthly or annual subscription, use your Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express card, or your Amazon card with a credit card logo to purchase an audiobook at full price.

    For readers who don’t want to buy an Audible subscription, which starts at $14.95 a month with your first month free, you can use your credit or debit card to purchase the book for full price. On, once you’ve selected the title from the search results, selecting the “Audiobook” payment option to the right of the title changes the payment box on the right to “Buy with membership” or “Pay with 1-Click.” This allows you to choose whether you’d like to try a monthly membership or stick to paying full price for the audiobook.

    If you already have an Amazon account and are logged into it, the purchase will automatically charge to the card you associated with your account. If you don’t have a login, Amazon will walk you through its standard checkout process, and you will be asked to input your valid credit or debit card information to buy the audio title.

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