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Can You Use An Hsa Card On Amazon

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Q: Do My Fsa Funds Expire

How To Use Your FSA & HSA on AMAZON!

Generally, funds placed in an FSA account can be used for eligible expenses incurred during a one-year period, and unspent amounts are forfeited. Contact your FSA plan administrator or employer for more information. For orders on, your FSA card will not be charged until shipment of your item. Make sure you know when your plan deadline is to ensure you purchase eligible items in advance of your plan deadline.

What Is An Fsa How To Get Started Shopping Online With Fsas

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If you have a flexible spending account, or FSA, nows the time to use up any money left over from last year and you might be surprised by just how far reaching FSA eligibility is: It covers everything from face wash to tampons and reading glasses to breast pumps.

SKIP AHEADHSA- and FSA-eligible products weve previously covered

When it comes to FSAs, the most important rule youll want to remember is use it or lose it. Usually, FSA funds expire on December 31. But, depending on exceptions set by your employer, your FSA funds could be given a grace period of two months and 15 days into the following year you would then have until midnight on March 15 to spend the remaining balance in your account. Or your employer might limit the amount youre allowed to carry over into the next year, up to $550. Employers can only offer one of these options, so youll want to double check your companys guidelines.

How To Use A Prepaid Visa Card To Shop On Amazon

July 9, 2019

Valuable share: How To Use a Prepaid Visa Card to Shop On Amazon. You know those Prepaid Visa Cards that might only have $4.56 left on them? THOSE! And larger amounts too of course. And bonus: its a way to split payment on Amazon so that you can deplete that prepaid Visa card entirely. This is a little life hack which will make life easier

The bonus of Prepaid Visa Cards

Prepaid Visa cards are easy to give for birthdays, teacher gifts, etc You can buy them at the drug store, grocery store, heck even online and send it as an e-card! And practical too . However, they can be a bit of a pain to use.

Say you have a $50 card. You either buy something for $40 and have a bit leftover on your card. Or you find a store which will split payment and put $50 towards your buy + use another method of payment to top up the amount paid. It can be tricky.

But I found a way to use the card on Amazon in its entirety without even having to spend the total amount in one go!

Here is how to use a Prepaid Visa Card To Shop on Amazon

Short story: buy an amazon gift card with the Prepaid Visa Card. It saves in your account and will be used towards any future purchases. Its that easy.

How to add a Prepaid Visa Card to your Amazon account

  • Log into your Amazon Account .
  • In the search box choose: e-gift card.
  • Then, enter your card amount .
  • Add it to your cart.
  • Check out.
  • Use your Prepaid Visa Card as payment.
  • DONE.
  • The amount shows up in your account as an Amazon Gift Card balance.

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    You Can Now Use Your Fsa Or Hsa Card On Amazon

    Health savings accounts and flexible spending accounts are a great way to use pre-tax dollars to purchase eligible healthcare services and supplies. For example, HSA funds may be used to pay for doctor appointments, prescription medications, imaging, medical equipment, medical supplies and more.

    Now, as an added convenience, you can , just like you would at any other retailer who accepts those cards. Amazon provides a list of eligible items as well as an FSA & HSA Shop, making it easy to know up front if your item is eligible.

    Each eligible item has a notation reading FSA or HSA eligible within its description — regardless of whether you find it in the shop or simply by searching Amazon. The Details link beside this description explains that these items can be purchased on Amazon with most HSAs and FSAs and also gives you the option to add your card to your account. See images below as reference.

    Amazons Frequently Asked Questions provide additional details. Specific information on your HSA or FSA is available via the Benefits website.

    Questions can be directed to Human Resources at 765-494-2222, toll free at 877-725-0222 or via email at .

    Using Your Debit Card

    " FREE"  Items on Amazon: Use Your FSA and HSA Cards!

    You can link your CareFirst debit card to your Amazon account so you can always use it to purchase eligible items. This way, the funds will come straight from your HSA or FSA, meaning you won’t have to go through the reimbursement process that you’d use if you used a normal checking account debit card or credit card. Just follow Amazon’s instructions for adding your card.

    However, you do not have to use your CareFirst debit card to make your purchase. You can use another debit card or credit card and use our reimbursement process to use your HSA or FSA.

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    Q Can I Return An Item Purchased Using A Fsa Or Hsa Card

    Yes. A refund will be issued to the original FSA/HSA card. Gift card refunds arent available for items purchased using a FSA or HSA card.

    This material has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, tax, legal, medical or accounting advice.

    How To Use Fsa Card On Amazon

    To use your FSA card on Amazon, simply add your card to the payment section on Amazon. If it wont accept your FSA card, you can register it as a credit card, but again, make sure its not your default card.

    If its registered as a credit card, any purchases will go through on it, including purchases that arent FSA-eligible. This could result in you paying taxes on the funds, so make sure you choose your payment option carefully for each purchase.

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    General Health & Wellness

    Its best to use your funds for general health and wellness products like Band-Aids, glasses,thermometers, cold medicine, vitamins, and other general health and wellness products. Think of things your family uses daily to determine if they would fall under FSA spending.

    You could also save your funds for large purchases, or items you buy often and spend a lot of money on to stretch your dollar even further.

    Hsa Accounts Can Be Used For Non

    Can I use my HSA card on Amazon?

    For people who don’t generally get sick or spend a lot on medical expenses, an HSA can still prove beneficial.

    If necessary, you can withdraw money from your HSA for non-medical things, but Hogan doesn’t recommend it. If you use your HSA to pay rent or get a new dye job, you will end up being taxed. To prevent yourself from needing to pull money out of your HSA for non-medical expenses, Hogan suggests having three to six months’ worth of living expenses saved up.

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    What To Buy On Amazon Fsa Store In Fall

    Fall is a time to wind down and get ready for cooler weather. Its a great time to stock up on medications such as cold medicine, sleep aids, or even aspirin. Fall is also a great time to stock up on eye care products such as eye drops, cleaning wipes, and contact lens solution. After all of the summer fun, you may also want to stock up on foot health products to take care of any injuries or everyday pains youre dealing with after your summer of fun.

    What You Can Buy In Amazon’s Fsa/hsa Store

    Like the rest of Amazon, the FSA and HSA Store has a bevy of products available.

    Your HSA/FSA funds can be used to buy everything from traditional medical supplies to personal care items, including blood pressure monitors, condoms, contact lens solution, wet wipes, air purifiers, multivitamins, antacids, band-aids, supplements, and more. You can even buy skincare like Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Sunscreen and Blistex lip balm. The shop also recently added tampons and over-the-counter medications like Tylenol. You can find the full list of categories to shop here.

    If you’re using an FSA plan, make sure to order so that the item is shipped before your funds expire Amazon only charges your card once the item is shipped. If you place an order and your funds expire before it ships, you’ll be out of luck. And, should you need to return something, your refund will go back to your HSA/FSA card.

    We’ve also rounded up a few of the items you might be surprised to know you could be purchasing with your HSA/FSA funds, like cult-favorite sunscreens and acne treatments, which you’ll find below.

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    What Can You Use Your Hsa Account To Buy

    Hogan is a fan of HSAs because, along with medical products, they can pay for things beyond what your health insurance covers. If you hurt your knee and your physician recommends physical therapy, your insurance may only pay for six visits while your HSA can be used to pay for however many sessions you need.

    Roy Ramthun, founder of, says HSAs can also cover dental work, eye exams, glasses and contacts in case your primary insurance plan doesn’t include dental and vision services.

    HSAs can even be used to cover mileage to and from your doctor’s appointments, Ramthun says. If your doctor ends up telling you, you need to outfit your home with air filters because of your severe allergies, your HSA can pay for those, too.

    Here’s the warning: not all HSAs cover the same things. And, while the IRS covers HSA regulations in its Publication 969, there isn’t a convenient master list of items that can be purchased with the tax-free accounts. So, it’s the best practice to double-check with your provider before spending your HSA money.

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    Amazon Product Eligibility Labels


    Employees can use HSA and FSA funds for hundreds of healthcare products ranging from insulin pens and catheters to blood pressure kits, glucose monitors and sunscreen. However, not all healthcare products listed on Amazon qualify as HSA or FSA approved purchases. To make it easy for shoppers, Amazon displays an FSA or HSA Eligible label on all qualified product pages.

    for a complete list of eligible products.

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    Q What Should I Do If My Fsa Or Hsa Card Is Declined

    If your card is declined, contact your employer or plan administrator for the account. The majority of card declines are because FSA funds have expired, new FSA/HSA cards have been issued, or the accounts have not had funds placed in them yet. Typically you can find the number to your plan administrator on the back of your FSA or HSA card.

    Q: What If I Have Trouble Registering My Hsa Card

    Certain HSA cards cannot be registered as FSA/HSA cards with Amazon, but can still be used if registered as credit cards. If you register your HSA card as a credit card, youll be responsible for ensuring the card is used only for eligible products. HSA cards registered as a credit card do not automatically restrict the types of products you can purchase with the card. Purchasing ineligible products or services with the card may require you to report them and pay additional taxes. Contact your plan administrator or employer for more information.

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    Q: What Is An Fsa Or Hsa

    Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts are health benefit accounts that allow you to contribute a portion of your salary or wages to cover medical expenses that you would otherwise pay for out of pocket. If youre unsure whether or not you have an FSA or HSA, please check with your employer or plan administrator.

    Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen Spf 40

    How to use your FSA or HSA on Amazon

    Lots of sunscreens are actually FSA- and HSA-eligible, too, with highly-rated options from brands like Neutrogena, Coppertone and CeraVe. Skin care experts weve consulted recommend adding sunscreen to your beauty routine yes, even if youre indoors. But for those with darker skin tones, it can be difficult to find the right sunscreen that doesnt leave a white cast. One of the beauty editors we spoke to previously favors Supergoops Unseen Sunscreen for its light-as-a-feather formula that sinks into the skin seamlessly. With an SPF of 40 , this broad spectrum sunscreen is oil-free, scentless and promises shine control.

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    Day And Night Cold Flu Sinus Relief

    With spring bringing around spontaneous weather and temperature fluctuations, the risk of catching a cold or flu tends to be higher. Luckily, FSA and HSA accounts can help you get select Mucinex medicines from Amazon to combat those microscopic invaders. Get relief day and night for the entire family with the following products:

    The Fsa And Hsa Advantage

    As part of consumer directed healthcare, HSAs and FSAs are powerful tools for lowering out-of-pocket healthcare costs. Both accounts allow workers to set aside money pre-tax to pay for a wide range of qualified expenses. Whether an employee has an FSA or HSA, they can reduce their taxable income by thousands of dollars annually by contributing the full amount.

    FSAs, which have no health insurance plan requirement, allow participants to set aside up to $2,850 in 2022. Depending on the plan setup, an FSA may have use-it-or-lose-it, a grace period, or up to $500 rollover at the end of the plan year. Otherwise, any unspent funds go back to the employer. The plans are owned and controlled by the employer, so if an employee leaves the company, the FSA stays behind.

    In contrast, HSA plans are owned by the employee. The money in an HSA stays with the participant for life or until its used. In 2022, those enrolled in an HDHP can set aside a maximum of $3,650 a year into their HSA those with family coverage can contribute up to $7,300. In addition to paying for approved healthcare expenses, the account owner can also earn interest on their account balance or invest the funds without paying taxes on the earnings this makes HSAs an excellent retirement vehicle.

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    First Lets Break Down What An Fsa Account Is

    According to their official website, an FSA or flexible spending account is an employer-sponsored healthcare benefit that allows employees to set aside up to $2,750 annually in pre-tax dollars to cover the cost of qualified medical expenses. That means you can save almost $3,000 per year, which would ordinarily go to taxes.

    One condition of having a flexible spending account is that you need to spend all your money by the end of the plan year. Otherwise, youre subject to losing it. In the event that you arent able to spend it all within that year, your employer may offer you one of two lifelines: They can give you an additional 2.5 months to spend the FSA cash or they can allow you to retain a maximum of $550 which you can rollover into the next plan year. Keep in mind that not all companies offer the two options, so youll have to check with your respective HR department.

    Another condition to having an FSA account is that you can only spend that money on specified, FSA-approved products. Unfortunately, that means no teeth whiteners or high-tech Fitbits because they are considered for general good health and not for the treatment of a specific medical condition.

    How Fsa Or Hsa Benefit Cards Work On Amazoncom


    Shopping with an FSAor HSA card offers simple, convenient access to benefit dollars. Plus, it helpsreduce the amount of reimbursement claims a participant has to submit. Topurchase qualified products using HSA or FSA funds on Amazon, shoppers must paywith their FSA or HSA benefit cards.

    So how does an accountholder use the new program? After creating an Amazon account, participants needto log in and add the benefits card as a payment option. In addition to the cost of the product,benefit dollars can also cover the sales tax and shipping.

    If an account holder has multiple payment options set up , Amazon offers a time-saving perk that allows eligible and ineligible items to be purchased at the same time. Amazons system logic will charge the correct product and amount to each card or payment method.

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    Flexible Spending Account & Health Savings Account Store At Amazoncom

    At the FSA and HSA store, we take the guesswork out of shopping for FSA-eligible items by providing a large selection of eligible products with the brand names you trust and a few more that we are happy to help you discover. You are just a few clicks away from saving time and money with each order.

    Dont let your FSA dollars go to waste: check out our vast supply of health and medical supplies like heating pads, hearing aids, knee braces, and first aid supplies, as well as products for flu & allergy, digestion, indigestion, nausea, and just about everything else you might need to stay healthy year-round. Stocking up your medicine cabinet is just a few clicks away.

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