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Can You Watch Movies On Amazon Prime

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What Is Amazon Prime Video

How to watch Prime Video on your SmartTV?

In addition to Amazon Music Prime and unlimited reading options, Amazon Prime includes Prime Video. Prime Video offers members to stream thousands of movies and shows for free.

Members can watch the program of their choice on various devices, including an Amazon Fire TV, Echo Show, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, PC, iOS, Android, game consoles, smart TVs and most smartphones.

The Free to me or Included with Prime icons in Prime Video will display all of the free videos you can watch with your Prime membership. There are over 5,000 titles to choose from, including bingeable throwbacks like Dexter, emotional rollercoasters like The Farewell, the latest Amazon originals like The Legend of Vox Machina. And so much more!

Prime Video also gives users the ability to subscribe to premium streaming services, like HBO and Showtime for a fee.

What is currently your go-to streaming service? If you havent checked out , with so much content on the way, you may want to sign up for a free trial to check out everything the platform has to offer.

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Hotspot Shield is another excellent VPN provider for Amazon Prime Video and streaming in general. It has excellent connection speeds in some cases, its even faster than without a VPN. It works with a range of streaming services, including Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and multiple Netflix libraries. With servers in 26 US cities, if one doesnt work, you can switch to another. If you run into issues, live chat customer support is available 24/7 to help.

Hotspot Shield has your back when it comes to online security with 256-bit encryption, perfect forward secrecy, DNS server and WebRTC leak protection, a kill switch , and automatic wifi protection. This provider uses its own Catapult Hydra protocol, which is reportedly responsible for the excellent speeds enjoyed by users. Hotspot Shield keeps no logs that could be used to identify you.

Apps are available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android.

How To Customize Subtitles

You can turn subtitles on or off and change the look of them quite easily in Prime Video. In the mobile app, tap on the screen when your chosen content is playing and choose the speech bubble icon at the top right. This same speech bubble icon is also accessible when you move your mouse on a computer or press up on a smart TV remote. When you turn subtitles on, youll see the option Subtitle Settings appear tap it to change the size and format of your subtitles.

For a deeper set of customization tools with Prime Video in your browser, go to Settings and choose the Subtitles tab, then go down to the bottom and look for the Edit option next to your presets. This allows you to change colors, fonts, size, edges, and opacity. Just make sure you save your edits when youre done.

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Which Movies And Tv Shows Can I Watch On Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video offers a wide range of entertainment for all demographics. This includes titles that are included as part of your subscription and titles that you can rent through the platform for an additional fee. The list of movies available on the streaming service includes the live action adaptation of Sonic the Hedgehog, Christopher Nolans The Prestige and Rian Johnsons modern murder mystery, Knives Out.

When looking for TV shows to watch on Amazon Prime Video, subscribers can choose anything from goofball animations like Spongebob Squarepants to gritty dramas such as Mr. Robot and Dexter. The streaming service is also the home for original movies and TV shows produced by Amazon Studios. This includes The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel starring Rachel Brosnahan. The Emmy Award-winning show tells the story of a woman living in 1950s New York as she pursues a career in stand-up comedy a stark contrast to her comfortable family life on the Upper West Side.

Original Tv Shows And Movies

The Best Movies You Can Watch on Amazon Prime Video  April 2020

Prime Videos original lineup of TV series and movies isnt quite as fat as Netflixs or Hulus, but its growing steadily in quantity and critical acclaim. Shows like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Boys, and The Expanse, and movies like Sound of Metal, Im Your Woman, and Coming 2 America prove Prime Video can go toe-to-toe creatively with the other services.

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What’s Included With Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video includes access to hundreds of thousands of movies and television episodes that you can stream on-demand. Like Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services, Prime Video offers a mixture of movies and television shows from big studios and networks and their own original content.

The vast majority of the content available through Prime Video is on-demand, which means you can stream it any time you want. There is no live television available, with the exception of a limited number of sports games, and live content from premium add-on channels like Starz.

If you navigate to, you can see all of the movies and TV shows that are available through Prime Video.

Free Movies On Amazon Prime Video

If you have an Amazon Prime Video subscription, you have access to a large library of free titles. If you’re a Prime member and signed in when browsing, just look for Included with Prime on the video’s details page choose Watch now to start watching for free.

If you’re not a Prime Video member, you should see Watch for $0.00 with Prime on the video’s details page. In addition, many of Prime Video’s shows are available for free through a subscription to IMDb TV. Amazon also makes it easy to browse all free Prime Videos as well.

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The Man In The High Castle

What if the Allies had lost the Second World War, and America was currently ruled by Germany in its eastern half and Japan in its western half? Well, you can find out in this big budget Amazon Prime original series, a thriller which zips around a 1960s North America thats more Ja wohl! than Aw shucks!.

Dealing with underground resistance groups, various plots and an alternative Cold War , its the kind of series thatll appeal to history buffs, sci-fi fans and anyone whos into high concept, high budget television.

How To Watch Amazon Prime Video On Tv

How to watch Amazon Prime Video on TVs, Smart TVs and more

Just like Netflix and Hulu, Amazon has a dedicated app for connected devices. If you have a smart TV, gaming console or an internet-connected Blu-ray player, you need only to go to your devices app store and download the Amazon Prime Video app.

Amazons support pages detail supported devices and features, so thats a good place to start if youre unsure about your setup with the Amazon Prime Video app.

If you have older devices or a TV that isnt internet-ready, Amazon still has an option for you. The Amazon Fire TV Stick allows you to stream Amazon Prime Video on older HDTVs . All you need is a spare HDMI port and a WiFi connection. It comes in two variants: one that supports 1080p and one that supports 4K.

They mostly look the same, but there are a couple of differentiating features. They have different processors and support different versions of Doly audio. Both require external power, WiFi and an HDMI port, though.

Regarding HDMI, make sure you have the latest HDMI cables. For 4K, HDR streaming, youll want an HDMI cable that supports HDMI version 2.0a.

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What Are Amazon Originals

Amazon Originals are exclusive videos that you can only stream from Prime Video. Amazon produces, and buys the rights to, a variety of feature films, television shows, and documentaries.

Amazon Originals are a lot like Netflix and Hulu originals, since you have to subscribe to a service to see them. The main difference is that Amazon typically releases their movies in theaters prior to making them available for streaming, which has allowed their movies to win Oscars and other awards.

If you want to watch dramas like The Man in the High Castle, action series like Jack Ryan, or comedy shows like the live-action revival of The Tick, Prime Video is the only place you can get them.

So What’s The Problem With Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is among the top streaming services, and it offers a vast media library for you to enjoy. However, there’s a fine print to consider. Not everything available on Amazon Prime Video is free for you to view and enjoy.

A Prime Video membership is $8.99 per month and lets you consume all the Amazon-produced shows and movies for free, as well as some other non-Amazon-produced media that’s also free. But Amazon Prime Video also offers a ton of movies and shows that don’t come free with your membership.

Certain content requires you to either rent or purchase it before you can view it, regardless of whether you pay $8.99 per month for the membership or not.

You’ll often find titles advertised on its homepage that are not part of your subscription, like Spider-Man: Far From Home, in the image above. It costs $3.99 to rent and $9.99 to buy. And this is where the issue lies.

Renting a movie online is fantastic, but how do you distinguish between free and paid content? Why isn’t it easily recognizable if something will cost you extra instead of being included with your membership fee? Why is everything lumped together by default, and you’re the one responsible for figuring it out?

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A Complete Video Streaming Package

Amazon Prime Video offers a ton of great originals at a reasonable price and continues to introduce new streaming features. Additionally, Prime Video is available on nearly every platform you can name and lets you purchase or rent shows and movies it doesn’t include as part of its subscription. The main drawback is that the service does not have as many high-quality shows as our top picks and stands to lose more content to competitors.

Netflix is our Editors’ Choice winner for the on-demand video streaming since it has the best library of originals and movies. Hulu is a great value for its combination of a vast on-demand library and live TV capabilities. YouTube TV impresses with intuitive interfaces and an excellent range of channels.

How To Download Films And Series From Amazon Prime

How To Download Prime Movies

Once youre signed up, you can get started with downloading videos from Amazon. To do so, youll need to get the Amazon Prime Video app. Its free, and is available for Android, iOS and now Windows 10. As you might expect, the app is already installed on Amazons Fire tablets.

Once downloaded, youll need to launch the app and log in with your Amazon details. Make sure you keep an eye out for the Prime banner across the top-left corner of to ensure you wont be charged extra for watching, as there are lots of movies and TV shows available to rent in Amazons library and not all of them are included with a Prime membership.

Also, not every video labeled with Prime is available to download, but its easy to find out which are. Tap on a show or movie youd like to watch and look for the download button.

If the episode, series or movie is available to download, youll find the download button just below the blue Watch Now button. For TV shows youll be asked whether youd like to download the whole series or just one episode. Its also clever enough to offer the option to download only the episodes youve yet to watch.

If you have a compatible TV or streamer, you can cast the videos to a big screen.

Its worth noting however that the desktop app on Windows 10 only allows you to download content that has a max resolution of 1080p . This means that you wont be able to get the most out of shows and films in 4K through the Windows desktop app.

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What Is A Watch Party On Amazon

The Amazon Prime Video Watch Party feature allows Prime subscribers or members of Prime Video to create a group movie experience, even though participants are in completely different locations. One person is the host, and so invites other watchers and controls the movie from their computer.

To share a movie or TV episode, others must be signed up for Amazon Prime or Prime Video. If you want to share with someone who does not have a subscription, both services have a 30-day free trial. Just make sure your friend remembers to cancel the service before the trial is over if they don’t want to remain subscribed.

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  • Support available via live chat

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What Countries Is Amazon Prime Video Available In

Depending on your country, Prime Video might be a standalone streaming service, or it might come bundled with the Prime shopping membership program.

Prime is available in Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, the Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, the UK and the US.

Prime Video is available in pretty much every other country as a standalone service. The price and selection of TV shows, movies, and Prime Music varies by country.

The US version of Prime has the largest catalog of streaming content.

Decide How You Want To Watch

Underrated Mystery Movies You Can Watch For Free On Amazon Prime

Prime Video gives you the option to watch on-demand footage through your web browser, the Prime Video app on your phone or tablet, or on your television through a streaming device . Regardless of what medium you choose, all you’ll need is your Amazon login information in order to start streaming. All Prime content is marked with a blue label and is free with your standard Prime subscription.

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Is Amazon Prime Video A Cable Replacement For Cord Cutters

Prime Video isn’t really suitable as a true cable replacement for cord-cutters, because it doesn’t have live television. True cable replacement services like Sling TV, YouTube TV, and Hulu With Live TV all include live feeds from the major networks and cable channels in addition to on-demand content.

You can watch a limited amount of live television on Prime Video, including select NFL Thursday Night Football games, but cord-cutters in search of a real replacement for cable need to look elsewhere.

Prime Video is a good option for cord-cutters to have available, and it does have enough content to offer a great alternate entertainment option for cord-cutters who aren’t interested in watching live television.

Once Upon A Time In America

Sergio Leone’s sprawling Prohibition-era crime saga originally ran to 10 whole hours before eventually being trim to a lean three and three-quarter hours. Fair warning: it is LONG. But give it the time and you’ll be rewarded. Robert de Niro is Noodles, a street kid from New York City’s Lower East Side who starts putting together a gang of petty criminals running liquor and nicking bits and pieces here and there. But things quickly get a lot more serious. It’s a graphic, brutal film especially to its women and one which continues to divide critics, but the master of the Western brings all his lyricism to the heart of a dark city.

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Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

A slow-burning spy thriller set within the British intelligence service during the height of the Cold War, this complex drama is highlighted by Gary Oldmans acutely understated performance. As a high level agent brought out of retirement to ferret out a mole within the MI5, he exudes intensity and intellect with unerring precision. The story itself is exceptionally complicated and yet highly engaging. I felt that casting and corresponding screen time made it clear whom the mole would turn out to bebut you may disagree.


Use The Web To Search For 4k Movies On Amazon Prime Video

The Best Movies You Can Watch on Amazon Prime Video  April 2020

The Amazon Prime Video mobile and TV apps are extremely limited when it comes to their ability to search the services massive content library, let alone locate 4K movies and TV shows. By far the easiest way to find 4K Amazon Prime content is to use the .

Unlike the apps, each product page on the Amazon website that supports 4K features a UHD badge next to its age rating. This makes it much easier to see what resolutions are available.

Unlike the apps, UHD badges only show on item pages, not when browsing.

The Amazon website also sports a 4K category featuring all of Amazon Prime Videos 4K films and series which are much easier to browse here in a web browser on a computer or tablet than on a smartphone or TV screen.

Once you find a 4K show or movie you want to watch on the website, all you need to do is hover your mouse over its icon and click Add to Watchlist. This option is also available on a show or films details page as well.

Your Watchlist preferences sync to all of the Amazon Prime Video apps that youre logged into which means that whatever you add via the website will show up in your Watchlist on your TV, gaming console, or smart device.

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