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Do You Get Amazon Prime Video With Amazon Prime

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How Much Does Amazon Prime Video Cost In The Uk

How To Use Amazon Prime Video – Tutorial For Beginners (2020)

Prime membership costs £7.99 per month if you go for a monthly subscription.

However, you can also opt for an annual subscription costing £79 per year, which works out at £6.58 per month.

If you are sure you only want to use Amazons video service, there is a separate membership just for Amazon Prime Video that costs £5.99 per month. However, that subscription does not include any of the other services. See all the available plans here.

If you want to see what the service is like before paying for it, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial.

Do I Need An Amazon Prime Membership To Use Prime Video

You do not need to have an Amazon Prime membership to use Prime Video.

Customers are able to purchase or rent a selection of titles from the Prime Video catalog, without needing an Amazon Prime or Prime Video membership.

Purchases from the Prime Video Store are automatically charged to your 1-Click payment method. As soon as the order completes, purchases are available to view in Purchases& Rentals.


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It Does Have A Decent Film And Tv Selection

Amazon Prime Video is, simply, not as cool as Netflix after all, ones a young company specialising in movies and TV, and the other is on online retailer that sells socks. But Amazon Prime Videos collection is far better than its reputation suggests: Warner Bros. and Studiocanal provide the biggest hitters in the services catalogue, which, depending on when youre looking, ranges from Man of Steel and Gravity to Paddington, the Shaun the Sheep movie and The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. eOne titles, such as The BFG, are also available.

Amazons original series, meanwhile, have stepped up their quality significantly, with Transparent and Mozart in the Jungle more than deserving their double Golden Globe wins, and The Man in the High Castle standing alongside the best TV shows of recent years. Add in ongoing exclusive deals for American Gods, Fear The Walking Dead, Black Sails, Ripper Street, Outlander, Halt and Catch Fire and Preacher, and you have an impressive standalone streaming service, let alone an appealing bonus for Prime members.

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How To Watch Amazon Prime Video On Tv

Just like Netflix and Hulu, Amazon has a dedicated app for connected devices. If you have a smart TV, gaming console or an internet-connected Blu-ray player, you need only to go to your devices app store and download the Amazon Prime Video app.

Amazons support pages detail supported devices and features, so thats a good place to start if youre unsure about your setup with the Amazon Prime Video app.

If you have older devices or a TV that isnt internet-ready, Amazon still has an option for you. The Amazon Fire TV Stick allows you to stream Amazon Prime Video on older HDTVs . All you need is a spare HDMI port and a WiFi connection. It comes in two variants: one that supports 1080p and one that supports 4K.

They mostly look the same, but there are a couple of differentiating features. They have different processors and support different versions of Doly audio. Both require external power, WiFi and an HDMI port, though.

Regarding HDMI, make sure you have the latest HDMI cables. For 4K, HDR streaming, youll want an HDMI cable that supports HDMI version 2.0a.

You Can Watch Prime Video Things Offline

You can now download Amazon Prime Instant videos and watch ...

Amazon Prime Video allows you to download some of its films and TV shows to watch offline just the thing for a car journey, train ride or long flight. Eligible titles mostly consist of Amazon originals, but you can look for the Download option on any Amazon Prime Video title by checking the video details on its page.

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Documentaries On Amazon Prime Video

Amazon has been cranking out original documentaries over the years examples include Generation Wealth, Time, One Child Nation, and Gimme Danger. For pure entertainment, check out Hamilton: One Shot to Broadway and The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia, which chronicles the life and times of an eccentric West Virginia family.

All In: The Fight for Democracy is a documentary about voter suppression, while Citizenfour covers NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Lower-budget documentaries about spirituality and non-traditional medicine, such as Food as Medicine, round out its library.

You Can Add On Amazon Channels

Amazon has now introduced its Amazon Channels to the UK, which consist of a range of subscription and premium services, which can be added to your Amazon Prime membership as a customised bundle. Add-on services include Shudder , EuroSport Player, the Discovery Channel, BFI Player+, MUBI and Hopster. Many are not offered at a discount and can already be subscribed to without an Amazon Prime membership, such as MUBI, BFI Player+ and Shudder. EuroSport Player, though, is cheaper through Amazon Channels: normally, it costs £5.99 for 24 hours, but with Amazon costs £6.99 for a months access. The Discovery Channel, meanwhile, is not available anywhere else without a pay-TV package. It costs £4.99 a month. Also included is Heera, an Amazon-exclusive on demand channel with over 600 Bollywood, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, and Telegu movies and series, which costs £3.99 a month. For a full guide to Amazon Channels, .

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Why Does My Chromecast Keep Disconnecting

The most common reason why your Chromecast keeps disconnecting is if your Wi-Fi is operating intermittently. If it works, it means the problem is in your Wi-Fi. You can fix this by restarting your router: Turn off your Wi-Fi router by pressing the power button.

Can You Get Amazon Prime In New Zealand

How to get Amazon Prime for FREE for 6 months

Currently, only Prime Video is available in New Zealand, and you are unable to get the full benefits of an Amazon Prime account. In fact, New Zealand does not yet have an Amazon site at all! Instead, the Amazon AU site has opened its doors to Kiwi customers. Offering fast shipping and convenient returns, as if a local NZ site.

And even though Amazon Australia offers Amazon Prime, Kiwis are not yet eligible for membership.

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Skip Prime Membership But Still Get Free 2

If you arent interested in the music, kindle ebooks, and other services included in Amazon Prime you can always skip the membership entirely.

Instead, if you spend over $35 on eligible purchases you still receive free, 2-day shipping. Depending on the retailer you might have to spend $75 or even $100 to receive the free, 2-day shipping.

Also, if your item is under the limit but you dont want or need to buy anything else try this trick. Find an item that is pre-order and not yet available on Amazon.

Add this item to your cart to get past your threshold but you wont be charged for this item until it actually ships.

If you dont want the item simply cancel that part of the order to make sure you arent charged.

I wouldnt recommend doing this too frequently but its a great option if you need the 2-day shipping without spending any more money.

What Broadband Speed Do I Need For Amazon Video

Amazon streams video using adaptive bitrate technology, which adapts the image quality depending on your device and internet connection. Its subscription includes 4K Ultra HD streaming. You also need to be able to attain decent broadband speeds.

These are the minimum broadband speeds that are recommended for different resolutions:

  • 900Kbps – recommended for SD quality.
  • 3.5Mbps – recommended for HD quality.
  • 15Mbps – recommended for 4K Ultra HD quality.

In most cases, bar mobile platforms, audio is offered in 5.1 surround sound and in some cases with Dolby Atmos.

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Amazon Prime Vs Best Buy Beta

Best Buy Beta is a new subscription service designed to take on Amazon Prime. Priced at $199.99 per year, Best Buy’s service offers unlimited free shipping, 24/7 tech support, free in-home installation of select devices, and 2-year warranty protection on most purchases at Best Buy. . The pilot program is only available in select cities, so it’s too early to tell what kind of impact it will have on Prime members. However, its pricier admission fee may make it a hard sell for current Prime members.

How To Watch Amazon Prime Video Online

What Do You Get With Amazon Prime Video Uk

You also have the option to watch Amazon Prime Video on your computer through your preferred web browser. There are caveats, though. Your browser and computer need to be up to snuff, per Amazons requirements. That said, the minimum requirements are more than modest, and as long as youre using a modern web browser on your device, youre unlikely to run into issues.

Chrome, Safari and Firefox are among the most popular web browsers, so make sure youre using the latest version. If youre a Windows user, youll at least need to be on Windows 7. For macOS, 10.7 is the oldest supported version. Though Linux is supported, the best combination seems to be using Google Chrome, as it supports the HTML5 player.

Once youre set, go to Amazons Prime Video website, sign in or sign up for a subscription, and get to binging.

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Amazon Gift Cards When You Trade In Used Electronics

Amazon is boarding the train to the sustainability station, and it’s something you can directly benefit from. With , you can send back your used electronics in exchange for Amazon gift cards. Make sure to check on the eligibility of each product — some trade-in options are only available for a limited time.

How Amazon Prime Is Different From Amazon Student

So far, we have looked at how Amazon Student can be more beneficial than Amazon Prime for college students. The two largest differences are that Amazon Prime costs more and the trial period is only 30 days.

The 30-day trial membership to Prime gives you full access to all the Prime features. The one perk you cannot access during the trial period is the Kindle Owners Lending Library that allows you to borrow one free book on your Kindle device.

During the 30-day trial, you will be able to enjoy the same trial benefits as Amazon Student such as free two-day shipping, unlimited Prime Video streaming, complimentary access to Amazon Photos and Twitch Prime, and exclusive deals and discounts including early access to Lightning Deals.

After the trial period ends, your account will automatically be charged $119 and the membership will be valid for one year. As an Amazon Prime member, you also have access to a few benefits that Amazon Student members do not.

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Whats The Difference Between Amazon Prime Video & Netflix

As mentioned above, you do get access to Amazons own video streaming platform, Amazon Prime video, with a prime membership. However, youre probably wondering how it compares to Netflix and what are the similarities & differences between the two platforms.

To start off, Amazon Prime Video comes with your Amazon Prime subscription, which costs $12.99 a month. For that price, you gain access to all the Amazon Prime perks & benefits listed above. Alternatively, you can purchase Amazon Prime Video separately for $8.99, but you miss out on all the perks that come with the prime membership.

Netflix offers two price plans a basic plan for $8.99 & a premium plan for $17, which allows for HD viewing and can be watched on more than one screen at a time.

As for the content itself, both platforms provide their own original content in addition to popular films & TV shows. As of writing, Amazon currently has a much larger video library with more than 53,000 movies, whereas Netflix has 3,432 movies on its platform. Both platforms have award-winning originals however, Netflix remains the most popular streaming service due to its original shows & movies.

So which should you go with?

It comes down to 3 main criteria, Are you primarily interested in Netflix Originals?Does Amazons Prime Video or Netflix offer the content you enjoy?Do you order from amazon often and can take advantage of its several entertainment, shipping & shopping benefits?

Amazon Prime In Canada: What Is It How Does It Differ From The Us

Amazon Prime Video Beginner’s Guide to Watching TV Shows & Movies on Amazon

Amazon brought Prime to Canada back in 2013, but the service has grown by leaps and bounds in the last eight years. The Seattle-based company boasts over two million subscribers north of the border, and there are plenty of good reasons to sign up. From streaming perks to fast and free shipping, your membership should quickly pay dividends on the subscription price. Lets dig into everything youve ever wanted to know about Amazon Prime in Canada.

If youve never tried the service, well dig into the perks, prices, and everything else you might want to know. Even if youve given Prime a shot in the past, theres bound to be a new feature or two on the menu. You can sign up right now at the button below.

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What Are Amazon Prime Video Channels And How Do I Get Them

Channels are optional add-ons for Prime subscribers, for an additional monthly fee, that provide on-demand or live streaming access to TV shows, movies and other video content from a provider. Subscribers can access the content from all compatible Prime Video devices, including via the Amazon Prime Video app on smart TVs and streaming devices, Android and iOS phones and tablets, computers and Amazon’s own Fire TV devices and Fire tablets.

Signing up for a particular channel is easy for Prime members.

1. Sign in to your Amazon account.

2. Browse to Amazon’s list of channels.

3. Find the channel you want and select it.

4. Click through to the main banner above the list of shows and movies.

5. You’ll see a button, typically 7 day free trial or Get started . Click it.

6. Enter your PIN .

7. Confirm details to purchase.

That’s it. Once you confirm the purchase, your Amazon account will be charged, typically on a monthly basis, for the cost of the Channel, and you’ll have instant access to all of its TV shows and movies.

How To Watch Amazon Prime Video On A Set

Amazon Video apps are also available for a selection of set-top boxes and this is generally the cheapest an easiest way to watch Amazon Video on your TV.

Amazon’s own streaming devices – the Amazon Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Cube – have access hardbaked into their operating systems, so you see the content as part of the home screen menus and search results. They are compatible with Alexa and offer a direct route to Amazon content.

Amazon Prime Video is also available on common streaming sticks and boxes:

4K Ultra HD and HDR support is available through the latest Amazon Fire TV set-top-box, along with Dolby Atmos sound. Some other devices only support sound up to 5.1 surround sound. It requires a HDMI 2.0 port with HDCP 2.2 copy protection enabled on your TV to work.


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How Can I Watch Amazon Prime On My Tv Uk

Using the Prime Video app you will be able to watch Prime Video. The Prime Video app is available on a range of televisions, Amazon devices, mobile devices, Blu-ray players, games consoles and streaming media devices. Open your devices app store to download and install the Prime Video app. Open the Prime Video app.

What Are The Benefits Of Amazon Prime

What is Amazon Prime and What Benefits Do You Get?

Amazon Primes key benefit is its free two-day shipping on millions of eligible items. In some cities, you can even get same-day delivery on eligible orders. While Amazon does offer free standard shipping on qualifying orders of $25 or more to non-Prime customers, it takes five to eight business days for those orders to arrive.

But just as the company has expanded from a simple bookstore to a finger-in-every-pie empire, so has Prime extended its benefits to include:

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How To Sign Up For Prime Video

Unfortunately, finding Amazon Primes video-only plan isnt easy, but you can still sign up if you know where to look and dont currently have an active Prime subscription. Heres how to find it:

On the web:

  • Scroll down and click the See more plans button at the bottom.
  • Select the Prime Video plan on the next page.

Jared Newman / IDG

Jared Newman / IDG

You can also sign up through the Prime Video app on your phone, though the instructions depend on whether youre using iOS or Android.

On iOS: Follow the prompts to start your trial, then use Apples in-app purchase system to subscribe. Youll be billed through iTunes and can unsubscribe via the iOS Settings under Your Name > Subscriptions.

Jared Newman / IDG

On Android: Follow the prompts to start your trial. On the Confirm your details page, tap on Prime, then select Prime Video on the next page. Youll be billed directly through Amazon.

Jared Newman / IDG

Note that if you cancel immediately after signing up, youll still get the month of Prime Video that you paid for and wont get automatically billed at the end. This comes in handy if you only want to binge-watch one or two shows.

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