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Do You Have To Have Amazon Prime To Use Alexa

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Do You Have To Pay For Music On Alexa

How to Setup and Use Alexa

There are several methods to listen to free music via Alexa on your Echo device. The easiest and most obvious way is to use Amazon Musics free version. Alternatively, you can listen using other popular free streaming services, although each of these services will have limitations without a premium plan.

When it comes to limitations, Amazon Musics free streaming service is no exception. Youll have access to thousands of playlists and stations, but you wont be able to request a specific song. Youll also be subject to commercials.

If youre a Prime member, however, youll have access to approximately 2-million songs with no commercials and you can listen to whatever you want. As an Amazon Music Unlimited member, you have access to 75 million songs.

Other options to consider include Apple Music, Spotify, iHeart, SiriusXM and Pandora.

Check out this article from Alphr on how to listen to free music with your Echo Dot.


Clear Your Alexa History

Man the panic stations, this is not a drill. Alexa records everything you ask her and keeps a record of your questions that’s visible on the smartphone app. Seriously. Don’t worry though, if you’ve been asking her some slightly embarrassing or dubious questions you don’t want getting out into the wider world, you can simply delete them.

If you’re happy to do it manually, you can go into the Amazon Echo app to erase all trace of your shameful requests. You’ll need to go to Settings > Alexa Account > History, Here, once you’ve selected the question you want to do away with, click the Delete voice recordings button at the bottom. Phew, crisis averted. Until the next time you ask something embarrassing, anyway.

Easier than that though say Alexa, how do I review my privacy settings? and Alexa will send you a direct link in the Alexa app to your Alexa Privacy Settings.

Amazon’s also added a voice shortcut to give people a simpler way to handle the same task. Just say, Alexa, delete everything I said today to get rid of all the recordings from that day. Did someone say “new bedtime routine”?

Oh, and to delete your entire history of Alexa interactions, go to Manage Your Content and Devices on Amazons website and click Manage Voice Recordings.

You can also now delete all of your Alexa voice recordings on your account by saying, Alexa, delete everything Ive said.

Show Photos On Echo Show

If you have an Echo Show then it makes a perfect digital photo frame. To get your own shots on screen you can use the Amazon Photos service but we’re guessing you’ll probably want to use Facebook. In the Alexa app go to Settings > Photos and link your Facebook account.

On the Echo itself just go to Settings > Home & Clock > Clock > Personal Photos > Background > Facebook. Choose the albums and you’re good to go.

For detailed step-by-step and instructions for using Amazon Photos then go to our Echo Show photos guide.

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How To Use Alexa: Features Tips And Tricks In Our Complete Guide

Become an Alexa ninja with our epic do-everything guide

Alexa is Amazon’s digital voice assistant, and is becoming an ever-present AI helper in our homes, phones and even cars.

The basic premise of Amazon’s voice assistant is simple – you ask questions, give commands and receive responses – but there’s a surprising amount of depth to its capabilities and, if you recently unboxed an Echo smart speaker, then you might be wondering exactly how to get started with an Alexa smart home.

This is where our Amazon Alexa guide comes in.

We’ll be talking through very basics, such as how to set your Alexa device up, what you can do and whether you need to pay, as well as the more in-depth features, such as connecting other smart home gadgets and downloading skills.

Here’s everything you need to know about Alexa.

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Do You Need Amazon Prime to Use the Amazon Echo?

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Amazon Echo Features Only Prime Members Can Use

If you’re a Prime member or considering becoming one, here’s what you get.

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Your is useful all on its own — it can turn on the lights when you arrive home and protect your house while you’re away. But it can bring more benefits if you have an to go with it.

For example, Prime members don’t have to listen to ads while playing music. They can also get better deals by shopping with Alexa — especially on Prime Day.

Here are four Amazon Echo features only Prime members have access to.

So I Can Remotely Check In With My Grandparents Without Needing Them To Answer The Phone

Exactly. When you set up permissions for Drop In with specific contacts, you are allowing those contacts the ability to appear on your screen automatically when they call. You don’t have to actually answer the call. Your friends and family can enable Drop In on their Echo Show or with the Alexa app. Voice Drop In calling is supported on the Echo, Dot, and Tap, too.

When someone Drops In on you, you’ll hear a tone, which lets you know that someone is coming through. The person on the other end will hear audio right away, but the video will slowly fade in. If you’re available to talk, just start talking. But, if you’re unavailable for some reason, you can say, “Alexa, hang up.” and the Drop In call will end.

It might seem a little disturbing for someone to have the ability to just show up in your living room whenever the mood strikes, but it’s actually a fantastic feature for very specific circumstances. For example, if your parents are elderly, and you’d like to be able to keep track of them without them having to get up and answer a phone call every time you want to see how they are doing, you can enable Drop In and just pop in to say hi whenever you feel like it. If something is wrong with Pops, you’ll be able to see or hear him and respond if he needs help.

It’s also a great monitor when your kids come home and you want to make sure they’re doing their homework. Drop In from the office and find out, for sure, whether they’re watching cartoons or finishing their chores.

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Force A System Update

Though your app will let you know about new goodies that need to be downloaded, you can simply ask the Echo yourself. Sometimes it’s quicker and you get a rundown by voice instead of reading about it.

All you have to say is “Alexa, do you have any new features?” If it does, update away, if not, well at least there’s plenty of skills to add.

Do You Need Amazon Prime To Use The Amazon Echo

How To Control Netflix And Amazon Prime Video With Alexa

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Amazons popular Echo speaker system seem completely enmeshed with Amazon ecosystem, but does that mean you need a Prime account to take advantage of the Echo?

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Can You Use The Echo Dot Without Amazon Alexa

As you might imagine, there are a lot of questions about the Echo Dot. Its an important product for Amazon that can make your home smarter with its ability to interconnect different smart devices and control basic functions such as lights or thermostats without having to input complicated codes.

But what is it like if you dont use Alexa? Can I still use my Echo Dot without using Alexa voice control at all? And most importantly, will it work out of the box in other countries where Alexa isnt present?

The answers to these questions are mostly yes. But there are some caveats, so lets talk about that first. In this article, well discuss whether you can use the Echo Dot without Alexa.

  • Can You Disable Alexa on Echo Dot?
  • Can You Disable Alexa On Echo Dot

    Its simple to stop Alexa from listening and reacting to your commands, but it will restrict what you can do with your Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot. Heres how to go about it.

  • Look for the microphone button on the top of your Echo Dot speaker. The button has the appearance of a microphone with a strike-through or a circle with a strike-through.
  • Select the microphone option.
  • Wait for a tone to play and the indicator light to become red before proceeding.
  • The microphone is turned off and Alexa is not listening while the indicator light stays solid red.
  • To restart Alexa, press the microphone button.
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    Sharing Accounts And Switching Profiles

    It’s time to stop being selfish and learn to share. Yes, Alexa might be your new best friend, but it’s a friend to others, too. To that extent, you can store multiple accounts to use on a single Echo and jump between them simply by saying “Alexa, switch profile”. To add additional accounts, you’ll need to go into the app and head to Settings > Alexa Account > Amazon Household. You can also go through .

    Here, you’ll be able to enter the Amazon account details of the person you want to add to your profile. Can’t remember who’s account you’re logged in with? No worries, you can figure it out just by asking “Alexa, which profile am I using?”

    Are There Any Other Hidden Costs With Alexa

    Amazon Alexa review: What is Alexa and what can Amazon Echo do?

    While there arent any hidden costs associated with Alexa, there are services you could pay for to enhance your experience. Weve already mentioned Prime benefits, but there are other services. Many of them being third-party subscriptions.

    Lets say want to turn your lights on with your new Echo Dot? Well, youre going to need the compatible hardware, of course . How about watching Netflix on your Echo Show? Well, then youd obviously need a Netflix account. You wouldnt have to pay anything extra to use any of these compatible devices or subscriptions with your Echo device though.

    Other popular paid services which are compatible with Alexa include Spotify, Hulu and Alexa Guard Plus.

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    Can I Use The Echo Dot Without Alexa

    Yes, you can use the Echo Dot without the Alexa app. However, using the device without Alexa will limit your Echo to just a normal speaker. Alexa is not required to utilize Echo Dot. However, without this critical function, it can only be used as a Bluetooth speaker.

    Alexa is essential for playing games, controlling your activities, and making requests. You may customize Alexas settings and functionalities at any moment to fit your needs.

    So, You can use your Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot speaker without activating Alexa. However, by doing so, the Echo speaker is transformed into, well, a speaker. Its a really primitive speaker without smart capabilities or the ability to talk to it, which means it might not be useful.

    Does Amazon Prime Include Alexa

    Alexa is not included by Amazon prime rather it is a service provided by Amazon. It is not necessary to have an Amazon Prime membership to use Alexa, but if you have the membership, then you can enjoy many special benefits above the normal users of Alexa. Since Amazon Prime is the paid subscription of Amazon, it can be said that Amazon includes Alexa but not Amazon Prime. To enjoy Alexa on any of the smart speakers made by other companies or in smartphones having , you only need to have an account on Amazon.

    To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video

    You can use Alexa to elevate the Amazon Prime experience by connecting it to the Alexa holding devices.

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    Get Organized: 5 Ways Smart Scales Can Help You Stay Healthy

    The right connected bathroom scale can boost your weight-management motivation and encourage kids to form good habits, too.

    I’ve been contributing to PCMag since 2011, at times as an analyst and columnist, and currently as deputy managing editor for the software team. My column, Get Organized, has been running on PCMag since 2012. It gives advice on how to manage all the devices, apps, digital photos, social networks, email, and other technology that can make you feel like you’re going to have a panic attack.

    Get Alexa To Recognize Voices In The Home

    How to share a song with Alexa | Amazon Echo

    Alexa supports different profiles, so you can sign in and out of Amazon accounts, but it also has the power to recognise who’s speaking via their voice, even if they’re using the same Amazon ID. This means you will get personalised news, music and shopping, so for example, if you don’t want your partners’ sports bullet-ins you can get something that you do want.

    First train your voice. Say “Alexa, learn my voice” and follow Alexa’s instructions. Now get the second person to install the app and sign in. On their app they should choose Im someone else and then Alexa will train their voice.

    Try our step-by-step guide to voice profiles and account switching for more detailed information.

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    How To Set Up An Amazon Echo Speaker

    Note: if you have more than one Echo device, each has to be set up individually in the Alexa app.

    After unboxing your Echo remove the plastic protection, attach the power cable and plug the power supply into a mains socket.

    Youll see the LEDs glowing and after a short while, Alexa will greet you and tell you to follow the instructions in the Alexa app. So if you havent already done so, install the Amazon Alexa app on your Android phone, iPhone. You can also use the Alexa app on an Amazon Fire tablet.

    When you open the Alexa app, you might see a pop-up message asking you to set up your new Echo. If so, tap Continue.

    If not, tap on the More and then on Add a Device .

    Tap Amazon Echo and then on Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus and more .

    Then tap the exact model of Echo that you have.

    Make sure there is an orange light on your Echo, which indicates that its in setup mode. If not, you may have to reset it.

    The reset procedure is different for each device, so check . However, in most cases simply press and hold the action button, which is the one with a little dot on it. Hold it for about 6-10 seconds until you see the orange light and Alexa announces Now in setup mode.

    When you see the orange light, tap YES to confirm your Echo is in setup mode.

    The app will search for devices and you should then see your new Echo appear in the list.

    Alexa should announce that there is a connection to the internet, and the app will prompt you to select which language to use.

    Use Alexa As A Night Light

    The neon blue ring portraying Alexa’s mini-mind is a great way to know exactly when the screen-less device is at work, but it’s not the only thing the light can be used for. While different colours and patterns can indicate whether you’ve missed a message, if the mic is turned off, or what volume you’re sitting at, a third-party skill also lets the ring find use a night light.

    You’ll have to enable the skill first, but once done all you need to say is, “Alexa, open Night Light for one hour,” or however long you wish, and the light will show blue continuously. If you get sick of lighting up your room in the light blue hue, you can also say “Alexa, stop.”

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    Get Alexa To Repeat Itself

    Although it’s got a slow, methodical delivery, if you’re only half paying attention it can be easy to miss what Alexa’s telling you. There’s no need to repeat your lengthy query in order to get the answer again though. Instead, you can just ask Alexa to repeat itself.

    Asking “Alexa, can you repeat that,” or “Alexa, can you say that again” will get your digital assistant repeatings its latest response. It won’t even get sassy for you having not paid proper attention the first time.

    What About Other Third

    Amazon Echo (âAlexaâ?) Tips and Tricks â Technically Well

    At this time, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube are the only video streaming services. Skype is not yet supported. But, you can listen to music via Prime Music, Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, and Sirius XM. You can also find recipes via AllRecipes and connect your iCloud calendar. Many of the skills you can use with the Echo, Dot, and Tap also work with the Show You can discover a lot of interesting content in the Skills Store in the Alexa app.

    Additionally, there will probably be Echo Show-specific skills heading our way in the near future that take advantage of the screen and camera.

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