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Do You Have To Pay For Amazon Prime Video

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Ways To Avoid Paying $119 For Amazon Prime Free Shipping

How to Pay for Amazon Prime Video | Prime Video Payment

With Prime Day right around the corner, you’ll want to sign up for Prime ASAP. But if you’re looking to pay less than $119 for Amazon Prime, there are options.

In 2014, Amazon Prime got a price hike from $79 to $99 per year. It was the first for Amazon Prime in the program’s nine-year history, and the online retail giant said the increase was necessary to offset the fuel and transportation costs needed to deliver millions of items in two days, for free. In 2018, Prime got another price hike, from $99 to $119 per year.

Prime is free to join for 30 days, so you can try it without making that year-long commitment. Sign up at the holidays to get free shipping on your gift purchases and then cancel, for example. There’s also the option to sign up for Prime for $12.99 per month, though if you plan to use it for any length of time, the $119 annual fee is a better deal.

The main Prime perk is free, two-day shipping, but Prime members also get streaming, , Prime Reading, and Amazon Photos. If you’re a regular Amazon user, Prime is a pretty good deal.

But perhaps you’re on a budget and are looking for ways to pay less than $119 for Amazon Prime free shipping and other perks. Here are some options.

Can You Watch Normal Tv On Amazon Fire Stick

You can watch normal tv channels, either through the tv and aerial as usual, or if you have no aerial you can download the TV Player app to your fire stick which will allow you to watch freeview channels through your wifi connection. All Catch Up services are available on the fire stick if you want those as well.

How Does Amazon Prime Differ In Canada From The Us

A few years ago, the two services offered actual differences. Sure, theyve always been called Amazon Prime, but United States users got access to just about all of the best perks before Canada did. Now, the two are far closer in terms of perks and access. Both versions of Prime have included free one- and two-day shipping since the start. You can get great Lightning Deals from either service. Prime Canada jumped on the Twitch streaming train pretty early. It now goes by Twitch Prime, and you can get several in-game and streaming benefits each month.

Now that Prime Canada has caught up to its American counterpart, youll get all of the same Prime Music and Prime Video access you can handle. Prime Reading is yet another perk, so you can always trade your streaming screen for an e-reader and catch up on some bestsellers.

One of Amazon Primes biggest draws is the celebration. It moved to October in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic before moving to June in the United States this year. Unfortunately, Prime Day will not be taking place in Canada this year, but it may open up for an even better slate of savings in 2022.

Essentially, your Prime Day membership entitles you to two days of the best deals that Amazon can create. This years offers included substantial savings from Razer, Amazons Echo devices, and so much more. Prime Day typically coincides in the US and Canada, though its deals are not the same.

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What Do You Get With Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime, of course, comes with all the films and TV shows included in Prime Video but so much more.

The big draw for shoppers will be free next-day delivery on millions of eligible items, with no need for a minimum purchase amount.

This culminates with Prime Day, a two-day sales extravaganza exclusively for Prime members with deals so good the event often outsells Black Friday for the shopping site. Previous deals have included 20 per cent off , 30 per cent off , several months of for as little as 99p, and huge savings on tech.

Thats not all, however subscribers get access to Prime Music, which includes over 2 million ad-free songs, as well as access to a rotating selection of eBooks and magazines with Prime Reading. Oh, and Prime Members also get unlimited photo storage and try before you buy with Prime Wardrobe. Phew.

Fast Delivery And Shipping

Can I pay for Amazon Instant Video
  • Free 1-day shipping: A variety of items are eligible for next-day delivery with no minimum purchase . When youre shopping, filter items by Get it tomorrow to see which you can receive by 9 p.m. the next day.
  • Free 2-day shipping: This is available to Prime members who live in the contiguous U.S.
  • Free same-day delivery: In select cities and towns from New York City to San Francisco Prime members can shop for items eligible for delivery on the same day they were ordered. Same-day delivery is available without a Prime membership at $13 per item. Prime members get same-day delivery for free on qualifying orders over $35.
  • Free release-date delivery: Prime members can have eligible pre-order items delivered on their release date.
  • Free no-rush shipping: Members who select no-rush shipping which delays delivery on orders can earn rewards to use on future purchases.

Other free delivery perks include , which allows you to order items throughout the week and select up to two days to get everything delivered in fewer boxes. Additionally, Prime members who live in certain zip codes can get eligible items delivered inside their home with , or inside their garage with . You can monitor the delivery through the , and get notifications about packages while the delivery is in process.

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How Does The Amazon Prime Video Cost Compare To Disney Plus

At $7.99 a month or $79.99 annually Disney Plus provides viewers with Marvel blockbusters, iconic animated movies, awe-inspiring National Geographic documentaries, 31 seasons of The Simpsons, and every film in the Star Wars saga. All titles can be streamed in HD, and if youve got the hardware, dozens of hugely popular films are available in 4K HDR too, like Avengers: Endgame. The Disney Plus price increased earlier this year, but its still cheaper than the Amazon Prime Video cost.

Unlike Prime, Disney Plus has a library of hundreds rather than thousands of titles but they just happen to be from some of the most lucrative and globally recognisable brands around. And with dozens of spin-offs planned throughout 2021, like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ms. Marvel, they can keep audiences engaged and subscription figures rising.

Disney fans lamenting the absence of more grown-up material, however, should try the $13.99 a month Disney Plus bundle with ad-supported Hulu and ESPN Plus. That way you can enjoy more mature programming, such as Chloe Zhaos Oscar-winning Nomadland, whodunnit comedy Only Murders in the Building, and both seasons of teen drama Love, Victor.

Skip Prime Membership But Still Get Free 2

If you arent interested in the music, kindle ebooks, and other services included in Amazon Prime you can always skip the membership entirely.

Instead, if you spend over $35 on eligible purchases you still receive free, 2-day shipping. Depending on the retailer you might have to spend $75 or even $100 to receive the free, 2-day shipping.

Also, if your item is under the limit but you dont want or need to buy anything else try this trick. Find an item that is pre-order and not yet available on Amazon.

Add this item to your cart to get past your threshold but you wont be charged for this item until it actually ships.

If you dont want the item simply cancel that part of the order to make sure you arent charged.

I wouldnt recommend doing this too frequently but its a great option if you need the 2-day shipping without spending any more money.

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Why Is Prime Video’s Messy Catalog A Big Deal

Even if you decide to bite the bullet and pay to watch the features that don’t come free, there’s still a fine print to consider.

If you rent, which is the cheaper option than buying, you have a period of 30 days to begin watching what you rented. If you fail to do so, you lose out and have to pay for the same thing again. Once you start the viewing, you have 48 hours to finish watching, and if you don’t manage to do that, you have to pay again.

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Maybe you can swallow that loss when it comes to a movie since they tend to cost between $1.99 and $2.99 for the most part. But if you have your eyes on a show, it’s a whole other story.

You either pay per episode or per season for a show, and prices vary wildly. Misfits requires you to pay $2.99 to view Episode 1 and $4.99 for its Season 1, and Supernatural costs $2.99 for Episode 1 and $35.49 for Season 1.

You might not think this is a big enough issue, but it is when you consider how big of a library Amazon Prime Video offers and how it decreases once you select to see only features that come included with Prime, a.k.a. free ones.

Amazon Prime Video offers 60,000 movies and shows for viewers to consume. However, when you check the box Included with Prime to narrow the search and see what you get for free, only 10,000 titles show up.

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Take Advantage Of Amazon Prime Day

How Much Money Could Filmmakers Make On Amazon Prime Back in 2020

Each of the last three years Amazon has what is known as Amazon Prime Day. Amazon Prime day is similar to Black Friday and has tons of great deals on a variety of products.

These days include some pretty epic deals on TVs, tablets, laptops, and Amazon products .

While this isnt a free way to get Amazon Prime you can use a 30-day free trial to take full advantage and get free, 2-day shipping.

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How Does Prime Video Compare To Other Streaming Services

Prime Video‘s cost falls somewhere in the middle of the pack compared to other popular streaming services, like HBO Max and Peacock . Its standalone price is essentially the same as a basic Netflix plan , although that Netflix option is limited to standard definition while Prime Video offers up to 4K streaming at no extra cost.

Unlike competitors’ streaming services, Prime Video is the only one you can get as part of an membership. If you frequently have Amazon items shipped to your home or want free delivery on grocery orders over $50, the addition of for $4 more a month is a no brainer.

Amazon Prime Video Cost And Plans: Your Quick Guide

An Amazon Prime subscription is $12.99 per month in the US. In addition to Prime Video, you can stream two million songs without the interruption of ads, enjoy access to Prime Reading and Prime Gaming, get free delivery, while members are entitled to huge exclusive savings on Prime Day. Pay $119 for an annual plan though and youll save over 20%.

International costs are as follows:

Monthly:£7.99 / $7.99 CAD / 7.99 / AU$6.99 AUD

Annual:£79.00 / $79.00 CAD / 69.00 / AU$59.00 AUD

US and UK subscribers, however, who just want iconic films and hit TV shows, can get the Prime Video plan instead for $8.99 or £5.99 a month.

Membership lets you stream to three devices simultaneously although only two viewers can watch the same title simultaneously and the majority of titles are in HD. However, a few hundred are available to enjoy in 4K UHD and HDR quality, like Marvel Studios The Avengers and Ari Aster’s breakout horror movie Hereditary.

Prime Video is compatible with any device with the Prime app. This includes: Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Fire Tablet Sony, Samsung, and LG Blu-Ray players the PS5& 4, Xbox One and Xbox Series S & X Roku, , and Apple TV media players Smart TVs from Panasonic, Vizio, Sony and LG, and Android & iOS devices. Its also available through Chrome, IE, and Edge web browsers.

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Share Amazon Prime Within Your Household

Amazon makes it easy to share Amazon Prime using Amazon Household. This program allows you to share your prime benefits with four teens, four children and one other adult in your household.

Prime Household also lets each person receive their own unique logins and passwords to access movies, music, and Kindle books.

If you decide to use the service with children you can set it up so that parents must approve the order.

While this isnt free its a great way to split the costs with roommates or a spouse.

Is Paramount Plus Included With Prime Video

How to Cancel Your Amazon Prime Membership (and Why You ...

Amazon Prime Video is the e-commerce giants streaming wing, offering a bunch of solid shows, movies, and original content to all Amazon Prime users. By default, you get Amazons original shows, movies, and some free-to-view content. However, if youre looking to get more exclusive stuff, youll need to shell out extra bucks for Prime Video Channels.

This new streaming service, Paramount Plus, is indeed available on Amazon Prime Video, but only as a paid channel. If you wish to watch all of CBSs great offerings and more, youll need to subscribe to the Paramount Plus channel separately.

Live sports, breaking news, and a mountain of entertainment. CBS All Access is becoming Paramount+ on March 4th.


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Prime Day Is Mostly A Huge Garage Sale

If youre holding onto your Prime membership to get a better angle on deals for Prime Day, really, was it worth it in past years? Most of the deals are on Amazons proprietary products and third-party items that likely didnt sell well. Just like a garage sale, there may be a hidden treasure among the tchotchkes. You will find some flash and dazzle — good deals on televisions and computers, for instance. But buyers remorse can quickly set in, as it did with my Ancestry DNA kit and Kindle impulse purchases.

Amazon Prime Video Vs Netflix Canada

Now to answer the question we’ve all been asking: how does Amazon Prime Video compare to Netflix? Since both streaming services can vary based on where you live, we’re going to exclusively look at the perks of the Canadian versions only. Since they’re both video streaming platforms, they’re similar in premise, but there are a LOT of differences you may not know about.

First, the obvious difference is their content. In general, both Amazon Prime and Netflix offer a pretty wide range of shows and movies in almost any genre you can imagine. They both also create their own original content, and that’s where things get a little tricky. You can’t access Netflix Originals on Amazon Prime Video and vice-versa. So if you absolutely need to watch Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things or Homecoming, find out whose it is and stick with that platform.

Second, there’s the price difference. While Amazon Prime Video only costs Canadians $7.99 a month and is included with a regular Amazon Prime membership, Netflix Canada charges $8.99 for a basic package and $10.99 for their standard package or $13.99 a month for premium. Both services offer a free one-month trial, though, so you can test them out and see what you like best.

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What Is Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a membership service offered by Amazon to give you amazing deals on thousands of products on Amazon.

Amazon Prime benefits:

  • FREE Two-Day Shipping on millions of items
  • The ability to rent Kindle ebooks from their nearly unlimited collection. These Kindle books are 100% free if you have a Kindle, Fire tablet, or Amazon Fire phone
  • Unlimited instant streaming of tens of thousands of movies and TV shows with Prime Video.
  • Unlimited ad-free access to over two million songs and over a thousand playlists
  • Free unlimited photo storage with Prime Photos
  • Some cities can use Amazon Prime for grocery delivery
  • Free release date delivery

Millions of people pay for Amazon Prime each year. Were going to show you how you can get Amazon Prime for free.

It Does Have A Decent Film And Tv Selection

Why I Don’t Pay For Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video is, simply, not as cool as Netflix after all, ones a young company specialising in movies and TV, and the other is on online retailer that sells socks. But Amazon Prime Videos collection is far better than its reputation suggests: Warner Bros. and Studiocanal provide the biggest hitters in the services catalogue, which, depending on when youre looking, ranges from Man of Steel and Gravity to Paddington, the Shaun the Sheep movie and The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. eOne titles, such as The BFG, are also available.

Amazons original series, meanwhile, have stepped up their quality significantly, with Transparent and Mozart in the Jungle more than deserving their double Golden Globe wins, and The Man in the High Castle standing alongside the best TV shows of recent years. Add in ongoing exclusive deals for American Gods, Fear The Walking Dead, Black Sails, Ripper Street, Outlander, Halt and Catch Fire and Preacher, and you have an impressive standalone streaming service, let alone an appealing bonus for Prime members.

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How To Subscribe To Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus is a new streaming service, which happens to be already listed on the Amazon Prime Video Channels list.

To subscribe to the Channel, first, go to and sign in with your username and password. Now, click on the Your Accounts section and go to Your Prime Video. Then, go to Channels and expand the list. Finally, pick Paramount Plus and start your trial. After the trial period ends, youll be charged either $5.99 or $9.99 per month.

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