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Does Amazon Deliver To My Address

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Does Amazon Deliver To Po Boxes

How to add Amazon Locker Pickup locations on Amazon Address Book to deliver your packages

Yes, and its third-party marketplace sellers do ship items to PO boxes. However, Amazon uses a lot of couriers, like Fedex and UPS, that dont deliver to PO boxes. This means a lot of products sold on wont be delivered to your PO box. Amazon shoppers are encouraged to use General Delivery addresses or their pickup locations to avoid problems.

If you want to learn more about Amazon deliveries and how to receive your packages with or without a PO box, read on

Who Is Responsible For The Wrong Delivery Amazon Driver Or Customer

The frequently asked question is Who is responsible for Amazon delivery to Wrong Address? It is important to note that it could be the Driver or Customers fault. How?

Some of the drivers who work for Amazon delivery do not work directly for Amazon, in this case, they cant be held accountable for wrong delivery, Although the delivery services may choose to hold drivers responsible. However, in cases where the courier didnt read the label on the package correctly, it is the drivers fault.

The Customer is held responsible if he/she makes a mistake of entering the wrong information while filling in his/her details. Nonetheless, it has been stated Amazon that on no account will they be responsible for whatever actions taken by the delivery services they work with.

Driver Delivered To Wrong Address Amazon Tells Me To Go Find It

Received notification that two packages were delivered so I looked at my front and back doors and no package was there. Looked at the delivery status online that the picture shows the package sitting at a door that is NOT mine.

As a Prime member I am really trying to figure out why I pay them as much as I do for all the issues I have with their shipping and their unwillingness to do anything about it.

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Access Codes And Delivery Instructions

If the delivery address requires an access code, please provide this code prior to your item shipping via Manage Address Book. Locate the address you want to update and click “Edit” then provide the access code in the field “Security Access Code.” This information will be saved and applied to any future orders you place.

If you’ve already placed your order you can update your access code, request cancellation, or add delivery instructions for that individual order through Your Orders.

Note: Property managers can provide Amazon delivery and access information for their facilities via the .

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What Amazon Items Can You Ship To India

Using our two options, you can shop on Amazon USA or Amazon UK to India.

Amazons product lines available on its website include all types of media , apparel, baby products, consumer electronics, beauty products, gourmet food, groceries, health and personal-care items, industrial & scientific supplies, kitchen items, jewelry, watches, lawn and garden items, musical instruments, sporting goods, tools, automotive items, and toys & games.

How To Prevent Amazon Package Theft: 8 Security Moves

If you tend to skip the strip mall in favor of online aisles, you know the worry that comes when your delivered packages are left vulnerable on your doorstep. And these worries are well founded.

According to a study by Insurance Quotes, 18% of American shoppers had packages stolen in 2020.1

Dont let your hassle-free Amazon deliveries fall victim to package thieves. Tracking down stolen items defeats the purpose of all that online convenience and causes unneeded anxiety.

Thankfully, you can take security measures to even when youre not at home. Here are eight smart moves you can make to foil the plans of porch pirates and prevent package theft.

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How To Change The Shipping Address For An Amazon Order

  • You can change the shipping address of an Amazon order as long as it’s being delivered by Amazon and hasn’t shipped yet.
  • You can find the option to change your delivery address on the order page on the Amazon website.
  • If the item has already shipped or is being sent by a third-party service like FedEx, you’ll need to cancel the order and place it again with the correct address.
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Amazon makes it easy to store multiple shipping addresses, which is something of a double-edged sword. Shipping a gift to friends or family is often a simple matter of selecting the right address from a list when placing the order. But at the same time, you can accidentally choose the wrong address and not discover the error until after you’ve completed the purchase.

Quick tip: If your order is being delivered by a third party carrier like FedEx, the delivery address can’t be changed after the order is placed, so you’ll need to cancel it and start over.

If the order is being shipped by Amazon’s own delivery fleet, you can simply edit your order and change the delivery address any time before the order leaves the warehouse, because Amazon doesn’t need to send the delivery info to a third party like FedEx or UPS. Here’s what you need to know.

Amazon Delivered To The Wrong House Now What

how to change delivery address in amazon, how do i change my shipping address on amazon

All right, youâve given it a couple of days to see if your package would actually arrive but it looks like something really did go sideways.

You are sure that your package hasnât been delivered to the right address. You think that Amazon delivered to the wrong house and you need to get this straightened out ASAP.

Hereâs what youâre going to want to do!

Try and Track Down Your Package

For starters, itâs a good idea to try and track down your package to its last known location.

Jump on Amazon , pull up the order that has gone missing, and have a look at the tracking information. Check to confirm that it is in fact telling you it has been delivered and isnât still in transit.

If you see that âdeliveredâ message, though, itâs time to work backwards from there. See what USPS facilities the package moved through. You might need to contact those organizations directly for more information.

Double Check Your Home for a Package You Think is Missing

Before you do that, though, itâs a good idea to have a look around your home just to make sure that your package isnât hiding somewhere.

Every now and again a new driver or mail carrier is hired on and they might not leave your package is the same place the old one did. Maybe there was a lot of rain or standing water and your package was placed somewhere you didnât expect to protect it.

Ask Around to See If Your Neighbors Have Your Package

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Expect A Transfer To The Amazon Logistics Department

Of course, the traditional Amazon Customer Service department isnât equipped specifically to handle these kinds of issues.

No, you are likely going to be transferred over to a member of the Amazon Logistics Department sooner rather than later. Just know that this transfer is going to get you closer to getting the assistance that you need.

These are the experts that deal with the shipping and fulfillment side of the Amazon, and they are the ones that are going to either help you track down your missing package, initiate another delivery to the right address, or get the refund process rolling for you.

How To Change The Shipping Address On An Order By Amazon

After placing an order on Amazon, you can update your shipping address at anytime prior to the actual shipment of your order — Amazon does not allow you to update your shipping address once your order has shipped. You can update your shipping address directly from your Amazon account home page. Once your order ships, the system will not allow you to update your shipping address.


Go to your Amazon account home page.


Enter your Amazon email address and password and click the “Sign In” button.


Select the “View Open Orders” option under the “Order History” subsection.


Select the order for which you want to change the shipping address.



Enter the corrected shipping information and click the “Save” button to update your shipping information.


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Is It Always Amazons Fault

It isnât always Amazonâs fault that a package gets delivered to the wrong house, either.

Sometimes it definitely is. The wrong shipping label gets printed, attached to the wrong box, and all of a sudden products headed for Massachusetts are now on their way to Hawaii.

Thatâs 100% on Amazon.

Sometimes, though, the shipper responsible for getting the package from Amazon to your doorstep messes up somewhere along the line. Maybe a bunch of boxes end up getting dumped at the same address when they should have been split up into multiple deliveries.

At the end of the day, who got this wrong isnât quite as important as tracking down your package and making sure that it gets to the right address. And then making sure it never happens again, of course!

Does Myus Offer Refunds Or Return Services


Yes, MyUS will help process your returns if you received the wrong item or a broken item. In fact, theyll even notify you if your purchases arrive damaged at their facility, so you dont have to wait for your order to arrive at your doorstep in India before finding out.

You can also request them to take detailed photos of your purchases to make sure the Amazonseller you ordered from shipped the correct items.

But every Amazonseller is different. Most will offer refunds and returns, but sometimes youll have to pay for necessary shipping fees to India. So make sure to check the stores return and refund policy before you checkout your order.

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Myus Alternatives What To Do If Amazon Wont Ship To Your Myus Address

If you encounter this issue, the solution is to use a personal shopping service or to buy your product on eBay.

1. eBay:This is a great option because almost all sellers on eBay ship to freight forwarders and many even ship internationally. To filter by shipping to your country, click on any item, click on shipping and payments which should be halfway down the page, then select your country. Now when you search on eBay, itll display international shipping prices.

2. Personal Shopping Services: These services will place the order for you and then ship to your international address.,, and all offer concierge services where they will buy the item for you and then ship it to your address. The biggest difference is that MyUS charges 8% of the purchase price, FishisFast charges $5 + 7%, and BigAppleBuddy charges a $50 flat rate + $15 for each additional item.

Pick Up Packages In Person

It may not be quite as convenient as receiving deliveries at your front door, but one sure way to guarantee safety is to have packages held at the post office or delivery service store until you can pick them up yourself.

Both FedEx and UPS provide options for you to have packages held at a local location rather than dropped off at your home. Another way to ensure secure delivery is to require a signature upon receipt. That way, if youre not home to accept the delivery, your packages wont be left unattended.

Another way to prevent package theft is to sign up for package delivery tracking. Most delivery companiesincluding Amazonlet you track your package from the warehouse right up to your porch.

I get alerts from , USPS, and UPS that tell me when my delivery is within five or fewer stops of my house. That way I can either make sure I’m home when the package is delivered, or ask a friend or neighbor to grab it for me.

Tracking your deliveries is a great way to make sure your packages land in your handsnot those of a porch pirate.

“No matter what you do, reducing opportunity is the key. However, that varies for each person/place. If your home has lots of traffic in front and is close to the road, you may need a higher level of security efforts than other homes. So you need to consider your risk and develop security appropriately.”

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Can I Ask The Mailman For My Mail

You can ask to pick up your mail at the post office. If you are going out of town, management might accommodate you, but they will not do it if you just want your mail early. Its not a good idea to stop your carrier on the route. Rural carriers may have letters and flats together, but city carriers do not.

Using Amazon Germany In The Netherlands

What Should I Put As My Shipping Address For Suppliers? For Amazon FBA Sellers

From personal experience and recommendation of locals in Amsterdam, the best route is usually to purchase off so Ill start off with this site first.

  • free shipping for most items
  • site is also available in English and Dutch
  • electronic products use European plugs
  • easier to compare pricing since its in Euros
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    How To Change Shipping Address On Amazon Pre Order

    If you want to change your Amazon shipping address pre-order, change the default shipping address on your Amazon account.

    You can do this using an existing address in your address list. Or you could add a new address to the list. Here are the steps:

  • Open . Then login with your Amazon account.
  • On the top right of your Amazon account, hover over Account & Lists. Then click Your Account. Your Amazon account page will open. See the second screenshot below
  • On your Amazon account page, scroll down to the Ordering and shopping preferences section. Then, click Your Addresses.
  • On Your Addresses page, your default shipping address will be listed first. Additionally, all other addresses in the list will have Set as default on the bottom right of the address. To change any address to your default shipping address, click the Set as default link beneath the address.
  • Alternatively, if you want to add a new address, click Add Address.
  • Then, on the Add a new address page enter your name, address details, and a delivery instruction . When you finish, beneath the form click Add address. Additionally, if you want to make this new address your default shipping address, before Delivery instructions , check the Make this my default address checkbox.
  • You will receive a confirmation that the new address has been saved.
  • Reporting A Package Sent To The Wrong Address Via Your Track Package Tools

    Amazon also gives you the ability to report packages that were sent to the wrong address through the âTrack Packageâ tools on their website or in the mobile app.

    Youâll need to first open up YOUR ORDERS, click on the specific order that you are trying to find, and then click the âTrack Packageâ button .

    From there youâll be provided with a whole host of information about the last tracking updates for your package, including the delivery confirmation to the wrong address that you are looking to remedy to begin with.

    Use the HELP section inside the Track Package menu to confirm that the package was dropped off at the wrong address and youâll be rerouted immediately to either someone in customer support or to someone from the Logistics Department.

    At the end of the day, youâre going to be able to get pretty quick help for this problem without a lot of headache or hassle!

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    How To Send A Gift On Amazon Without Knowing The Recipient’s Address

    If you just picked out a gift for your family member or friend on Amazon, here’s how you can send it to them through text or email:

    1. Add the gift to your cart using Amazon’s mobile app.

    2. Tap Add a gift receipt for easy returns and then tap Proceed to checkout.

    3. Once at checkout, select the option to Let the recipient provide their address and tap Continue.

    4. Enter the recipient’s phone number or email address. This is where you can also add a custom message sent alongside your gift. You can also select gift wrapping at this stage.

    5. Place your order by clicking Continue. The recipient will then be notified and asked to accept the gift.

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    Does Amazon ship to...?

    And you might laugh at this suggestion, but its not unusual to leave Disney World wishing you had an extra suitcase for all your souvenirs. If you realize halfway through your trip that your new purchases are bigger than you planned, why not just order another suitcase?

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    How To Change Shipping Address On Amazon If Order Is Already Placed

    If you already placed an order and the status is still Open you can change the shipping address. Here are the steps

  • Open . Then login with your Amazon account.
  • On the top right of your Amazon account, hover over Account & Lists. Then click Your Orders.
  • You could also access Your Orders page by clicking Return & Orders . This button is available for it may not be available for your Amazon marketplace.
  • Finally, on your Amazon Orders page, click Open Orders tab. If you have any Open orders they will be listed here. You can open an order and change the shipping address.
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