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Does Amazon Give Free Shipping

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Amazon Relies On Sellers To Finance Prime

How to get free shipping from Amazon!

In addition to relying heavily on the profits theyll make, Amazon also relies on its sellers to finance the costs of Prime.The Fulfillment By Amazon program allows sellers to ship their products to Amazon, which will then store the products in their warehouses and ship them to customers.But Amazon doesnt offer this service out of the goodness of their hearts. They charge sellers a variety of fees to finance the cost of the program .They charge for order handling, packing, weight handling, and the storage space in their warehouses. For standard size items, they charge $0.64 per cubic foot. For oversized items they charge $0.43 per cubic foot. All these prices increase during peak selling seasons, such as around Christmas. Amazon also cleans out inventory thats been on shelves from between 6-12 months, and they charge for the cleanup.With millions of merchants relying on Amazon to ship their products, these assorted fees allow Amazon to significantly offset all the costs.These fees may be high, but merchants know that customers want Prime shipping and so the merchants pay up.

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Why Wont Amazon Let Me Print A Return Label

In an effort to make your returns easier Amazon often doesnt give you the option to print a label at home and box up the item yourself.

Instead they want to send you to Kohls location or a UPS Store and let them box it up for you.

If youre like me, this is a pain in the butt as I dont live near a Kohls or UPS Store and would rather box up my return myself and drop it off at a UPS collection station.

But a clever workaround is to start a Live Chat session and tell them you need a return label, theyll email you one and make one available in your account.

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Skip Prime Membership But Still Get Free 2

If you arent interested in the music, kindle ebooks, and other services included in Amazon Prime you can always skip the membership entirely.

Instead, if you spend over $35 on eligible purchases you still receive free, 2-day shipping. Depending on the retailer you might have to spend $75 or even $100 to receive the free, 2-day shipping.

Also, if your item is under the limit but you dont want or need to buy anything else try this trick. Find an item that is pre-order and not yet available on Amazon.

Add this item to your cart to get past your threshold but you wont be charged for this item until it actually ships.

If you dont want the item simply cancel that part of the order to make sure you arent charged.

I wouldnt recommend doing this too frequently but its a great option if you need the 2-day shipping without spending any more money.

Do You Want A Free Twitch Subscription Through Prime

Why is Amazon Shipping in Huge Boxes? Inside Edition

With Prime Gaming, you get a free subscription to Twitch, plus access to lots of free games for PCs. The cost of a Twitch subscription itself is normally $4.99. You can pay more for subscriptions that come with extra emotes, but for the sake of comparison well just go with the basic, tier 1 package.

At $4.99/month, Prime in and of itself wont save you money over purchasing directly through Twitch. But if you have a Prime membership anyways, it will save you an additional $60-ish per year since you wont have to pay the separate Twitch subscription fee.

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Do You Want Free Access To E

You also get anytime access to thousands of well-known titles like Harry Potter or 7 Habits of Highly Effective People through Prime access to KindleUnlimited.

Lets say each book is valued at $8.99, which is a conservative estimate. The monthly free pre-releases would be worth about $108 over the course of a year. If you read 4 additional books through KindleUnlimited over the course of the year, this aspect of Prime alone would pay for itself.

But if youre not a big reader? Its kind of a moot point.

More Ways To Save With Online Coupons

Looking for even more savings? Check out the Amazon coupons page where youll find coupons you can add to your cart with one click. Browse through a selection of deals for Amazon groceries, toys, electronics, clothing and accessories, personal care products, pet products, and so much more! Make sure to check out our Amazon Canada page as well to see the most recent sales and offers.

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What Items Cannot Be Returned

Because Amazon sells so many different products this list is quite long.

Grocery/Prime Pantry products Perishable produce, dairy, and meats are not eligible for a return.

Live Insects Unless your lady bugs or ants show up dead youre stuck with them.

Downloadable Software This keeps people from downloading the program then returning it.

Gift Cards Fortunately these are basically like cash.

Online Subscriptions This includes Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited, and Prime Student.

Hazardous Materials or Gas Youll need to contact the manufacturer directly.

Some Personal Care Items Not sure what items specifically.

Pet Food Not returnable but youre eligible for a refund if there is something wrong with the food.

Live Plants/Fresh Flowers Make sure you really want that house plant before you order it.

Some Jewelry Items Think personalized jewelry that cant be resold.

Stuff Missing the UPC or Serial # If an item is tampered with and this information is removed youre stuck with it.

If you order one of these non-returnable items and it arrives damaged or defective you should to get resolution to the problem.

Amazons Whole Foods Delivery + Pickup

How to Get Free Shipping with Amazon


Amazons Whole Foods $9.95 contactless delivery and free pickup options are available at select locations for Prime members only. Find out if a Whole Foods location near you offers free delivery services. Shoppers can choose one-hour pickups or two-hour deliveries. Prime members also get an extra 10% off Whole Foods sale items.

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Doesnt Amazons Prime Revenue Help

It helps, but its likely not enough. Its estimated Amazon spent $5-6B last year on digital content for Amazon Prime, or $40 per Prime customer. That leaves only $79/customer to allocate to Amazons shipping costs. This probably doesnt cover the 24 orders per year that Prime customers place. Of course, the math is more complex, LTV, etc., but you get the picture

So, you guessed it, someone else is subsidizing shipping.

Amazon Scout Robot Delivery


Amazons Scout robot delivery program is currently still being tested. Read more about the Scout Robot Delivery.

How does Scout Delivery work?

Prime members who order in the Scout Robot Delivery test areas can have their packages delivered via an autonomous robot with free Same-Day, One-Day and Two-Day shipping. Youll receive a text when the robot arrives to retrieve your package.

Where is Scout Delivery available?

Amazon Scout robots are making test deliveries in Snohomish County, Washington and Irvine, California, Monday through Friday, during daylight hours.

What can I order using Scout Delivery?

You can order anything that fits inside the large cooler-sized robot.

How much is Scout Delivery?

There are no further details yet from Amazon whether Scout deliveries will be only for Prime members, but it will cost the same as your current Amazon orders.

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Shop Amazon Daily Deals

You can browse the Amazon “Deal of the Day” or their weekly deals for some of the best discounts that they have to offer. Every week, their team curates a selection of their best-selling products, including Amazon Kindle readers and the latest tech like an Amazon Nintendo Switch, so check back often to avoid missing out. Find Amazon Daily Deals online or through the app and don’t forget to combine their offers with an Amazon promo code from our page for an even better value! Their Amazon Prime deals are also something you’ll want to visit, so head there now to start saving big.

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Amazon Prime customers complain of delivery delays

In less than two decades, Amazon single-handedly transformed the way we think about online shopping. Before Prime launched in 2005, two-day shipping was virtually unheard of now more than 100 million people use the service, and they expect the things they order online to arrive at their doorsteps in 48 hours or less.

Theres just one problem: Amazon, which has focused on obtaining customers at all costs for decades, seems to be looking for ways to cut down on shipping costs. In some cases, that means weaning Prime users off the near-instantaneous shipping theyve come to expect.

In the beginning, free two-day shipping was Primes biggest draw. Memberships were cheap $79 a year in 2005 and $119 today and users had the option of paying a small fee to get their orders delivered in just one day. Today, Prime is about much more than package delivery: Users can order everything from groceries to a house cleaner through Amazon. But as Amazon has expanded, the promise of free two-day shipping, the main draw of Prime, has begun to come with a lot of caveats.

The result? Prime orders dont necessarily arrive in two days anymore, nor are they always delivered to customers homes. All of this makes sense from a financial perspective, but that may not be enough to win customers over.

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Prime Customers Pay For And Expect Quick Free Shipping They Arent Always Happy About Amazons Cost

Two-day Prime shipping isnt necessarily a thing of the past, but its undeniable that Amazon delivery isnt as seamless as it used to be.

Amazon doesnt deliver some small items, like razors or hair ties, individually. Instead, customers have to purchase $25 worth of goods before Amazon will send out the box with those items the point, according to the company, is to give customers access to low-cost items that would be cost-prohibitive to ship on their own. Since 2011, Amazon has given users the option to have packages delivered to lockers, which are basically branded PO boxes, instead of to their homes or offices. Most recently, Amazon rolled out, a new delivery option that lets customers choose a specific day for all their orders to arrive.

All of this makes sense from a financial perspective. Delivering packages to a single location instead of hundreds of individual homes cuts costs, and requiring customers to meet a delivery minimum for small orders helps Amazon consolidate deliveries, as does the Amazon Day program.

But the response to these new initiatives has been mixed at best.

He continued:

This is not just around holidays. no longer means what we’ve been brainwashed to think it means. IMO all the other “benefits” stuffed into Prime are meant to distract customers as the core but expensive shipping promise is deliberately eroded

Evan Sirof

Shop Amazon Daily Deals To Save Even More

Browse 100s of new items on sale every day with Amazons daily deals. Shop categories like Amazon devices, computers and accessories, electronics, beauty products, toys, clothing, and more for up to 70% off every day! You can sort by category, price, customer rating, and prime delivery to make it easier to find exactly what youre looking for, so make sure you browse through the daily deals before you make your purchase. You never know what youll find!

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Make Sure You Get The Best Price With Save For Later

Not sure about your purchase or really want something but dont want to pay full price? Add it to your cart and then click Save For Later to keep an eye on your favourite products and get notified of any price changes right away! You can always add things to your wish list as well, but you have to check the prices yourself so use Save For Later to make sure you never miss a sale.

What Exactly Is Their Return Policy

Amazon Is Quietly Shipping Non-Amazon Orders To Compete With FedEx, UPS

Here are the important details:

You have 30 days from date of delivery to return items for free for a full refund if the item is defective, damaged, or the incorrect product.

Items must be sold and/or fulfilled by Amazon directly, otherwise the customer has to pay for return shipping, MAYBE. See below for details.

Return policy does NOT apply to international shipping.

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Shop Amazon Sales & Deals

One of the most prominent Amazon sales is Prime Day, an annual two-day shopping event exclusively for those with an Amazon Canada Prime membership. Here you can get an amazing Amazon Canada deal or even a special Amazon Canada discount code to use on any wishlist items. It’s not at a set time every year. but is announced early, so keep an eye on this page to avoid missing out.

Aside from these, you can also get an amazing Amazon coupon and additional Amazon Canada Prime deals during big holidays and events like Christmas and Black Friday. You also want to check out the Amazon Canada deal of the day, and take advantage of their student discount, which includes a 6-month free trial and 50% off the full membership fee!

Take Advantage Of Amazon Prime Day

Each of the last three years Amazon has what is known as Amazon Prime Day. Amazon Prime day is similar to Black Friday and has tons of great deals on a variety of products.

These days include some pretty epic deals on TVs, tablets, laptops, and Amazon products .

While this isnt a free way to get Amazon Prime you can use a 30-day free trial to take full advantage and get free, 2-day shipping.

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Are You Willing To Get Your Packages A Few Days Later If It Means Free Money

Stay with me here. Yes, when youre a Prime member you get free shipping. Free 2-day shipping in a lot of instances.

But also, you can choose no-rush shipping and get your package in five days instead of one or two, plus earn $1 toward eligible ebooks, movie rentals, and other digital purchases.

To earn even more, create separate orders for each of your items, and youll get separate credits every time you choose no-rush shipping.

No-rush shipping isnt available for every item, though, so its not like youll be eligible for $1 in credit for every single order you place as a Prime member.

How To Get Free Returns On Amazon

Amazon Prime

Make Amazon returns and exchanges easier with these tips and tricks.

Dale Smith

Associate Writer

As an Associate Writer on the How-To team at CNET, Dale believes tech is meant for the masses. It’s his goal to make even the most complex gadgets and apps accessible to everyone. He has an MFA in writing and always answers the phone when family calls with tech questions.

Nelson Aguilar

Nelson Aguilar is an LA-based tech writer and graduate of UCLA. With more than a decade of experience, he covers iPhone, Android, Windows 11 and Mac and writes on privacy and security, cryptocurrency and NFT trends.

You order something from Amazon, and it arrives a few days later. You excitedly open the package, but then realize there’s a problem. Maybe the product is incorrect or broken, or maybe you’re just not happy with it. Whatever the reason, now it’s time to do a return or exchange — and that isn’t always easy .

Read more:

In this story, we’ll show you everything you need to know to make Amazon returns without having to pay a dime, including giving valid reasons for returns, returning products purchased via Alexa, having UPS pick up your package from your home for free and more.

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What To Do If Your Amazon Prime Delivery Is Late

Ensure your Prime purchases arrive on time

Amazon is renowned for its ultra-fast deliveries, but even the biggest online retailer in the world can drop the ball from time to time. So how can you avoid an Amazon Prime late delivery when shopping the best ? After all, members are now paying $139/year for expedited deliveries and the last thing you want as a paying member is an Amazon Prime late delivery.

Also, with Walmart Plus widely available, Prime members have more options than ever for expedited delivery. Here are some pointers on what to do if you receive an Amazon Prime late delivery in the coming days. .

  • Shop

Do You Like Using Amazon Locker

If you dont like packages sitting out on your porch all day, as a Prime member, youll get to . Sure, non-Prime members can use them too. But they pay shipping fees like a regular Amazon delivery. So, again, do it 27+ times in a year and youll have paid the equivalent of a Prime membership without getting the benefits.

Another way Amazon tries to solve the packages-on-the-porch-all-day problem is by offering Prime members up to two Amazon Days per week. This is a day of your choice to receive Amazon orders Amazon will combine items into single packages as often as possible to give a shout out to the planet too.

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