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Does Amazon Have Affiliate Program

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What Is The Amazon Affiliate Program

How Does the Amazon Affiliate Program Work-Your Questions Answered

The Amazon Affiliate program, or , is an affiliate marketing program. It’s free for website owners and bloggers to become Amazon Associates. They advertise products from on their sites by creating links. When customers click the links and buy products from Amazon, they earn referral fees.

The 4% Gnc Commission

The commission for the GNC affiliate program is 4%. This is a little bit disappointing and more than a bit underwhelming. I think its to be expected that a large brand like this would have a smaller commission than some other supplement companies but 4% is getting awfully close to the minimum 1% to 3% that Amazon Associates offers their Affiliates.

The Saving Grace is of course the GNC brand because it is so well-known and popular that it makes sense to try and integrate their affiliate program into your Niche website even with the lowest commission.

However there are other supplement Affiliates out there that are going to offer you much better terms and have similar products but without the great name recognition that GNC brings.

So you have to do a bit of testing to see if the 4% you get from GNC works better than the 8 or 10% you get for somewhere else when you take into account conversion rates and popularity of the brand.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

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By Nerea Boada, on 25 March 2021

Affiliate has been booming in recent years with over 80% of businesses now participating in some sort of affiliate program. Predictably, Amazon is a big player in the game of affiliate marketing and runs a very successful program of its own its actually one of the largest affiliate networks in the world. Not surprising when you consider that Amazon sales make up about 40% of total purchases made online. Many content creators are already taking advantage of its benefits and it could be a viable monetization option for your business too. Here well breakdown Amazon affiliate marketing and how to set up and run your own account.

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How Does Amazon Pay

There are options for either direct deposit or a check (depending upon where you live and the type of Amazon links you promote. Make sure you have added your bank and address details to your account. Click on Payment Details and update to include how you wish to be paid and your payout threshold.

If you happen to promote internationally, Amazon has a feature to get those funds in your local account. It may not be available where you reside, but it is worth investigating.

The Potential Of The Gnc Affiliate Program

Does GNC Have An Affiliate Program? Is It A Good ...

I think theres some potential for this affiliate program if you are operating in the supplements, nutrition or a similar General Health type niche. The issue here is really the commission and the tracking cookie.

They really limit the overall potential of this affiliate program because they are a bit lower than you like to see for a typical affiliate program. Theyre certainly better than Amazon Associates which is another affiliate program that you can use to promote GNC products. But its not enough of a difference to really maximize the potential of this very popular and well-known brand.

Its really a shame because if that commission was just a little bit higher maybe 8%, then this would be an outstanding affiliate program because of the name recognition and because of the quality of their products. If you take it a step further and give it a 30-day tracking cookie then you have one of the best affiliate programs in the entire supplement niche.

But those are ifs and buts and not the reality that we are faced with. Still, GNC is a big enough brand that you should really consider having it in your affiliate arsenal if you are in the supplement or nutrition niches. Just dont expect too much out of it.

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Create A Link Through The Amazon Associates Page

There may be times when Amazon does not let you link to a product or when you want to link to a search result rather than a product. You may not be able to use stripe for these links. You will need to make them through the associates platform.

Log into your Amazon associates account and then Product Linking. Scroll down to Link to Any Page.

You will get the links in the same way as you did through stripe and will add them to your content in the same fashion.

Earn Money By Becoming Amazon Influencers

Amazon Influencers is also a kind of Affiliate Program. It is not like Amazon Associates but different from it. Amazon Influencers earn money by promoting products on social media.

This work is good for those people who have a good blog/website or social media account with a lot of followers. Then it can become a good way for you to earn money. You must have often seen many people who review the products.

This means that people who review a product or service and encourage users to buy that product are called Influencers.

You do not have to do anything to earn money from Amazon, just use the products made by Amazon and review them by doing your social media account and website. You can also do this work on Youtube.

This is a tremendous way to earn money from Amazon, but it is effective only for those people who have very good followers on media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.

If you are very famous on these platforms and you also have millions of followers, then you can easily earn money by becoming an Amazon Influencer.

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Connect Your Website And Social Accounts To Your Amazon Account

When you set up your account, you will need to let them know everywhere you will be using the links. Make sure to include your social accounts as well as your website. When you log into your Amazon Associates account, click on your name at the top, and from the dropdown, select Account Settings.

Then, under the next menu, select Edit Your Website and Mobile App list.

Enter all of the pages and sites you will be using to promote your website. Thats all you need to do!

Make Sure You Use Proper Website Layout

How To Sign Up For Amazon Affiliate Program 2020

Your website layout and design play a significant role in your Amazon affiliate success. There are several things you should keep in mind when you are creating your website.

With these things in mind, you can focus more on content creation.

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What Is An Amazon Affiliate

As mentioned earlier, to become an Amazon affiliate you must go to their Associates Program page where you can sign up for free. Typically, they want you to already have a website before they will approve you, but in general, everyone is approved.

Once you are approved, you will be given a backoffice that you can log in to.

This is the headquarters for every Amazon affiliate. You can see all of your analytics, how many sales youve made, what youve sold, and a whole lot more. This is also where you can create tracking links an important step to successful sales, which we will talk about below.

As an Amazon affiliate, you can sell any product that Amazon sells, and Amazon will give you a cut of the profits.

You can learn more about the Amazon affiliate business model, how affiliate marketing works and get an action plant hat can help you start making money by watching our Youtube video below:

You Only Have Six Months To Make Your First Three Sales

To some people, six months to make three sales sounds like a long time. In fact, it’s a pretty generous time frame. However, if you haven’t been sending Amazon any legitimate traffic through the affiliate links you’ve placed on your website in that time frame, then you’ll be removed from the Amazon Associate program.

In fact, before you make your first sale, your application to join the program is only pending.

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How To Get Started Promoting Products With Your Amazon Affiliate Links

Now that youve set up your account, the next step is getting your first affiliate link. Thankfully, this part is a little shorter than setting up your account!

Go to . On that page, youll see the option to create an affiliate link for a specific product, either by searching or browsing for it.

Well do a search for my book Will It Fly?.

There it is in the first result! From here, if you want to grab your affiliate link for this product, click on the down arrow next to the yellow Get link button to the right of the product name.

A window will pop up with your affiliate link. You also have the option to shorten the URL using Amazons link shortening tool, if you like.

You can use this URL to hyperlink mentions of the product in your content. However, you also have other options for adding your affiliate link to your content, including adding a thumbnail image of the product. You can access these additional options by clicking the yellow Get link button itself .

From here, you can create a custom link with text, image, or both, plus custom colors for the background, title, and price of the item. The great part is, you just need to embed the code given to you, and all the correct product data will be pulled from Amazon right to your site.

Now your affiliate link is ready to be used in your content!

Lead Magnet And Email

Amazon Associates: How to Make $1000 a Month (Using SEO)

Many successful affiliate marketers have a basic two-page website and an email marketing system that does their affiliate promotions on autopilot to make passive income. One page is a landing page that promotes a lead magnet to entice people to subscribe to the email. Once subscribed, the visitor is sent to the second page, which often has information about an affiliate product.

The email delivers the lead magnet, as well as a series of other emails that provide helpful tips and information, as well as promotions for affiliate products.

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How To Implement Amazon And Adsense

Here are some guidelines of how I would recommend implementing the 2 ad networks if you decide to try this out. First, Amazon tends to work better as text links within your content rather than banner ads.

So, dont put a big 300×250 Amazon Associates banner ad in your content. Its typically less effective.

And it just doesnt look that great.

Instead, any time you mention the product or product related phrases.

Also have a call to action near the end asking the reader to read more about the product, or check out the pricing of the product, or any other call to action that will encourage them to click on the link and view the product in Amazon.

Google Adsense on the other hand does work well as Ad units. I have discussed a few times in the past some of the .

In general, the ads that are in the content and above the fold will perform the best. I usually recommend a medium or large rectangle unit just below the title either right or left justified.

This is going to be your highest click through rate for your text ads most of the time.


I recommend using Amazon on your buying intent keywords. These are keywords with words like best or review.

Amazon can help you convert these visitors into buyers at a much higher earnings per thousand visitors than ads.

And then to become the authority in your niche, I recommend that you publish a bunch of informational content as well. How to guides, questions, etc.

What Is The Amazon Associates Program All About

  • Want to go ahead with Affiliate Marketing
  • Amazon Associates is one of the first set of affiliate marketing programs which was launched in 1996. This program has a track record of over 12 years of developing solutions for helping website owners, developers and sellers on Amazon make money by advertising tons of used and new products from and its subsidiaries like and

    Bloggers and website owners that are associates create links for customers to click on to enable them to earn referral fees. The Amazon Affiliate program is free to join and very easy to use!

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    You can earn up to 10% referral fees if you provide customers with the confidence of purchasing product via a referral link to a trusted site of yours and when they make the purchase, you get your commission.

    Another cool side is that you get up to 15% referral fee if you are promoting certain products like gadgets. What you need to do basically is to write a review on the gadget and provide an Amazon affiliate marketing link. Anyone who clicks on this link and purchases the item would automatically earn you your commission.

    Have a look at this video to get a detailed idea about Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

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    Choosing Affiliate Products To Promote

    People buy just about everything on Amazon. You should be able to find a good selection of related products to promote, whatever your site niche is.

    The first thing you can do is check the Best Sellers page. On the left side, you can browse through Departments and pick a product category relevant to your website.

    Always go with products closely related to your site niche. You can choose a broad category and niche down to the specific products to target visitors looking for particular items. This way, visitors are much more likely to click through and buy.

    For example, Camera & Photo > Accessories > Bags and Cases > Filter Cases.

    When it comes to what price point of items to promote, the rule of thumb is to go for middle-priced items. The low-priced items are usually easy to sell, but you receive too low of a commission. On the other hand, high-end products have much higher fees but wont sell as easily.

    This means that the best approach is to go for items around the $50 $200 mark. At this price point, your commissions are good, and the items will be easier to sell.

    Keep in mind that its important to promote high-quality products. So, keep an eye on the customer reviews and ratings.

    Creating Affiliate Links With Sitestripe

    Amazon Affiliate Program – 6 Ways to MAXIMIZE Your Earnings!

    The SiteStripe tool allows you to create an affiliate link directly from any items Amazon product page. Once youve set up your Amazon Associates account, the tool will automatically appear at the top of any page as long as youre logged into your account.

    To use SiteStripe, simply visit any Amazon product page for the item youd like to create an affiliate link for.

    The SiteStripe bar at the top of the page enables you to create several different types of links. You can create a native ad as illustrated above, or you can get a plain text link, an image with an embedded link or a text plus image ad. You can also click to share on Facebook or Twitter.

    Once youve selected the type of affiliate link youd like, the ad code will appear in a box beneath it, and youll simply need to copy the code and paste it on your website or social.

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    How Much Do Amazon Affiliates Make

    There are many niches and sub-niches packed with products that you can promote. So, the sky is the limit on how much you can earn with it. If you are wondering whether its possible to make a full-time income from Amazon it is possible to make 100x of that.

    You can start with one website in one specific niche, promote as many products as possible, and check the results. Then, you can expand in your niche or create a new website in another niche.

    I cant estimate how much you can make from each website. It all depends on the competition, the price of the products, and the commissions. However, there are many part-time and full-time affiliate marketers from the Amazon affiliate program alone. Also, there are success stories from affiliates with multiple websites that make over $100k per month.

    Some marketers create Amazon affiliate sites and sell them on online marketplaces. These niche websites can be worth 12 or even 36 times their monthly income. If you can reach the $500 per month, which is realistically achievable for a starter, you can easily sell it for $6,000+ and use that money to create new ones.

    How To Increase Sales In Amazon Affiliate Marketing

    Learn the best tips and tricks to increase sales with Amazon Affiliate Marketing

    Increase Sales

    1. Post links regularly to optimize your earnings

    This requires you to discover creative ways you can incorporate product recommendations into your posts on your blog while still creating the impression that you are offering your readers expertise on the subject.

    It should be noted that the links to the affiliate program Amazon provides are active for 24 hours after it is clicked by a potential buyer meaning that they expire after 24 hours with fresh links providing the opportunity to earn money.

    2. Build links for several kinds of products over time

    You get paid an advertising fee by Amazon on the whole purchase made and not just the product advertised. This means you need to make sure people use their link on Amazon so they can make the full purchase they wanted to make using your referral link.

    3. You can use your referral link to send information via email or to family members

    You earn commission on anybodys purchase, except yours, if they use your referral link within 24 hours. One tip here is that you can trade referral links with family members and friends and use their link to make your own purchases and ask them to do the same so there can be sharing of the spoils. This might not be the major way to make money in the affiliate program Amazon runs, but it can help your commission structure.

    4. Add widgets to your site

    5. Promote products worth $100 and above

    6. Use lists

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