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Does Amazon Have Payment Plans

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What Purchases Can I Make With Affirm

Amazon’s 5 Monthly payment plan: Get it now, Pay over time

You can use Affirm to pay over time for a variety of products like furniture, home goods, electronics, fashion, and more. Affirm is not eligible for certain purchases, such as Whole Foods Market or Amazon Fresh orders, digital purchases like movies or Kindle books, gift cards, and carts under $50. Affirm will not be available on Amazon checkout for purchases that arent eligible.

Amazon Pay Uses Existing Customer Credit And Debit Card Information

As the biggest online retailer in the world, Amazon already has the debit and credit card details of hundreds of millions of customers. Using Amazon Pay as a payment option means they dont need to re-enter their personal or financial details to process payments on your ecommerce site. This can reduce friction and lead to fewer abandoned shopping carts: a priority for ecommerce storeowners.

What Is Amazon Financing

Amazon financing encompasses a range of credit product and service offerings by Amazon.com to help consumer and small business customers to pay for purchases over time. Terms and conditions vary depending on creditworthiness and the structure of loans involve both installment and open-ended credit arrangements.

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Amazon Pay Can Take Recurring Payments

Amazon Pay can be setup to charge and accept payments on a recurring basis, for example for subscription billing. Amazon Pay also works with Recurly, for more precise control of your subscription options. This makes it a viable option for any business that offers goods or services on a set schedule and needs to charge customers at regular intervals.

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How To Qualify For An Amazon Payment Plan

How do I select the payment plan option? : tixr

To use an Amazon payment plan, youll have to meet the following conditions to qualify:

  • Reside in the United States
  • Have an active Amazon account thats at least one year old
  • Link a valid credit card to your account
  • Demonstrate a good Amazon payment history

Theres also some fine print regarding eligible products that qualify. Amazon monthly payment plans may only be available for new products sold and shipped by Amazon.com and certain refurbished products sold and shipped by Amazon Digital Services. Also be aware that an Amazon payment plan may not be available to every customer and may not be available to you for all qualifying products.

And you can only finance one product per category at a time. For example, if youre looking to use the monthly payment option for a Kindle e-reader and an Alexa-enabled device simultaneously, youll be out of luck since theyre both part of the wireless products category.

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How To Use Amazon Financing To Purchase Almost Anything

Amazon financing is becoming a popular topic, especially as more and more people shop online and Amazon is expanding their financing options. However, it can be a little overwhelming to understand all of these options and which one you should apply for. This quick guide is intended to simplify Amazon financing for you so you can make an informed decision.

Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card

If you have an eligible Prime membership, you may qualify for the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card, which offers 5% back on Amazon and Whole Foods Market purchases, compared to the Amazon Rewards Visas 3% back. Both cards are offered via Chase.

The Amazon Rewards Visa Card doesnt qualify for the marketplaces special financing options. However, the Amazon Prime Rewards Card is eligible for interest-free payment plans of six, 12 or 18 months.

Amazon financing payment plan for Prime Rewards Visa Card
Monthly payments
Typically, using your credit card or other rewards programs is as simple as:

  • Linking your rewards program and Amazon accounts
  • Selecting your rewards program as your payment method

If youre shopping for rewards programs beyond direct Amazon financing options, you could take advantage of another card that offers better perks for purchases you make elsewhere. For instance, if you travel often, a travel rewards card may be a better option.

Many rewards credit cards offer 0% promotional rates, so you could end up paying no interest as long as you pay off your purchase within the allotted time period within account opening.

For Amazon financing specifically, Citi card holders have the extra benefit of splitting their purchase price among equal, monthly payments.

Amazon financing payment plans for eligible Citi card holders
Monthly payments

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Does Amazon Expect Interest For Split Payments

Amazons tagline justly says, Time to Own It, and it plays a core role in amazons monthly payment items plan.

Its significant to note you dont save or spend any money by paying in installments. Amazon makes it clear in their practical terms and conditions that they do not charge interest or standard fees. There are no hidden fees or charges its just another way to pay for Amazons latest hardware. The total tax of the product will be added to the first payment, which will make it a little higher than the other payments, but that makes sense.

Amazon Prime Book Box

Amazon to Introduce Buy Now Pay Later Payment Plan

Amazon offers Prime Book Box, a monthly children’s book subscription service, to Prime members. If you subscribe, you will receive a box with four board books or two hardcover picture books or novels. Amazon said you’ll save up to 40 per cent off the list price of these books. This service costs $22.99 a month.

  • .

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Amazon Prime In Canada: What Is It How Does It Differ From The Us

Amazon brought Prime to Canada back in 2013, but the service has grown by leaps and bounds in the last eight years. The Seattle-based company boasts over two million subscribers north of the border, and there are plenty of good reasons to sign up. From streaming perks to fast and free shipping, your membership should quickly pay dividends on the subscription price. Lets dig into everything youve ever wanted to know about Amazon Prime in Canada.

If youve never tried the service, well dig into the perks, prices, and everything else you might want to know. Even if youve given Prime a shot in the past, theres bound to be a new feature or two on the menu. You can sign up right now at the button below.

How Much Does Amazon Prime Cost In Canada

Amazon Prime keeps things pretty simple with its Canadian prices. If you want a full year of the service, it will cost you CA$79, or you can go for a monthly rate of CA$7.99. The prices havent increased the same way that they have in the United States. The annual rate works out to just CA$6.58 per month for those number crunchers among you.

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If youre a student, the deal gets even better. You can get a free six-month trial of Prime courtesy of Stack TV, complete with all of the bells and whistles. Youll only have to pay half of the annual rate to stick with Prime once the six-month trial ends. Alternatively, Quebec residents can grab a two-month membership for just CA$7.99. While its not the same as a free trial, thats still an excellent way to get a free month of Amazons premium service.

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What Is The Time Limit For Amazons Payment Plan

Amazon has set up its payment plan to equate to a total of 5 payments over 4 months. Their payment schedule is as follows:

  • Initial Payment: Shipment Date
  • First Payment: 30 Days from Shipment Date
  • Second Payment: 60 Days from Shipment Date
  • Third Payment: 90 Days from Shipment Date
  • Fourth Payment: 120 Days from Shipment Date

Customers have the option to prepay any of their installments or the full remaining balance of their installments at any time,

However, customers should also note that, should they fail to meet a payment, Amazon reserves the right to retaliate by any means they see fit.

This retaliation includes suspending a customers Amazon account, blocking their access to Amazon content, and deregistering any Amazon devices a customer may own.

Therefore, customers should ensure that they are able to meet all payments before ordering a product with a payment plan.

What Credit Score Do You Need To Use Amazon Bnpl

Amazon Pay

There’s no minimum credit score requirement because Amazon doesn’t run a credit check when you choose monthly payments as your payment method.

Instead, the retailer uses four main eligibility criteria:

  • You must reside in the U.S.
  • Your Amazon account was active in the past year.
  • You need a valid credit card linked to your Amazon accountdebit cards are not accepted for this program.
  • You need to have a good payment history with the retailer.

Amazon may also consider other factors, such as your transaction history and the nature and price of the qualifying item.

Certain Capital One credit cards cant be used with the program.

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Amazon Pay Key Benefits

Amazon Pay provides businesses and buyers with several advantages.

Benefits for buyers:

  • Saves time and hassle customers dont need to re-enter their payment details.
  • Increases trust and confidence built in fraud protection, security, and the Amazon A-to-z satisfaction guarantee.
  • Usable across multiple devices available on smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops.

Benefits for businesses:

  • Easy to configure, install, and use Amazon Pay has a number of widgets, plugins, and development options to allow easy integration into any website, ecommerce store, or retail platform.
  • Subscription and recurring payments set up payments to be charged on a regular basis.
  • Metrics and reports detailed reports on transactions, charges, and many other factors.
  • CRM integration track transaction information for individual customers in your CRM.

Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card:

The Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card is very much like the Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card, but there are a couple of differences. First, you must have a Prime membership to qualify, and second, you earn 5 percent cash back on purchases from Amazon and Whole Foods Market.

Like the regular Amazon Rewards Card, the Amazon Prime Rewards Card charges no annual fee. However, you have to have a Prime membership to qualify, so you will be paying the membership fees. The variable interest range is the same as with the other card: 15.74 percent to 23.74 percent.

To qualify, you need:

  • To be 18 or older and be a U.S. citizen.
  • A valid social security number or ITIN.
  • Excellent or really good credit.
  • An active Amazon Prime membership.
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    What Does It Mean For Uk Shoppers

    Pending a successful roll out in the US there is a likely chance that the UK will follow.

    The UK’s BNPL market more than trebled in size last year, according to The Woolard Review, which was published by the Financial Conduct Authority earlier this year.

    Big names now include Klarna, Clearpay and Laybuy, who partner with retailers to allow shoppers to splice payments, often into three chunks over three months.

    Sarah Coles, personal finance analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown said: ‘The use of buy-now-pay-later is already growing at a blistering pace. In the UK more than five million people used it in the year after the onset of the pandemic.

    ‘If Amazon was to make it a feature in the UK, it could super-charge its growth.’

    Amazon is starting a trial with Affirm but expects to roll it out across the U.S. in the coming months.

    Although some payment plans will include interest, BNPL providers like Affirm will argue that they provide a more transparent and cheaper alternative to credit cards.

    On its website Affirm says: ‘Unlike credit cards and other pay-over-time options, we show consumers exactly what they will pay up front, never increase that amount, and never charge any late or hidden fees.’

    But the Woolard Review raised major concerns about the fact the BNPL market isn’t regulated and may be exacerbating debt amongst the financially vulnerable.

    ‘The Woolard Review rang alarm bells over buy-now-pay-later,’ said Coles

    Amazons Next Financial Pillar

    Amazon Plans to Pay Employees Bonuses for Working Front Lines | NBCLA

    While Amazon is making moves across the payments, cash, and lending spaces, it could also look to further expand across the financial services ecosystem.


    Amazon had patented methods for linking bank account information and for prepaid cards as early as 2004. As seen below, these patents offer supporting insights into what a bank account issued by Amazon could look like.

    The companys competitive advantage lies in its cloud infrastructure and online hosting. In the event that Amazon does decide to offer full-fledged banking account services, AWS would enable it to have cloud-based operations that would be more secure than traditional banks or its other Big Tech competitors.

    However, while Amazon has pushed into checking primarily through its Amazon Cash offering, it seems to have abandoned plans to create its own checking account so as to avoid becoming subject to strict banking regulations, according to The Information. Speculations around the launch of an Amazon checking account resurfaced in 2021, but the company has not made any official announcements so far.


    Amazon has turned its nascent interest in the insurance market into fully fledged products.

    In June 2018, The Warranty Group, which underwrites Amazon Protect in the UK and abroad, was purchased by Assurant for a rumored $2.5B. The acquisition could make it easier to expand Amazon Protect to new markets that are under Assurants umbrella of lifestyle protection products.

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    Amazon Corporate Line Of Credit:

    For those who own or manage a company in which there are multiple buyers, the Amazon Corporate Line of Credit is a great Amazon financing option. You can authorize buyers to make purchases on the account. You then have at least 55 days to pay your balance. There is no annual fee and no interest, so it can be an incredible help to business owners. It is important to note, though, that this credit can only be used on Amazon purchases.

    Amazon Pay Provides Buyers With Protection And Convenience

    Amazon Pay provides several benefits to consumers, which will encourage them to shop at your store. That includes:

    • Not having to re-enter payment and other personal information.
    • Being covered by Amazons buyer protection and satisfaction guarantee.
    • The ability to shop and checkout on any device including smartphones and tablets.
    • Fraud protection and security.

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    What If Ive Been Declined By Affirm In The Past

    When you apply to pay over time, Affirm takes into account a number of factors, which can change, depending on when you apply and where youre shopping. So you may still be able to pay over time at Amazon using financing provided by Affirm, even if you had an application that wasnt approved in the past. Checking your eligibility wont affect your credit score.

    Ways To Save With Amazon Financing

    Amazon Pay EMI Now Available for Select Mobile Users: Here

    One of my favorite ways to save money is through shopping in bulk. That is some of the best free financial advice a person can get. This can easily be done on Amazon. For instance, my husband and sons all use Degree deodorant. When I buy the type they use in the store, I easily spend between $5 and $6. On Amazon, though, there is a seller who sells a four pack of the same type of deodorant for a little over $15.

    I have a subscription with this seller so it automatically gets sent every two months. That alone is worth the money to me. With my busy life, the more I have automated, the more I can dedicate my time to what really matters.

    However, there is another benefit I love about this deal. There are only three guys using the deodorant, so every time the package comes, I put one away. If we ever have a tight month or two and need to cut costs somewhere, I have enough deodorant put away for them that I can skip that months subscription. Saving that $15 may not seem like such a big deal, but it can be- especially when combined with other savings.

    Additionally, sometimes Amazon sellers put things on crazy low sales or Amazon itself offers some really special deals. Having one of these types of credit from Amazon can help you take advantage of the deals while they are available. The key is to only put things on credit that you would normally buy.

    Lets take an example:

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    How Amazon Financing Works

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  • How the Sam’s Club Credit Carrd Works: Benefits and Rewards
  • Amazon has a unique positioning for offering credit. It has 150 million Prime subscribers, millions of users trafficking its platform, and over 2.5 million sellers. Like other retailers, this creates a huge opportunity to offer its customers credit products and financing options. Moreover, its platform for sellers also creates an opportunity to offer business credit.

    Amazons foray into financial services has always been about building opportunities for spending within the Amazon ecosystem. The company has historically been active in several fintech areas, particularly online payments. Then in 2011, it launched small business lending, and from there started to roll out different credit card products for both its small business and consumer users.

    Read more about how Amazon’s financing options work and what they have to offer.

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