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Does Amazon Prime Offer Free Audible Books

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How Much Do Audiobooks Cost On Audible

4 Months Audible just for Rs 2 | Free Audiobook | Amazon Prime day OFFER

The collection from Audible sports over 200,000 audio programs, helping to make Audible the United States largest audiobook producer and retailer. The most straightforward option to purchase from Audible is to pay a monetary amount as with most online retailers.

However, Audible also offers a credit system subscribing to an Audible subscription will give you one or two credits a month to spend. Most audiobooks will cost you a single credit, with some more significant works requiring two credits and some short works requiring a fraction of a credit. Subscribers can also purchase additional books without credits, receiving a $30 discount. You can also take advantage of an Audible free trial.

Is Audible Free With Amazon Prime

Currently, Audible is not free with Amazon Prime. Both Audible Plus and Premium Plus memberships are separate from Prime membership. However, many Audible offers and benefits are available exclusively for Prime members.

For instance, Prime members are invited to start their 30-day free trial with 2 free credits. Non-Prime members get only 1 free credit. You can use each credit to purchase a Premium title of your choice from a collection of over 500,000 titles.

If you are not eligible for the Audible Free Trial, you can still get other Prime exclusive Audible offers and benefits. Keep reading to know more.


The offers mentioned in this article are as on the day this article was last updated and are subject to change. You can check the current Audible offers for Prime members from !

During the free trial, you will also get access to Audible Plus Catalog a collection of over 12,000 titles that you can listen to without any limitation!

You can cancel your free trial membership anytime and you will not be charged if you cancel before the end of your free trial period. Besides, you can keep the books purchased with your free trial credits for a lifetime.

However, if you have already taken the free trial before, you may not be eligible for another free trial. In that case, you can choose from other Prime exclusive offers.

Where The Lost Wander

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How Does Audible Work With Amazon Prime 2021 Is It Free

A lot has changed with Audible and its subscription plans over the last few months. And these changes can also be noticed in how Audible works with Amazon Prime.

In August 2020, Audible introduced a new membership plan Audible Plus and renamed its Gold & Platinum membership plans as Premium Plus.

Further, it has also tried to incorporate the idea of Unlimited listening through the Audible Plus Catalog feature in its membership plans.

It also seems to have discontinued its Amazon Prime Audible Channels feature, which among other benefits, included more than 50 free audiobooks for Prime members.

However, it is not all bad news for Amazon Prime members as you will see later in this article.


Currently, Amazon is offering Audible Premium Plus membership at only $5.95/month for the first 3 months for new customers. .

Heres the link to the offer page.

It is a limited-time offer valid till 31st December 2021!

Amazon Prime Day Audible Deals : See The Final Discounts And Promos

Amazon Com Audible Audiobooks Books

Here are this year’s Audible deals for Prime members

The Amazon Prime Day Audible deals may officially be over, but there’s still a great opportunity for new customers to pick up a saving on the audiobook library platform.

Well, actually, we’ve had promotions running for a couple of days now in both the US or UK. Sadly deals have now finished in the UK, but if you’re in the US you haven’t missed a thing.

If you’re new to Audible, it’s Amazon’s audiobook subscription service, giving you access to to all sorts of literature and podcasts for a monthly fee. The deals are especially good if you’re a new Audible customer, offering months of discounts for first-time listeners.

Put simply, Prime members in the US can take advantage of excellent Prime Day Audible deals right now to bag themselves a hefty discount on an Audible membership. Details are a little different in each territory, but readers on both sides of the pond are looking at at least three months for cheap and free audiobooks in the case of those in the United States.

We’ve got details on each of these Prime Day Audible deals just down below, including what you’ll exactly get with each membership. We don’t actually tend to see many promotions like this throughout the year, and subscriptions can be pretty expensive, so we definitely recommend them if you’re an audiobook fan looking to stock up the library this .

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Ways To Get Free Amazon Prime Audiobooks

You are a member of Amazon Prime and wondering whether you can get free audiobooks. It is possible if you pay the Amazon Premium membership fee. It is the one that unlocks the possibility of a person getting free audiobooks. Included in that membership fee, you will be able to get videos, music, audiobooks, and EBooks.

The downside is that Amazon doesnt give any clear information on getting those Audible books. That leads to some users paying extra to access them. With such limitations, lets discuss how you can enjoy the free audiobooks at no extra costs.

We will discuss three parts that you can get free amazon prime audiobooks.

Why Use Audible Is It Worth It

One of the things that discourage people from subscribing to Audible is the fact that it does not give unlimited access to audiobooks, unlike Scribd, its biggest competitor. Both require a monthly subscription, and Scribd comes at a much lower price by far. This begs the question of whether Audible worth it. One thing we will mention right off the bat is that Audible has an incredibly larger selection of books than Scribd and most any other audiobook subscription service, for that matter.

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Set Up Output Paremeters

In this step, you’re allowed to set the output format and parameters according to your needs. Just click the “Format” button at the bottom left corner and you’ll see some options for you. Then customize the codec, channel, bit rate and sample rate. Then click the “Ok” button to close the window. You can also click the “Edit” icon next to each book and choose to split the audiobook by chapter or not.

Where To Find Free Amazon Prime Ebooks

How to Get Two Free Audiobooks During Audible Trial with Amazon Prime

You can explore the Prime Reading catalog on the in a web browser. Make sure youre signed in to your Amazon Prime account.

The other place you can explore Prime Reading is the Amazon Kindle app. Its available for iPhones, iPads, Android devices, Windows PCs, and Mac. It also comes preinstalled on Fire tablets.

In the Kindle app, youll see the Prime Reading section on the home page. Tap See All to explore the full catalog.

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What Is The Quality Of Audible Audiobooks

Audible has moved through several audio formats over the years, including Format 2, Format 3, Format 4. Audible eventually dropped the names and uses an enhanced audio format for all titles. Note that if you are a returning user, none of the previous numbered formats work on the app, and you will have to re-download them .

If you want to manage audiobook size or work within data streaming limits, etc., note that you can switch between High Quality and Standard Quality formats in your Audible settings.

Is Audible Free With Prime Free Audible Benefits For Members

Is Audible free with Prime? This is a common question for audiobook lovers to ask, but the answer isnt a clear cut yes or no. Instead, its a bit of both! So if youre asking Does Amazon Prime include Audible?, read on to learn the answer and learn everything you need to know about your Audible Amazon Prime perks!

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Do Amazon Prime Members Get Free Audiobooks

Have you already used your free trial from Audible? If so, you may be ineligible for a free trial offer or promotion.

There are other offers through Amazon Prime that you may be able to take advantage of for savings and trials.

Prime members are often approached with discounts on Audible membership plans, often as low as $3.95 per month!

On average, Amazon Prime members can expect to save around 75% on their Audible memberships.

Also, make sure to check the official site for Amazon frequently to find current Audible offers and promotions.

Amazon Drive: $1199 Per Year And Up

Amazon Audible Trial Offer: Get 5 FREE Audio Books

Amazon Prime members get 5GB of free cloud storage and unlimited photo storage on Amazon Drive. If that’s not enough, you can pay annually for more space. Plans start at $11.99 a year for 100GB and $59.99 a year for 1TB. Beyond that, you pay $59.99 a year for each additional terabyte — up to 30TB for $1,799.70 a year.

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What Is Audible And How Does It Work

Audible is a subscription service found in Audiobooks. It is the most used service due to its numerous ideals.

It is accountable for providing thousands of titles, and uniquely it is quite different from other subscriptions in the Audiobooks.

Audible operates under the ownership of Amazon and provides several programs such as TV and radio. But how does Audible work?

Besides it has numerous titles, its not guaranteed to get all titles at unlimited access.

Here, you have to use credits or borrow the services.

The good thing here is once you get the titles, you can store them in your library.

Since Audible is an app, to access books, you must pay for access services.


Discounted Membership On Prime Day

The second Audible-related benefit for Prime members is that you can get pretty hefty discounts on Audible memberships for special occasions, such as .

As a Prime member, you have exclusive access to Prime Day deals such as 2020s Audible deal of $50 off an annual Audible subscription . This is a pretty big perk for Prime members, so keep an eye out for the next Prime Day deals to take advantage of it!

Dont want to have to keep an eye out for the best Prime Day book deals? Ill find and keep track of them for you here!

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How To Subscribe To Audible

Additionally, Audible membership rates are at their lowest, as a means of drawing new subscribers to try Audible Plus.

Social media influencers may also offer discount codes for those wanting to try Audible- but at a reduced rate.

You are able to cancel a free trial membership at any time-plus, you wont be charged if you cancel your Audible subscription before the free trial period ends.

Any books that you bought during your free trial with your free credits are yours to keep!

The Bright Side Of Going Dark

Audible Amazon Review 2020 | Free Audible Trial

It is a funny story written by Kelly Harms. It is the story of Mia Bell, who lives on social media. Her life on social media is perfect. But the naked truth is the opposite of how she lives in real life. So she decides it is time to start living normally. She breaks from social media life for a change. Of course, that doesnt go unnoticed. Her account is hacked. What happens next?

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How To Listen To Amazon Prime Audiobooks

In 2016, Amazon launch Audible Channels which allowed Prime members to access Audible audiobooks. But later it was replaced by Audible Originals, Prime users will have to subscribe to Audible to get audiobooks.

But thanks to Prime Reading, Amazon is bringing free audiobooks to Prime members again. Now Amazon Prime subscribers can look for audiobooks on Amazon which has a section that provides Books with Audible Narration in Prime Reading.

To get Amazon Prime audiobooks:

1. Go to www.amazon.com/primereading and browse for a book that comes with Audible Narration.

2. Click Read and Listen for Free to get the book and then it will be available to listen to. You can either listen to it through Kindle app or Audible app.

Does Amazon Prime Include Audible In 2022

Amazon Prime memberships do not include a membership to Audible as of 2022. However, Amazon Prime does come with a rotation of a variety of audiobooks for your Amazon Fire. Amazon Prime members may also access promotions for an Audible trial that includes three audiobooks for free.

To learn more about the Audible promotion for Amazon Prime members and whats included, keep on reading!

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Can I Lend My Audiobooks To Friends And Family

You can lend your Audible books to your friends and family using the Send This Book feature. It allows them to listen to your audiobooks for free. However, they can only receive one free listen once. They dont even need to have an Audible membership to borrow your audiobook!

  • From the Audible app, go to your Library and tap on the triple dots beside the book that you want to lend.
  • Select Send This Book from the popup menu.
  • Choose whether to send the audiobook link via SMS, email, or other channels and enter the recipients information.
  • They will receive a code that they need to redeem to download the title for free.
  • If they already redeemed a free/borrowed title before, they will receive a message with the option to purchase the book.
  • How Do I Get Free Audiobooks On Amazon Prime

    Get free Audible Channels and audiobooks with Amazon Prime ...

    Prime qualified books reveal a Prime emblem in the purchase box which states, Included with your membership. Books that also have a fitting Prime qualified audiobook will demonstrate a box that states, Read and Listen for Free. If the audiobook is not a part of Prime, itll only say, Read for Free.

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    Key Features Of Drmare Audible Converter

    • Automatically convert Audible files at 30X faster speed
    • Batch convert AA/AAX audio to MP3, AAC, M4A, M4B at an extremely fast speed

    How to download and get free Audible books with Amazon Prime permanently? You can make it possible by doing a few clicks with this smart tool. It will keep lossless audiobook quality to offer a nice listening experience. Let’s see how to do it below:

    Step 1Load free Audible books on Amazon Prime to DRmare
    Before you get started, you need to . You can use Apple Books on Mac or Audible Download Manager on Windows. Then drag & drop the Amazon Prime free audiobooks to the DRmare main screen.
    Step 2Define output format for Amazon Prime audiobooks
    To play the audiobooks on any other devices, we’d recommend you MP3 format. No matter what portable phones, players you have, they can support MP3 format easily.
    Step 3Get free Audible books with Prime on DRmare
    Finally, you can click the “Convert” button to start converting Audible books to MP3 audio. Within a while, your audiobooks are ready to play on any players offline. In this way, you will completely own the audiobooks from Amazon Prime forever.

    Free Amazon Prime Audiobooks

    Even though full Audible membership isnt included with Prime, you can still listen to certain titles by getting free audiobooks with .

    Prime Reading is a library of free books specifically for Prime members, where Amazon curates a rotating collection of 1,000 books, magazines, comics, and audiobooks for members to access for free. You can learn more about it here.

    However, for our purposes were most interested in the Amazon Prime free Audible books that come with Prime Reading. You can find all the current Prime Reading books with Audible narration here. While its obviously not the same as having access to the entire Audible library through membership, there are still several hundred audiobooks you can listen to through this free Prime Audible perk. So it is definitely worth checking out these Amazon Prime Audible books!

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    Canceling Your Audible Subscription

    How do you cancel your Audible subscription? If you would like to cancel your membership, you can easily do so by either going to the app or the Audible website.

  • Select Your Membership. It will show you the type of subscription you have and how many credits you have remaining.
  • Below your membership details, you will see Switch Membership and Cancel Membership. Click on Cancel.
  • Confirm the cancelation and your subscription will end.
  • You get to keep your unused credits and purchased books.
  • How To Avail Amazon Prime User Get 4 Months Of Audible At Rs 2 +free Audiobooks:

    Audible Trick: THREE FREE months of Audible using Amazon Prime for FREE!

    to open Amazon Audible registration link for Prime Members. to open Amazon Audible registration link for Non-Prime Members.Follow these instructions to redeem the deal:

    • Click on the Get This Deal / Start Your 30-days FREE Trial button.
    • Login/Register to start your FREE Trial of Amazon Audible.
    • Pay Rs. 2 using any available payment method.
    • Only domestic credit cards and ICICI, Citibank, Kotak, Canara bank debit cards are eligible.
    • NOTE: You need to subscribe by paying Rs 2 and you will get 1 credit. Then, from the next months, monthly Rs 2 will be deducted for the next three months. And, after the 4th month, youve to pay Rs.199. You can stop your membership anytime.
    • NOTE: If you already have an active subscription, then first cancel your existing subscription then again you can avail of this deal. Valid for all users who already availed of the trial offer.
    • All Amazon Audible membership plans include:
    • 1 Credit per month to buy any audiobook for Free is available on the platform.
    • Keep your audiobooks forever, even if you cancel.
    • Free exchange with other audiobooks. Swap any audiobook you dont like.
    • Get 30% off on all additional audio-books purchases.
    • Amazon Great Indian Festival 2021 Audible Offer valid only once per user.
    • Also, Check out some new running hot 100% Cashback deals.
    • Offer Validity: Amazon Prime User Get 4 Months of Audible at Rs 2 +FREE Audiobooks Offer valid upto 10th October.

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