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Does Amazon Sell Open Box Items

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How to sell on Amazon for beginners: a step-by-step tutorial for Amazon sellers

If youre like my family, and order household items on Amazon that youll need again & again you gotta be using .

Think things like dishwasher detergent, dog food, vitamins, household cleaners, toilet paper, shampoo, trash bags, deodorant, and garbage bags.

You setup a delivery schedule based on usage and Amazon sends products automatically.

The best part? Youll save anywhere from 10-15% on the products you have on your subscription plan.

Id give it a try as the extra savings makes the price comparable to Walmart and Costco on most items.and you never have to leave home.

The clincher is that youre under no obligation and can cancel the subscription at any time without penalty.

Ask the Reader: How do you find the lowest price on Amazon or do you tend to pay full retail price?

Find Textbooks For Way Cheaper By Looking At Amazon’s Websites In Other Countries

How It Works: Amazons main website is a great place to buy your expensive college textbooks, but what you might not know is that Amazons websites in other countries like France usually have the books you need for cheaper. You can even use Cheap River to see a books prices across the world and find the best deal, making that $225 biochemistry book $98.

Things To Remember: International editions of U.S. textbooks are usually in English, but sometimes things like page numbers and chapter questions can be different.

How Does Amazon Warehouse Work

According to Amazon, all items are evaluated and graded using a 20-point quality process. The site uses labels like “Like New,””Renewed,””Good,” and “Acceptable” to give shoppers a quick understanding of the product’s condition, along with detailed comments unique to that item.

If you’re unhappy with your purchase, Amazon Warehouse offers free replacements within 30 days when there is a product with the same listing condition available in their inventory.

As for scoring a great deal, it’s first come, first serve.“It’s not like there are multiple units in inventory,” explains Sachs, “its something you should keep an eye out for, and you have to be quick because its usually a one-off item at a time.” She suggests adding your selected item to Amazon’s “Save for Later” so you keep tabs on markdowns.

And to give you an idea of what “damaged packaging” might look like, Sachs kindly provided us with pictures of a recent toy purchase she made on Amazon Warehouse, and if you ask us, it’s barely noticeable!

Sachs has since made more purchases on Amazon Warehouse, and claims most of the time, there is usually zero noticeable damage. “I honestly wouldve still given some items as a gift,” she says. “Today I got a new tie dye kit, and the edges did look a bit dented. However, the contents were perfect.”

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How Amazon Warehouse Returns Work

Of the dozens of Amazon Warehouse listings we’ve bought over the years, we only ever ran into problems with a handful of them — a Bluetooth adapter for a car that would randomly shut off, a wireless router that didn’t broadcast any signal, a very well-worn puppy harness with dog hair stuck to it stuff like that.

Whenever that happens, just return the item like you would any defective product, then order another one. Sure, it’s a bit more hassle, but considering the hundreds, if not thousands of dollars we’ve saved over the years this way, it’s worth the extra effort.

Truth is, most Amazon Warehouse items are in perfect working order — many haven’t even been so much as pulled out of their packages. Even for stuff that has been taken out of the box, Amazon puts everything through what the company calls a “rigorous 20-point inspection process,” after which each item is given a quality grade and priced accordingly.

Some items may have cosmetic damage or be missing parts, accessories, instructions or assembly tools, but Amazon will detail any damage to the product or packaging, as well as any missing element along with the condition, so you won’t be surprised.

Why Is The Buy Box Important

Amazon Renewed: Shop Refurbished, Pre

With over coming through the Buy Box, it is a treasured spot that directly impacts profitability, especially for sales on mobile, as only the name of the Buy Box winner is displayed. Understanding the Buy Box and competition for the Buy Box for certain products has been and will continue to be an essential strategy for most sellers.

The Buy Box is the white box on the right-hand side of the Amazon product detail page used for customers to purchase items in their cart. Amazon shows the product of a high-performance seller with the most competitive price. The buy box has a high impact on conversions, which is why it is a goal for most competitive sellers.

The highest-ranked sellers on Amazon will show up in this section. Sellers who hold this spot are often called the Buy Box winner. If there are multiple high-ranked sellers for a specific product, the sellers will rotate in the Buy Box. Because numerous merchants can sell the same item, this position can be very competitive.

What is the catch? Not all sellers are eligible to win the Buy Box. Read on to learn how to become qualified for the Buy Box position and the key factors that go into winning the Amazon Buy Box spot.

The Amazon Buy Box algorithm shifts depending on the product and category.

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Amazon Warehouse Product Conditions

Amazon Warehouse offers deals on hundreds of thousands of warehouse-damaged, returned, open-box, and pre-owned products. A used or open box item purchased from Amazon Warehouse can be returned within 30 days of receipt of shipment. Renewed products come with the Amazon Renewed Guarantee giving you a replacement or refund within 90 days of purchase if the item does not work as expected.

Skip The Minimum Needed To Buy Cheap Add

How It Works: Amazon offers thousands of useful “add-on” items like lip balm, toilet paper, and USB drives for prices that often beat your local Walmart. The problem is, you need a total order of $25 to qualify for these deals. You can get around this by adding a pre-order item like an unreleased video game or movie to meet the minimum.

Things To Remember: Amazon does not charge you for pre-ordered items until they ship, so if you change your mind later about that Big Hero 6 Blu-Ray, you can always cancel the pre-order and keep your cheap add-on items. Amazon will also automatically ship your add-on items after you place your order, so you won’t be waiting until your pre-order ships for your add-on stuff.

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Be Careful Of Amazon’s Redirecting Trick

Another thing to keep an eye on — make sure you always go back to the Amazon Warehouse Deals splash page before starting a different search. Otherwise, if you just search for another item from the search bar at the top of the page, Amazon might bounce you out of Warehouse Deals and into the full site.

Same goes for “recent searches.” If you searched for, say, “bunny slippers” across all of Amazon, then went to Warehouse Deals and searched for “banana slippers,” then decided you definitely want bunnies over bananas, don’t select “bunny slippers” from the drop-down menu that appears when you select the search bar. Those recent searches will search not just the same terms but the same Amazon sections as the original search. In other words, it’ll yank you out of Warehouse Deals and back to the land of full-price slippers. Instead, type the search in again on the Amazon Warehouse Deals main page.

Do Prime Members Get Special Amazon Warehouse Discounts

How To Find Products To Sell On Amazon With Black Box

There may be flash deals from time to time that Prime members get early access to, but overall? Amazon Warehouse doesn’t really offer extra discounts on items, since it’s a way for the company to recoup retail and shipping losses.

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How Do You Evaluate A Product’s Condition

All of our products go through a quality check by us prior to being sold. We thoroughly test the functional and physical condition of each item and give the product a specific grade before selling it. We also inspect our products for missing accessories and packaging damage. Based on our quality check, each item will be assigned one of the four evaluations to describe its overall condition: Like New, Very Good, Good, and Acceptable.

Look At All Colors When Shopping For Shoes And Clothing

When shopping for shoes and apparel on Amazon, and if youre not picky about color, try this cool hack.

When youre on the product page, select your size, then look at the price differences between colors.

In the screenshot above youll notice an almost $20 price difference between colors on a pair of Puma sneakers.

And its not like the cheaper pair is some hideous color that nobody would ever wear.

While Ive found this hack works best on shoes and apparel, its a great way to save money on pretty much any product sold on Amazon that comes in different colors.

Think things like Bluetooth speakers, YETI products, headphones, baseball & golf hats, and cell phone cases.

IMPORTANT: It should be noted that this Amazon hack works best when using their smartphone app. Otherwise youll have to select every color individually to see what the corresponding price is. In other words, it will take forever, so be sure to use the app and get a quick view of all the different colors and prices.

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How To Sell Certified Pre

Amazon offers a program called , through which sellers can list pre-owned and refurbished items that have met Amazons performance and inspection criteria.

Not every seller will be eligible to sell in the Amazon Renewed program. The strict requirements will typically only be met experienced sellers. Amazon does this to be sure the businesses selling like-new and refurbished items are legitimate and high-quality.

  • Supply invoices showing a minimum total value of $50,000 in qualifying refurbished purchases in the previous 90 days from the date of the application. You may black out the unit purchase amount on the invoices. Note that sellers intending to offer products related to Home, Tools, or Lawn & Garden, Kitchen may supply invoices showing a minimum total of $50,000 in qualifying refurbished purchases in the previous 180 days.
  • If you are an existing seller on Amazon, we require an ODR of 0.8% or less in the trailing 90 days.
  • If you want permission to list factory refurbished items you need to submit a minimum of 8 images of a sample unit for product and packaging review .
  • Your company backs all of your refurbished products with the Amazon Renewed Guarantee and is responsible for all claims under the guarantee.
  • For approval to list the Apple brand in Consumer Electronics categories, we require invoices dated from trailing 90 days that total $2.5 million in Apple refurbished products.

Is Amazon Outlet Trustworthy

Amazon Renewed: Shop Refurbished, Pre

Amazon has strict criteria for sellers to become eligible for the Amazon Outlet program. A seller must have an overall customer rating of at least 3.5 stars, a minimum discount of 20% on items, a sales history, products in new condition, and comply with Amazon’s customer product review and price policies.

Amazon Outlet guidelines ensure new condition products for shoppers and remove shady sellers from the program. You can check the to learn how Outlet deals work in detail.

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What Exactly Is Amazon Warehouse

It’s a section of the site that offers discounts on some of the most sought-after items. These products are on sale because their condition is “like-new, open-box or pre-owned,” according to page.

But sometimes, shoppers can get an even sweeter deal. “Ive had major luck getting steep discounts on brand new products sold directly by Amazon,” says Lexie Sachs, Textiles Director at the Good Housekeeping Institute. She randomly found the site one day when purchasing balloon sets for her kids and noticed a new from $20.50 option with the Amazon Prime logo next to it. Sachs clicked through just to find out that the packaging was slightly damaged and decided to give it a shot. “When my order showed up, the box looked like it was in perfect condition,” she says. After that, Sachs says she was hooked.

What You Can Do To Protect Your Brand

If you are dealing with a customer return, know that Amazon may not actually dispose of it in the way you think. If its sellable at a discount, its going to end up on Amazon Warehouse Deals. If you determine that this can hurt you, its better to either let a customer keep a damaged product or have it returned to you.

If a product is lost or damaged in an Amazon warehouse, you may want to reconsider simply getting a reimbursement. If that item is found or if its just the packaging that was damaged and the product still works, it will also probably find its way to Amazon Warehouse Deals.

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Pros And Cons To Selling Product Bundles On Amazon Fba

While selling bundles offers many benefits, you should consider the drawbacks before jumping in.


  • Less competition for the buy box and more control over pricing
  • Added convenience for the buyer.
  • Easy to replenish and source products with the right suppliers
  • If you are selling popular brands, youll likely have lower PPC costs versus selling a private label product
  • Its a unique way to stand out from competitors selling the same products


  • It involves more work than regular wholesale resellingyoull need to find complementary products, create a custom package, buy a UPC, etc.
  • Theres no guarantee that customers will want those products bundled
  • Youll have to earn reviews on a brand new listing, versus leveraging a popular listing with sales history and reviews
  • You may need to open multiple wholesale accounts with various brands to create the bundle you want
  • Many brands may not allow you to resell their products on Amazon. Youll need to get approval to place a wholesale order
  • Most brands/wholesalers will require you to have a resale certificate and/or business license in your state

With that said, there are many listings for bundled products on Amazon earning impressive sales numbers as we speak! Dont let the bit of extra work involved in this business model keep you from exploring your potential as a bundle seller.

What Does ‘open

How selling on Amazon works

When you see an item marked as “open-box,” it means just that: the packaging has been opened. It’s likely been returned for some reason, but not necessarily because it’s damaged. An open-box product could simply be something a shopper changed their mind about. The buyer may have returned it because they decided they didn’t like the color, or for an equally trivial reason. So you could be picking up a completely new, unused item for a nice discount.

However, that may not always be the case. Most stores allow you to return products for at least a couple of weeks, and as a result, open-box items could have seen some use. They could show a little wear or cosmetic damage from their brief time in the original buyer’s hands. This usually isn’t a problem, but you should be aware that buying open-box means some items will be used, if only lightly.

Open-box products can also be floor models that the store has used to show the item off to customers. These can be a risky buy, as they’ve probably seen a lot of use. They may have never left the store, but all-day demoing from random customers adds up, and can make the items more prone to failure. If the open-box item you’re looking at is a floor model, you may want to reconsider.

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Even with these caveats, open-box items can still be a bargain for careful shoppers.

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Why To Buy Open

The biggest reason to consider an open-box item is cost. Still, be sure to check that discount before you buy. There’s always some risk of getting a damaged good, so if the discount isn’t great , you may want to reconsider. Because the products can be brand-new, they can make for a fantastic buy and as long as there’s a return policy, there isn’t much risk to buying open-box.

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How Can This Happen

With the same Amazon customer service, fulfillment options and return policy, many customers jump at the chance to purchase products at a good discount where there isnt really anything wrong with the item itself.

Make no mistake, Amazon can sell your products under these conditions without even so much as a by-your-leave. Its completely within policy because Amazon pays you for the product when they issue a reimbursement.

The default for unfulfillable and reimbursed items in Seller Central gives permission to Amazon to repackage and resell the product. No matter how closely you guard an exclusive product, you can very well end up competing with your own product for the Buy Box.

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The Essential Buy Box Elements

While we refer to the goal of winning the Buy Box, its perhaps more accurate to say that a seller wins or loses a share of the Buy Box.

Once a merchant has passed Amazons minimum eligibility requirements, the Buy Box algorithm further breaks down the sellers according to different variables.

Amazon puts the competitors against each other to determine how they hold up on each variable for the same product.

For more popular items with many sellers, multiple merchants may rotate their spot on the Buy Box.

If one seller is stronger than the rest, their percentage share of the Buy Box will be higher.

For example, the top-ranking seller of a product could hold the Buy Box for 70% of the day, while the lower-ranking seller could hold it for the remaining 30% of the day.

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