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Does Amazon Sell Used Cars

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Can I Return A Bad Or Wrong Part To Amazon

How To Sell Used Books on Amazon FBA Tutorial | 2021

Theres an old article about . This was many years ago, but it has something to do with a DOHC long-tube header which ended up being the wrong one. After initiating the return process with Amazon, the writer of the article found out the seller was not Amazon. Turns out, the headers were sold by a company called OBX, which is based in China.

Long story short, he resorted to selling the wrong part via forums online, where he found out the same part can be bought from another importer at almost half the price.

With genuine parts from legitimate and reputable sellers, you should be okay if you need to return a bad one. Amazon says this on the returns section of their website: If youve purchased a defective automotive item, shipped from and sold by, that is covered by a published manufacturer warranty, Amazon honors the warranty. Amazon will either replace the item or refund the cost of the item for the life of the published warranty.

To help avoid a possible return, double-check to make sure the part youre buying is the one you actually need. Even though you can almost always return the part, its still a hassle. Below we share three tips to ensure you are getting the right part, each and every time.

Tip : Its All About The Seller

When shopping on Amazon, its easy to assume youre buying directly from the actual company or brand that makes the part, but this usually isnt the case. Most of the time, youre buying from third-party sellers or authorized retailers, which is fine.

Even though buying directly from the manufacturer is the best way to avoid piracy, you should click on the sellers name and read the feedback from previous buyers. Its important to know who youre buying from multiple sellers are often selling the same product.

Where Else To Shop For Car Parts Online

Keep in mind that Amazon isnt the only place to buy high-quality and affordable car parts online, as proven by our experience. Heres a shortlist of online retailers we can vouch for, in alphabetical order. We separated them by online-only stores and stores that also have a physical location in case you prefer to go pick up your parts in person:

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What Are The Fees For Sellers On Amazon Marketplace

Depending on the selling plan chosen, the costs of selling on Amazon will vary. There are two subscription plans available: Individual and Professional.

The Individual seller plan has:

  • No monthly subscription fee
  • $0.99 fee for each item sold
  • Variable closing fees that vary by category

The Professional plan has:

Amazon Vroom Expand Auto Financing & Selling Roles

Amazon Moves into Car Sales: How Employees Can Give You a ...

Vroom to buy subprime lender, while Amazon hosts a more robust online showroom for Hyundai.

Two events this month showed that selling cars online is expanding not just in volume, but in ways that credit unions might note.

First, Hyundai announced new features on the Korean automaker Evolves showroom on Amazons website that allow shoppers to select available new cars, pick options and contact participating dealers selling them.

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Will Amazon Ever Sell Cars In The Us

Principal at Maryann Keller & Associates LLC

For several years, Amazon has been hovering on the fringes of auto retail. It sold a few cars for Fiat in Europe, and in the U.S., Volkswagen and Hyundai are allowing Amazon to arrange test-drives in limited locations. As Amazon enters into product categories like pharmaceuticals, fresh food, and auto parts, all of which require complex and time-sensitive processes , speculation about its automotive retailing intentions continues to blossom.

As vehicle quality and safety features become ubiquitous across most makes, automakers chose to focus on other elements to differentiate their brands. Dealers represent brand values through their image compliant stores, local marketing, and even staffing. Dealerships feature luxurious lounges with amenities same brand-loaner cars extended service hours into the night and weekends and employ specially trained staff to teach customers how to use their tech-heavy vehicles. Whereas dealers were once regarded as simply retailers, their role has changed from arranging the initial sale to maintaining the automakers defined ownership experience. These important, sense-appealing and customer-centric distinctions cannot be recognized by car shoppers visiting on their iPhones. Quite simply, automakers cant afford to be controlled by Amazon.

Maryann Keller is principal of , a Stamford-based automotive strategy consultancy.

How It Might Work

Buyers will likely visit the site, research a new car, maybe even start to spec one out, and then be presented with dealership, financing, and insurance options. This package will then the passed along by Amazon to a local car dealers or dealer network that’s partnered with the program, in order to complete the deal.

Amazon will pocket a fee if the sales goes through, and the dealer will get the sale.

This is already an established online business, with a variety of auto-information sites generating dealer leads.

There is a potential problem, however, with Amazon’s entry into this business: pricing.

In Italy, a 30% discount is being applied to sales. Dealers in the US might accept a price cut like that for very slow-selling models, but if the leads that Amazon passes on to them for other vehicles are so substantially discounted, dealers will lose too much money. If they’re flooded with el-cheapo leads, then they won’t want to participate in the program.

What about Amazon at some point becoming a true direct-seller of new cars?

Again, the discounting could be a problem. Amazon would have to buy new vehicles from carmakers and devise ways of delivering that inventory to customers. It would in effect become a car dealer in its own right. If it moved into insurance and financing, it would eventually have to build physical dealerships.

If you walk off the lot over something as trivial as price, then the dealer achieves none of those goals.

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Final Thoughts: Pros And Cons

Overall, CarGurus is a good resource to check out whether youre shopping for or selling a car. Even if youre just gathering information, the website offers great resources under the Car Values and Research tabs. There, you can find out what specific cars are worth and read test drive reviews.

When I checked out CarGurus, I looked up the car values for a few popular vehicles including my own. I did the same thing on a few competitor sites including Edmunds, Kelley Blue Book and Autotrader. While there were slight differences in the value estimates, they were all within $1,500 of one another. For this reason, I feel that CarGurus Instant Market Value estimations are relatively reliable.

When it comes to shopping for a car on CarGurus, just be sure to do your research. While I found a better loan rate with Capital One through CarGurus than I did with my credit union, you may find better rates elsewhere. Be sure to check out your options for financing before visiting a dealership. As far as the prices go, youll see the price the dealership is listing on the website. CarGurus will rate that price as great, good, average, etc.

After checking out CarGurus myself, here are a few of the major pros and cons I found with the website:

Have you bought or sold a car with CarGurus? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

Weve Listed Our Favourite Accessories From The Websites Catalogues And Their Affordable Alternatives


Dussehra and Diwali are the two best times of the year for everyone whos patiently been waiting and saving up for that tiny life upgrade. Weve compiled a list of our favourite car accessory items currently selling at sizeable discounts, part of Amazons Great Indian Festival and Flipkarts Big Billion Days 2021 campaigns. Heres our list:

Pressure Washers

Price: Rs 6,000 to Rs 20,000

You dont need a pressure washer to wash your car every week, but it does make things easier — rinse, spray soap, scrub, and rinse off. Its quite effective at getting grime off places that are hard to reach and eliminates the need for you to spend Rs 400 to Rs 900 every month on getting a good wash. Of the wide range of pressure washers on sale, our pick is this one from Bosch thats selling at 42 percent off with a 6-month warranty. If youre looking for something more affordable, Black and Deckers washer is also rated well.

AmazonBasics Jumper Cable

Price: Rs 729

Portable Jump Starter

Price: Rs 3,000 to Rs 13,500

Other AmazonBasics Accessories:

Price: Rs 189 to Rs 1,540

Turtle Wax Ceramic Spray

Price: Rs 1,358

Rain and Fog-proof Film

Price: Rs 459

Does the rain make your wing mirrors impossible to use? Check out this set of 4 waterproof films, cut out to fit most cars wing mirrors and windows. The bluish tinge also helps to reduce glare to some extent.

Seat Back Organiser

Price: Rs 470 to Rs 950

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How Does The Liquidation Process Work

Two Yahoo Finance reporters got an inside look at the liquidation process by buying a pallet of liquidated goods themselves.

When customers buy items on Amazon, they are shipped from impeccably organized warehouses, dominated by algorithms and fully optimized staff. But when customers return those items, they end up loosely categorized, thrown in boxes with items in the same broad categories appliances, electronics, or apparel, for example.

Amazon then sells those boxes on pallets to online liquidators. Even sitting in warehouses, those boxes cost Amazon money, in the form of labor and space. So its cheaper, in the long run, to unload them rather than keep them around.

Pallets include manifests that list their products and suggested prices for those products in brand-new condition. Auctioneers like list the value of the box based on those numbers. Yahoo Finance writer Krystal Hu notes that she paid $170 at auction on for a box with a stated value of $1,516 but then had to pay an additional $220 to ship it from Indiana to New York City. No shipping discounts at liquidation.

When the reporters tried to resell their liquidated items, shipping remained a challenge. The pair sold a $15 tiller, but then had to pay $20 to send it to North Carolina. Listing them on eBay was one thing, they wrote convincing buyers to pay for shipping in an environment where free shipping in the norm was something else altogether.

Having A Direct Customer Relationship Is Worth The Cost

Natural home cleaning product brand Trumans decided to forgo Amazon when they launched in 2018. Cofounder and CMO Alex Reed had experience in selling to Amazon in a previous role and decided that forgoing the potential sales revenue of the channel was worth it, in comparison with the control that they would retain in selling direct to customers.

Reed says that any company considering the sale of products on Amazon should carefully evaluate the potential impact on financials, brand and customer relationships. One specific issue is the inability to continue selling to customers whove purchased from a brand in the pastbecause Amazon owns the customer relationship, not the brand.

Before selling through any third party, you really should take the time to sell directly to your customers and really learn who they are, what they like and dislike, and why they buy your products to fulfill their needs, says Reed. Thats incredibly valuable information to know at any point during the life of your business but particularly at the beginning.”

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How To Sell Auto Parts On Amazon

Cars today are built to last a long time, but that means more maintenance and care. A growing number of car-owners are doing more of that work themselves, making auto parts an increasingly growing market. To tap into that, you need to offer convenience and speed as a way to set yourself apart since there are so many auto parts retailers around. RepricerExpress will show you the best ways to sell auto parts on Amazon.

How Does Cargurus Work Mattel Disney Cars 1:55 Die Cast Car Andrea ...

CarGurus works to provide a better car-shopping experience using technology. According to the companys website, CarGurus is the most visited automotive shopping website in the U.S. It claims to have more car listings than any other major online marketplace including Autotrader,, and TrueCar. At the time of writing, CarGurus advertised more than five million listings.

CarGurus doesnt hold a physical inventory, and it doesnt own the cars that are listed on its website. Instead, it provides a way to shop for new and used cars across several different car lots in your area with personalized rates. To do this, you can pre-qualify for a car loan and get a price quote through CarGurus. Then you contact the dealership with your quote and set up a time to test drive and/or purchase the vehicle.

You can use CarGurus to shop for both new and used cars or research the value of a car before you buy or sell it. You can also list your own car for sale on the website for 30 days for a fee of $4.95. Once youve found a buyer, you can safely make the transaction using CarGurus Pay.

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What Are The Similarities Between Carmax And Carvana

The process of buying or selling a car with CarMax and Carvana is remarkably similar. Carvana has disrupted the used car industry since it launched in 2012, and it is apparent that CarMax has learned from its upstart competitor.

Both sites make it easy to search their inventories by offering a number of parameters to help you narrow down your choices. These include:

  • Price
  • Cylinders
  • Transmission

Both CarMax and Carvana will also deliver a vehicle to your door in most cases. However, there may be extra fees involved if you select a car thats located some distance away from you.

When it comes to selling your vehicle, both companies have information on their websites that lets you see if your car is one theyd consider buying. How the actual sale transpires is quite different between the two companies, and well get to that in the next section.

Prime Mover: Amazon Is An Automotive Powerhouse

Even if the online retailer never makes a car, it has worked its way into nearly every corner of the automotive industry.

From the November 2020 issue of Car and Driver.

While everyone waited with bated breath for an Apple car, Amazon extended its reach into the automotive landscape far and wide. Building and selling new vehicles is big business, but it’s only the tippity top of the industry iceberg. Hundreds of thousands of car businesses exist beyond assembly plants and dealerships. Here’s where Amazon’s presence is having the biggest impact.

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You Can Shop For Your Next Hyundai With Amazon

Yep, a digital showroom for new Hyundais now exists on Amazon.

Start the car buying process on Amazon? Wild times.

Hyundai and Amazon are ready to team up and they’re hoping to make car purchases even easier. On Thursday, both companies announced a new partnership that will create the Hyundai Evolve digital showroom. There, you can configure a new Hyundai, estimate the vehicle’s sale price and search for real-time inventory matches. Additionally, the Amazon-based showroom will funnel customers to local dealerships to complete a sale.

This type of ordeal isn’t totally new. Hyundai launched a basic experience on , but Hyundai Evolve takes it further to help digitalize the car buying experience. Hopefully, it’ll be as straightforward as signing the papers at the dealer and everything else will be easy as pie. Hyundai said the COVID-19 pandemic showed that people want flexibility when it comes to buying any item. Cars are no different, hence the creation of this more seamless process.

Numerous automakers began diving more into online car sales and digitalizing the process more. In fact, home delivery is a more common process, born out of the pandemic. These types of online retail partnerships may not become commonplace overnight, but with each announcement, it certainly seems they’re not going away.

What Are The Differences Between Carmax And Carvana

Selling Used Items on Amazon FBA is BIG MONEY!

The biggest difference between CarMax and Carvana is that CarMax has physical lots spread out across the country. That means that you can shop local inventory in person and even test drive cars.

On the flip side, it also means CarMax has more overhead than Carvana, which could translate into higher prices.

The process for selling a car is also different. If Carvana wants your vehicle, they will make you an offer online then come to you to inspect the vehicle. If your car passes, they will cut you a check.

If CarMax is interested in purchasing from you, they may ask you to bring your car into the closest store for inspection. If your vehicle is up to their standards, they will buy it from you there.

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Cargurus Review: 5 Things To Know Before You Buy Or Sell

CarGurus is one of the most visited automotive shopping websites in the United States. You can use it to find used and new cars, research car values or list your own car for sale.

But is CarGurus the right website for you? Team Clark has explored the process of shopping for and selling vehicles using CarGurus to find out.

In this article, Ill look at how CarGurus works and detail its process for shopping for and selling cars. Ill also look at the pros and cons of using CarGurus compared to similar resources.

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