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How Can I Get Amazon Prime For Free

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Sign Up For Amazon Prime Student Membership Trial

How to get Amazon Prime FOR FREE (WORKING 2020)

Amazon Prime student membership is another way to enjoy a free subscription forever in Amazon Prime. However, you might be charged a fee that is significantly free.

To start, students can sign up for an Amazon Prime Student Membership for six months which is 100% free.

Once the six-month trial period ends, the fees are significantly reduced. This means students will only pay $5.49 per month for four years or after graduation.

Although this method will not offer you the opportunity to use Amazon Prime for free forever, the discounted fee covers almost all of the benefits of Prime.

In addition, you will still get free 2-day shipping, photo storage, and unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows.

The only benefits that are not included are access to the Prime Music e-book library and Kindle.

Before you become too excited about this offer, you should understand that you must submit documents to take advantage of this offer. It includes:

  • School email address
  • Letter of acceptance from your school OR copy of transcripts
  • Student card with an expiration date.
  • Amazon Prime Is Available At Rs 329 For Three Months Or Rs 999 A Year For Regular Customers

    Amazon Prime brings access to Prime Day to let customers avail exclusive deals, discounts, and offers

    • Amazon Prime subscription can be availed for free from Airtel
    • Jio postpaid users can also get Prime subscription free
    • Amazon Prime needs to be activated once you have a relevant plan

    Amazon Prime subscription can be availed for free. Amazon offers a slew of benefits with its Prime membership that include access to movies and shows via Prime Video, ad-free streaming of over 70 million songs along with support for their free offline download, and ability to participate in exclusive deals and offers running on the e-commerce site. You can also participate in the Prime Day sale once you get Prime membership. Usually, you would need to pay either Rs. 329 for three months or Rs. 999 for a year to get the Amazon Prime subscription. However, there are ways through which you can effectively get the Amazon Prime subscription for free in India. Here’s how you can avail it.

    Amazon Prime Has Tons Of Benefitshere’s How To Get A Free Trial

    Recommendations are independently chosen by Revieweds editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

    is one of the most useful subscriptions an online shopper can have in their arsenaland yes, it does offer a ton of benefits outside of the two-day free shipping it made its name with. However, its $119 annual cost can give many pause.

    Tackle your holiday shopping with deals and expert advice delivered straight to your phone. from the deal-hunting team at Reviewed.

    Unless you actually understand what Amazon Prime membership actually includes, however, you won’t be able to take advantage of all the benefitsand you won’t know if makes sense for you. Luckily, Amazon offers a free trial period so you can get an idea of how Amazon Prime works before signing up officially. We’re here to help break it all down for you and answer the most burning questions.

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    Amazon Prime Video Free Trial Amazon Prime Membership Free

    Following is the process you will reqThis is the basic plan for all new users. Amazon is currently providing a 30-days offer trial to all the new users. After your monthly trial is over, you have to choose whether to continue to the annual membership subscription or wish to cancel it anytime in the future.

    Paket Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition 30 Hari Dengan:

    6 Ways to Get Free Stuff On Amazon Without Prime ...
    • Kuota MAXstream 2.5GB berlaku 30 hari
    • Langganan Prime Video Mobile Edition 30 hari
    • Tonton film dan serial original terbaru dari Amazon Prime Video
    • Langganan Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition hanya berlaku 1 perangkat, Kualitas SD & hanya di aplikasi
    • Kuota MAXstream dapat digunakan untuk menonton di MAXstream dan Amazon Prime Video
    • Jika Kuota MAXstream habis, pelanggan dapat membeli kuota MAXstream tambahan
  • Harga tertera sudah termasuk PPN
  • Nikmati Film dan Serial terbaru dari Amazon seperti Grand Tour, Jack Ryan, All or Nothing dan tayangan menarik lainnya di Amazon Prime Video
  • Lebih lancar nonton Amazon Prime Video dengan Kuota MAXstream di jaringan 4G terbaik dari Telkomsel
  • Paket MAXstream hanya berlaku untuk pemakaian domestik
  • Kuota MAXstream dapat digunakan untuk menonton di MAXstream, Amazon Prime Video, dan layanan video yang telah bekerja sama dengan Telkomsel
  • Telkomsel tidak bertanggung jawab terhadap isi tayangan dari konten pada Layanan ini
  • Untuk mulai menonton, unduh aplikasi Amazon Prime Video dan registrasi/login di aplikasi Amazon Prime Video dengan klik tautan/link yang dikirimkan melalui SMS dari 97080. Tautan berlaku/valid sesuai dengan masa berlaku paket
  • Jika Kuota MAXstream habis, pelanggan dapat membeli Kuota MAXstream tambahan. Jika melewati kuota yang disediakan dan tidak memiliki Kuota MAXstream, pelanggan akan dikenakan kuota internet reguler atau tarif normal internet
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    Bonus Tip #: Apply For Amazon Prime Rewards Visa

    The new pays you 5% back via reward points on all of your Amazon purchases plus you score a free $50 Amazon gift card when you get approved.

    So basically if you order at least $165 from Amazon every month, this Prime Rewards card will pay for your $119 annual membership every year.

    This card is a no-brainer if you fall into this category.

    Join Some Facebook Groups

    Facebook group is a great source for deals and coupons, and now is the place for Amazon free stuff. Sellers post a product and state whether its free or discounted and, potential testers can comment or send a private message to apply.

    Therere hundreds of related Facebook groups. To find these groups, simply search on Facebook for Amazon Reviewers and you will find groups such as Amazon Review Club, Amazon Reviews US, or Amazon Reviews US, etc.

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    Can I Share My Membership

    If youre looking to spread the love with Amazon Prime, you might be wondering how to share your membership. The easiest way to share is to give your login to another user, but we dont recommend that for security purposes. However, its the only way to get the job done in Canada for the time being.

    In the US, Amazon has a proper way to share your account. You can find it under the Amazon Household tab. This tab allows you to create unique profiles for each member of your family, including kids. Household hasnt made its way to Canada quite yet, but it will most likely do so soon.

    Sign Up For Amazon Prime Free Trial

    HOW to get AMAZON PRIME Free for One Month?

    This is the easiest and the common way to get Amazon Prime for free. You can enjoy a 30-days free trial after signing up.

  • Click TRY PRIME. If youre a student, click Are you a student?> TRY PRIME STUDENT.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the process.
  • As a student, you can enjoy Free Prime Students for 6 months!

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    How To Get Free Amazon Prime Membership

    Earlier, for Prime Membership For Free Amazon offered a trial version of its Prime subscription that was available for one month to let customers try the service out before they decide to pay for its membership. Once Amazon Prime gained some popularity in India, the trial was pulled. But popular operators, including Airtel, Jio, and VI, have specific plans to offer free Amazon Prime subscriptions for their customers.

    Get Free Amazon Gift Card From Microsoft Rewards To Pay Amazon Prime

    Join the Microsoft Rewards program to earn a FREE Amazon gift card easily and quickly! Sign up and complete a few tasks then you can redeem your rewards. Heres how:

  • Go to the Microsoft Rewards page and log into your account. If you havent signed up yet, click SIGN UP FOR FREE.
  • Click GO TO DASHBOARD and start earning points by completing tasks.
  • NOTE: Microsoft Rewards available only in: US, GB, FR, DE, NL, CA or AU, IRL and NZ.

    Not in your country? Using a VPN service.

    Here we recommend NordVPN as our top pick due to its speed, security and ease of use.

    1) and set up your account.

    2) Log into your account.

    3) Connect to a chosen country VPN server.

    Heres the list of reliable VPN services with a money-back guarantee. If you dont like the service, you can cancel it and get the money back at any time.

    Over 7200 VPN servers worldwide45-day money-back guarantee
    Best deal: $6.67/mo

    Therere 5 easy ways to get . Click the link to get details.

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    Amazon Prime Renewal Offer 2022

    Be it amazing perks like free shipping or access to a wide library of content, once you experience the benefits of , youre sure to renew your membership. Now extend your subscription for as low as Rs.179 per month with renewal also available for quarterly & yearly subscriptions.

    Amazon Prime Renewal Offer 2022 | Key Details:

    • Renew subscription with one time payment.

    • Opt from monthly, quarterly and yearly plans.

    • Access Amazon specials, movies & web series.

    • All Amazon Prime users can claim the offer.

    • Mode of payment accepted: Credit/Debit cards.

    Take a look at the latest to amp up your savings.

    Amazon Prime Coupons 2022 | People Also Read

    How Do I Get Amazon Prime On My Tv

    Free One Month Amazon Prime Trial FOR FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ...

    The Prime Video app is available on a range of televisions, Amazon devices, mobile devices, Blu-ray players, games consoles and streaming media devices. Open your devices app store to download and install the Prime Video app. Open the Prime Video app. Register your device by selecting Register on the Amazon website.

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    Share Amazon Prime Within Your Household

    Amazon makes it easy to share Amazon Prime using Amazon Household. This program allows you to share your prime benefits with four teens, four children and one other adult in your household.

    Prime Household also lets each person receive their own unique logins and passwords to access movies, music, and Kindle books.

    If you decide to use the service with children you can set it up so that parents must approve the order.

    While this isnt free its a great way to split the costs with roommates or a spouse.

    Free Amazon Prime Subscription For Vi Users

    Vi is giving the free annual Amazon Prime subscription to its postpaid customers going for the Rs. 499, Rs. 699, and the Rs. 1,099 postpaid plans. All these Vi plans also include Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscription, and the Rs. 1,099 Vi plan additionally brings Netflix access.

    Once you get the relevant plan, you need to get Amazon Prime activated on your number through the mobile app of your operator.

    Prime members get a lot of benefits, including access to Prime Day â the annual sale where Amazon features various deals, discounts, and offers specifically for Prime members.

    Amazon’s annual shopping extravaganza, Prime Day, is our focus this week on Orbital, the Gadgets 360 podcast. Orbital is available on Apple Podcasts, , Spotify, and wherever you get your podcasts.Affiliate links may be automatically generated – see our ethics statement for details.

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    Get An Ebt Or Medicaid Discount

    If you have a valid Electronic Benefits Transfer or Medicaid card, you can sign up for Amazon Prime for $5.99 per month for up to four years. After Amazon verifies your accounts, you’re eligible for free, two-day shipping, Prime Now two-hour delivery, Prime Video, Prime Music, and discounts Household sharing is not included. EBT/Medicaid status will have to be verified every 12 months Amazon will email you to re-verify.

    Skip Prime Membership But Still Get Free 2

    How to Get Amazon Prime for Free in 2021

    If you arent interested in the music, kindle ebooks, and other services included in Amazon Prime you can always skip the membership entirely.

    Instead, if you spend over $35 on eligible purchases you still receive free, 2-day shipping. Depending on the retailer you might have to spend $75 or even $100 to receive the free, 2-day shipping.

    Also, if your item is under the limit but you dont want or need to buy anything else try this trick. Find an item that is pre-order and not yet available on Amazon.

    Add this item to your cart to get past your threshold but you wont be charged for this item until it actually ships.

    If you dont want the item simply cancel that part of the order to make sure you arent charged.

    I wouldnt recommend doing this too frequently but its a great option if you need the 2-day shipping without spending any more money.

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    How To Watch Amazon Prime Video On Unsupported Tvs

    If you have a TV that is not compatible with Amazon Prime Video or if it is simply not possible to connect your TV to the internet, do not worry: you can buy an Stick, a device that connects to the TV through the HDMI port and internet through wifi. Through its interface, the Amazon Fire TV Stick allows access to Prime Video content.

    Register With New Email Account

    When you create an account on Amazon Prime, they take note of your email address but not necessarily your credit card.

    After your 30-days free trial is over and you want to register again to keep enjoying the benefits from Amazon Prime, you can register with another email account.

    Although I havent tried this method, there is an article on Reddit that states that you can get various free trials if you sign up with a different email account.

    While Im yet to do this method, its not a bad idea if you give it a try. If you have up to five email addresses just like me, you can stand to enjoy five-month free trial.

    You can even decide to use your parent, siblings, or even your roommates email account who is never interested in signing up to Amazon Prime. This means more months of enjoying Amazon Prime benefits.

    However, this is not the best recommendation, but its worth trying since it has worked for others.

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    How Much Does Amazon Prime Cost In Canada

    Amazon Prime keeps things pretty simple with its Canadian prices. If you want a full year of the service, it will cost you CA$79, or you can go for a monthly rate of CA$7.99. The prices havent increased the same way that they have in the United States. The annual rate works out to just CA$6.58 per month for those number crunchers among you.

    See also:

    If youre a student, the deal gets even better. You can get a free six-month trial of Prime courtesy of Stack TV, complete with all of the bells and whistles. Youll only have to pay half of the annual rate to stick with Prime once the six-month trial ends. Alternatively, Quebec residents can grab a two-month membership for just CA$7.99. While its not the same as a free trial, thats still an excellent way to get a free month of Amazons premium service.

    Final Verdict: Is Amazon Prime Worth It In Australia

    How to Cancel an Amazon Prime Free Trial: 15 Steps (with ...

    Australia is one of the cheapest countries to get an Amazon Prime membership. Clearly Amazon wants to be the go-to subscription across the world, but in a new market like Australia, now is the time to be taking advantage of the exceptional value. The free two day delivery is worthwhile for anyone that buys anything at all on Amazon, while Prime Video alone is a formidable rival to other streaming services in the market. The price is likely to go up as more people join and more features get added. But for the time being, it feels like getting on the Prime bandwagon in Australia is a no-brainer.

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    S That Sometimes Work

    Above, we mentioned some of the best foolproof ways that you can get AP for free.

    But, those arent the only ways that you can avoid the cost of membership.

    There are a few other methods you can try.

    However, these methods arent a sure thing, like the ones above.

    Sometimes, they work and sometimes they dont. But theyre definitely worth a try.

    Exchange Your Opinions For Free Stuff

    As we know, for Amazon sellers, positive reviews for their products are very important, which influences the potential buyers and then sales. However, the ratio for customers to leave a review for products is less than 3%. So Amazon sellers usually send out free samples to get more orders and reviews.

    If you want to get free samples, you can contact sellers through their website, fan page, or directly send emails to ask for the free samples. Besides, you can do this on a few Amazon review trader websites, such as these below:

    Members can apply for multiple products at any one time

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    Is Amazon Prime Free For 30 Days

    If youve never tried Amazon Prime or havent tried it in a while, you may be eligible for a free, 30 day trial. After the 30 days, Amazon will charge you for the membershipeither $13 per month or $119 per yearso dont forget to cancel before the trial is up.

    Free Amazon Prime Subscription For Jio Users

    How To Get Amazon Prime Trial For Free & Cancel Without Getting Charged!

    Similar to Airtel, Reliance Jio is offering the free Amazon Prime subscription on an annual basis for customers using its Rs. 399, Rs. 599, Rs. 799, Rs. 999, and Rs. 1,499 postpaid plans. Jio also offers Disney+ Hotstar and Netflix subscriptions with all these five postpaid plans to offer an even better deal over Airtel.

    In addition to its postpaid users, Jio has the Amazon Prime subscription available for Jio Fiber customers. You can get it with the Rs. 999, Rs. 1,499, Rs. 2,499, Rs. 3,999, and the Rs. 8,499 Jio Fiber prepaid plans. Jio Fiber customers going for semi-annual and annual postpaid plans starting from Rs. 5,994 are also entitled to receive free Amazon Prime for a year.

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