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How Can I Sell Used Items On Amazon

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Setting Up An Amazon Seller Account

Can I Sell New And Used Items On Amazon

The site for setting up an Amazon sales account is called Seller Central. The process has five steps:

  • Log into your regular account that you use to make purchases. If you dont have one, youll have to set one up first.
  • Read through the , then enter your legal name and check the box to show youve read it.
  • Enter the name, address, and phone number for your new sales business, plus your website if you already sell products online.
  • Enter your bank and credit card information. You must provide both a credit card to pay your monthly service fees and a bank account to receive payments from Amazon.
  • Enter your tax information. You must state whether you file taxes as an individual or a business and whether youre a U.S. person . Enter the name, address, and taxpayer identification number shown on your tax return, and provide an electronic signature for your W-9 form.
  • After that, theres a screen where you can provide information about the products you plan to sell on Amazon, but you dont have to do that right away. Also, youll have to set up two-step verification on your Amazon account if you dont have it already. That just means providing a phone number Amazon can use to call or text you when you log in so you can prove its really you.

    Top Selling Items On Amazon : Selling Niche Products

    Consider narrowing down your research to a point where the product youre about to sell is so specific that competition is drastically reduced. This way you should only attract serious buyers and your product should be easier to find for people searching for it, too.

    If you dont have a niche yet, start with the basics:

    • What are the most-searched for keywords on Amazon?
    • Which products are most successful?
    • Whats the demand for the product and the level of competition?
    • What are the expected sales margins?

    Additionally, find a gap in the market through simple organic search. For instance, typing in women leggings may have over 100,000 results compared to the more specific cycling leggings women pink. Many people may already be selling leggings, but there might be a certain style, color or type of leggings that is missing on the site.

    You can also find a gap in the market by reading customer reviews in your product market niche. You might discover that customers are unsatisfied by the current brands and want something you can provide or think of providing.

    What To Sell On Amazon

    Picking what to sell on Amazon is one of the most difficult steps of getting started for most people.

    It doesnt have to be.

    Most people run into problems because they try to start with a strategy called private labeling.

    Private labeling means putting your own brand on an easily manufactured product. This generally involves little to no modifications to an existing product design.

    When this idea was first catching on, it was easy to find profitable niches. As time has gone on and more people have learned about the supposed ease of this strategy, the competition has grown incredibly fierce.

    While building your own brand remains a highly profitable strategy if you are successful, it requires a lot more experience and skill to do well. It isnt as simple as plugging in some numbers into a tool then heading over to Alibaba to order whatever product the tool told you to.

    You need to understand the market, and you need a plan to add value for customers.

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    What Books Sell Well On Amazon

    Dominating the ecommerce sphere, Amazon has become a Google for shopping. You can buy almost anything on the platform.

    Amazon started off selling used books, and you can too.

    Amazon has controlled around 50%+ of US books sales for some years now. With millions of titles for sale on the platform, you might be asking yourself, How will my books sell with that many competitors?

    There are some tips and tricks to standing out from the crowd.

    Firstly, its important to consider what kinds of books tend to sell well on Amazon.

    • Print vs. digital: While theres no denying the huge growth of e-books, Amazon print sales remain high. Theres also higher potential for profit, particularly with rare or unusual books.
    • New vs. old: Nothing beats the smell of a freshly printed manuscript. Nothing perhaps, other than a well-loved book looking for a new home. New books can be a challenging biz unless youre prepared to do business with suppliers and wholesalers. Selling used books can cut out that need and be a little simpler.
    • Fiction vs. nonfiction: On the whole, nonfiction books sell in greater volumes, but popular fiction titles sell most.

    Ok, so there isnt one route that guarantees success but this is good news: Theres room for preference and manoeuvre.

    One of the best places to start when figuring out which books sell, what their competition looks like and how coveted they are is to check out their BSR – Best Seller Rating.

    How To Find Used Products On Amazon

    Best Things To Sell On Amazon: TOP 100

    There are a few ways you can find used products on Amazon. First, simply visit the and browse all the products in one place. This is very handy if you dont want to deal with third-parties.

    The other method is to simply search for products, and then look for More Buying Choices underneath an item. Therell be a link that shows how many Used & New Offers are available.

    Youll find the same thing at the bottom of the About This Item section on a products page.

    This takes you to a list of all available products in various conditions. Be sure to note the Sold by and Shipped by labels here. Read the condition descriptions and check the seller ratings before you purchase a used product.

    People typically think of eBay or Craigslist when they want to purchase a used product, but theres a ton of secondhand commerce happening on Amazon.

    While the actual buying process on Amazons Marketplace leaves a lot to be desired, you get many of the same benefits on used items that you do when you purchase new products on Amazon. Its a great way to save money with the relative peace of mind that youre making a safe purchase.

    So, next time youre on the market for a used product, give Amazon a try. You might be pleasantly surprised!

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    How Long Will It Take To Receive Payment Once I Trade In My Item

    Depending on your location, trade-in items may take up to 10 business days to arrive before they are processed. The packages you sent can be tracked anytime in Your Trade-In Account. Once your item is received and appraised, you’ll receive an e-mail notification within 2 business days informing you whether your items were accepted or rejected. You can find the status of your trade-in anytime in Your Trade-In Account Once your trade-in value has been paid, you’ll see the amount when viewing your gift card balance.Instant Payment may be offered on eligible trade-ins to eligible customers. If your submission is eligible for, and you choose to participate in, Instant Payment for your trade-in items, you will receive Gift Card in the amount of the trade-in value at the time you submit a trade-in. You may also receive a limited-time promotional credit towards the purchase of a new qualifying Amazon Device. See the Instant Payment section of the for more details.

    How Can I Sell On Amazon Prime

    There are three ways you can sell on Amazon Prime:

  • Fulfillment by Amazon : Among the other benefits associated with using FBA, this order fulfillment method also allows you to sell on Amazon Prime. Once you set up FBA and send your inventory to Amazon, all of your FBA product listings are automatically Prime eligible.
  • Seller Fulfilled Prime : If you dont use FBA, and instead, fulfill and ship your own orders, you can still sell on Amazon Prime through the Seller Fulfilled Prime program. There is no fee to enroll in this program however, to qualify, you must meet specific performance requirements during a Prime trial period. Then, once youve qualified and enrolled in the program, you must adhere to the Prime seller criteriaâwhich include maintaining a Professional selling plan, following carrier pickup time instructions, among other requirements.
  • Vendor Central: The Vendor Central program is invitation-only with this program, Amazon invites large manufacturers and established sellers to sell to them as wholesalers, as opposed to selling on the Amazon marketplace to consumers. With the Vendor Central program, all products are sold by Amazon, and therefore, are automatically Prime eligible. As you might expect, however, this option is not going to be available for the majority of Amazon sellers.
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    Getting Reviews + Review Rules

    Reviews are an integral part of the buying experience on Amazon.

    Getting more reviews on your products will be very important if you are selling your own branded products. If you are selling existing products that already have listings on Amazon, then getting more product reviews will not be as important of a process.Amazon has some very strict guidelines in place regarding reviews. Reviews have been abused significantly in the past, so Amazon has taken fairly drastic action to remedy the problem. As a result, getting reviews is not something you want to be bending the rules on.Heres a screenshot of current Review Policies:

    Getting reviews without breaking Amazons rules ultimately boils down to getting sales and then requesting those buyers to leave a review for your product.

    The main inputs you can influence here are the number of sales that you get on Amazon and the way that you word your requests to leave feedback.

    A certain percentage of all buyers will leave feedback, so getting reviews is a function of getting enough sales.

    Many sellers when they are launching a new product on Amazon will sell the products for a very discounted price to get initial sales. Doing this will typically get a batch of reviews coming in.

    Other programs you can look into include the Amazon Vine Program, and the Amazon Early Reviewer Program. These are legitimate ways to get early reviews on your products.

    What Do You Need To Create An Amazon Seller Account

    How To Sell On Amazon FBA For Beginners (A Complete, Step-By-Step Tutorial)

    The main information you will need to set up your account is:

  • Business information
  • Phone number
  • Tax ID
  • Your business information and tax ID numbers can be your personal information. For a business name, you can put your own legal name. For your tax ID, you can use your social security number.

    Keep in mind Im not a lawyer or a CPA. Nothing in this post is to be construed as legal or tax advice. My recommendation would be to consult a professional who can get to know your personal situation for advice on these matters.

    Amazon also sometimes will request additional information like scanned copies of your passport, national ID, bank account statements, or credit card statements.

    They are mainly looking for consistency to make sure you are who you say you are and to prevent scammers or people looking to open up multiple accounts. When you submit documents, you want to make sure your address and name match across the documents and application!

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    Selling Wholesale Products On Amazon Not So Fast

    If youre considering selling wholesale products on Amazon , you may want to think twice about this business venture.

    Selling on Amazon and offering wholesale products can be tough since youre always one click away from a lower price. Plainly stated, the competition is really just too fierce and diving into it can be a mistake.

    I know because Ive failed at this sales model previously. This isnt to say that we didnt drive plenty of traffic to our Amazon listings and own website, because we did. The inventory just didnt move.

    Of all of the business models you have the opportunity to pursue, you have the least leverage in retail . So if you plan on doing retail arbitrage, and Amazon business will be cut-throat..

    If youre really set on using the wholesale business model, the only way to get leverage is through logistics. This means having your own warehouse and doing your own shipping or drop shipping. But, even then youll be at the mercy when it comes to the terms of the supplier.

    If you want to go for an Amazon FBA, youll still have some logistics issues to deal with, including getting your products from the suppliers location to the Amazon warehouse.

    Evil Strategy #: Amazon Sellers Can Leave False Positive Feedback On Your Products

    Similar to the negative feedback strategy above, there are groups of malicious sellers who are leaving mass amounts of positive reviews on listings as well.

    Now you would think that getting a bunch of positive reviews on your listings would be a good thing.

    But because Amazon has been cracking down on sellers who buy 5 star reviews, Amazon now has algorithms in place to detect unusual spikes in positive review activity.

    Well guess what?

    If your listing all of sudden gets 100 5-star reviews, Amazon will detect this anomaly and instantly suspend your account.

    As a result, not only do you need to monitor your negative feedback but you also have to be on the lookout for 5 star reviews as well!

    The downside is that if you get banned for positive review manipulation, its really hard to prove your innocence. After all, why would someone else purchase 5-star reviews for listings they dont own?

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    How The Goods Are Gotten

    Ever heard the phrase “It fell off the back of a truck”?

    No, not like that. Pharmapacks buys from the same established, law-abiding distributors that sell to national chains like Walmart, Costco, and CVS. But ask these distributors where they get the products, and some will give an answer as gruff and dismissive as the vehicular estrangement explanation above.

    Pharmapacks has agreements with 16 suppliers. Some deal directly with manufacturers. Others get their goods in more circuitous ways. These tight-lipped suppliers are known by their critics as diverters. They acquire deeply discounted goods through gray-market methods, such as buying deodorant from a company that ordered too much. But diverters don’t discuss where they get their goods. Their lawyers will cheerfully tell you they don’t have to.

    When people discuss the rise of online marketplaces, they tend to focus on the tech companies that have made it possible for shoppers to find and purchase things in a matter of clicks. But that explains only the demand side of the equation. It doesn’t explain the supply side–why all this product is available so cheaply and freely in the first place.

    Webb, like Vagenas, has little patience for nonsense. “He was like, ‘What kind of shit is this?'” Vagenas remembered. “You guys doing $25 million out of this office?”

    Vagenas showed him a UPS statement so he could see exactly what kind it was: The shipper was processing 21,000 Pharmapacks orders a week.

    How To Increase Sales On Amazon


    The strategies you can use to increase your sales on Amazon fall into two categories:

  • Things you can do that generate quick results.
  • Things you can do that generate results over time.
  • While you may look at those options and think youd much rather focus on the quick results, the long-term strategies are the ones that drive the biggest gains over time. So a healthy mix of both types of strategies is called for.

    Increasing Amazon Sales Quickly

    Here are some of the top ways you can increase your Amazon sales in the near-term:

    • Upgrade to a Professional account
    • Use a repricing tool to ensure competitive pricing
    • Leverage FBA to offer Prime benefits on orders
    • Optimize product listings
    • Run a product promotion
    • Set up a Sponsored Product Ad

    All of these can give a quick boost to sales and should be a part of your ongoing strategy.

    Long-term Strategies for Increasing Amazon Sales

    The strategies discussed above can give a boost to your existing sales, but they generally arent going to be the difference between getting a few sales a month and building a business that replaces your job.

    The three biggest strategies and principles to scaling your Amazon to the point that it is generating 6+ figures a year are:

  • Consistent reinvestment over time
  • Expanding your sourcing strategies + product offerings
  • Automation + delegation
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    By Step: How To Get Started As A Seller On Amazoncom

    Heres an overview of how to get set up to sell in the US from Canada on Amazon.

  • Before you get stuck into it, do some market research. Is there a market for your product in the US? Whats already available there? Can you compete on price especially when factoring in international shipping costs?
  • Also before you start, check if there are any restrictions on exporting your product to the US.
  • If youre not yet registered with Amazon at all, the next step is to create your seller account. If your home country is Canada, you can sign up for an account, and youll automatically have the right to sell on, and too. You dont need to create separate accounts for each of these countries marketplaces.
  • From your account, you can switch between marketplaces in Seller Central via the Marketplace Switcher.
  • Then start listing! Your items dont automatically populate across all 3 marketplaces: youll have to create the listings yourself. But you can manage things like pricing using the Build International Listings tool described above.
  • Dont forget also to provide bank details, which must be from one of Amazons supported countries. As explained above, you dont need to have a US account, because ACCS can convert money for you but, if you do that, you might face a markup on the exchange rate.
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