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How Can We Protect The Amazon Rainforest

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Innovation In The Private Sector

How Can We Save The Amazon Rainforest?

In the absence of effective measures to halt illegal deforestation, some parts of Brazil’s finance sector have taken the issue into their own hands.

In 2020, Bradesco, Itaú and Santander the three largest private banks in the country developed the , a commitment to focus on environmental conservation, the bioeconomy, sustainable infrastructure investments and to guarantee rights for local populations that steward and depend upon the forest ecosystem. This kind of approach has the potential to grow a vibrant bioeconomy, replete with incentives to maintain standing forests and clean, free-flowing rivers.

Of course, banks alone cannot provide the funding that is needed to protect the Amazon. Innovative ideas from other players are just as important.

For example, the BIDLAB bioeconomy fund injects finance into promising but unproven regenerative economy projects across Latin America. This solves a key problem for many hoping to protect and conserve their land: access to finance. It opens access to funds for organizations and individuals with a limited or unproven financial history.

Change The Way You Use Paper Products

One of the main drivers of rainforest deforestation is the production of paper products. The wood pulp harvested from the trees is used for hygiene products, packaging, and short-lived printed products like flyers and other marketing materials. So what can you do to protect the rainforest?

  • Look for conventional toilet paper alternatives like recycled toilet paper, or a bidet .
  • Make sure any paper products you buy have the Forest Stewardship Council certification on them.
  • Put a no junk mail sticker on your mailbox to avoid passively supporting consumption.
  • Print double-sided if you need to print documents, or use the back of old printouts as scrap paper for grocery lists or taking notes.

Heres What All The Best Charities For Protecting The Amazon Rainforest Have In Common

The charities on this list were chosen based on their mission, impact and transparency ratings, and achievements. They operate across the 6.9 million of the Amazon rainforest, providing support to indigenous communities and setting up vital protected areas.

Many of the charities on this list focus their efforts on working alongside local communities to formulate effective land management plans. Others focus their attention on utilizing cutting-edge technologies to monitor the rainforest and prevent further destruction. Yet they all share the same goal to ensure the Amazon rainforest is protected so it can thrive for generations to come.

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Sign The Greenpeace Petition To Urge The Brazilian Government To Protect The Rainforest

Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro has faced backlash for championing industry over preservation in the Amazon rainforest, a strategy that many believe has exacerbated the conditions that have created the forest fires. If youâd like to add your name to the list of those who want the Brazilian government to do more to protect the rainforest, you can sign the Greenpeace petition here.

Eat Ethically Yes Less Beef

How can we help save the Amazon Rainforest?

Consider more carefully what you eat. Beef is especially destructive, as it requires huge amounts of land for grazing â space often created through the burning of forests. Cattle ranching accounts for about . An area the size of Ireland has also been cleared for growing soybean, which is then exported as cattle feed to support the beef industry around the world.

Many of us find it hard to go fully vegan, but even reducing cheese, beef and pork consumption, and throwing away less can all help to reduce the intense pressures food habits place on forests and other ecosystems.

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Contact Your Elected Representatives

Elected officials directly influence government priorities and allocation of funds, and they have a duty to represent the interests of their electorate. Call, email, or attend your representatives public meetings to remind them that according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, protecting rainforests and supporting indigenous community land management are critical solutions to climate change. Ask them to support low-carbon development agendas that fulfill environmental and social safeguards, including respect for indigenous peoples rights. Demand that they prioritize business policies that incentivize responsible sourcing, fair trade practices, and deforestation-free supply chains. This tool makes it easy to find and contact your U.S. federal representatives.

Go To Protests To Build Political Pressure

Wouldnt it be nice to go shopping and not have to think about how everything you buy was produced, what the working conditions of the people were, and whether or not rainforests were cut down for this product? Imagine a transparent shopping experience for the consumer, where the majority of the products were produced under fair conditions for both people and nature.

Political solutions are needed to achieve this, and protests or demonstrations are an effective way to get closer to that goal. So the next time there is an environmental protest near you, get involved.

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Things You Can Do Right Now To Help Save The Amazon Rainforest

Youâve likely heard at least one alarming news report about how Brazilâs Amazon rainforest is burning at a catastrophic rate. As emotionally devastating as it may be to see the lush, beautiful landscape ablaze, it also poses a threat to the future of Earth overall. As CNN reports, the Amazon rainforestâthe largest in the worldâhas been called the planetâs lungs because it generates about 20 percent of the oxygen in the atmosphere.

If the situation continues to worsen, the Amazon could transform into a dry savannah, driving away forest wildlife and annihilating the vegetation on which our planet relies so heavily for oxygen. In that case, the Amazon might even begin to emit carbonâthe main culprit behind global warming.

As normal people with standard garden hoses thousands of miles away from the fires, it can be frustrating to feel like thereâs nothing we can do. But there are still plenty of ways you can help save the rainforestâcheck out some ideas below, suggested by Fast Company.

What Is The Largest Rainforest In The World

Are we running out of time to save the Amazon rainforest? | UpFront

Covering much of northwestern Brazil and extending into Colombia, Peru, and other South American countries, the Amazon forest is the largest rainforest on Earth. Its home to more than 30 million people and 1 out of every 10 known species on this planet.

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Call On The Uk Government To Act For Forests

Our government has promised to protect forests like the Amazon an essential ally against climate breakdown.

But UK products are still fuelling fires in places like the Amazon. And, as they stand, new laws proposed in the Governments Environment Bill wont stop the Amazon being destroyed for products sold right here in the UK.

The best way to make sure government deliver on their climate promises is through your local MP.

Take a minute to tell them we wont forget.

Find Sustainable Rainforest Products Through The Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Allianceâs cute green frog symbol denotes that certain forest and farm products sourced from rainforests are environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable. You can search here to find out whatâs Rainforest Alliance Certified. You can also donate to their Brazilian Amazon conservation fund here.

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Is It Too Late To Save The Amazon Rainforest

NC State expert Erin Sills explores what the future holds for an ecosystem that faces record deforestation rates.

Though the Amazon rainforest covers less than 2% of the Earths surface, it plays a vital role in stabilizing the global climate, with its more than 390 billion trees storing massive amounts of carbon dioxide a greenhouse gas thats driving climate change.

Unfortunately, the Amazon is under increasing threat from human activities, particularly deforestation in the nearly 2 million square miles of it located in Brazil. In fact, between August 2020 and July 2021, deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon hit the highest annual level in 15 years at 5,110 square miles, an area 13 times the size of New York City.

The primary driver of deforestation in the Amazon is demand for agricultural land, mostly for cattle ranching and soy production, according to Erin Sills, Edwin F. Conger professor of forest economics and head of the Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources at NC State.

Sills, who is also a research associate for the , said farmers and ranchers often cut down and burn trees throughout the rainforest to clear it for crops and livestock.

These operations are essentially feeding the worlds appetite for beef, and to a lesser extent, milk and leather, Sills said.

Brazils agreement to end deforestation doesnt reflect the reality of whats happening on the ground.

Best Charities For Protecting The Amazon Rainforest

SAVE AMAZON RAINFOREST campaign by Design Manila Studio on ...

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    How Can We Help Save The Amazon Rainforest

    We spoke with Crees Foundation to find out more about this vital ecosystem.

    The Amazon is the worlds largest tropical rainforest. Covering over 5.5 million square kilometres, its so big that the UK and Ireland would fit into it 17 times! Its known as the lungs of the earth and produces more than 20% of the worlds oxygen.

    But the Amazon is under threat. Unsustainable logging has resulted in large sections being cleareddestroying thousands of trees and endangered wildlife. But, Crees Foundation is a Peruvian based not for profit organisation dedicated to supporting a sustainable Amazon. Its helping local people live more sustainably and working to preserve the forest for the future. We spoke with Bethan John to find out more:

    Tell us about Crees Foundation. When did it start up and what is its aims?

    Crees was founded in 2012 to protect the Amazon rainforest in a remote corner of south-eastern Peru. Were based in the Manu Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most biodiverse places on Earth. We run award-winning ecotourism that supports community and conservation projects in Manu, to create a secure future for people and nature. Our visitorsfrom conservation volunteers and interns, to wildlife-loving touristsdirectly help improve the lives of people living in Manu, while having an educational and unforgettable Amazon experience.

    What are some of the key challenges you / the rain forest faces?

    What are your plans for 2017?

    The Amazon Rainforest Is Central To Climate Action

    Climate action in Brazil will be decided by the response to the current crises in the Amazon. The recent WRI Brasil/NCE report shows that a climate resilient economic recovery in the country, compared to business-as-usual, could deliver over two million additional jobs, a total GDP gain of $535 billion, and lower air and water pollution by 2030 benefitting all Brazilians as a result.

    The region and its cities should be able to lead the transition to a low-carbon economy in Brazil. Actions Brazil takes in the Amazon rainforest region will help determine not just the future of local communities, but also whether the world will be able to avoid the worst impacts of the climate emergency.

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    Rehabilitation And Increased Productivity Of Formerly Forested Lands

    In reducing the loss of tropical rainforests we must not only be concerned with the transformation of existing natural ecosystems, but also the more rational utilization of already cleared and degraded areas. To lessen future forest loss we must increase and sustain the productivity of farms, pastures, plantations, and scrub-land in addition to restoring species and ecosystems to degraded habitats. By reducing wasteful land-use practices, consolidating gains on existing cleared lands, and improving already developed lands we can diminish the need to clear additional rainforest.


      Increasing productivity of cleared rainforest lands is possible using improved technology to generate higher yielding crops. Taking advantage of improved germplasm developed through careful selection can produce grasses and crops that will grow on degraded forest soils. While technology may have accelerated the development and impoverishment of tropical rainforests, it will be one of the keys to saving them.

    Valentim continues, “The remaining 60 percent would be used to raise 100 million head of cattle. And all that, without cutting down a single, additional tree or burning so much as one hectare.”

    The Amazon Is In Crisis

    How to Protect the Rainforest

    The Amazon is being deliberately destroyed, often to make way for products sold across the world. Trees that have stood for hundreds of years are being chopped down and devastating fires lit to clear the ground.

    Deforestation in the Amazon is increasing. 2021 had the highest rates of deforestation in 15 years, and was a 22% increase from the previous year. This isdevastating the lands of Indigenous peoples and local communities, killingwildlife, andworsening the climate crisis.

    Every hectare of the Amazon that is destroyed pushes the rainforest closer to collapse. And if we lose the Amazon, we lose the fight against climate change.

    But we can all be a part of the solution. Whether its standing with Indigenous peoples at this challenging time, calling for our Government to make sure the UK is not contributing to the destruction, or simply spreading the word inaction is not an option.


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    Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

    To stem the climate crisis, action is needed by all levels of society to reduce carbon emissions and promote low-carbon development. While the task seems daunting, there are many things you as an individual can do to reduce your carbon footprint: Drive less, take public transportation, turn down your home thermostat , turn off lights and electronics when not in use, and avoid unnecessary air travel.

    Whatever you cannot reduce, you can mitigate by supporting projects that offer carbon emissions reductions by keeping forests standing. Rainforests are extremely efficient at storing carbon, and keeping forests standing can offer up to a third of the climate solutions. Project Wren, a Rainforest Foundation US partner, offers a range of on-the-ground carbon-reducing grassroots projects, and you can even directly sponsor RFUS local partners in Peru by electing to support the project Tech-Enabled Rainforest Protection.

    A Healthy Water Cycle

    Rainforests filter and regulate the flow of water. Trees release water from their leaves during a process called evapotranspiration. This water, after entering the atmosphere, contributes to cloud formation and eventually makes its way to the rivers. Water from the rivers then moves into the oceans, regulating the circulation of ocean currents and influencing overall climate.

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    Protecting Biodiversity In The Amazon Rainforest

    Students explore biodiversity in the Amazon rainforest using the MapMaker Interactive and other online resources. Then students construct an argument for protecting biodiversity in the Amazon rainforest.


    1. Activate students prior knowledge about the environmental effects of biodiversity loss.

    2.Construct knowledge about biodiversity in the Amazon rainforest.

    3. Extend students understanding of biodiversity through online research.

    Once students have completed Part 1 of the worksheet, have them select one animal and one plant to research further online and complete Part 2. Conducting Online Research. Direct students to use website links associated with each plant or animal in the Geography and Wildlife of the Amazon Basin geo-tour. Ask students to add the facts they find to their tables on the worksheet.

    4. Introduce threats to the Amazon rainforest.

    Have students recall the clear-cutting photograph in Brazil from the beginning of the activity and share some of the real-world threats to the rainforest: human development, deforestation due to logging and cattle ranching, infrastructure development, hydroelectric power projects, and others. Focusing on their region , ask students to consider the consequences of habitat destruction to the plants and animals from their region and discuss this in their groups. Ask students to take notes that could be useful when constructing their arguments about protecting the biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest.

    Reduce Your Wood And Paper Consumption

    Pin on isabella school work help

    Logging companies engage in illegal logging activities due to the demand for making wood and paper products. These include toilet paper, phone books, office paper, lawn furniture, and many others. Many trees in our forests have been logged or degraded just to supply our needs. And if there is no sustainable way to do it, we will end up losing all the trees we need to survive. You can the Amazon Rainforest by simply reducing your consumption of wood and paper products. In your own simple ways, you can reduce the pressure on our forests today. In the same way, beef is also one of the major commodities that has caused damage to the forest. Reduce your consumption of beef and other byproducts.

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