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How Can You Make Money With Amazon

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How To Make Money On Amazon: 2 Standout Options

How To Make Money With Amazon Without Selling Anything

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There are many ways to make money on Amazon. You can join the Mechanical Turk marketplace and get paid to do virtual tasks, publish an e-book or a printed book through Kindle Direct Publishing. Or you may be able to deliver items through , if the program is available where you live.

But Amazon’s status as the top-selling online retailer makes two money-making opportunities stand out from the rest:

  • Joining Amazon Associates, the companys affiliate marketing program.

  • Selling stuff through the company’s e-commerce platform.

  • Heres what you need to know about both options.

    Amazon Work From Home Jobs

    Like most modern companies, Amazon is beginning to embrace work-from-home jobs. When I checked the list of , I found options for full-time, part-time, and seasonal work.

    You can filter by job category, such as IT and Engineering, Customer Support, Sales and Advertising, Operations and Fulfillment, and more. There are both hourly and salaried positions available.

    How To Add An Amazon Listing

    First, create an account on Amazon Seller Central. At this point, youll be asked some basic information such as business address, telephone number , credit card information , and passport information to confirm your identity.

    Once your account is created, you just need to make a product listing. To do that, visit the Dashboard of your Amazon Seller Central page, click on Inventory and Add a Product.

    Then you can click Create a new product listing.

    Now youll choose a category for your product:

    And finally, youll need to fill out some basic information or Vital Info which includes the products name, manufacturer, brand name, and other specifics related to your product:

    Quick Tip: You should also add high-quality images and keywords to help your product rank higher.

    Once youre satisfied with your products description, youre ready to start selling! At the end of this article, well discuss how to use your website to drive sales and conversions.

    But before that, lets take a look at a technique for making money on Amazon that doesnt require coming up with a physical product to sell.

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    My Results And Next Steps

    I tested this side hustle myself and earned a little over $650 in my spare time.

    Jessica Larrew and her husband Cliff have been reselling on Amazon for years. And though it started as a part-time side hustle, it turned into a serious businesstheyve sold more than $1 million worth of stuff on Amazon!

    I sat down with Jessica to learn her favorite places to shop, the product categories she likes, what she looks for, and how the whole process works. You can listen to our full interview on , or download The Side Hustle Show on your favorite podcast app.

    Jessica also has a free 7-day email course to dive deeper into this business model and see if its right for you.

    Related: The Amazon Seller app is one of my top money making apps of the year. Check the link for dozens more you might not have heard of yet.

    Product Selling Using Fulfillment By Amazon

    31 Scorching Hot Amazon Products You Can Make Money With ...

    Requires: Products to sell, extra money to pay the FBA associated fees, a desire to outsource logistics or inventory storageEarning Potential: Unlimited, depends on how much you sellHow To Start: Join Amazons FBA program after making your Seller account and getting products you want to sell.

    If you have a ton of product or simply dont want to spend the time managing inventory, returns and shipping it out to every individual customer, consider Fulfillment By Amazon.

    In short, this method differs from fulfilling sales yourself by having you ship your products to Amazons warehouses. Whenever a sale happens, Amazon will pack, ship, handle returns and assist with customer service on your behalf. Its much simpler than doing it yourself. But, this service involves various fees.

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    How Much Can You Make On Amazon Fba

    Amazon FBA doesnt have a pegged income. The amount of income you earn depends on factors such as the product line, categories, reviews and others.

    Some products are considered hot products that tend to move much faster than others on Amazon. If you pick those, then your chances of making sales will increase significantly. Keep in mind that you will pay more storage fees with products that dont move quickly.

    You should also consider the season. Umbrellas sell more quickly in the rainy season, while sunscreen is a top move when the summer comes. Try to align the products you sell based on the current season.

    Common Amazon Mechanical Turk Tasks

    There are a large variety of HITs available to work on.

    Surveys are probably the most common type of HIT with topics ranging from consumer products, personality, finance, ethics, education, etc.

    If surveys arent your thing, there are also:

    • audio/video transcriptions
    • YouTube video ratings
    • and more

    For example, companies like Pinterest and WikiHow use Mechanical Turk to help validate user-generated content, making sure its accurate and relevant.

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    Sign Up With The Amazon Influencer Program

    Here is one for anyone with a significant social media following. The Amazon Influencer program enables you to earn money recommending products to your followers. Its a bit different from the Associates Program.

    Youre eligible if you have a fan base on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Youtube. Amazon will analyze your follower count and engagement rates to approve your application.

    This program gives you a custom URL that your fans can follow, see your recommendations, and make purchases. You earn money every time someone buys from Amazon through your storefront.

    Amazon influencer earnings vary depending on what youre promoting. The commission rates start from 1 percent and go up to 10 percent.

    Is Your Year To Make Money Online

    How To Make Money On Amazon With No Money

    A Kindle publishing business isn’t a get rich quick’ scheme. If you want to build a successful online business, you need to adopt a long-term mindset. If your only motivation in becoming a self-published author is to make money fast, I would suggest that you hold onto your day job for the time being.

    Building an Amazon publishing business takes hard work, time, and patience. You need to know the right strategy, but once you have it, it can become a transformational income stream for you. This is how to make money online.

    My journey with Kindle publishing started 6-7 years ago. I had dabbled with Internet marketing before then, and had made some money here and there, but nothing that was sustainable. It wasn’t until I got into Kindle publishing that I had my big break. It was the first time that I had ever made $100,000 in a year, on autopilot. Nice, right?

    Initially, when I was building my Kindle publishing business I was utilizing a lot of tactics that only provided me with short-term solutions. To this day, I still make a lot of money from the books that I published years ago. Why? Because of the mindset and the strategies that I implemented.

    If you are going to invest your time, energy, and money into anything, you want to make sure that you are learning strategies that will allow you to build a sustainable online business.

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    How To Make Money On Amazon Without Selling A Product

    If youre not someone who wants to deal with manufacturers, shipping problems, or large Amazon fees, dont worry. You can still make money on Amazon without selling anything.

    How? With . Heres how it works:

    First, youll need to start a blog or launch a mobile app. For the purposes of this article, well assume you want to keep it simple and start your own blog. If youre totally new to this, no worries! WPBeginner has an excellent guide to help you start a blog right here.

    Then, you need to choose a niche for the content of your blog. Just like when choosing a product, youll want to do some market research at this step, but youll also want to be sure youre choosing a topic you love because youll be doing a fair amount of writing on that topic.

    Once youve settled on the content of your blog, youve reached the hard part: building up your audience and email list. Fortunately, OptinMonster can help you with that.

    With OptinMonster, you can create popups, landing pages, and hello bars to create leads and grow your email list.

    You should be focused on two things at this point: increasing traffic to your site and building a solid email list with engaged users . Well be talking more about this in a minute.

    Once youve got a decent amount of traffic visiting your blog, youre ready to sign up to become an affiliate associate with Amazon.

    The program is 100% free to join . Its also a very simple, three-step process.

    Heres how it works:

    Now its time to add a product link!

    How Do You Ship Products To Amazon

    When it comes to shipping products to Amazon, there are a few options that businesses can choose from. The first option is to ship the products to an Amazon fulfillment center.

    The second option is to use Fulfillment by Amazon , which is a service offered by Amazon that allows businesses to send their products to Amazon and have them stored, packed, and shipped by Amazon when orders are placed. In recent years, Amazon has taken over the eCommerce industry. It is now easier than ever to start an Amazon FBA business with little money.

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    How Much Money Can I Make Selling Handmade Products On Amazon

    Upwards of $30 per day.

    63% of Handmade artisans earn over $1,000 per month in sales, though with Amazons massive audience to market to, your earning potential with Amazon Handmade is limitless.

    Even with Amazons fees, Handmade sellers are profitable. 33% of Handmade sellers have seen profit margins above 20%.

    Sell Products Under Amazons Private Brands

    How You Can Make Money With Amazon

    The program is an incentive for manufacturers to create their own brands with innovative products. Youll sell those products exclusively on Amazon as a private brand supplier.

    Amazon guides you through the entire onboarding process, providing you with useful tools to create your brand. Youll also benefit from a suite of marketing support.

    If youre unsure about what types of products will perform well, Amazon can facilitate product testing and customer feedback.

    For those of you with direct access to manufacturing, becoming an Amazon Accelerator brand can be a great way to make some cash with substantial margins through this marketplace.

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    Invest In Amazon And Earn Money

    Amazon is one of the few companies in the world with a $1 trillion valuation. The share price of Amazon has nearly doubled in the last year as online shoppers have ballooned during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    How to Invest in Amazon and Earn Money

    When deciding whether to buy or not to buy an Amazon stock, dont base your decision on the past performance or current price. This two can change rapidly. Instead, rely on significant merits by scrutinizing stock investment, including:

    • Understand the companys management
    • Check the net income & earnings
    • Consider the revenues
    • Analyze the competition

    Other than these factors, consider whether the decision is ideal for your portfolio. To understand this, check your:

    • Financial situation
    • Investment goals
    • Current holdings

    Amazons trading price was $3,441.28. The price is quite volatile, and so its prudent to check the current stock price by searching NASDAQ AMZN, Amazons trading ticker, or get the information from a reliable online broker.

    With such a high stock price, its advisable to purchase fractional shares. This enables you to buy a piece of the share based on the amount of money you have or want to invest rather than the entire thing.

    Remember that stock investments are long-term investments, so investment and financial experts warn against buying stocks with the cash youll need in the next five or fewer years.

    Be An Amazon Warehouse Worker

    If youre looking for something that gets you out of the house, and want a job with Amazon, then you might want to try a warehouse job. Amazon offers lots of warehouse work. There are fulltime and part-time warehouse jobs available.

    You could work with the:

    • Fulfillment center
    • AmazonFresh

    How much can you make?

    Pay for warehouse work starts at $15 an hour. So things like how many hours you work and your hourly rate will determine your income.

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    Sell On Amazon Yourself

    This isnt a contradiction to the previous section.

    if you find it easier to get up and going, or use this to complement your sales to Amazon.

    Selling on Amazon along with selling to Amazon keeps Amazon honest and doesnt allow the whims of their algorithm to lead to stockouts of your products.

    Selling to Amazon also allows you to jump-start sales of new products by giving Amazons bots the confidence they need to start bringing it in themselves.


    This practice is not recommended for most sellers, especially sellers that are novice to selling on Amazon.

    Consult an Amazon consultant before using this method.

    A Case Study: How to Sell to and on Amazon:

    A sheet metal factory in the industrial space wanted to come out with a line of consumer products to sell on Amazon.

    Based on some cursory searches on Amazon for sheet metal products and knowing the limits of their machinery, they created a simple folding work bench to be used in congested garages and sheds.

    It was made with the machines they already had, hardware they were already buying and sheet metal they already stocked.

    Actual Factory

    Actual Prototype of Product on a Wall in a Factory Hallway

    Their initial production run was four units.

    Yup, four.

    The total cost of labor and materials was less than most peoples weekly grocery bill.

    They put up an Amazon listing and sold two units in the first week.

    Actual Amazon Listing Taken Shortly After Product Went Live

    It is highly unusual, but it is doable.

    Disadvantages Of Retail Arbitrage

    How to Make Money with Amazon MTurk: A Guide to Getting Started

    There are also disadvantages with the retail or online arbitrage strategy.

    One of the big ones is that your competition changes so quickly. To go back to my Skyline example. Let’s say if I sell my products for $24.99 I am making $3 in net profit per sale.

    What if one of my competing sellers finds a better deal, is willing to take less in order to have the buy box on Amazon, and decides they’ll sell for $22.99?

    Now I have to either match or beat that price in order to stay competitive, or just wait and hope they sell out.

    The same goes for when Amazon starts selling a product against you. The best retail arbitrage opportunities are when you’re competing against other third party sellers.

    Because it’s a level playing field.

    However, if Amazon decided that Skyline Chili sells so well that they want to start buying and selling it directly, they’ll probably have a retail price similar to your local store.

    Imagine if you bought 100 units to sell and out of nowhere you’re competing against Amazon who can offer a much lower price!

    That’s the risky nature of doing retail arbitrage.

    Despite the disadvantages, retail arbitrage is still an excellent side hustle and a fantastic way to get you in the Amazon seller ecosystem. I know people personally who make what many would consider a full-time living from just doing online arbitrage.

    Like anything else, the more you do it the better you get at finding deals and perhaps more importantly avoiding the bad deals.

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    How Can I Make Money From Amazon At Home

    Some of the best ways to make money on Amazon from home include:

    • Writing books for Amazon KDP.
    • Working one of Amazons Virtual Locations jobs.
    • Making money from affiliate sales with Amazon Associates.
    • Doing simple jobs on Mturk

    And the beauty of these options is that no matter where you live, you can make money with them. Whether you want to make money on Amazon from the U.K., Canada, U.S., Pakistan, India or any other country, you can use these options.

    Resell Goods Through Retail Arbitrage

    Want to make money on Amazon without the cost or commitment of FBA? Retail arbitrage might be for you!

    Retail arbitrage is the practice of buying an item from one marketplace and reselling it on another at a higher price. Recently, buying sports cards and collectibles at garage sales to resell online at a marked up price increased in popularity.

    Because this often includes finding products on other websites or physically purchase products in stores, this option may not make sense for everyone. This makes scalability difficult but allows many to dip their toes into the water without diving in headfirst.

    However, if you find a product you can reliably flip for a profit, its not much different than finding cash! Retail arbitrage is especially appealing for those who find joy in the hustle and grind.

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    Write Reviews For Amazon Vine Program

    This is yet another example where you dont earn any cash directly but receive free goodies in exchange for a review.

    is only offered to people who consistently leave reviews for products on Amazon. The purpose of this program is to encourage people to write honest, unbiased, and helpful reviews.

    The best way to get invited to be a part of this program is to leave clear and helpful reviews on the products you purchased earlier.

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