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How Do I Change My Amazon Prime Password

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Never Use A Common Phrase Or Something Easy To Guess

How to Change Password On Amazon Prime Video | 2021

Common passwords such as 123456, 654321, iloveyou, or passw0rd are so easy to guess, and not at all secure. In addition, things that people know about you such as your birthday, anniversary, license plate number, or childrens birthdays are commonly used as passwords, but shouldnt be. Try coming up with something creative regarding something you really love or commonly do.

For example, if every Friday night you order two extra large pizzas with red peppers, onions, and pepperoni, you could try this for a password: 2XLP-rpep-oni-pep. If your favorite book series is Harry Potter, and your favorite number is 16, try HarrysPatr0nusBeat16Dement0rs.

Why Would Anyone Want To Change Their Amazon Prime Video Pin

There are a lot of reasons why someone would want to change their Amazon Prime Video pin. For example, they might be going on vacation and need access to their account while theyâre away from home, or perhaps thereâs been some suspicious activity, and you donât know whoâs using your account right now! Either way – if this is happening to you, donât worry – weâre here to help!In order to change your Prime Video pin, follow the instructions listed in this blog post. Remember that itâs important to keep your account information safe and secure, so be sure to use a strong password that is hard for others to guess. If you have any questions or concerns about changing your Amazon Prime Video pin, then you can contact customer support.

How To Change Your Amazon Account To A Different Email

Here’s a quick guide on how to update your Amazon account information, like your email, name, and phone number.

When you change your email address, you need to remember to update all of your online accounts. One of the most important accounts to consider is Amazon so that you continue to receive offers, order updates, and other important information.

We’re going to show you how to change your Amazon account to a different email address on web and mobile, along with how to update other information like your name and phone number.

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Reset Your Amazon Password

If you canât log in to Amazon because you forgot your password, don’t worry â the password reset process is pretty simple:

  • Open Amazon in your browser or on your mobile device.

  • Click the âAccount & Listsâ or âSign inâ button in the top left corner of the website or tap âAlready a customer? Sign inâ on the appâs login screen.

  • Click âForgot passwordâ under the âNeed helpâ drop-down menu. You will be redirected to the âPassword assistanceâ page.

  • Enter your email address or mobile number and click âContinue.â

  • Amazon might send you a one-time password to confirm your identity. Enter it and click âContinue.â

  • You might be asked additional security questions about your account. Enter the answer, and you will be redirected to another window.

  • Enter your new password twice. Then click âSave changes and sign in.â Your password will be reset to a new one.

  • Change Your Password On The Amazon App

    How to set up two

    These steps are identical for the Android and iPhone apps.

  • Open the Amazon Shopping app.
  • Tap the Profile button at the bottom of your screen.
  • Tap Your Account.
  • Verify the action, and you’re done!

    This is pretty easy if you haven’t forgotten your password. So, what can you do if you can’t remember your password and are desperate to catch a sale?

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    Immediately Change Your Amazon Password

    If you think your Amazon account was hacked for ANY reason, the first thing you should do is immediately login to your account and change your password.

    To make this happen just click on Accounts & Lists, followed by Your Account, then Login & Security.

    Make your new password a string of random numbers and letters and not actual words.

    Then write it down somewhere for safe keeping.

    If you need help generating a strong password, Im a big fan of

    It would also be REALLY smart to change the password on the email account associated with your Amazon account.

    In many cases this is how hackers gain access to your Amazon account if youre signed up with system.

    In other words, if they can get into your email account it becomes easy to also get into your Amazon account.

    Important: DO NOT use the same password that you use on other popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

    Change Your Account Password In The Amazon Mobile App

    If you shop from your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone, use the Amazon app to change your account password.

    Start by launching the Amazon app on your phone. In the bottom bar of the app, tap the user profile icon .

    Youll see a Hello screen. Here, at the top, tap Your Account.

    On the Your Account page, from under the Account Settings section, select Login & Security.

    Amazon might ask you to type your current password. Enter the password and continue.

    On the Login & Security screen that opens, next to Password, tap Edit.

    Youll now see a Change Password screen. Here, tap the Current Password field and enter your current account password. Tap the New Password field and type a new password for your account.

    Finally, at the bottom of the Change Password section, tap Save Changes.

    And your Amazon account password is now updated!

    In addition to changing your password, there are a few more things you can do to .

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    Your Amazon Password For Prime Shopping And More

    Your Amazon account controls many things, from your online shopping to what you watch and listen to, so it’s essential to have a secure account, and your password is vital. Here’s how you can change your Amazon password to ensure it’s as secure as possible.

    You’ll want to change your Amazon password if your current one is too weak – if it’s currently ‘qwertyuiop’ or ‘Password123,’ then you’ll probably want to change it for something different. It’s also safe practice to change your password regularly, so here’s how to do that.

    It’s not hard to change your Amazon password, but as with websites, it can sometimes be hard to find your way around the website’s different menus, especially given it’s just a touch different from other sites. So that’s why we’ve developed this guide on changing your Amazon password.

    So, without wasting further time, here’s how to change your Amazon password or reset it.

    From Smartphones And Tablets

    How to Change Amazon Prime Password !!

    If you prefer to take action from smartphone and tablet, you must follow a procedure similar to the one I showed you in the previous chapter dedicated to PC.

    First, therefore, start the Amazon app on your Android or iOS / iPadOS device, place the check mark in the box Sign In present on the welcome screen of the application, presses the link Need help? which is at the bottom and tap the item Forgot your password.

    In the new screen that has opened, enter your email address or cell phone number associated with your Amazon account, type it in the appropriate text field and tap the yellow Continue button.

    Next, enter the security code that was sent to you by email or SMS in the corresponding text field and press the Continue button once more. We are almost there: now you just have to enter the new password you want to set to protect your Amazon account, using the Enter the new password and Re-enter the new password text fields, and press the Save changes button, to complete the operation.

    Now you are finally ready to log in to your Amazon account again. So type your email address or cell phone number in the corresponding text field, click the Continue button, provide your new Amazon account password in the Amazon Password text field, tap the Start button, and you’re done.

    If you set up two-step verification, you must also provide your code to complete your OTP login that was sent to you by SMS or email.

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    Change Your Password In The Amazon App

    The following steps are similar for both Android and iOS.

  • Go to the Amazon Shopping app.

  • At the bottom of the screen, tap the âProfileâ button.

  • Go to âYour Account.â

  • Select âLogin & securityâ under âAccount settings.â

  • Tap âEditâ next to the âPasswordâ field to open the âChange passwordâ page.

  • Enter your current password followed by a new password.

  • Tap âSave changes.â

  • When creating a new password, donât fall back on bad habits. Hackers already know about the most popular combinations, like âpasswordâ, â123456â, and âqwertyâ. If you want to secure your account, make sure you follow these tips:

    • Never reuse a password.

    • The longer, the better. Try to come up with a password that is at least eight characters long, ideally 15 characters.

    • Make sure you have a combination of upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

    • Donât use any personal information.

    • Make it as random as possible â avoid common phrases and words.

    Once you come up with a password, you can check if itâs secure enough using our password checker tool. Or if you canât think of a complicated password, use the NordPass password generator.

    How To Change Your Amazon Password In The Mobile App

  • Open the Amazon app on your phone and go to Your Account.
  • Go to Password and select Edit.
  • Follow the instructions to change your password and then tap Save changes.
  • The steps above work if you want to change your password for security reasons, as you need to be able to log into your account to complete them.

    If you forgot your password, youll have to request a personalized reset link that will be sent to your email address. Once youve received it, follow the on-screen instructions to reset your password.

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    Reset The Pin On Ios And Android

    To change your PIN on your iOS or Android device, youll first need to download the Amazon Prime Video app. Once youve installed it and logged into your account, follow the steps below to access your PIN:

    We captured the screenshots below on an iPhone, but the steps are identical for Android devices.

  • Tap My Stuff in the bottom right corner.

  • Tap the Cogwheel icon in the top right corner.

  • Select Parental Controls.

  • Enter a new PIN into the field and tap Save.

  • Bonus: 3 Ways To Protect Yourself From Future Attacks

    Globe at home zte h288a default password

    1. Never Click on Phishy Emails

    If you get a supposed email from Amazon about your account, but it just doesnt look right, DO NOT click on any links within the email.

    Also, check the email address of the sender. Often times these phishing emails will NOT be from an address ending with Stay far away from those.

    2. Dont Access your Amazon Account Over Unsecured Network

    In other words, try not to shop online when sipping a latte at Starbucks if youre using their free WiFi.

    3. Get Into Your Account if Hacker Changes Email Address

    Well, in short, you CANT get into your Amazon account if this happens.

    Youll have to immediately call Amazon at 280-4331 and they can remove the fraudulent email address and lock your account until the issue is resolved.

    Ask the Reader: Has your Amazon account ever been hacked? How did the hacker get into your account and what damage was done?

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    To Change Your Amazon Password:

  • Sign into your Amazon account.
  • Move your cursor over Hello, , and click Your Account in the drop-down menu.
  • Click Change Account Settings under the Account Settings heading.
  • Beside Password, click Edit.
  • Enter a new password, and then click Save Changes.
  • Was that a little too quick for you? If you need some more information, check out our detailed set of instructions below to help you at each step of the way.

    Advantages You Get When Using Passwarden

    Advanced data encryption

    Our application uses both the military-grade AES 256-bit encryption and the highly reliable EC p-384 protocol for public-key cryptography. Even if your data is intercepted or stolen, it will be impossible to decode.

    Duress mode

    To activate this mode, go to the Settings, set a Duress Password that will trigger off the Duress mode, and select the items not to be hidden when Passwarden gets a signal that you are under duress. Now, if you access your Passwarden storage not of your own free will, instead of entering the Master Password use the duress one, and your most sensitive data will remain unrevealed!

    Strong password generator

    Creating random sequences of uppercase letters, digits and symbols is a difficult task. Delegate it to Passwarden: it will instantly generate strong passwords of the required length and save them to the encrypted data storage. You wont have to memorize all your passwords: the Autofill feature will fill them out automatically.

    Safe sharing

    Data you send via messengers and emails can be intercepted to improve security Passwarden employs a considerably more reliable way of sharing your important information. All you need to do is create a Shared Vault and invite a new member.

    Two-factor authentication

    Cross-device synchronization

    Storage for various types of data

    Passwarden allows you to store, change and share data in three categories:

    • Account credentials
    • Personal information
    • Payment details

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    Change Amazon Password On Apple Or Android Devices

    Changing your Amazon Password on Apple or Android is relatively the same because you will directly do it through the Amazon Prime Application. To change your password, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Open the Amazon Prime Video application on your phone.
  • Go to settings and tap on the password option.
  • Once done, you will see an edit button. Tap on it to change your password.
  • Tap the save button once you have edited your password and followed all the on-screen demands.
  • Your password is now changed.
  • These five small steps are all it takes to change the Amazon prime password on your mobile phone.

    How To Change Amazon Prime Password

    How to Change Amazon Password

    If you have forgotten your password, there is nothing to be worried about. The process of changing the Amazon Prime password is quite simple. You can reset it by going through Amazon Prime password assistance process on the official website. Below are all the instructions you need to know about before changing the password.

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    How To Reset A Prime Video Pin On A Computer

    If you need to change your PIN, all you need is your Amazon account email and password. Once logged in, you can set up a new PIN without having to enter your old one.

    You can only set up a Prime Video PIN through a web browser or the services iOS and Android apps. If you access Parental Controls on a Prime Video TV app, youll get a prompt to log in to the service on a PC to change your PIN.

    The process for creating a first-time PIN and resetting it is the same. If you havent made a PIN for your Prime Video account, follow the instructions below.

  • Navigate to and sign in with your credentials.

  • Click your profile name in the top right corner and select Account & Settings.

  • Select Parental Controls > Prime Video PIN and click Change.

    If this is your first time setting up a PIN, simply enter a five-digit PIN into the field and click Save.

  • Input a new five-digit PIN and click Save.

  • How To Change Or Reset Your Amazon Password

    Keep your Amazon account secure

    Your Amazon account’s password might be the most critical password you own. Especially for Prime subscribers, , from photo storage, streaming, gaming, and shopping. Your Amazon account is also necessary to manage all your . The best way to keep your Amazon account secure is to change to a new password regularly.

    This guide shows you how to change your Amazon account password on a desktop web browser and the Amazon mobile app. We also show you how to perform a password reset if you’re locked out.

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    Enter Your Old Password And Then Choose Confirm And Save A New Password For Your Account

    Click in the box labelled Current Password and type in the password that youre using for your Amazon account right now. Then, click in the box labelled New Password and type in the password that you want to use for your Amazon account from now on. Then, click in the box labelled Re-enter New Password and type in a copy of the password that you just entered. Finally, click Save Changes.

    If you still have any issues and this process doesnt work for you, be sure to .

    Change Your Password On The Amazon Website

    Amazon Prime Video Subscription 6 Months 1 Screen
  • Open the Amazon website in your browser.

  • Log in to your Amazon account.

  • Click the âAccount & Listsâ button in the top right corner of the website.

  • Click âLogin & Security.â

  • You will see a table with your account details. Scroll down to âPasswordâ and click âEdit.â

  • Enter your current password .

  • Now enter your new password in the field below and save changes.

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    How To Change Prime Video Pin

    Amazon Prime Video is a good way to watch movies and TV shows online, but sometimes you may not be able to find what youâre looking for. This can be frustrating, especially if youâre trying to watch a movie or show that your friends are talking about. Luckily, there is a method to change the Prime Video pin and access videos that are blocked in your location. In this blog post, weâll walk you through the steps on how to change the Prime Video pin!

    How To Change Prime Video Pin On Browser

    The Amazon Prime Video Pin can also be changed on a browser.Step 1: Open Prime Video in a Web Browser: Open your computerâs browser and visit Amazon Prime Video.Step 2: Navigate To Settings: You should be able to see a menu in the right corner. Click on âSettings.âStep 3: Navigate To Account and Settings: Now, you should see a popup with the account information and settings. Click on âAccount and Settings.âStep 4: Select Parental Controls: Under this option, select âParental Controlsâ.Step 5: Change Prime Video pin: You will be required to enter the current password of your Amazon Prime account. You can change it according to your own choice, and you wonât be asked for a password while signing in to this account.Step 6: Get Rid of Prime Video Pin: If you wish, you can delete the pin too. It will remove all the restrictions on movies and shows on Amazon prime Videos made by yourself as well as other users. Moreover, your user details will remain unchanged.

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