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How Do I Find Influencers On Amazon

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How Many Followers Do You Need To Qualify For Amazon Influencer

How To Find Influencers/Micro Influencers On Instagram To Promote Your Amazon FBA Products

Amazon does not specify how many social media followers you need to qualify for the program. However, we suggest you have a minimum of 20,000 followers on at least one social media platform.

While you can still apply to be an Amazon influencer if you have fewer social media followers, your chances of getting in are also lower.

Amazon influencer requirements

To enter the Amazon Influencer Program, participants must abide by several requirements. You can view the full list on the page.

Requirements to become an Amazon influencer:

  • Participants must contain at least one active social media account .
  • The social media account cannot promote or contain sexual or obscene content.
  • Site cannot promote violent materials or incite potentially dangerous acts.
  • Site cannot contain false, deceptive, or defamatory content.
  • Site cannot conduct illegal activities.
  • Site cannot have content that is hateful or discriminatory.
  • What Do Amazon Influencers Do For My Brand

    Amazon Influencers Add Value To Brands In 2 Ways:

  • Drive Sales
  • Build Awareness
  • You need to build awareness otherwise youre going to find it very difficult to show up before competitors in Amazon Searches and youre going to pay a heckuva lot more for until you can get a potential customer to Know, Like & Trust you enough to purchase from you.

    So what does an Amazon Influencer do for you?

    • They write blog posts about & recommend your product
    • They include & recommend you in blog posts theyve already written
    • They make YouTube videos about your product
    • They recommend you to their email lists
    • They recommend you to their Social Media followings
    • They write Medium posts about your product
    • They recommend you on Twitch
    • They demonstrate, discuss & recommend your products via live stream on
    • & much more

    How To Promote The Amazon Influencer Program

    If youre careful when you compile the lists in your Amazon store, you should have collections of products that will appeal to your followers. If you are an influencer, the odds are that you focus on one particular niche and attract a specific type of person as your typical follower. Therefore, it shouldnt be too hard to promote your Amazon Store to your followers, in a similar way that you recommend any other products to your followers.

    If youre a YouTuber, for instance, you could create unboxing videos for the products on your lists, ensuring your followers know precisely what they could be buying. If your preferred social network is Instagram, share some photos of yourself using the products in question.

    You can put your Amazon Storefront link in multiple places. These include:

    • Your website About page, Recommendations page, and at the bottom of relevant articles
    • Your Facebook About page. Also, on individual Facebook posts, and in comments on Facebook groups. You could create a Shop Now button at the top of your Facebook page.
    • Your Instagram bio . You can also include it in your Instagram Stories
    • Your Twitter bio and in a selection of relevant tweets
    • Your YouTube About page and in relevant video descriptions. You could even place it on some videos.
    • As a link in any emails, you send your subscribers

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    Follow Your Amazon Influencers On Social Media

    Youve spent some time to . Now, youre ready to get them to feature you on content that will drive sales to Amazon or in the case of the Amazon Influencers that youve found with Referazon, content that is ALREADY driving sales to Amazon.

    Your next step is to follow them on social media with your companys social media accounts.

    Why is this the first step to reach out to Amazon Influencers?

    Picture this, its a normal day and you are looking at your inbox and it is overflowing.

    You are trying to prioritize who you should respond to, what needs attention now, etc.

    You are more likely to respond to:

    Now that last one is important if you know people are invested in you and have put in the effort to build a relationship with you, you are likely to respond.

    Following an Amazon Influencer on Social Media first will take care of both 2 and 3. Plus, if they are actively seeking out new content ideas to produce it takes care of 1 as well.

    Still, thats only part of the story.

    How Much Commission Do Amazon Make Per Sale

    How Can Influencers Make Money Through Amazon Influencer Program ...

    Amazon influencers earn commission on the sales they recommend, but the rates widely vary. Certain purchases like groceries and personal care items earn 1% commission, while other luxury brands garner influencers as much as 10% commission. Influencers must earn a minimum of $10 to be paid for their commissions.

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    Amazon Live Influencers Everything You Need To Know

    Live streaming generated over $61 billion in 2019 and now, Amazon has launched Amazon Live for participants of the Amazon Influencer Program.

    What is Amazon Live? Amazon Live Influencers hold live streams on the Amazon Live platform where they recommend products and earn a commission with a format similar to QVC.

    With Influencer Marketing generating at ROI of 23 to 1 for brands, Amazon Live Influencers are a top strategy to build awareness and drive sales on Amazon.

    Boosting sales, driving down ad costs and skyrocketing is at the top of every Amazon sellers priority list.

    have made this simple for brands since 1996, but Amazon Influencers now have a platform that makes them even more effective at selling.

    Amazon Live Influencers leverage their hyper-engaged audiences from their Blogs, YouTube, Social Media & more over to where they take the QVC format to the next level.

    If youve ever wanted to have your product discussed and demonstrated live to customers on Amazon, just like a sales representative, this is for you.

    How To Fill Out Your Storefront

    When filling out your storefront, there are a couple of things worth keeping in mind. If you are famous enough, youll find that brands reach out to you. Popular influencers have their choice among preferred brands that.

    However, what you promote will likely depend on these factors:

    • The type of content you produce
    • The social networks you are part of
    • The products you enjoy
    • How appropriate it is for your influencer brand

    We will dig into each area below:

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    Social Media Amazon Influencers

    Regardless what other platforms they use to influence their audiences, all Amazon Influencer Program participants must be social media influencers since a Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or TikTok following is required to join the platform. Social media influencers create content to post to their channels, where they then interact and engage with readers, followers, friends and fans. If they include products showcased on their Amazon storefront influencer pages when creating their content, their audiences can take their recommendations and make purchases, which earns the influencer a commission.

    Is Amazons Own Amazon Influencer Program A Good Fit For My Brand

    How I Get Influencers to Sell My Shopify & Amazon FBA Product For FREE (2020)
    • This form of Amazon Influencer Marketing will help awareness.
    • This does not alleviate the quick sales challenge though.
    • The solution to this comes in the next section and it has to do with the TYPE of influencer.
  • Youre also sacrificing the OFF Amazon traffic coming onto Amazon SPECIFICALLY for you and not a shop filled with MANY other products.
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    Search Popular Platforms For More Influencers

    Now that you know which platforms are popular in your niche, you have a good idea of where your target audience aggregates online.

    Since SEO influencers are most popular on Twitter, its a fair assumption that SEO audiences congregate on Twitter. To find more influencers, were going to look towards Twitter.

    Your audience might be somewhere else. Fortunately, most social media platforms have dedicated third-party tools to find influencers.

    How To Find Micro

    You have a choice when targeting influencers: go after the giants , or the smaller fish. While it might be tempting to chase the big fish based on those huge follower accounts, its probably not the best use of your time.

    If youre new to influencer marketing, your best bet is to start with the micro or even nano-influencers. Not only are they more likely to read your message and accept your proposal, they often are more engaged with their audience.

    According to one study, influencers with 1000 followers saw 85% more engagement than those with 100,000 followersin part because that smaller community allows for a more personal interaction with fans.

    You can find micro-influencers using a few different approaches, including:

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    How To Find Social Media Influencers: 11 Tips

    Weve covered the what and the why behind teaming up with industry tastemakers. In these next few sections, Ill go over how to get started with finding social media influencers.

    Understandably, this process can be overwhelmingWhere do you start? Who is the best partner for your brand? How will they help you reach your marketing goals?

    Honestly, its a lot to consider.

    To help you out, here are 11 steps toward building a solid foundation for your influencer marketing strategy.

    What Are Amazon Influencers

    How To Find Influencers On Amazon

    Amazon Influencers are Social Media Influencers, Creators, YouTubers, and Bloggers who participate in Amazons Influencer Program.

    As an Amazon Influencer, theyre able to set up a personal storefront, where they feature products from different brands and Amazon sellers.

    They earn commission on purchases made through their storefront, or from their unique links shared on their platforms off-Amazon.

    Amazon Influencer storefronts usually showcase a curated collection of items that the influencer is promoting, in line with their niche and their followers interests.

    Working with Amazon Influencers is a great way to reap all the benefits of influencer marketing while driving sales specifically to your Amazon store!

    So, how, exactly, do you find Amazon Influencers?

    Lets take a look at some simple ways to find the best influencers to promote your products on Amazon:

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    How To Contact An Amazon Influencer

    The easiest part of establishing an Amazon influencer campaign might be contacting the influencer. This can be accomplished as simply as following the influencers on social media and engaging with their content. Once contact is made, just follow it up with a DM or an email. Many influencers particularly micro-influencers and nano influencers with smaller yet still meaningful followings will be all to eager for the additional earning opportunity.

    How To Work With Amazon Live Influencers:

  • Start by following your Amazon Live Influencer on social media.
  • Engage with their content for a few days.
  • Reach out to them via DM or email to start the conversation
  • Offer them free product, giveaways for their audience & ask them if theyd be interested in working with your brand.
  • Youll identify when they have a live stream coming up after theyve had an opportunity to check out the product. (In many cases, they may not even need to check out the product, rather clearly understand the value in it straight away and agree to work with you.
  • Send them over your Brand Influencer Kit so they have everything they need to talk about your product, talking points, logos, product images, product videos, etc.
  • Lastly, youll want to let your audience know about the live stream coming up and cross-promote.
  • Need more detail on reaching out to Amazon Influencers?

    Check out:

    Need more inspiration on how to work with Amazon Influencers?

    We have a comprehensive guide that lays out the best Amazon Influencer Marketing Campaigns:

    Referazon has a powerful that makes it simple to find Amazon Influencers and manage campaigns.

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    How Do I Find Influencers On Amazon

    You can search for Amazon Influencers on the Fiverr marketplace, or search the Amazon Finds page, or look at Amazon Live to find influencers live streaming on Amazon. If you’re a brand looking for Amazon Influencers to promote your products, you can use hashtags to find them on social media, or you can use influencer marketplaces and platforms. Read the full article to find out how to find Amazon Influencers.

    Who Qualifies For The Amazon Influencer Program

    How This Tool Finds Me Instagram Influencers Quickly! – Amazon FBA & Shopify

    Influencers across any category can join this program. To apply, you need to fill out an online form. Amazon will then vet the applications based on your online following, fan engagement, quality of content and the relevancy it has for Amazon customers among other metrics assessed internally by Amazon. Currently you must have a YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook account to qualify. The program is also only available in the U.S., the U.K., Canada and India.

    While Amazon has not completely revealed all the requirements, it seems that influencers with a massive following are more likely to be approved. A quick peek at some accounts show that these social media celebrities average between 10,000 and 500,000 followers.

    If you qualify, you need to give permission to Amazon to access your social media channels. This means allowing them to publish posts on your behalf as well as follow and unfollow accounts.

    If you dont get approved, you can always come back in the future as the eligibility requirements may change over time.

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    How Do I Find Someones Amazon Shop

  • is a great place to get your shopping done.
  • In the right corner, click Other Sellers.
  • Identify the other sellers by clicking their store names.
  • Under whose name a sellers store is displayed.
  • In the HTML bar , look at their seller ID.
  • Get updates and keep your inbox open by clicking a letter combination.
  • Why Is Building My Brand Off Of Amazon So Important To Get Sales On Amazon:

    Because Amazons watching you and have been for a very long time and because building a brand is a general best practice businesses cant live without.

    The smart speaker Alexa that you talk to every day is powered by a service that Amazon has owned since 1999 called Alexa Web that has since been rolled into their entire suite of Amazon products it is now just called Alexa.

    They use this to learn about everything.

    Then, they use it to sell you items on Amazon, find web results for you, answer your questions and even sell your marketing insights to make your brand more effective OFF of Amazon.

    More importantly for brands, just like Google, Amazon prioritizes brands that build a buzz OFF of Amazon.

    Amazon tracks and measures everything going on OFF of Amazon so it can forecast what will sell ON Amazon.

    How Your OFF Amazon Presence Impacts Your ON Amazon Presence:

    • How visible you are or arent in Amazon product search results
    • How visible you are or arent in Amazon Ads
    • How much you pay in Amazon Ads

    Has this ever happened to you?

    Youve done a bunch of keyword research and found the best Amazon Keywords and then tried running Amazon PPC ads only to find out you arent getting impressions and no one is even seeing your ads that youre trying to pay for!

    Odds are if youre selling on Amazon nowadays, this is happening to you right now.

    Just because you run Amazon PPC ads, doesnt mean Amazon will show your ads.

    Well, you hear that a lot because its true.

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    How To Leverage Influencers To Sell More On Amazon

    • 3.0Kshares
    • 3.0Kshares

    Retail giant Amazon is responsible for nearly half of all online retail spend in the United States, so it makes sense for ecommerce sellers to use the platform to get their products in front of buyers. However, with hundreds of millions of products for sale on Amazon, it can be a challenge to get your products seen by the right people.One of the most effective ways to expose people to your product is through influencer marketing, which uses leaders in a specific industry to share your brands products and messaging with a key audience. This enables brands to reach their target audience in an organic, meaningful way today, influencer marketing is a $1.7 billion industry on Instagram alone. Why? Because it works.Consumers seek product recommendations from influencers nearly as often as they do from friends, according to one study that also found that 49% of consumers look to influencers when making product decisions.Read on to learn how you can work with Amazon influencers to increase your sales.

    Amazon Is The Worlds Largest Affiliate Program

    Amazon Influencer Guide

    Businesses and influencers want to partner with a program they can trust, and Amazon already successfully hosts the worlds largest affiliate program. Its also the worlds largest e-commerce company. Businesses can be sure their products will be seen, and influencers can rely on their payments being received.

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    Amazon Influencer Outreach Template 4 Follow Up

    Hey ,

    I was hoping to get your rate card / media kit because we wanted to sponsor a .

    I was checking in on my previous note to you because I recently checked out and got super excited about working with you.

    Would love to know if you have room for another sponsorship and how we could work together.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    PS: If you dont have a rate card, thats okay, we can chat about it.

    Here is a link to our Amazon store:


    How Do Amazon Editorial Reviews Work

  • A customer performs a research-based search. This is generally a vague search like k cup which indicates they know they want coffee k cups but arent sure which one, what flavors or blends the k cups need to have, etc. They just want to know what is out there. Or something like best coffee k cups which indicates the customer knows they want some k cups, but they want to know which kind is the best.
  • Amazons algorithm can understand whether the customer is doing research or if the customer buyer intent with their search and when it identifies that they are doing research, it places an Amazon Editorial Review written by one of their Amazon Editorial Reviewers in the search results.
  • When the customer buys one of the products from the article, the Amazon Editorial Reviewer is paid a commission for facilitating the sale.
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