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How Do I Join Amazon Flex

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Download The Amazon Flex App

BEFORE You Drive For Amazon Flex, Watch This!

To start, download the Amazon Flex app on your mobile device.

You can easily search for the app for iOS on the Apple store, or for an Android mobile phone, head over to Google Play.

Likewise, if you head to the website and click the Lets Drive button, it will ask you to download the app from your browser and manually install it from there.

Once installed, sign in using an existing Amazon account, or you can create a new account.

For those creating a new account, you just need to give your name, email, and a password you prefer.

Want to know what the Amazon Flex App is like? Check out these 11 brave reviews.

How Much Can You Earn With Amazon Flex

Currently you earn 25 per hour. In the App you see time blocks of 2 or 3 hours that you can book. So, for a 3 hour block you get 75. But if you need longer to deliver your packages your earnings per hour will be less accordingly. Then you also need to deduct the additional costs mentioned above. You might have to pay taxes as well.

An example:

When you deduct the mentioned costs and you manage to complete your tour in 3 hours, you have 10 left per hour. But if you take longer, your hourly wage might be even less.

Amazon Flex App Vs Circuit Route Planner

Imagine you are delivering frozen or perishable goods, and the Amazon Flex app decides to freeze. Its a disaster in the making. Aside from having dissatisfied customers, your Amazon delivery job will also be in jeopardy.

This is why Amazon Flex drivers also install apps such as Circuit Route Planner.

This app can help you save one to two hours a day by optimizing your delivery routes.

Just like the Flex app, this favorite alternative navigation tool of delivery drivers is easy to use. You just need to download the free app, add your stops, and the system will optimize your route.

When you optimize your route with the Circuit Route Planner, you will find your delivery destinations quicker.

So, aside from avoiding unnecessary stops to figure out where you are, you can also avoid sitting in traffic because the intelligent software will find faster, more efficient delivery routes for you.

As a result, you can complete your Amazon Flex delivery blocks sooner. You can get home earlier, spend more time with your loved ones, or do what you want to do. In short, you will have less stress and no wasted time.

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What Is Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is a delivery program from Amazon that employs independent drivers to complete different types of deliveries. One example of an Amazon Flex driver is when you find an Amazon package being delivered by someone without a uniform.

An Amazon Flex driver earns about $18 to $35 an hour. If coupled with tips on a particular order, earnings can reach $35 per hour. Unfortunately, it is rather difficult to register for this program because it is rarely opened new positions and position shifts are highly awaited.

Background Verification For Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex : Make Rs.120

Amazon conducts background verification for all Amazon Flex applicants. Hence, your application and details will be given to a background check service provider.

Usually, a background check takes between 5 to 10 days. Hence, youll have to wait for your Amazon Flex application to be successful.

If you have any questions regarding Amazon Flex background verification, call telephone number 1800-123-4339 or send an email at to resolve your queries.

Waiting for Background Verification

While awaiting completion of the background verification process that takes between 5 to 10 working days here are some essential things that you can do.

  • Watch videos on Amazon Flex website to know the program better.
  • Learn online about best practices to deliver packages from tutorials on Amazon Flex website.
  • Get better acquainted with the area where you are planning to make deliveries as Amazon Flex partner.
  • Learn rules and regulations that govern Amazon India deliveries.
  • Understand proper techniques of handling packages for Amazon Flex delivery to Amazon customers.
  • Get well acquainted with the Delivery Block process that Amazon uses for its Amazon Flex partners. I will explain the Delivery Block system later in this article. But you can read more details directly on Amazon Flex program website.

Amazon conducts background checks because there have been several instances in the past where unscrupulous Amazon Flex drivers have fled with expensive items.

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How To Know If You’ve Been Accepted

Keep checking the Flex app for updates. Once your background check is successfully completed and your application is accepted, you will get a message from Amazon that says Welcome to Amazon Flex.

Get Started. If your application requires additional information, they will send you a checklist of application items needed.

How To Start Driving For Amazon Flex

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Most people choose to work for rideshare apps and delivery apps because of freedom and flexibility. Do you love the flexibility of setting your own hours and being your own boss, but hate the idea of having passengers in your car?

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Navigating The Amazon Flex App

The Amazon app is fairly straightforward. It does have a menu of components.

The main jobs the app performs are: keeping track of items which need to be delivered, recording deliveries by location, and getting money to drivers.

The app is also a great resource, especially for new drivers. There are many tutorials that cover all the factors involved in being a delivery driver. If you have any additional questions, you can reach an Amazon flex associate.

Amazon Flex App Vs Route4me Route Planner App

How to sign up to Amazon Flex | Beginners guide to the Amazon Flex App

Many Amazon Flex drivers also install the Route4Me route planner app because it helps plan well-optimized delivery routes and save time.

Route4Mes delivery route planner app is easy to use. All you need to do is download the app, upload customer addresses, set some parameters, and the software will provide you with the fastest Amazon routes in just 30 seconds.

Route4Mes multi-stop route planner app considers weather, traffic, roadblocks, and more constraints while planning routes. Therefore, you will never get stuck on the road and make deliveries on time.

As a result, you will complete your deliveries quickly, get home earlier, and spend more time with your family and friends. Long story short, you will have a perfect work-life balance.

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Ftc Returns Unpaid Tips To Amazon Flex Drivers

The FTC is sending payments totaling nearly $60 million to more than 140,000 Amazon Flex drivers who had their tips withheld from them by Amazon between 2016 and 2019.

Amazon Flex drivers deliver goods and groceries ordered through programs like Prime Now and AmazonFresh, which allow customers to leave tips for their drivers. The FTC brought a suit against Amazon, alleging that the company secretly kept drivers tips over a two-and-a-half year period, and that Amazon only stopped that practice after becoming aware of the FTCs investigation in 2019.

If you get a check, please cash it before January 7, 2022. If your payment is $600 or more, you will receive a 1099 tax form with your check. You should report this income on your 2021 tax return. Free e-filing tools are available at

If you get a PayPal payment, please accept it within 30 days.

You can find answers to common questions about refund payments on our FAQ page. If you have any other questions, please call the refund administrator at 1-800-654-8874.

Customer Interaction Is Kept To Minimum

Unlike ridesharing hustles, Flex drivers face fewer customer interactions in their shifts. Youll only get to talk to customers when you hand them over their Amazon packages.

Are you interested in applying as one of the Flex drivers? If you got your vehicle, a valid drivers license, and a smartphone, you should be all set. However, there is a list of eligible vehicles for the program, so you better take note of their requirements.

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Amazon Flex App: Your Complete Guide To The Amazon Flex App

Shedrack IdoghorATTENTION!!! Subscribe to our FREE EVERYDAY JOB ALERTS and be the first to know about high paying job vacancies so you can apply IMMEDIATELY.

However, some people object to riding in the same car as another person. The Amazon Flex Program might be your best choice in that situation.

Here is everything you need to know about the Amazon Flex App to decide if this is the chance youve been looking for.

Read on as we throw more light on this.

Vehicle Requirements: What Kind Of Vehicles Can You Use For Flex

Amazon set to launch new Amazon Flex package pickup service with ...

The type of vehicle accepted by Amazon depends on the service you deliver for. Read about order types below. orders require a four-door sedan, a pickup truck with covered bed, minivan or van. Two-door cars are not accepted because they may not be large enough to fit every package that youre assigned for your shift. Trucks with uncovered beds are not accepted.

Prime Now and Amazon Fresh deliveries allow you to use any vehicle with no restriction on the number of doors or the size of the vehicle. Begin the application process to see what vehicles are accepted in your area.

Is there a model year requirement for Flex? 1990 is the oldest model year that you can select during the Flex application. There is no vehicle inspection.

Need a car for Flex?Try HyreCar. HyreCar offers rentals that qualify for Amazon Flex, other delivery apps and rideshare.

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Can I Work For Amazon Flex Full


If you want to apply for Amazon Flex and turn it into more than a side hustle, youre not alone.

Many drivers have successfully worked 40-hour weeks on a consistent basis since opportunities are available every single day of the week.

However, because youre not a traditional employee and other drivers can pick up available blocks before you, youre not guaranteed any amount of hours.

Amazon Flex Driver: The Only Guide Youll Need To Become An Amazon Delivery Driver

You may want to become an Amazon Flex driver to work flexibly or earn extra money. Whatever the reason, Amazon Flex is an excellent choice as a side gig.

However, you need to know several nitty-gritty details before applying to Amazon Flex jobs.

For example, how much can you earn as an Amazon delivery driver?

What does the Amazon Flex driver application process entail?

Can Amazon flex deactivate your account? All these and much more.

But do not worry. This guide covers everything you need to know to become an Amazon driver. Below is the table of content to give you an idea of what you would learn in this article.

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Why Become An Amazon Flex Driver

There are two main reasons why. First and foremost, Amazon Flex offers higher, more stable earnings. Drivers are paid at least $18 per hour. This minimum payment rate is fixed and flat across all cities .

The second reason is flexibility. As an Amazon Flex driver, not only you can decide when you want to work but you can also decide ahead of time. This allows you to make a predictable working schedule from week to week.

Now, before applying to become an Amazon Flex driver, you must meet all of the requirements below.

Amazon Flex Surge Pay

Is Driving For Amazon Flex Worth It? (2022)

Sometimes, the Amazon Flex pay can be as high as $55/hour during peak season or extreme weather. Thats called surge pay.

Heres a screenshot of the payout of a driver who got a $275 offer for a 5-hour block to make deliveries in Seattle. Thats $55 per hour!

Wait for the surge, stop working for $18/hr from

Amazon increases the payout automatically to make it more lucrative if Flex drivers do not pick up offers or blocks quickly.

Sometimes surge is already applied when the blocks are released. That means you do not have to wait to see if it will surge. Reserved blocks can also come pre-surged. Blocks with surges can be longer, shorter, or the same as a typical route.

However, not every driver can get surge offers. Amazon contract drivers hardly get offers in many cities, let alone a surged block.

If your location is oversaturated with Amazon Flex drivers or has low order volume, you may not get surged offers.

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What Type Of Gewerbe Should I Register For Amazon Flex

When registering a business you have to specify your Gewerbe . But some Gewerbeämter dont accept a registration as a package delivery person, because the so not view it as an independent self-employed profession. Here, a more general description for your self-employment in the area of delivery/courier services might help. Keep in mind that the information in Gewerbeanmeldung should be identical with the tax registration at the Finanzamt .

Amazon Flex Australia Driver Requirements

Just like other gig-economy jobs, as an independent contractor, you must meet several requirements to be able to start delivering with the Flex program. If you have previously joined a similar platform like Uber Eats, you will have no difficulty completing the requirements.

The following is a list of requirements for drivers who wish to join this delivery platform:

  • You must be over 20 years old
  • Full or unrestricted Australian driver licence
  • Having an ABN , if you dont have one, you can apply it free of charge.
  • Passing background check, which will also check your work rights in the country.
  • Completing Bluecard Certification . A certification which indicates that you have passed the required Work Health and Safety training specific to the transport sector. Find out more about the Bluecard training course.

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Focus On Health Safety & Training

Amazon provides comprehensive safety training to all its delivery partners and takes safety and security seriously.

Amazon provides off-road and on-road support to the delivery partners and ensures that the drivers complete the task effectively and efficiently. Amazon uses sophisticated technology to assign the delivery tasks to different delivery partners based on the weight limits and block times for different individuals.

They take regular feedback from the delivery partners from the Amazon Flex app and Driver Support to improve the work ecosystem in the delivery segment.

Benefits Of Applying For Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex vs Amazon Restaurant Delivery

The biggest benefit to applying for Amazon Flex will be familiar if youve worked in other gig-based jobs.

Its already in the name: flexibility.

  • This isnt an 8-5 job with a set schedule. Instead, it offers plenty of time off when you need it.
  • You have the opportunity to work when you want and for as long as you want.

You can also make being an Amazon Flex delivery partner a part-time or full-time job if you want to put effort into it.

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What Happens When You Arrive At The Pick Up Location

First, check your shift to see where your pickup station location will be. You will begin your shift by arriving at the pickup station and swiping Ive Arrived.

Once you arrive, you can get anything from one package to a whole cart of deliveries if there are multiple orders.

Scan each package, select finished scanning and loaded up your vehicle. The Amazon Flex App will show you the name, address, and navigation instructions.

Once you arrive, you rescan the package and see if there are special instructions . Sometimes there are other detailed instructions for delivery from the customer.

How To Know The Status Of Your Amazon Flex Application

Once Amazon completes your background check and accepts your Amazon delivery driver application, you will get a welcome message.

A background check ideally takes up to five business days. You should contact Amazon Flex support if you do not get any updates after that. You can email them at or call their support line at 888-281-6906, available daily from 8:00 am 9:00 pm PT.

If Amazon doesnt accept your application, they will give you the reasons for denial, such as:

  • A failed background check
  • A smartphone or vehicle that does not satisfy their requirements.

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Insurance For Amazon Flex Partners

Amazon India covers its Amazon Flex partners under a group insurance policy. However, your vehicle and stuff are taken for delivery arent insured. Also, Amazon doesnt cover any third-party expenses, if another vehicle sustains damage due to an accident you cause.

  • Amazon provides accidental death coverage of Rs.500,000 for Amazon Flex partners on duty.
  • Additionally, Amazon provides Rs.500,000 coverage for permanent disability sustained during an accident while on duty as Amazon Flex partner.

Hence, it is advisable to have own personal insurance cover for self and vehicle before applying to become an Amazon Flex partner.

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