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How Do I Play Amazon Music On My Computer

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Link Music Streaming Services

How To: Put Amazon Prime Music on Your PC or Mac

If you want to listen to music through your favorite streaming service, youll first need to link it in the Alexa app. From the app, open More > Settings > Music & Podcasts to see Amazon Music listed there by default you may see other services too. Tap Link New Service and choose the service you want added to your Echo device.

Once you’re connected, you can ask Alexa to play music or open a music-streaming app and select your Echo as the destination to start listening. Here’s how to connect a few specific music apps.

Key Features Of Tunelf Amatune Music Converter

  • Convert Amazon Music songs to MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, M4A, and M4B
  • Handle the audio conversion of Amazon Music at a faster speed of 5×
  • Ensure the output audio quality while retaining ID3 tags and metadata

Before conversion, click the Download button placed above to get this smart tool on your PC. Then you can follow the steps below to save Amazon Music to your local computer.

Step 1 Select your preferred Amazon Music to convert

Launch the program after installation, and it will run the Amazon Music app simultaneously. Now you can browse in your music library and select your preferred songs. Just open the playlist or album and copy the link by selecting > Copy Link, after then, paste the link to the search bar and click Add + icon to load in files. Then theyll be exported to the conversion list.

Step 2 Adjust output parameters on your PC

Next, youre supposed to set your output preferences. You should click the top Menu bar, select the first option Preferences, and then turn to the Convert window. Here, you can customize the output format, channel, bit rate, sample rate, and so on. You can also reset the output format according to your needs.

Step 3 Start the conversion on your PC

Select your preferred songs from the list and hit on the lower Convert button to start the conversion process. Once converted, you can play the tracks at ease and locate them on your PC by clicking the Converted icon at the bottom of the converter.

What Speakers Can I Use To Play Amazon Prime Music

The short answer is: any speakers. The long answer is a bit more complex, but still the same.

If you have a bluetooth-enabled speaker of any kind, then you can play your Amazon Prime Music from any device with the ability to connect to Bluetooth.

If your current set of speakers do not have Bluetooth capability, you can upgrade them with a Bluetooth upgrade kit .

There are also Wi-Fi-enabled speakers, like those by Sonos , which initially run off your home Wi-Fi network. So, any device with Wi-Fi capability can play music through a Wi-Fi enabled speaker .

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Download Music Via Amazon Music

You are here because you are curious about the Amazon music download method, how to save a song for offline listening, and how to download music from Amazon Music. In reality, Amazon music may be downloaded on a web player, Macs, Windows computers, and mobile devices.

Step 1: Launch the app

From the App Store, download and install the Amazon Music app on your iPhone. Then launch the app and look for the music you wish to download.

Step 2: Locate music

Locate the music you want to download and press “More Options” when you’ve found it .

Step 3: Download music

How To Play Amazon Music Offline

How To Add Music Files from PC to Kindle Fire HD

You can listen to Amazon music offline on an Android, iPhone, or iPad. Heres how to do it:

  • Open the app and press My Music.
  • Hit the horizontal ellipsis menu icon beside any song, album, or artist.
  • Choose Download to download your music and listen to it offline. This way, youll add it to the download queue.
  • There will be a checkmark next to all the downloaded songs. Tap a song offline and start listening to it.
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    How Do I Create A Playlist On Amazon Music For Pc And Mac

    Create a playlist at any time within the Amazon Music app.

    To create a playlist:

  • Go to My Playlists in the navigation sidebar in the Amazon Music menu.
  • Select the + Create New Playlist option.
  • Enter a name for your playlist, and select Save.
  • Select the Add to playlist option.
  • Choose the playlist you wish to add your selection to.
  • Note:

    Official Ways To Download Purchased Music From Amazon To Pc

    Amazon Music Prime and Amazon Music Unlimited are not available for download to computers. But you can download purchased music from Amazon to PC or Mac. Actually, you can download purchased music files to MP3 format so as to store them locally, and import them to other music players, such as Windows Media Player, iTunes, VLC Media Player, etc.

    1# Download Amazon Music to PC with Amazon Music App

    Step 1. Open the Amazon Music Desktop Player for PC. Sign in with your Amazon account.

    Step 2. Choose “Library” > “Songs” > “Purchased”, and you will see all your purchased songs and albums.

    Step 3. Click the Download icon next to the song or album.

    Step 4. Once done, all downloaded Amazon Music songs will be stored under My Music > Amazon Music folder.

    2# Download Purchased Music to PC from Amazon Web Browser

    Step 1. Go to on the browser, sign in with your Amazon account and password.

    Step 2. Go to Library. Select the songs or albums you want to download, and then click Download.

    Step 3. If you are prompted to install the app, click “No thanks, just download music files directly”.

    Step 4. If your browser asks if you want to open or save one or more files, please select “Save”.

    Step 5. Open the file after the download is complete. Files are usually saved in the browser’s default “Downloads” folder.

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    How To Download Amazon Music App For Pc Mac Android Or Ios

    What is Amazon Music? How to download this app and install it on your Windows 10 PC, Mac, iOS, or Android device? From this post, MiniTool gives you a detailed guide on Amazon Music download & install, as well as how to fix Amazon Music not working in Windows 10.

    Amazon Music is a music streaming service offered by Amazon. With it, you can access millions of songs. It is a subscription-based platform that enables you to easily find favorite playlists & stations and download music for offline listening. If you dont subscribe to it, you can still listen to some songs but cannot save the music to your device for offline listening.

    Amazon Music can be used on multiple devices, including your Windows PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. Even you can add songs to your car to listen to music on the road.

    According to users, Amazon Music is add-free and brings high-quality audio. If you are interested in this music app, download and install it on your machine by following the below-given guide.

    How To Download Amazon Music To Computer

    How to Use Amazon Music App – Find & Listen to Music for Free!

    Trying to download Amazon Music files directly to your computer can be quite difficult as Amazon Music has security measures to prevent unauthorized downloads of your content, making it almost no way to get Amazon Music. However, one surefire way of recording audio from Amazon Music is to simply record or capture it via the sound card on your computer. Now, many audio recorders can record almost any playable sound by your computers speakers, but sadly, the output audio quality and recording speed are always unsatisfactory.

    Luckily, there is a unique and professional tool called , which can record and download any music from Amazon Unlimited Music and Prime Music as common MP3 audio files at 10X faster speed in batch while keeping correct ID3 tags, including title, artist, album, cover, track number, etc. Another great feature is that this program enables you to manually set and store the converted files under Artist, Album, Artist/Album or Album/Artist folder. All in all, its ideal for recording music, artist, album, playlist from Amazon Music on Mac and Windows computer.

    In the following guide, we would show you how to use Sidify Amazon Music Converter to easily download Amazon Music to MP3 on Windows computer. If you’re Mac user, please refer to this guide: .

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    Download Amazon Music For Pc Without Amazon Music Subscription

    Once your subscription expires, you can no longer enjoy the offline listening experience. Compared to making a subscription month by month or just purchasing some music, we would like to share with you a better way to download Amazon Music to PC. It can not only save a few pennies every month but also enables you to make Amazon Prime Music download to PC forever, as well as Amazon Music Unlimited download to PC. What you need is just an .

    How To Play Amazon Music On Google Home

    Google Home also lets you play Amazon Music:

  • Open the Amazon Music app.
  • Press the cast icon, represented by a TV with Wi-Fi inside it.
  • Select your Google Home speaker from the devices list. Ensure your phone and Google Home are using the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Choose a song, and it should start playing from the Google Home speaker.
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    Guide: Download Amazon Music To Pc In Mp3/m4a/wav

    Follow these guide to learn how to download music from Amazon to PC and save them in MP3, M4A, WAV or other formats.

    Step 1. Run UkeySoft Amazon Music ConverterDownload and install UkeySoft Amazon Music Converter on your Window PC. Then launch the program, and click “Sign In” and to login to your Amazon Music account.

    Step 2. Customize Output SettingsClick on the Gear icon to set the Output Format, Output Quality, Output Folder, Output File Name, etc. You can also set the Output Organized as needed.

    Step 3. Add Songs/Albums/Playlists to ProgramGo back to the catalog home page, select the albums, songs, or playlists you want to download, then tap on the “Red +” icon.

    UkeySoft software will automatically load all the songs in the playlist/album, you can uncheck the songs you don’t want to download.

    Step 4. Begin to Download Amazon Music to ComputerHit on “Convert” button, and UkeySoft will begin to download songs from Amazon Music Web Player to computer. All selected songs will be saved in unprotected MP3 or other format you set.

    Step 5. Get Downloaded Amazon Music SongsNow you can click “History” button to find all well downloaded Amazon Music files on your PC.

    With a built-in music player, you can click the Play icon to play the songs directly!

    Streaming Other Music Services With Alexa

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    You can listen to free music and radio stations on any Alexa device, and you can stream music to your Amazon Echo from any compatible tablet, smartphone, or computer.

    Alexa can even play third-party music services such as Spotify and iTunes through your Echo device if paired with a mobile device. To connect your smartphone or tablet to the Echo via Bluetooth:

  • Access your Bluetooth pairing list on your mobile device.

  • Say Alexa, pair.

  • Tap Echo on the Bluetooth listing your mobile device to connect.

  • Play the music on your mobile device to send it through your Echo speaker.

  • To switch Alexa’s default music service from Amazon Music to something else:

  • Open the Amazonapp on your smartphone or other device.

  • Select Settings > Music & Podcasts > Default Services.

  • Select the desired service and tap Done.

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    Play Amazon Music With Amazon Music Web Player

    If you want to save your disk space, then Amazon Music web player will be a better choice. You can open it on the browser, and do not need to download Amazon Music app. Just like Amazon Music app, the web player can only be used after logging in. After that, you can enjoy Amazon Music on the web player. However, the web player can only stream music. It wont let you download Amazon Music songs to your computer. You can also directly click here to open it:

    Installing Amazon Prime Music On Windows

    Follow the below steps to install Amazon Prime Music on Windows:

    Step 1: Visit the official website of Amazon Prime Music using any web browser like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc.

    Step 2: Press the GET button on the website to start the download of the Amazon Prime Music Application.

    Step 3: It will then automatically re-direct you to the Windows Store App by Microsoft for the Windows device and the download will start in the background.

    Step 4: After the download gets finished, the Amazon Prime Music app will get installed within 2-3 minutes. It will then show up on the all programs list of the Start menu.

    Step 5: Click on the Amazon Prime Music app to open it. On opening the home screen, it will ask you for the location of your country for your language convenience. Then fill in the login details of your Amazon account.

    Step 6: After entering the location details of the country, it will show you a login option, where you have to use your login credentials to login into your Amazon Prime Music account. If you dont have an existing account, then you have to first register yourself by creating a new account.

    Congratulations!! At this point, you have successfully installed Amazon Prime Music on your Windows device.


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    Amazon Music Download Apk Or Ios

    You can search for Amazon Music download APK via a browser and get an APK file to install the app on your Android device. Or you can directly open Google Play to download and install Amazon Music. For iOS devices, go to App Store to get this app.

    Further Reading

    Amazon Music offers you an edition called Amazon Music Unlimited that allows you to have a free trial. Currently, it is 4 months and it is a limited-time offer that is available only to new subscribers to Amazon Music Unlimited. This edition brings unlimited access to any songs and allows you to listen offline with unlimited skips.

    If you are interested in it, access the and click Try now. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to get it.

    After installing this app, how to download songs to your phone or PC? Follow the ways in this post now – .

    Amazon Music App Download For Pc Via Microsoft Store

    How to get Amazon Echo to play downloaded songs

    Amazon Music is available in Microsoft Store and you can download & install the Amazon Music desktop app via the store.

    Step 1: Launch Microsoft Store in Windows 10.

    Step 2: Search for Amazon Music and click the Get button to start downloading and installing this app on your PC. After that, click the Open button to launch it.

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    How To Play Amazon Music On A Smart Tv

    To listen to Amazon Music on your TV, youll need to install it from the list of available TV apps. Heres how to do it on a Samsung Smart TV:

  • Start the TV and press your Hub button on the remote to access the apps.
  • Choose Samsung App and press Enter on your remote.
  • Go to the Most Popular category and locate Amazon Music.
  • Hit the Download symbol, and youre good to go.
  • Transfer Amazon Music To Itunes Directly

    Step 1: Get the latest iTunes version

    Launch the “iTunes” application on your computer. Also, remember to log into iTunes using your Apple ID and password.

    Step 2: Proceed with the process of downloading

    Select “Music” from the main menu. To add a file to your library, go to “File > Add File to Library.” The target directory or file may be found in the pop-up menu. After that, select the music you got from Amazon Music and submit them to iTunes as downloaded songs. Those Amazon music downloads will be immediately uploaded to iTunes in a matter of seconds.

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    Stream From A Computer

    You can also stream music from your computer to your Echo device. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your PC, then go to the and sign in with your Amazon account. Navigate to Settings and click the name of your Echo device.

    Select Bluetooth and click Pair a New Device, then select your computer when it appears in the list of devices. You should then receive a notification on your computer asking to pair the device. Click Allow, then close the Pair Device window when the process is complete.

    Now you can play music from iTunes, Apple Music, Windows Media Player, or any other audio program on your computer and hear the sound piped through your Echo.

    To sever the connection, return to the Bluetooth settings screen on your computer, click the name of the Echo, and then click the Disconnect button. To reconnect in the future, click the Connect button or just say Alexa, reconnect .

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    Download Music Via Uniconverter

    ION Audio Max LP Turntable Review

    Instead of downloading one song at a time, Wondershare UniConverter allows you to download a full album from Amazon Music if you have a favorite album or playlist. The procedure is simple and quick.

    Step 1: Select the Downloader in Wondershare UniConverter

    When you launch the software on your computer, a list of the primary functions that are available appears on the left side of the screen. Select the Downloader option from the drop-down menu.

    Step 2: Copy the playlist’s URL

    Browse the Amazon playlist that you wish to save on your device and copy its URL.

    Step 3: Choose the output format after pasting the URL

    Return to the software’s Downloader page and select the file symbol, which will immediately paste the copied URL. A pop-up window will appear, from which you must pick the option to Download the album.

    Note: Please pay attention to copyright when downloading music.

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