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How Do I Promote My Book On Amazon

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Create Your Amazon Author Page

How to Do Amazon Book Ads – in 2020!

Every bestselling author has one. If you havent done so yet, create your author page on Amazon Author Central.

You can add your blog feed, change and improve the look of your book descriptions, add editorial reviews, and much more.

Yes, you can add your books editorial reviews to your Amazon book sales page, and they will not be deleted.

An Amazon Central author page is a must-have promotion tool.

Tip! You can create your author pages on Amazon US, Amazon UK, and Amazon Germany.

Buy Targeted Amazon Ads

To further increase your books visibility and strengthen your presence in relevant Also bought lists, turn to Amazon targeted ads. We have a whole post on and a free course that takes you through the whole process. So instead of getting into the nitty-gritty how-to details, well cover the rationale behind advertising on Amazon here.

The Book Description Must Make People Want To Keep Reading

On an Amazon book page, the description is often shortened to show only the first few lines. If a reader is curious, they can click the Read more button to see the rest of the description. The aim of the game is to capture this curiosity and turn casual buyers into enthusiastic buyers!

Our recommended formula is:

Hook + Blurb + Wrap-Up

You can learn more in our guide to writing a strong book description, but the aim is to keep it short and impactful. Most shoppers wont have the patience to read much!

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V. E. Schwab provides a good example of a description for a fiction title. For nonfiction, the hook for How to Market a Book works well to capture readers attention.

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Get The Most Out Of Goodreads

GoodReads boasts almost 100 million users. Though some may disagree, its a valuable social media platform for authors to utilize.

To get the most out of GoodReads, read this article: The Ultimate Guide to Goodreads for Authors.

General note about book reviews: Dont let the trolls get to you. On GoodReads, BookBub, Amazon there are gonna be trolls who leave stupid reviews. These are completely different than thoughtful critiques that can shape your next book to be better. Dont worry, be happy.

Edit Your Book Correctly

10 Free Amazon Kindle Books

Editing can feel boring, but its a crucial step that protects you from future bad reviews.

A poorly-edited book means unhappy readers who are pulled out of the story. Theyll likely want to leave a negative review and never buy a book from you again.

A well-edited book lets readers get lost in your world and can mean less money spent on an editor.

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How To Sell More Books On Amazon

To reach more readers and take your sales to the next level, you must proactively market your book.

Mark Coker

After months of effort and thousands of dollars, you finally finish writing your book. You upload it to the Kindle Direct Publishing platform, and you eagerly await the thousands of sales that youll get upon pressing publish.

Yet a week later you see that youve only made a few sales.

Dejected, you realize this isnt your ticket to passive income. Making money from your book isnt as easy as they say, but it doesnt have to be impossible if you set your book up for success right from the start.

Thats exactly what this post will show you how to do: sell more books on Amazon.

Book Launch Checklist

Publish Your Book The RIGHT Way & Ensure Its Success!

  • 20 ways to promote your book
  • There are no hidden gimmicks or secret formulas to making money from your writing. You dont have to be a marketing genius either: when I started out book publishing, I struggled for the first year to break the hundred dollars a month mark. Yet, with troubleshooting, testing, and learning from the people who were making five figures a month, I finally started to see results.

    If youre a writer wanting to make money from your book this post will help you navigate through the trenches of bookselling.

    To sell lots of books, whether via kindle, or print, you have to focus on two important parts: your book production, and your book launch strategy

    Thats a lot of books.

    Write A Great Book Description

    Finally, you need to write a description that will actually sell your book.

    I say finally because the rest of this post covers topics that are more in line with what people usually think about when they talk about book marketing. But these first 5 steps are critical to your sales, so dont skip over them.

    Theres an art to writing a great book description. It comes down to proving the unique benefit of your book to a specifically targeted audience.

    If you want to learn more about that, you can read my step-by-step guide. Just make sure all these things are in place before you start putting your book in front of more people.

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    An Awesome Book Cover That Gets A Second Glance

    Someone once said: You can never tell a book by its cover. That might have been true back in 1946 but in todays world, readers DO judge by the cover and they will buy your book based on the front-end window dressing. The principle here is simple: If it looks good, it must be valuable. Most books get three seconds to sell a reader. If you want to sell more books, have a cover that grabs attention and gets your browser to take the next step.

    For cover designers we can recommend a few sites here:

    Use Facebook Audience Insights To Find New Targets

    Publish My Book On Amazon | Promoting Your Book

    Selecting the right targets on Facebook is not as straightforward as on Amazon or BookBub, where almost every author under the sun will be available as a target. On Facebook, only the biggest names will show up as interests when you set up your targeting.

    The general advice is to use a mix of big comp authors, and narrow it down by Kindle audiences.

    But nowadays, everyone does that. So how do you find new interests to target? Through . Just plug an interest into the sidebar, and look at the Page Likes tab. This will show you which other pages your audience has the strongest affinity with.

    For example, here are the main page likes for the interest Harry Potter:

    Obviously, not all those will be relevant, but playing with this tool will undoubtedly help you uncover some new interests to target.

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    Add Subscribe Buttons Everywhere

    You wouldnt want to lose potential readers just because they couldnt find a button. Add subscribe buttons everywhere.

    Without being annoying and spammy, make sure there are places to subscribe to your social media, email list, etc. on every page of your website, every social media platform bio, every video, every guest post, and every email you send out.

    How To Market Your Amazon Ebook: Post

    Once your book is launched, and youve successfully made it on at least one sub-genre bestselling list_ _, you still have tons of opportunities to keep promoting your masterpiece. In fact, the marketing is just beginning.

    There are hundreds of ways to promote your ebook online. Ill give you my top three best methods of connecting with the right readership and getting more copies of your book sold.

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    Format It Using Amazons Quite Strict But Very Logical Formatting Guide

    Id suggest reading this guide first in order to set up your MS Word file for minimum re-work.

    After my book was finished, it took me around 6 hours to format it to their guidelines. This can easily be outsourced for under $100 on Upwork, too.

    Minimalist formatting is necessary because users can increase or decrease the text size on their Kindle / iPad, so font size, page numbers and coloured headings become irrelevant.

    You can find all of Amazons formatting guidelines here.

    This Kindle Publishing guide may also prove useful.

    Run Book Promos Every 3

    10 Free Amazon Kindle Books

    Youll find that, even the best books out there drop in rankings over an extended period of time. This is where we can keep things fresh by running promotional campaign for the book every 3-6 months.

    Here is how you can do this.

    Drop the price of your book to 0.99 for 5-7 days. You can adjust the price by going into the KDP dashboard. It takes Amazon anywhere from 6-24 hours to set this up.

    Stack multiple book promotional services for each day for the week your book is set at the promotional price. Setting up book promos does cost money but it gets your book rankings moving up again and gives the book a fresh kick. You can set up promos with the following sites:

    BKnights You cant go wrong for $5. I would also take the extra gig for $5 and get in on their daily newsletter. You wont get a ton of downloads but on average 12-25 depending on the book.

    Robin Reads. Takes a couple days to get approved .

    BookSends. Requires average 5 reviews at $40.

    Bargain Booksy. I love this one, no reviews needed and you can sign up right away and get approved. $25 for nonfiction.

    Awesome Gang. This one is great for the price, $10.

    Many Books. Great little gig, average returns, $29.

    Book Runes. Global reach with over 50k mailing list, $25.

    eBooks Habit. Great little promo, I recommend the guaranteed placement for $10.

    Books Butterfly. Various promo packages with guaranteed paid and free downloads.

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    A Killer Book Description

    Amazon allows authors to include a lengthy book description on the author page, dont ignore this. While your book cover, title, and reviews are enough to make the sale, a solid looking book description adds that heft factor to the quality of your product.

    Your book description will be a sales page that lists the benefits of the book. It should have a mixture of various font style and structure to create a clean, attractive description of your book. We recommend using the free at This saves time in messing around with nasty HTML coding.

    For some great examples for book descriptions check out these titles:

    The Critical Mind: Make Better Decisions, Improve Your Judgment, and Think a Step Ahead of Others by Zoe McKey

    Get Reviews Before You Start Selling Your Book On Amazon

    Reviews are key to a book selling. On Amazon, some readers will completely ignore your book if it has zero reviews, because there will always be 5 other books for them to choose from. Getting the first early reviews is hard, but dont get discouraged, and whatever you do, dont cheat, . You are permitted to politely ask people to review your book, but you cant pay them to do it. One tried and true technique for getting reviews is to run a giveaway, gifting copies to the winners. Once the giveaway is over, you can politely ask the winners to review your book. Theres no guarantee that they will review it , but its a good way to get started. Sound like a pain? You can always have us do the legwork for you with our Giveaway Package.

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    Ensure Keywords Are In Your Description

    Inserting your target keywords in your book description helps Amazon index your book for those keyword phrases. This gives a stronger belief that youre a good fit for those search queries.

    However, stuffing all your target keywords into a book description for indexing purposes is not a good idea.

    Read my article on Keywords in Your Book Descriptionfor more info.

    Clean Up Your Books Url

    How To Do Amazon KDP Low Content Book Ads In 2022 The Simple Way

    So your book is out, and you want to share the good news with your mailing list . What Amazon URL do you use?

    If you search for your book on Amazon, youll end up with a URL that looks like this:

    To make it even shorter, you can even remove the title:

    Thats the clean URL: the one you can share with your readers.

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    Set Up A Review Your Kindle Ebook Landing Page

    Theres nothing so rewarding as getting your first book review . To persuade people to write good things about you, you could send out your ebook to review sites or ask your friends. Both of these are great methods, particularly the former. There are lots of great book review sites . Find your review sites within your genre and submit your book.

    There is a more advanced way to get reviews too. Id suggest you do this, as youll likely get reviews back. And those reviews will be from genuine fellow authors who already hold you in a good light.

    Whats this advanced method?

    Offer to review other authors ebooks for free.

    Create a landing page on your author blog, where writers in your niche can submit to their work. Let them know that you will review their book, and post that review on your blog .

    When you offer to give reviews, you can also ask fellow self-published authors to reciprocate. Theyll likely be more receptive and willing to give you positive feedback.

    The more you can connect with your community and niche of fellow self-published authors, the better marketing potential you have. If they share your ebook with a review on their blog, youve just exposed your market reach to their audience too. Its a very pay it forward type way of getting your name out there and you may just sell more books by doing it.

    Example of a few reviews on the GoodReads site:

    Gather A Book Launch Team

    Gather friends, family, colleagues, etc. to form a book launch team. Particularly for self-publishers, this group is crucial for author support, early book reviews, and word of mouth.

    Some on your team will do this because they love you. Others may need an incentive, like a giveaway or premium content from your website or email list.

    Read more in our comprehensive article: How to Build a Launch Team for Your Book

    How do I market my book to my friends and family? A great way to market your book to friends and family is to include them in the marketing process. Many friends and family will be thrilled to take part in your launch strategy.

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    Keeping A Clean Also Bought Record

    Also bought refers to the algorithm-fuelled suggestions for other related titles that often come after a books description on its Amazon page. This works because Amazon takes note of readers purchase histories to form connections between books, grouping them into related niches. These books are then recommended to authors who expressed interest in these niches as they browse. So, for instance, in the Also bought section of , youll find Ricardos How to Market a Book. This boosts the latters visibility, and it also confirms that Amazon recognizes that Ricardos book fits in this particular niche. Once this is established, the book can be continuously recommended, and it can potentially rank in this highly relevant subcategory.

    If your book shows up in the also-boughts of less relevant books, you wont be able to convert and thus wont do well on Amazons lists. The problem is, its tough and time-consuming to alter the associations that Amazons made for also-bought recommendations, so you want to nail it from the very beginning.

    Focus On Getting Consistent Book Reviews

    Do any book promotion marketing and amazon kindle ebook children book ...

    Reviews are the heart of your marketing strategy on Amazon. It doesnt matter how well you pick your associated keywords, if you dont have reviews, your book will be overlooked by the vast majority of potential reviews.

    Most Amazon users won’t even consider purchasing an unrated book. Why should they experiment on a “newbie” author when they can spend their money on a trusted and well-reviewed book instead? Even getting one review is better than getting none.

    Make it part of your marketing strategy to solicit reviews for your book. One way is to find reviewers for your book is to explore the review section of books that are similar to yours. Reach out to the people whove reviewed those books and ask if they could review yours it never hurts to ask.

    What does hurt is buying fake reviews. Never do that or you will get banned.

    Also, reviewing is not a one-and-done process. You should strive for a steady stream of book reviews. This is because every time your book is reviewed, it gets an update in the Amazon algorithm and increases its internal rank on Amazon.

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    Promoted Posts On Facebook

    If you can manage any sort of budget, even $5 per day, you can get some traction with a promoted post.

    Write the post as if it were an ad for your book, including a nice, attention getting photo. You can use to get a free stock image , and then put your book over that that image, if you like. Use that to complement the short bit of text youll write for your post.

    Post this on your Author page on Facebook. From there, you can share it anywhere you like, including groups you belong to, if rules allow. More importantly, you can also do a paid promotion from your author page, at which point the post becomes an ad. You can do these pretty cheap, and theyre worth it to nab a few new readers.

    COST: $5-$10 per day

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