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How Do I Reinstate My Amazon Account

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Cancel Your Order If Your Payment Does Not Clear Within 5 Hours

How I Got my 4th Amazon Seller Account Reinstated After Instant Suspension

If you are buying with your Gift card balance, make sure you always check your Gift card balance and activity. Take note of the following: If you see pending status as pending after 5 minutes of placing the order, set your stopwatch to 27 minutes and check back. The truth is that all other things being equal, your gift card balance shouldnt be pending after 30 minutes. In the worst-case scenario, it must be cleared within 6 hours. Please cancel your order if there is still a pending flag on your gift card balance after 5 hours. Then try again in a few days.

Submitting A Successful Amazon Appeal

Now, onto submitting successful amazon appeals.

I began researching how to submit an appeal shortly after finding out I had my amazon seller account suspended. I continued working on my plan until around 2:30AM, when I called it a night.

Before heading to bed I did a post in my mastermind group sharing my amazon suspension, the reasons, and asking for any guidance/insight they might be able to provide. ;I picked back up around 8AM, and went to my warehouse where I began to formulate a response with the help of one of the guys on my team who works on the business with me full time.

After reading through the information Amazon has shared on how to appeal, the Amazon seller forums, the input of my mastermind group, and searching through other websites with information on the topic, it appeared that the key components of the appeal were the following:

  • Identify the exact reason for the Amazon account suspension.
  • Take complete responsibility for the problem and acknowledge the harm done to the Amazon customer.
  • Create an action plan to ensure that the things causing the suspension will not happen again.
  • Identify that if given the opportunity, you will continue to provide excellent service to the customers of Amazon.
  • DO NOT:

  • Deflect any blame by making excuses, or by saying there are other sellers doing the same thing and getting away with it.
  • Respond too quickly to the case without fully formulating a solid response.
  • Dont Modify Or Fabricate Invoices

    If your account was suspended for inauthentic inventory , Amazon may ask for copies of your invoices or other documentation that illustrates your supply chain even if you;drop ship.

    Whatever you do, do NOT modify or fabricate any paperwork they request. Seller Performance agents look at thousands of invoices and can easily spot one that is fake or has been manipulated. And when they do, they slap another violation on top of your suspension called forged and manipulated, which only prolongs the reinstatement process.;

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    Reasons For Amazon Account Suspension

  • Amazon is targeting and blacklisting certain countries as being fraudulent. First on this list of this country is Nigeria. I also learned that Indians and china are not spared. If you are in any of the countries mentioned above, please dont buy any high-end electronics with a gift card. Amazon will suspend your account without remorse.
  • Amazon is definitely using more of a machine to detect fraudulent activities. These machines are bound to make little mistakes here and there occasionally. These mistakes are rare and they can be corrected when you contact them. Artificial intelligence is utilized by Amazon dwells on metrics already put in place. This will, in turn, triggers the termination of your account pending further review.
  • Things will neglect can also cost us our amazon account. For example, Incomplete personal info on your account. This can be very costly. Please make your information is accurate and verifiable.
  • Incorrect personal info on your Amazon account: If you do this deliberately, you can as well say a final bye-bye to your account when you receive that email from Amazon. However, if you do it as a result of negligence, my tips will help you. y
  • Mismatched information. E.g, the name on your credit card is different from the name of your billing address.
  • High volume/denomination gift card balance. this is one of their newest triggers. You must explain how you come about such a balance if you want to get your account back.
  • How To Reinstate Your Suspended Account

    write an amazon suspension appeal letter to reinstate your ...

    Take a deep breath when you find out that your account has been suspended as one of the first things to do is not to panic but figure out why your account got suspended. Its a crucial first step in the process of reinstating your account, and hence it is advised to spend time to understand what exactly went wrong. Emotions may get in the way and push you to rush through this step. Hence, most businesses succeed in the reinstatement process when they hire an Amazon specialist who is an expert in offering an .

    The next important step is to submit what is called a Plan of Action . It is basically a letter of appeal that states how you plan to resolve this issue. Amazon will then review your appeal letter to judge whether or not to lift the suspension. Need we say how crucial the POA is. The following template of a successful POA should help you in drafting one:

  • Introduction
  • Provide a brief explanation of who you are, what your business seller name is, what you are selling on Amazon, and the reason your account got suspended.

  • Description
  • Give a detailed description of the suspension issue, providing details of how you identified the root cause of the issue and why it occurred.;

  • Action Plan
  • Even if you feel that you are innocent, take full responsibility for the issue and describe the actionable steps you plan on taking . Provide an in-depth explanation of the long term changes being made by you or your team members to prevent the issue from occurring again in the future.

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    Tips For Creating An Effective Plan Of Action

    Your Plan of Action requires some time and thought so dont send an immediate response by clicking the Appeal button. Instead, layout an actual case that motivates to reinstate your account. Think things through before replying.

    These seven tips for creating an effective Plan of Action are courtesy of Amazon suspension expert, Chris McCabe .

    • Stay professional and dont offer commentary about Amazon processes, the slowness of their teams, or telling them how disappointed and heartbroken you are to have lost the account.
    • Keep it simple and give them facts. Focus on policy matters not performance metrics.
    • Use bullets or numbers instead of paragraphs to communicate your understanding of what went wrong along with the steps youve taken to correct it.
    • Include a short introductory paragraph that quickly shows the reader your overall grasp of what happened and how you already resolved it.
    • Dont include extraneous information or commentaryregarding the account review process or Amazon. Focus on specific information related to your fixes.
    • Dont blame buyers if youve received policy warnings. Assume that there must be a legitimate reason behind the complaints and work your way backwards.
    • Ensure that the Plan of Action has all elements that led to the suspension addressed specifically.

    Amazon Account Reactivation Experts

    At, we are pioneers in delivering the highest quality of Amazon account reactivation and reinstatement services to the sellers out there. There are various different types of Amazon account reviews and suspensions. As a seller, it is important to understand the different types of account suspensions, and how to get Amazon account reinstated at the same time. At, we are experts in dealing with all types of Amazon account suspensions and appeals including seller code of conduct, unauthentic infringement, review manipulation, safety, high ODR, brand removals, counterfeit, used sold as new, late shipment rate, and so more.

    We are your Amazon account reactivation experts. ReinstatedPros understands the fact that the suspension of the Amazon seller account is a major loss to the overall income of the seller. As such, we are committed to providing the best-in-class Amazon account reinstatement services such that you are able to run your online business smoothly. Whenever you are in trouble with the Amazon seller account, you can reach out to us with respect to Amazon account reinstatement and appeal solutions.


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    Poor Customer Service Score

    In order to ensure its millions of third-party marketplace sellers are providing an exceptional customer experience, Amazon has established the following performance targets:

    • Order defect rate: youve received lots of negative feedback ;< 1%
    • Pre-fulfillment cancel rate: < 2.5%
    • Late shipment rate: < 4%

    For example, if you have been late shipping several orders or received lots of negative reviews, your selling privileges will be removed. Amazon has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to customer experience and it remains their number one expectation as the leading global online marketplace.

    Its that obsession for excellence that will stand out to Amazon.

    Is Amazon Changing Their Suspension Policies

    Get your Amazon Seller Account Reinstated FREE!!

    No one knows what secret changes Amazon plans to roll out in the future, but we are seeing a number of changes in recent months that suggest the company is probing a bit.

    As we mentioned above, participants in the Transparency program are subject to more limitations on suspension appeal than other sellers. This change from Fall 2018 seems to coincide with Amazons new Account Health Services, another recent change designed to warn sellers before account suspension so they have ample time to avoid it.

    Most recently, an anonymous seller revealed how Amazon required them to film a 5-second video of their face to confirm their identity through facial recognition. This could signal not just sweeping reforms in seller requirements, but also the endangerment of customer data as well.

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    Reach Out Our Amazon Reinstatement Company To Reinstate Amazon Account

    Amazon Appeal Pro is an Amazon reinstatement company helping businesses and sellers to appeal for Amazon reinstatement. After being in the business for a decade, we ensure a 98% success rate of account reinstatement. Our tailor-made strategies and responses make us uniquely qualified to deal with our clients.

    If you want help from our Amazon reinstatement service, contact our team right now. Our team of professionals is ready to assist you!

    Schedule a Free Consultation Call


    How To Prevent An Amazon Account Suspension

    In the majority of the cases, suspension means a warning that you have violated one or another Amazon rule. There are plenty of them, they are frequently changed and Amazon doesnt expect you to know all of their rules. Suspension, unlike a ban, is Amazons way to call you for action and correct the non-compliance.

    It makes a big difference for Amazon if they think that youve made mistake by chance or they suspect that youve deliberately broken their rules with the intention of making harm, cheating, or manipulating the buyers. The latter would most likely result in a permanent account ban.

    Heres how you can prevent your Amazon account suspended:

    • Constantly monitor your product KPIs and account health;
    • Sell only high-quality products;

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    Dont Send Multiple Letters After Submitting The First Appeal

    After you submit your first appeal, you should wait up to a week before submitting any additional letters. The days of 12-24 hour response times are long gone due to the volume of appeals that Seller Performance receives on a daily basis.;

    Also, its common for Seller Performance to not send confirmation that the appeal was received. This can make you nervous and worry that they havent received your appeal or maybe are ignoring it.;

    We know its tough, but refrain from sending multiple appeals with different information in order to try to get a reply from Seller Performance. If you know you followed instructions, trust that Seller Performance has received the appeal and will reply once theyve reviewed it.

    Effects Of A Suspended/closed Amazon Account

    How to get Amazon Seller Account Reinstated in 2020?

    Once your Amazon account is After your account is closed on your request, it is no longer accessible by you or anyone else. This includes any Seller, Mechanical Turk, Associates, Amazon Web Services, Author Central, Kindle Direct Publishing, or Amazon Pay accounts associated with your purchasing account. If you ever want to use Amazon in the future, or if youd like to use website features that require a password, you would need to start a new account.

    On the opposite, if your account was suspended by Amazon, you will not be able to re-open another account with your details otherwise, that would also be suspended. My best advice for you is to appeal for a reopening of your suspended account and you should get it back if you havent done something very bad.

    Once your account is closed, its no longer accessible by you or anyone else. Keep in mind:

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    Read Amazon’s Suspension Notice

    When Amazon suspends your seller account, they will indicate a reason as to why your account was suspended. Don’t worry, your account won’t just be suspended for no reason. This means that you’re guaranteed that Amazon has really taken into consideration the reason why your account was flagged. You can also check the possible reasons stated here to double check.

    Write An Appealing Introduction

    As I said, you need to be polite and professional with your messages. Let that professionalism resonate through your message, Start with a Salutation. Dear Sir, Dear Mr. Dave, Mr. Mroth

    Now in your introduction, briefly talk about how much you have enjoyed being a part of the Amazon community as a buyer/seller. Proceed to praise their efforts in trying to sanitize the platform

    What to write in the body of your message to Jeff

    • Briefly hight the problem at hand. given vivid details of order numbers date and time. Highlight the events in the order by which they occurred. At this point draw their attention to the fact that you have tried to resolve this through their normal channels to no avail. attach every document you already faxed to this email
    • State and Accept your mistake if you already know it. If not, let them know that you dont think you have done anything wrong that it is a mistake from them. Dont forget to add that if at all you are wrong, then it is unintentional and you plead for leniency/pardon. Please dont be defensive.
    • Proceed to tell them that you are willing to cooperate with them in their investigation in the event that the existing info is insufficient.
    • Finally, conclude by saying that you are awaiting a favorable response. Noteworthy, if you have a valid amazon balance or returns on the way, say this here so that you can at least have your money back if you cant get your account back.

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    Avoid Ordering The Same Items In Large Quantities With Your Personal Account

    Dont do anything that will strike Amazon as if you are buying for reselling. For example, dont order the same items from the same seller in multiple quantities. This is risky especially if we are dealing with phones.

    Also, avoid buying more than three high-end electronic devices within a 30 days period even with your card.

    Amazon Reinstatement Service: What To Do When Your Account Is Suspended

    Amazon Suspension Help – EXACT Appeal Letter I Used To Get My Amazon Seller Account Reinstated

    All is well with your e-commerce business; sales are high, and your products are selling in respectable numbers. You wake up one fine morning, sipping that warm cup of coffee, and log in to your mail to find this message that mainly says: Your Amazon account has been suspended. Those shocking words are every Amazon sellers worst nightmare. Businesses whose accounts get suspended are deeply affected as they not only start losing money the moment their account gets suspended, but they keep doing so until they act upon it.;

    That is why it is important to know what to do when your Amazon seller account gets suspended. If you are in need of resolving it quickly, do check out this . The following article aims to educate you about the best ways to reinstate your account and the top reasons for account suspension so that you can prevent it from happening in the future.

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    Create A Plan Of Action

    You cant reinstate your Amazon seller account without a suspension appeal letter. This letter will be the backbone of the reinstatement process. After an investigation and data gathering, you now have to move forward with creating your plan of action.

    Plan of Action: What Does This Mean and Include?

    A plan of action is what you include in your suspension letters. It’s a way for you to reinstate your Amazon seller account. According to , your POA should address the following:

    • The root cause that led to the issue.
    • The actions you will take to resolve the issue.
    • The steps that you will take to prevent the same issue from happening.

    Creating your plan of action: How to do this properly

    When writing your plan of action, you have to make sure that you’re following the guidelines set by Amazon. After all, you’re trying to appeal, so you must consider that they have the upper hand. You must put a lot of effort into what your plan of action will be. Here are the things that you have to consider when writing your plan of action.

    • Clarity and conciseness

    It’s perfectly understandable to want to say a lot in your appeal letter. However, it’s best that you make sure that you keep it short and clear. Amazon receives thousands of appeal letters every day. The last thing that Amazon would like to read is a lengthy explanation and unnecessary rants.;

    • Be professional
    • Provide an explanation for everything.
    • Present facts

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