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How Do I See My Reviews On Amazon

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Use Amazons Customer Reviews Feature On The Brand Dashboard

Where To Find Your Reviews In Amazon

Amazons Seller Central platform does provide a place for you to see reviews, but you must own a brand and be enrolled in . So, not everyone has this option.

If you are a brand-registered seller and would like to access this exclusive feature, heres how to find it:

1. Go to the Brands Menu in Seller Central. Again, if you dont see this menu, youre either not brand registered or havent been identified as a brand owner yet.

2. Go to the Brand Dashboard. The Brand Dashboard is the central hub to find specialized tools and services that can help you grow and optimize your business.

Learn more about the Brand Dashboard and how to diagnose your Amazon brand health here.

3. Look for the Customer Reviews Feature Under Brand Benefits. The Customer Reviews page allows you to view any product reviews received in the past 30 days. Reviews will be shown within 24 hours of when they were published by buyers and are retained for 30 days.

You can perform a number of different actions on this page:

  • Filter reviews by star rating and time period
  • Use the search bar to find a specific ASIN
  • Report review abuse to Amazon

As of June 2021, brands may also contact buyers who left critical reviews with templated messages to offer a courtesy refund or replacement item or check with the buyer to clarify a product issue based on that review.

This key brand registry perk can help preserve the customer experience and potentially even lead to better ratings.

How To Search Your Amazon Order History

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You order so much stuff from Amazon, its tough to keep track of it all. If you need to go back through your history to find something youve ordered before, you can scroll through pages and pages of items youve bought, but thats tedious. Instead, use the order search history.


Searching through your order history is useful if you need to reorder something that you dont buy regularly enough for . Its also handy if you want to find the product page for something youve bought when you need to look up specs or check some detail about your stuff.

To search your Amazon order history, open Amazon on the web and click Orders in the top right corner.

Just above your list of previous orders, youll see a search box. Enter your search terms in this box and click Search Orders.

Your search results will appear in a list below the search box.

On each result, youll find links to buy the product again, write a review, archive your order, and even get support for the product if its available.

How To Check Your Reviewer Ranking

If you have been leaving Customer Reviews for a while and curious to know what your Reviewer Ranking is, you can simply check your profile.

  • Log on to your Amazon account.
  • Hover on the tab on the upper right for Accounts & Lists , then click on Account.
  • Under Ordering and shopping preferences, click on Your Amazon profile.
  • Your Reviewer Ranking should be under the About section.
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    Editing Or Deleting My Amazon Review On The Computer

    1. Once you are on Amazons main page, click on Accounts & Lists in the top right corner of the page.2. Under the Ordering and shopping preferences list, select Your Amazon profile.3. On this page, you will see all of your reviews listed under Community Activity.4. Click on the three dots in the top right corner of any of your reviews. This will prompt you to Edit Review or Delete Review. Make your selection, and your review will be deleted or you will be brought to the review page where you can make whatever edits you would like.

    Why Cant I See My Review On Amazon

    Amazon my reviews: how to find or remove your reviews Legit.ng

    Reviews may take longer than expected to appear on any given product detail page. There are three factors that determine why this could happen: the product could have violated the Amazon community rules and policies, the review may have been deleted by the Amazon Seller Central team, or it could just be that there arent enough reviews yet to show up in search.

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    How Can I Share My Reviews On Retail Sites

    Sharing is easy and can be done from your member account for all the books you have access to on NetGalley.* You can share review right after you submit your review, or later from your Shelf, in the Feedback Sent section.Please make sure to sign in to retail sites beforehand for easy reviewing.Once you have written your review and clicked the Send Review button, and you will see a reminder of when the book goes on sale, so you can post to the available retailers:

    Amazon: Click the Amazon icon and you will be brought to Your Reviews. You will have the option to choose a star rating first, and then a review box will automatically open, where you can paste your review. Barnes & Noble: Click the Barnes & Noble icon and you will be brought to the landing page for this book. First, click Write a Review and you will have the option to choose a star rating and then paste your review in the blank box. You can create a pen name or leave your review anonymously.

    Kobo: Click the Kobo icon and you will be brought to the landing page for this book. Click Write your Review and you will have the option to choose a star rating. Then, paste your review in the review box and enter the books title and your name as you would like it to appear.

    *Each retail site will appear if the book is available on that particular site.

    Ways To Remove Bad Reviews On Amazon

    Are you wondering How to remove an Amazon review? Well discuss all about it today.

    Dealing with negative reviews on Amazon is annoying for sellers but it is something that is inevitable.

    When youre selling products, you are bound to come across a few disgruntled customers and it is how you deal with their dissatisfaction that counts.

    When you get a negative review on Amazon, it will influence the overall rating of your products featured on Amazon.

    Irrespective of how many good ratings your products have acquired, most customers are only looking for negative reviews to get an understanding about potential problems they may face or experience with the product.

    Its rare that Amazon ends up deleting negative reviews on the request of the seller but its important that all sellers track reviews and report any fake, funny, or spam ones on Amazon.

    In this blog post, we are going to share some of the options available to sellers for removing bad reviews on Amazon and the approach they should adopt.

    All online retailers must deal with the prospect of facing negative product reviews daily but how these reviews affect your business is based on the way you respond or deal with them.

    The relationship between the retailer and customer is one of the most important aspects of your business.

    This is why whenever you come across negative reviews on Amazon, you must deal with them instantly.

    Lets learn how to remove a review on Amazon, especially a negative review.

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    How Can I Edit My Amazon Reviews

    Much like the process of finding your reviews, editing reviews requires you to head to your profile in your account. Its a straightforward process that you can go through with the following steps:

  • As before, go to Accounts and Lists, scroll down to Ordering and Shipping preferences, and then select the option that reads profile.
  • In the Community Activity section is where youll find your reviews displayed, so all you have to do is select the review you wish to edit.
  • When you select the review you will be presented with several options, so you can either delete, edit, or hide the review depending on what youre looking to do.
  • What Is The Amazon Reviewer Rank

    How to Check Amazon Products to Tell if Reviews are Legit Quality Reviews or Paid Reviews

    Simply put, the Amazon Reviewer Rank is your Reviewer profile rank compared to the others. You may have noticed that there is an option to tell Amazon and other consumers whether a review was helpful or not. By simply clicking on the option Yes or No, which is known as a vote, you are influencing the quality of the review, which in turn is one of the many factors that Amazon uses to form a rank of reviewers.

    Many users take time to submit quality reviews because of some of the perks associated with it, which includes:

    • The chance to try out new products free of charge.
    • Certain freebies, free samples, and free Amazon gift cards.
    • The opportunity to become a Hall of Famer Reviewer.

    At the time of writing, heres the list of the top ten Amazon Reviewers:

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    Why Does Amazon Remove Book Reviews

    Amazon can remove reviews for violations of any of their guidelines mentioned above.

    However, some of the most common reasons for a review to be removed are:

    • You have reviewed your own book
    • Someone with the same address with you has reviewed your book
    • A reviewer has attempted to leave multiple reviews of your work
    • The review is obscene, defamatory or otherwise unacceptable
    • The reviewer is a customer who has spent less than $50 on Amazon
    • The reviewer appears to be a spammer who leaves too many reviews in a short space of time
    • You have reported the review to and Amazon agrees it is unacceptable

    Having some reviews removed is a fact of life for most authors. Although it might seem frustrating, try and see the system as being in place to preserve the integrity of the entire process.

    We hope youve found this guide to the dos and donts of Amazon book reviews useful.

    If you have any tips on getting book reviews ethically, or warnings about Amazons rules and regulations, feel free to leave a comment and help your fellow authors out.

    Lets Talk About Amazon Reviews: How We Spot The Fakes

    Like a lot of people, we read Amazon reviews as part of our product research. Getting broad feedback on a product can be very useful when we’re looking for widespread issues or seeing how a company handles warranty claims. However, as time has gone by, weve begun to read user reviews with a far more critical eye.Although many reviews on Amazon are legitimate, more and more sketchy companies are turning to compensated Amazon reviews to inflate star ratings and to drum up purchases.

    Have you ever seen some random product for sale thats from some brand youve never heard of, and the company has no websiteyet its widget has somehow garnered 15,000 five-star reviews since last week? We sure have. This situation is likely the result of a compensated-review program. Such compensated reviewsorchestrated by businesses that cater to companies that want more public positive feedbackviolate Amazons terms of use but are difficult to police.

    Super shady, we know. And and shut them down. In fact, in April, that are accused of selling fraudulent reviews. But by the time those companies are caught, their clients have already made a bunch of sales, and the fraudulent reviewers will likely pop up again under new names to repeat the process.

    Want to know more? Wirecutter headphones editor Lauren Dragan talks to Marketplace Tech about compensated Amazon reviews and how to tell real crowdsourced opinions from astroturfing.

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    How To Get Your Book Reviewed On Amazon

    So how should you go about getting the reviews you need for your book to succeed?

    Seeking out reviews in the right way isnt just a matter of doing whats likely to get results.

    Its also a matter of respecting Amazons rules and regulations. If you fail to do so, you run the risk of having your reviews removed.

    If youre unsure of how to get the reviews your book needs, here are some effective techniques.

    • Set up a review plan prior to launch. A lot of authors learn the hard way that you cant leave book reviews to chance. You need to have a clear plan in place way ahead of your book launch. This should involve a clear approach to hit your review target number as close to the time of your book going live as possible.
    • Reach out to existing readers. Do you have an email list of readers? Have you written anything in the past? Even if you dont have books out, do you have a blog with readers? Could you leverage your author network to promote your book to another writers fans? Existing readers, either your own or another authors, are a great potential source of book reviews.
    • Consider offline readers. Most authors will focus their review approach on the online world. By seeking out book clubs, library groups, and other interested communities offline, you open the door to a rich source of potential reviewers that many other authors arent aware of.


    Instead of coming across as self-serving or even desperate, why not base your review request around:

    Why Cant My Customer Leave A Review

    Guide: How do I Find my Reviews on Amazon?

    If customers report they cant review your product, Amazon may have put a permanent or temporary review block on your listing. If its a new buyer account, they may also not meet the necessary requirements for writing product reviews yet.

    Find more answers to frequently asked questions, straight from Amazon, here.

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    What Counts As A Negative Review On Amazon

    Before learning how to remove amazon review, lets understand what counts a negative review on Amazon. Any review that gets less than three stars or less on Amazon can be considered as a negative review.

    Users on Amazon generally consider ratings above 3 stars to be positive and it leaves a good impression on potential buyers.

    A negative review on Amazon will affect the ranking of the product and may damage sales.

    This is why tracking negative reviews are vital for sellers to conduct business. Though in the first place, they should avoid getting them but they should also know how to remove a review on Amazon.

    This is where an may benefit you since it does all the hard work for you.

    Impact Of Verified Purchase Vs Non

    Not all reviews are createdâor treated asâequal. âVerified Purchaseâ reviews are submitted by buyers that have purchased the product from Amazon and did not receive it via major discounts. An example can be seen in the image below. The first review comes with the âVerified Purchaseâ tag, but the one below doesnât.

    Verified reviews have a greater impact on rankings as compared to non-verified reviewsâa strategy employed by Amazon to stem the growth of what it regards as disingenuous product reviews.

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    Why Reviews On Amazon Matter

    Reviews constitute social proof and are an indication of how well a product is received by customers. Since potential buyers cannot physically inspect productsâand high-quality images can only convey so muchâreviews act as the strongest piece of evidence for how well a product performs.

    On Amazon, 1-5 star product reviews not only inform potential customers about product functionality but also serve as a metric against which seller performance is judged. Amazon strives to maintain its reputation as âthe most âcustomer-centricâ company on Earthâ and does not tolerate low-performing sellers on its platform.

    In light of Amazonâs strict quality control standards, itâs safe to assume that it also attracts sellers that are willing and capable of offering superior products. It then becomes a major problem if, despite an increase in sales, no reviews appear on your product detail page.

    White Hat Tactic #: Launch New Products To An Email List

    Find Amazon Book Review Permalink

    Hopefully, youve been building your off-Amazon email list. If you have an email list, then when you launch new products do not send them links to your website to purchase, instead send them directly to your Amazon product detail page on Amazon. This accomplishes two things:

    • You get vital initial sales velocity for your products
    • Your email list is more likely to produce satisfied customers who will subsequently leave reviews

    Sales velocity is critical for Amazon. There are some who believe Amazon also rewards brands that produce sales on Amazon from outside of Amazon.

    Second, your email list is likely to be an audience of people who like your product. Subsequently, theyll be more likely to leave positive reviews. You can also get into grey-hat strategies and in your email blast ask customers to email you after purchase and offer them some kind of refund via PayPal. Youre not refunding them in return for a review youre just offering a product discount. Of course, once they email you, youve gotten that critical customer engagement and its easier to solicit reviews from them.

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    Join The Amazon Early Reviewer Program

    These last two suggestions are for new products only. Heres how they work.

    According to Amazons rules for reviews, sellers arent allowed to pay customers for reviews, but they never said Amazon cant do the same thing. With their Early Reviewer Program, Amazon sends shoppers a nominal gift card in exchange for their review.

    You can receive up to 5 reviews through this program, which will all be identified with an Early Reviewer badge:

    As you can see, theres no guarantee the review will be positive. However, this Amazon-approved approach to get reviews can be worth it for newer products.

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