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How Do I Sell My Art On Amazon

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Why I don’t sell artwork on Amazon Handmade w/ Lachri

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Who should you sell your art to? Most artists dont give this question nearly as much consideration as they should, which is a shame because the answer to this question is key to success.

Who is your ideal audience? If your answer is everybody, then I urge you to try again, to go deeper. Have you had sales in the past? Take a long look at who has bought your work, what are their common denominators?

Does your work appeal to a group of people with a common interest, like those concerned with environmental issues, for example, or spiritual imagery, or cats, or whatever your subject matter is? What is your ideal client interested in and how can you use your work to intersect with them?

Are they seasoned art buyers, serious collectors focusing on those with a proven museum exhibition record? Or do they buy impulsively, much more drawn to pictures that speak to them on an emotional level? Each of these buyers will be found at very different venues.

If you are asked to participate in an art fair or to join a gallerys stable, take a moment before you agree. Ask yourself Is this really a good opportunity for you? Will your ideal client be there? If not, you could be wasting your time and money.

Too many artists think you can sell your art by casting the net wide and seeing what it catches. This is a tremendous waste of time and energy and often leads to disillusionment with the art world.


What is that you make?

Chapter Ivselling Art On Amazon

Amazon has its own art section, which many of us overlook as we shop for air filters and coffee pods and much more. It opened back in 2013 and has become a growing hub for artists to sell their work across the globe. It has a very broad range of content, styles, types, sizes, and prices.

You need to be pre-approved to , and it has a variety of restrictions. In some cases, such as sculpture, youll have to meet larger production volumes and sell your work outside of its fine art categories. There are some curated elements and many search tools, though youll get mixed results in searches.

For instance, if you click on the selection tool to find artwork for 72 inches to 84 inches, results will also include a vacuum cleaner, bed frames, and more. Best-selling products move higher up in results too, so some sections are dominated by mass-produced elements or popular artists. Lora Zombie has focused heavily on Amazon selling, so her work dominates the general art page.

Amazon sellers have plenty of opportunities to explore in 2020. To help you do that, our parent company has put together the most comprehensive for beginners and experts alike. Youll get a basic understanding of how to sell on Amazon, plus youll discover some of the most effective techniques to stay competitive and grow sales.

It can be a terrific way to expand your reach and find a hungry audience, though running the Amazon storefront will take up a fair chunk of your time.

Check On Customer Reviews

Amazon is an extremely fast-paced and active site, so in the few days that you forgot to check your page you may have lost the buy box to another seller, went out of stock, had a pricing error, or had your pictures updated to something that you didnt request.

Additionally, you may have missed out on the recent influx of negative customer reviews that complain about a product issue you werent aware of due to a recent shipment of bad product sent to Amazon. Understanding that as a seller or brand you may have hundreds or thousands of pages, it is critical that you at least check your top selling pages frequently and invest in technology that streamlines these tasks across your entire catalog.

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Run Sponsored Product Ads

Amazon has a robust ad platform that lets you market your product to customers on Amazon.

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads is a PPC model that lets you promote your products along search results. Placements on desktop can be above, alongside, or below search results, as well as on product detail pages.

Three things to keep in mind when running Amazon PPC ads:

One: Start with automatic targeting. This allows Amazon to use its powerful search algorithms to suggest an exhaustive list of potential keywords for you. This requires you to pick a flat default bid across all keywords, but the goal here is to get data on how various keywords perform.

Two: Once you have at least a few weeks worth of data , start evaluating your automatic targeting campaign to determine which keywords performed the best. You will want to transition those over to a manual campaign, where you can now focus on only the most relevant keywords that performed well for you. With a manual campaign, you have the ability to adjust bids by keyword

Three: Continue to iterate your manual campaign for keywords and bids. Data is your best friend, but if you feel strongly that you should include additional keywords that havent yet performed well, test various bid amounts. Different bid amounts can yield various placements and yield varying results, so continue to test until you find something that works well.

Sell Images Of Your Art To Stock Websites

BS Capstone: Amazon Seller Trust

Credit: KaptureHouse Shutterstock

It’s not just your to stock-image websites. If you make any form of visual art, whether illustrations, fine art paintings or videography, you have the chance to sell your artwork online as stock images and videos.

Have a look through the images on sites like Shutterstock and Alamy, and you’ll be able to find loads of pictures of artworks that artists are selling through the site. This can vary from detailed portraits to abstract designs, to painted blocks of colour that stock-image buyers can use as backgrounds in digitally edited pictures.

It’s important to remember that as a stock image seller you wouldn’t have control over who buys a licence to use the image, or where the image is used .

Also, if you have any artworks that you wish to sell as original works of art, we would strongly advise against submitting images of them to stock image websites. This would become complicated when selling the physical piece as you couldn’t quite promise the buyer full ‘ownership’ of the work if numerous others have also bought a license to use an image of it.

That said, it would be an amazing way to sell digital art, where the artwork doesn’t have the same physical existence as, say, a painting on canvas.

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How To Sell Art Online: 11 Places To Sell Art Online In 2020

This blog post was originally contributed by Jake Rheude, Vice President of Marketing at Red Stag Fulfillment.

Thousands of artists are making solely through online sales and commissions thanks to virtual galleries being unlimited and many new systems having marketing tools built right in its never been easier to find an audience.

Choosing the right platform, however, has become the tricky part because theres only so much time in the day to make art, , put it up for sale, and manage the business side of things. Whether youre focusing on selling prints, creating unique sculpture, or want an online gallery to highlight your work, it can feel like there are too many tools.

Were looking at 11 of these to highlight the best places artists told us that they got started. Youll find options designed to showcase new work, some that can work on your site, and a few services that do it all for you.

In a move thatll shock some artists, were leaving Etsy out of this list! Why? Because many we talked to said that every artist knows about it, and the recommendations and if it is worthwhile can vary greatly based on artist ability, type of work, and more. Theres no single answer for any platform, but Etsy was the one all artists said was worth reading about in the community to see if it is the right choice for you to stand out from the crowd.

So, now that we know the king isnt on the list, lets see what artists told us should make the cut.

Managing Orders And Shipping

Handmade at Amazon is very similar to Etsy in the way you manage orders. I suggest downloading the Amazon Seller app and turning on notifications just so you can stay on top of it. 🙂

Once a customer places an order, you’ll see the date the item needs to ship by. Make sure to adjust your processing times as necessary so you don’t ship orders out late! As I’ve stated before, you’re able to buy and print shipping labels directly from the site, so it makes it super easy.

Amazon tracks nearly everything you do, customer service-wise. This information is available to your customers, so it is even more important to stay on top of orders and communicate well with your customers.

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Lightning Deal Or 7 Day Deals

Lightning deals are available on Amazon for a small fee and give you access to the Todays Deals page and the Prime Day page. Lightning Deals are time-sensitive and leverage the Fear Of Missing Out trigger to get visitors to make a purchase. Lightning Deals work great during high trafficked periods like Prime Day and can provide a halo effect perpetuating organic sales. The drawback is you dont always get to choose the time for your lightning deal, leading to a low ROI. 7 Day period is very similar, but the time is longer, seven days to be precise

My Experience With Teepublic

How to Sell Your Art on Books with Amazon KDP and Book Bolt

I really like selling on Teepublic. Whilst other platforms have dipped over the years, Teepublic has kept growing, or has at least held steady.

In fact Teepublic is close to surpassing my monthly Redbubble earnings, and Ive heard similar reports from other artists and designers.

Its probably not the right platform for everyone but if youre doing pop culture or funny designs primarily made for T-Shirts, then youd be crazy not to give Teepublic a try.

For a comprehensive guide to selling your work on Teepublic, check out my in-depth guide:How To Sell On Teepublic.

No Time To Read It All Now?

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How To Apply And Sell With Handmade At Amazon

EDIT 12/30/16 – Decided to close my Handmade at Amazon account. I’m not happy with the platform – it’s turned out to be even less “handmade” than Etsy. I will continue selling on Etsy instead as I have good business there!

Amazon recently opened up an all handmade marketplace on their site called . As someone who has been selling embroideries and jewelry for years through Etsy, I was excited to try another marketplace.

Throughout the years I’ve tried several other handmade marketplaces, but none of them have the traction OR traffic of Etsy – many of the ones I’ve tried have been completely erased from the internet already. Online stores for handmade goods always seem to come and go, while Etsy has continued to grow throughout the years.

But Handmade at Amazon is different – think about the audience Amazon already has! Many publications have declared Handmade at Amazon an “Etsy killer” already. I know loads of folks are going to be excited to have an alternative to Etsy due the fact that Etsy has turned into a free-for-all for every reseller under the sun. 😛

In this instructable I’ll go over the basics of applying for and selling on Handmade at Amazon, and any tips and tricks I’ve learned in all my research! Sadly, life has been too crazy for me get loads of products listed, but I’m ever so slowly chipping away at it. In the meantime, here’s my . 🙂

Launch Your Digital Products On Amazon

So whens the best time to get started? Now, of course! Start compiling a list of things that you could share online and the types of digital content that can come from it.

As soon as you have a good idea of the awesome content you can provide, start doing a little research using the Jungle Scout extension.

Once youve identified your best opportunities, start creating, then start selling!

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Shipping Is Key To Long

Successfully selling your work online comes in three phases:

  • Create your art
  • Work with the platform to land visitors and make a sale
  • Ship it to the buyer
  • That last bit can be pretty tricky when it comes to your work. You need to keep costs low so you can attract buyers, but also must heavily ensure that you protect the artwork. Often, this means packaging it carefully and then buying or building a crate for it. Saatchi has a nice walkthrough for packing in a crate, which is the preferred method for high-quality pieces.

    Posters, prints, and rolled artwork items can still be shipping tubes. Small pieces that arent going to break can be put into padded envelopes or flat-rate boxes, but ensure they have adequate protection around the edges. The more youre selling your work for, the more demanding customers will be for shipping protections.

    Youll also want to look for ways to reduce the shipping costs of your ecommerce art store, which might mean using stronger but lighter materials, turning to air-filled pillows for a greater cushion, consolidating boxes, and understanding the DIM weight of packages.

    Everything has to arrive free of damage. Thats how you land the sale and keep it. Maximizing value here includes both reducing your costs while ensuring security and safety. Do what works best for the art and youll avoid many of the challenges and frustration that can come from running a business and selling products online.

    List Your First Product

    The last time my brother came to visit, I realized I never told him I ...

    The product detail page is where the sales happen on Amazon. The information you put on this page helps sell your product and encourage shoppers to buy. Candle brand Homesick has a stellar example of a product page that sells. Lets look at why.

    Targeted product title

    Your product title is essential for an Amazon listing for two reasons: One, it captures shoppers attention and tells them they are in the right place. Two, it can improve your click-through rate in search and improve your SEO ranking.

    Product titles have a 200-character limit, but youll want to keep your title between 60 and 80 characters. Why?

    • A Skubana study of over 3,000 high-ranking Amazon listings found that 33% of them fell between 60 and 80 characters.
    • The guidelines recommend it.
    • Amazon can shorten product titles over 112 characters.

    Every word in your product title is searchable. Include the most relevant search in the beginning of your product title. Youll notice Homesick uses its brand name , the product line , the style , features , and the container size.

    This gives shoppers a clear and concise description of your product. They can then make a decision whether to stay on your page or go find the product elsewhere.

    Clear product images

    Your main photo should clearly show what the product is before zooming in. Additional photos should provide additional angles of the product and, if relevant, lifestyle imagery.

    Concise bullet points

    Concise product descriptions

    Product variations

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    Amazon Merch And Handmade By Amazon

    Whether youre a digital artist or make handmade jewellery, there is definitely an option for you to sell your work on amazon. Amazon offers two different options for artists to sell their work that are both suited to different types of artworks and handmade crafts.

    For both and you will need to send in a detailed application that has to first be manually reviewed and approved before you can get to selling.

    Keep in mind that Amazon is a massive market place and try not to get your hopes up about receiving acceptance the next day. This process can take up to 12 weeks but with the sheer size and reach of the marketplace, reaching over 200 million people monthly, it is definitely worth the wait. Once accepted, you can get to selling right away.

    Can You Resell Paintings

    Homes all over the world are decorated with paintings. As a painter, you probably want to share your work with as many people as possible. You should consider selling it yourself as a way to achieve this. Taking the time and effort to market your work is extremely rewarding, but it is time-consuming.

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    Selling Digital Downloads Of Your Artwork

    Okay, now that you have a file to sell, let’s talk about how you can sell them!

    1. Manually Selling

    The very easiest thing you could do to sell your Digital Artwork would be to put a picture of it up on your website or social media and have a link to a PayPal payment then email the file to the customer.

    This could be a little kerfuffly and hard to track but it is totally possible and if that is all you are capable of now, start there!

    2. Selling On Etsy

    I am a total Etsy fangirl for selling digital files because of the ease of using it as a seller. They handle all the logins, payments, file delivery and even have marketing tools built in that help you get the word out about your products.

    If you are even a wee bit able to use the computer, I recommend starting with Etsy. They are used to working with artists and have lots of great info about getting your shop up and running easily.

    The big drawback to Etsy is that you are competing with lots of other sellers. The benefit is that lots of buyers know they can find great artwork to download on Etsy.

    3. Shopify Store or Your Own Website

    Last but not least you could set up a Shopify store or sell from your own website. If you are just beginning your selling trip, this is going to be the hardest and most time consuming.

    I have a Shopify store where I sell my files and it does about 1/25 of the sales of my Etsy store. This is because of a few factors:

  • I have to drive all the traffic to that store, there are no built in shoppers
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