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How Do I Shop At Whole Foods With Amazon Prime

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Whole Foods Offers More Variety

Saving With The Amazon Prime Discount At Whole Foods

While Walmart had the best prices, it was also the least likely to offer the items Whole Foods was selling half of our comparisons were not of identical products or brands. Randalls and Sprouts didn’t fare much better. Neither mainstream grocery chains nor specialty retailers can match Whole Foods for variety.

In the meat market, Whole Foods carries cuts that are animal welfare rated such as sustainably farmed or wild caught fish. Most of the meats on sale were fresh rather than frozen or previously frozen. Meat deals were also some of the best to be found at Whole Foods, with animal welfare rated baby back pork ribs for $4.99/lb , animal welfare rated ground beef for $3.99/lb , and sustainably caught wild sockeye salmon for $13.99/lb .

You don’t often find meat that’s animal welfare rated or seafood that’s sustainably caught at other grocers. In some cases, your only option for specialty products like these will be found in the frozen food aisle. If buying this kind of product is important to you, these new sales at Whole Foods offer up significant savings.

Produce variety is more limited at other grocers, too. For example, Whole Foods was selling yellow mangos as a Prime member deal for 75 cents each . While Walmart had mangos for 50 cents each, they were traditional mangos. If you don’t care about the specific type of mango you’re buying, you can go to Walmart and save. But if you want more variety, Whole Foods’ sale prices are likely the best you’ll find.

Blue Label Sales Are Featured Sale Items Just For You

The blue label sales are a bit more rare, presumably because Whole Foods doesnt want to fill its stores with deals some customers cant get without a subscription. Instead of seeing stickers all over every shelf, youll see the occasional stand or end cap with a big blue sign. In some cases,there will even be a hanging sign above the stand. You can see an example of both in the photo above. These will be sales that are just for you and other Prime members. You probably wont be building your shopping trip around these, but you might find a few good deals here and there, especially on seasonal or featured items so keep an eye out for them.

The process to use your newfound discounts is relatively simple, so you shouldnt have to adjust your shopping process too much. If you dont normally shop at Whole Foods, it might not be enough to get you to start, but if youre already a regular customer, or if you could be with a little push, these discounts might just get you a little deeper into Amazons world.

Get Great Discounts At Whole Foods With Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime already offers subscribers plenty of perks, but starting today, Prime Members nation-wide can also get discounts at Whole Foods. Prime Members will get an extra 10% off sale items which were already decent deals plus Prime-only discounts of up to 50% on everything from sustainable fresh shrimp to organic boxed mac and cheese. The bargains range from fantastic to just okay, and like a standard grocery store circular, theyll rotate every week. And no matter how you look at it, these discounts are pretty good for a store whose reputation for high prices earned it the nickname whole paycheck.

There are two ways to get in on these sales. The simplest is to download the Whole Foods Market app and log on with your Amazon account. The app will pick your local store automatically to show relevant deals and a QR code to scan at checkout. Its similar to shopping in the brick-and-mortar Amazon stores, except there you use the Amazon app instead of the Whole Foods app. But if you prefer to skip downloading yet another app, you can and add your mobile number to your account, then enter your number at checkout. If youd rather skip the store entirely, online orders using Prime Now will get the discount automatically, though its a bit difficult to find sale items on the website. Prime Now isnt available everywhere yet, but youll find it in most major metro areas.

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How To Use Amazon Prime Member Perks At Your Local Whole Foods Market

The Best 2021 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals for Families

Oh, Amazonas if we needed another reason to love you because our favorite mega online retailer keeps saving us money. If youre not sure , now is THE time to learn, because Amazon is rolling out even more Prime member savings at even more stores nationwide. And heres how you can make the most of it!

So there are already a few ways to save at Whole Foods with your Amazon Prime membership. You can use the Whole Foods Market app or use your phone number to get special deals. When you visit your local participating Whole Foods Market, simply sign into the app and scan the Prime Code at checkout to save.

Where you see the blue and yellow in-store Sale sign youll score 10 percent offbut not everywhere. Even though Prime member deals were only available in select states, thats about to change. In June, Prime savings are extending to several new states, including Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington.

Starting Jun. 13, Prime in-store savings will include:

  • Essentia Water, 1.5 L bottles, 4 for $5
  • Organic yellow nectarines/peaches, $1.99/lb.
  • Annies Natural Macaroni & Cheese, BOGO
  • Will sustainably caught yellowfin tuna steaks, $15.99/lb.
  • Made-in-house pork sausage, $3.99/lb.

If youre all about Whole Foods self-serve tea cookies, you can snag them for half off on Jun. 15. Sadly, this is only a one-day sale, so stock up while you can.

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How Do You Shop Whole Foods Prime Sales

What I saved shopping at Whole Foods with the Amazon Prime ...

If you’re an Amazon Prime member and are eager to get in on the deals, you’ll want to to your phone and link it to your Amazon account. When you fire up the app, it brings up a QR code the cashier will scan at checkout to apply your discounts.

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To find out what’s on sale each week, you should check the app or look for blue and yellow signs in the store. Blue signs indicate Prime exclusive discounts, while yellow signs indicate sale items you’ll get an extra 10% off on.

Readers, have you tested out the Amazon Prime discounts in your local Whole Foods store? Were the deals noteworthy, or will you get your groceries elsewhere? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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How Do I Shop At Whole Foods Market Stores That Have Just Walk Out Shopping

Simply enter with your preferred method scan the In-Store Code in your Whole Foods Market or Amazon app, hover your palm using , or insert a credit or debit card linked to your Amazon account. When youre done shopping, exit the store using the same method you used for entry. Later, well send you a digital receipt and charge your Amazon account.

Write A Better Description For This App

As of this time, the short description for this app is Get the most out of every shopping trip. Thats a sweeping promise, and its understandable that people who are looking to save time, not money would be miffed to download the app and find that its useless for them. Im looking for an app that will let me minimize my in-store time during the COVID epidemic – thanks to all the negative reviews, I looked at the reviews before downloading and know this doesnt have the functionality I need. But Ive apparently downloaded it in the past, which means it would take less time for the marketers to fix this than the time I, personally, have already spent figuring out that their idea of get the most out of every shopping trip is very limited compared to mine. The app for Aldi does basically the same thing as this one and is rated 4.8 stars, because the short description accurately describes what the app does. Years worth of negative reviews, and Whole Foods still hasnt made this simple fix?!

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Prime Now Delivery: $180

Prime Now is available in more than 30 large U.S. cities such as New York and Los Angeles, but the millions of Amazon customers who live outside those big metropolises are out of luck. The delivery service offers unlimited, free two-hour delivery on thousands of items, and Amazon is adding Whole Foods delivery to the product. Anmuth wrote that he believes Amazon will add more cities over time.

Give The Cashier Your Phone Number At Checkout


But FIRST, you have to link your phone # to your Whole Foods Prime account. Doing so can get confusing, so pay close attention! It took me freakin 2 hours to figure it out. Updating your mobile phone # on your Prime Account will not do the trick. You have to add your phone via another area of the site . To date, I havent found a consistent way to navigate to this page, but HERE IS THE LINK. It looks like this:

  • Save

At this page, click the Update your mobile number settings link. You will see the number that is assigned to your Prime account, but you still have to click the orange toggle next to Use My Number at Checkout to set it up:

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What Is The Relevance Of More Discounts At Whole Foods

After the discounted perks were initially launched in Whole Foods stores across Florida, they were expanded to all other Whole Foods stores in the U.S. it is worth noting that this translates to 365 Whole Foods Market stores in the U.S.

The aim and strategy that Amazon had was to ensure that they cut food prices as far as Whole Foods was concerned. As known to many, this online shopping giant takes its pride in offering competitive prices and unmatched discounts.

This is very strategic as it gives many more customers access to the companys products and top-of-the-line foods.

More discounts at Whole Foods means that an Amazon employee can spend the same amount of money to get more items due to the price reduction. This also dictates better control of someones finances.

When Whole Foods give discounts to Amazon Prime members, all an employee at Amazon needs to do is join the Amazon Prime program to enjoy these discounts at Whole Foods. This is a straightforward way to get on top of things during these tough economic times.

Kindle Owners Lending Library: $108

The Kindle Owners Lending Library along with a group of other book-related services, such as Amazon First Reads, are worth about $8.99 per month, JPMorgan said. The Kindle Owners Lending Library allows Prime members to download one book each calendar month, although the members must own a Kindle or Fire device.

Amazon also offers the Kindle First service one free Kindle book each month to Prime members from a smaller selection of books picked by Amazons editors.

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Other Amazon Prime Benefits To Consider

Amazon knows that if it can entice Whole Foods shoppers into a Prime membership, they’ll probably start shopping on more often to take full advantage of the benefits. It’s all about pulling customers into the growing Amazon ecosystem. So if you’re on the fence about whether the Whole Foods perks make a Prime membership worth the cost, it’s worth looking at the other benefits you’d receive by using Amazon’s shopping platform.

  • Ever-expanding fast and free delivery options: These include free two-day shipping on more than 100 million items free one-day delivery in more than 8,000 cities and towns free same-day delivery in 8,000 cities and towns when you spend $35 or more and free two-hour delivery on tens of thousands of items in over 50 cities with Prime Now.
  • Access to tens of thousands of movies and TV shows on Prime Video: This includes Amazon original series, including the Golden Globe-winning titles Transparent and Mozart in the Jungle.
  • Access to over 1 million songs through Prime Music: Prime members have unlimited ad-free listening hours with the service.
  • Unlimited photo storage through Amazon Cloud Drive: Members get unlimited full-resolution photo storage plus 5 GB of video storage.
  • As we start a fresh year, you may have new financial goals. So the most important thing when considering a Prime membership is that you know how much you’ll take advantage of the benefits before dropping the lump annual sum.

    Use Your Phone Number

    Prime Now delivery, pickup expands at Whole Foods ...

    If you dont want to use the Whole Foods or Amazon app at the checkout, you can verify Prime membership using your phone number.

    Provide the phone number associated with your Amazon Prime account at the checkout, and your Prime discounts will be applied. But before you use your phone number at Whole Foods checkout, you need to verify and activate it on your .

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    Is The Amazon Prime Discount At Whole Foods Actually Good

    Whole Foods has always had a reputation for high prices. But which acquired the grocery chain last year is trying to change that.

    For cost-conscious shoppers interested in organic produce and other specialty items, sticking to sale products used to be the only way to get reasonable prices at Whole Foods. Amazon Prime members can get an extra 10% off those sale prices. There are also Prime-only deals that take as much as 50% off. But how do these savings stack up against other grocery stores?

    How Do I Cook More Whole Foods

    6 Ways to Add Whole Foods to Your Diet

  • Choose products with 100% whole grains whenever possible.
  • Replace half the white flour called for in your baking recipes with whole-wheat flour.
  • Eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Include beans in your meals and snacks more often.
  • Eat fewer convenience and processed foods.
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    Amazon Wants To Add To The 475 Whole Foods Stores In The Us But Are The Prime Deals Good Enough To Attract New Shoppers

    Check out the latest .

    Amazon thinks it’s time to expand Whole Foods’ presence in the U.S. to increase its share of the increasingly competitive grocery market. But it also has a secondary goal: to gain more Amazon Prime members by offering Whole Foods’ deals that are exclusive to those who pay the $119 per-year Prime membership fee.

    Whole Foods currently has about 475 stores in the U.S., but Amazon wants it to have more of a presence in the suburbs. Amazon currently is looking at possible locations in Idaho, southern Utah, and Wyoming, a source told The Wall Street Journal, which was the first to report on the matter. The new potential retail spaces were bigger than the average Whole Foods store, but Amazon could use the extra space to store inventory.

    Amazon is clearly on a mission to get as many people as possible to become Prime members and think of Whole Foods as their go-to grocery store, rather than the expensive and niche grocer that it was once thought of. But before you jump on the membership just for your grocery shopping, it’s worth looking into the actual benefits that Amazon is offering.

    Amazon wants to lure more people into a Prime membership and to shop at Whole Foods. Image source: Amazon.

    Free Pickup On Grocery Orders Over $35

    Shopping at Amazon Whole Foods Market Part 1 | Organic Food Haul 2021 | Grocery Shopping With Me

    Amazon Prime members get free pickup at Whole Foods for orders over $35. When placing your order on the Amazon app or the website, you need to select a pickup time at checkout.

    You can choose to pick up as early as 1-hour after checkout. If your order is less than $35 or you select a pickup time sooner than 1-hour, theres an additional pickup fee.

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    How Do I Pay

    For Just Walk Out Shopping, you have three different ways to pay: 1) the In-Store Code in your Whole Foods Market or Amazon app linked to a valid credit or debit card, 2) Amazon One linked to your Amazon account , or 3) a credit or debit card linked to your Amazon account. If you would like to use cash, prepaid cards, Whole Foods Market gift cards, EBT or eWIC, you can use the self-checkout lanes at the store.

    Meet 2 Small Businesses That Made The Big Time: Whole Foods Market

    At present, the discounts include an additional 10 percent off sale items marked by yellow tags throughout the store. There will also be Prime-only discounts on featured items that will rotate weekly many of the current featured items listed on Amazon’s latest deal press release are marked up to 50 percent off.

    The way the store determines sales will shift from having regional stores select products and pricing. Moving forward, sales will be determined by Whole Foods’ Texas headquarters and then implemented to stores nationwide. The practice mirrors the common business model used by many other big grocery store companies.

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    Shop Online With Amazon Pantry

    • Save

    If you dont want to bother with setting up a delivery time , you can get just about every Whole Foods dry good under the sun by using . Its just like ordering anything else at Amazon, except everything is organized in categories , and you will get the lowest prices available shopping for Whole Foods 365 signature organic brand.

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