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How Do I Track My Amazon Order

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Amazon Track Order By Order Number

how to track your order on amazon

Wondering how to track amazon order using order number? It’s still possible for Amazon India orders! You just need to enter your Amazon order number that looks like 701-9923802-8100257 or 112-5992395-9619458. Unfortunately for other countries, you can only track on Amazon website or by importing your orders using our mobile apps for iOS and Android.

You can find your Amazon order number in the email confirmation, or by going to My Orders page.

If the order was fulfilled by Amazon, from an Amazon Warehouse, then you should be able to track the progress from the My Orders page on the website or you can copy order tracking page link and track order on

Yikes What To Do When Your Amazon Package Is Not Delivered

Over the course of a year, Amazon Prime customers ship hundreds of millions of gifts worldwide. But with so many orders being placed, people will occasionally have to deal with an Amazon missing package or delivery delay.

Now that packages are trackable to within minutes of delivery in many locations, one lost parcel can seem like a mystery worthy of a podcast. Before you freak out, check out our guide on what to do if your Amazon package didn’t arrive.

How To View Your Archived Orders On Amazon

William StantonRead more January 24, 2021

When you place an order on Amazon, the order is recorded as part of your account history. This allows you to easily find past orders and re-order items that you previously purchased. While you cant delete your order history, you can archive them. Archiving orders hides past orders, but they are still attached to your account.

If you have archived any of your orders, its helpful to know how to view these orders in case you ever want to re-order anything from them. However, Amazon makes it pretty tricky to locate your archived orders.

Fortunately, finding them is pretty easy you just have to follow a few steps to get to them. Lets take a look at how you can view your archived Amazon orders.

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How To Use Amazon Map Tracking

Not every package may be delivered by a dedicated Amazon vehicle. If the package is being delivered via UPS, FedEx, of the United States Postal Service , you wont be able to use Amazon Map Tracking.

However, when your package is being delivered by the retail giant, Amazon will send you a notification that will let you see the progress of your delivery driver on its tracking map, available in-app or on the Amazon website. You can also check the status of your delivery yourself.

Heres how to use Amazon Map Tracking.

1. Head to the settings menu, then select Your Orders.

2. From there, you can tap the Track Package button on the web, or tap the item thats in transit, in the mobile app.

3. If Amazon Map Tracking is enabled for the delivery, youll see an image similar to the one below, shared by J. Austyn Belanger on Twitter. This image becomes available once your driver has 10 or fewer stops remaining till they reach your home.

Unfortunately, the only package I have en route is being delivered via USPS. If this is the case, youll see a traditional progress graphic like this instead.


Does Amazon Ship Internationally

How to Track Amazon Orders: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

When you reach the checkout stage of your order, you will be given the option to choose how the items in your cart are delivered. Buyers should be aware that if they do not see a particular delivery option, then delivery isn’t available for that order to the set location.

Amazon is one of the largest international online marketplaces are consequently deliveries products to a large number of global destinations. Delivery options include both to customers within the United States, as well as internationally, such as the United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Germany, Canada, Spain, Australia, Italy, India, Mexico and China. More and more countries in Asia and Africa are being added in line with Amazon’s continued growth

Some of the countries where Amazon does not ship include North Korea, Cuba, Somalia, Iran, Iraq, Botswana, and Myanmar.Amazon ships products overseas via Amazon Global. The available products and shipping rates using this service may vary depending on your location. To check which items are eligible for international shipping, check the “Search for Items Eligible” option in the international shipping section of the app or website.

Amazon does ship internationally to over 100 countries and regions outside the United States, though it is not a case of they do or do not ship to a country, as it will depend on the specific order. You’ll have to change your default shipping address to see the items that are available for the specific international destinations.

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Who Does Amazon Ship With

Amazon uses a variety of couriers for the delivery of its orders, including UPS, USPS, and FedEx among others. It also has its own inhouse delivery capabilities, through an extensive transportation portfolio which includes its own trucks and planes. The latter take flight from around 20 airports around the US to various destinations, in order to continue to meet the growing demand for products.

Below is the list of carriers that are most commonly used by Amazon for deliveries.

However, Amazon also uses a number of other carriers including ABF Freight System Inc, CEVA Logistics, Australia Post, Deprisa, DB Schenker, ECMS EXPRESS, i-parcel, Fidelitone, Innovel Solutions, Israel Post , Landmark Global, Lonestar Overnight, NSD, Parcel Pool, SF Express, WnDirect, XPO Logistics, TForce Final Mile, OnTrac, Pilot, Menlo Worldwide/UPS Supply Chain Solutions, and LaserShip.The Amazon distribution network was first launched in 1997 with processing centers first opened in Seattle and Delaware. Now, Amazon has multiple types of distribution facilities, including crossdock centers, fulfillment centers, sortation centers and delivery stations. A computer system is used to check goods in and out thus recording the location of orders. The system also helps the company map out routes for pickers.

Amazon China Post Tracking

Amazon China Post tracking numbers often look like Lx123456789CN, Rx123456789CN, Ux123456789CN. It’s quite slow and cheap delivery method, takes from 15 to 35 days to arrive.

To track China Post tracking number show on Amazon order shipping details page, simply enter it on this page into package search field above and hit Track Package.

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Can I Find Out Who Sent Me An Amazon Package

4.7/5AMAZONpackage sentpackage

If you prefer, though, you can always find out what’s been purchased from your list by selecting Purchased or Purchased and Unpurchased from the Filter & Sort drop-down menu at the top of your list. The “Don’t spoil my surprises” setting is on by default so your gift purchases will remain secret for several weeks.

Likewise, can you look up an Amazon order number? To search your Amazon order history, open Amazon on the web and click Orders in the top right corner. Just above your list of previous orders, you‘ll see a search box. Enter your search terms in this box and click Search Orders. Your search results will appear in a list below the search box.

Consequently, are Amazon gifts anonymous?

Yes, you should be able to. Unless you add the gift note to your order, it’ll be an anonymous gift. If it’s gift card, then they’ll know unless it’s a physical gift card. No, you cannot send a gift anonymously to anyone via amazon.

How do you secretly buy something on Amazon?

You can hide orders that you’re no longer interested in referencing, hide items from immediate view that may be embarrassing, or keep gifts secret if you share an account with your children or with somebody else. To hide an order: Go to Your Orders and locate the applicable order. Select Hide order.

Amazon Package Delivered But Not Received

How To Track Your Amazon Order Live On Map Few Stops Before Delivery

Does your Amazon order page say my package was directly handed off and delivered but youve received nothing? If you are in the same situation then dont panic because Amazon will refund your all money in case your order will not deliver to your doorstep.

Check courier company that delivers the package, if its AMZL then it could mean a few things:

  • The driver is still on his way
  • The driver accidentally hit that option and the device they have to use doesnt allow a driver to go back and change it.
  • The package was misdelivered.

If you do not see your package but the end of the day, usually about 8 pm or so, then call the delivery company and see if they can help you from there.

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How To Track The Amazon Package

There are three ways to track your shipment using

  • Enter your tracking ID into the field and press TRACK. After that, you will be noticed by this message: To track your shipment, you need to enter Amazon ORDER. So enter your order number, for example 114-2513833-4249833. Then press button +.
  • The second way is entering only the order number into the field and pressing TRACK. You will see the same tracking information as in the previous item without entering the TBA number.
  • Sometimes Amazon sends its order using other delivery services, for example, FedEx, USPS, UPS, etc. If its so, their tracking number will be sent via email or can be found at the end of completing an order and you can visit a relevant page on our web site to track your order.
  • How To Track An Amazon Parcel Delivery

    You can track your Amazon deliveries via your online account or you can use your tracking number and use services from tracking partners such as Ordertracker. To get your tracking information, login to your online account and get the tracking number from the Your Orders section. If you have multiple orders, see if they will be shipped separately, in which case, each will have its own tracking number.

    You may also use your Amazon order number to track your item delivery, e.g. 701-9923802-8100257. If your order is delivered by providers other than Amazon Logistics, know what they have a different tracking number. Check with the shipper or your order details to get your tracking number.

    Here are some Frequently Asked Questions on Amazon Logistics Delivery:

    What happens if I am not around during the delivery attempt?

    If no one is available to receive the package during delivery, Amazon will leave the package in a secure location, otherwise, they will take the package back and will send an email to the email address on file. Three consecutive attempts will be made, after which the package will be returned to Amazon. This is the same for items that require a signature upon delivery.

    My online tracking shows that the package has been delivered but I haven’t received it.

    Check around your house to see if they left the item somewhere. You may also check with the receptionist, if any, or your neighbors. If you did all these and still don’t have your package, you may contact them.

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    How To Get Tracking Number From Amazon

    There is an Amazon tracking id with every order. It is not only the companys way of keeping track of the orders but also the way that information is passed to the customers or businesses shipping large orders. To enjoy the Amazon tracking order service, you will need this number. There are a few ways to find it: one is from the receipt that is sent via email or found at the end of completing an order. For orders of larger-scale placed by companies, there is a unique Amazon logistics tracking number that will follow contents to and fro, assuring that it is on the right path the entire time.

    View Your Amazon Purchase History

    How Do I Find My Order History On Amazon? / How To Hide ...

    When you click to open the report, it will open with your default spreadsheet application such as Numbers or Excel, unless you specify otherwise. And the report contains a ton of details for the items like order date and ID, price, payment type, shipment date, tax exemption information, and much more.

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    Amazon India Tracking Or Amazon Transportation Services Tracking

    Amazon India uses several courier partners, such as Shipped by Amazon, this is Amazon Transportation Services delivery and Amazon will share the delivery agent’s contact information on the day of delivery.

    Other partner couriers are Blue Dart, FedEx, GATI, Indian Postal Service, Aramex, Delhivery and Ecom Express.

    Amazon Royal Mail Tracking

    After an order has dispatched, many parcels can be tracked on, or in case you have valid Royal Mail tracking number on

    In case your Royal Mail tracking number is not recognised, don’t panic, wait at least 48 hours for seller to pack and ship your order and for updates to propogate through Amazon and Royal Mail systems.

    It might take some time for the Royal Mail website to recognise the tracking number, it’s usually working the day after it’s collected.

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    How Do I Track My Amazon Order

    Order tracking on any carriers used by Amazon can be done through the Ship24 website using the tracking number that buyers either receive from the seller upon purchase, or which can alternatively be found on the Amazon website or inside your email inbox. If you have a problem with your order, you can either contact the Amazon support team or if you are aware of the courier your parcel is with, you can contact them directly.

    However, buyers should note:

    • Some national carriers will use local or regional couriers to ship your Amazon package or parcel. If this is the case, your Amazon tracking information may not be available on the national carrier website. However, Ship24 interacts directly with over 700 couriers and its comprehensive tracking system allows it to detect changes in tracking codes that may occur as parcels pass between different couriers. Simply enter your original tracking number on to the Ship24 website and let us do the rest.
    • Some heavy items may be shipped through a special carrier such as ABF, CEVA, Pilot, or XPO.
    • Some parcels will be delivered via certain couriers depending on the urgency of the shipment and its location. For instant, Parcel pool is used for standard package deliveries to Alaska and OnTrac is used for the same-day deliveries to Seattle. Tracking your Amazon parcel through Ship24 will allow you to see which courier your Amazon package is travelling with

    Why There Is No Tracking Information On Amazon

    How to Track your package order on Amazon | 2017 quick tutorial

    You may have several Amazon orders where tracking is missing from the order page. Yet the order has been shipped several days ago. Here are some reasons why tracking information may not be available:

    • The first package scan may be upon arrival at a regional hub near the destination. This is common when shipping volume is high and packages are processed in bulk. Until this first scan, the carrier may not acknowledge receipt of the package.
    • The first package scan may not be until delivery.
    • Some shipments, such as Standard International shipments, are not trackable.

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    Amazon Logistics Tba Tracking From Usa Canada And Uk

    Amazon Logistics TBA courier ships to many countries around the world and you can track all packages that are sent through this courier on this site with just a few clicks. When a package is sent to you, the sender must provide you with a tracking number which will then be used on this site to know the status of your delivery and the location of your mail or package.

    Using The Amazon Tracking Map

    In many cases, you can track the exact location of your package on the day of delivery. You can see exactly where it is on a map, and get a status update indicating how many stops away it is from your address.

    There are several ways to get to the tracking map:

    • Find the tracking information for your delivery on your mobile app by following the steps in the previous section.
    • Tap the delivery notification on your phone.
    • In the delivery notification email, click Track your package.

    Important: You’ll only be able to see the Amazon tracking map for packages that are delivered by Amazon’s own delivery service. If it’s being delivered by a traditional carrier like FedEx, UPS, or USPS, the Amazon delivery map isn’t available, though the delivery service might have its own delivery map instead.

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    How To Track An Amazon Package On A Computer

    1. Navigate to the in a browser on your Mac or PC and make sure you’re logged in to your account.

    2. Click Returns & Orders at the top-right of the webpage.

    4. On the Your Orders page, find the order you want to track and then click Track package.

    5. You’ll see the order status, including the estimated arrival date.

    Add Delivery Tracking Information Manually

    Amazon Map Tracking: How to Live

    You can add and edit tracking information for any delivery with a supported tracking number to Shop.

    You need to locate the tracking information for a delivery that you want to track so that you can add it to Shop. Tracking information for online orders can usually be found in a shipping confirmation email, or from your customer account for a store.


  • From the Home tab in Shop, tap the + button.
  • Enter the orders tracking number, and then enter the shipping carrier and order name.
  • Tap Add package to start tracking the delivery.
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