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How Do I Transfer Files To My Amazon Fire Tablet

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How To Use An Sd Card For Portable Storage With A Fire Tablet

Amazon Fire Tablet: Transferring Content From Your Computer

If you only want to use your card to store media files, heres how to go about it:

  • As soon as your tablet detects the card, tap on Use for portable storage.
  • At this point, your tablet will ask you whether youd like to format your device. To do so, follow the on-screen prompts. You can also skip this step if the card contains files youd like to retain.
  • Navigate to your tablets setting and tap on Storage.
  • Tap on Internal Storage to open a list of the apps installed on your device, starting with the ones that have used up the most space.
  • Scroll down until you see SD Card Storage. Below this, you should see a series of toggle switches that allow you to specify the items youd like to download to the card. These options are as follows:
  • Store Photos and Personal Videos on your SD Card
  • After this, any files downloaded will save on the card. Keep in mind that youll immediately lose access to anything stored in it if you remove the card.

    How To Transfer Movies From A Computer To A Kindle Fire Hd


    Your Kindle Fire HD can play movies. Furthermore, you don’t need an Internet connection to watch them you can transfer the movies from your computer and watch them offline whenever you wish. The Kindle tablet can play MP4, 3GP and VP8 videos other formats are not supported. To transfer content to your Kindle Fire, use the USB cable that shipped with the tablet. You can also transfer audio files, books, documents and pictures after you connect the tablet to the computer.

    Connect the Kindle Fire to your computer using the USB cable that shipped with the tablet. Windows installs the appropriate drivers in a matter of seconds and assigns a drive to the new device.

    Press “Windows-X” to expand the Power User menu and click “File Explorer” to launch the File Explorer app on your computer.

    Open the folder that contains the movies you wish to transfer to the Kindle, select the video files and press “Ctrl-C” to copy them to the clipboard. If you want to delete the movies from your hard disk when you transfer them to the tablet, press “Ctrl-X” instead of “Ctrl-C.”

    Open the “Kindle” folder to view the contents of your Kindle in the right pane. The Kindle folder appears in the Computer folder as soon as Windows connects to the tablet.

    Open the “Internal Storage\Movies” folder and then press “Ctrl-V” to paste the movies from the clipboard into the folder.

    Disconnect the Kindle Fire from your computer after the transfer is complete.




    Using Sd Cards As Internal Storage

    If you want to use the card either to host apps or store files, follow these steps:

  • As soon as your tablet detects the card, tap on Use for extra tablet storage. Otherwise, if the card is already being used for portable storage:
  • Open Settings
  • Scroll down to SD Card Storage and tap on Format as Internal Storage.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to format your card.
  • After your card has been formatted, your tablet will ask you whether youd like to move content to the card right away or move later.
  • If you choose to move content, media files will immediately transfer to your card, including music, movies, and videos. However, no apps will be moved.
  • If you go with move content later, youll be able to move files anytime you want, but the added advantage of this option is that you can move both files and apps.
  • Heres how to move apps to your SD card:

  • Navigate to your tablets setting and tap on Storage.
  • Tap on Internal Storage.
  • Under SD Card, tap on Move Apps to SD Card.
  • At this point, your Fire OS will evaluate the apps that can instantly be transferred to your card. However, apps that cant be accommodated on your card will remain in your tablets built-in storage.

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    Make Sure Your Personal Books Are Mobi Format

    Amazon Kindle devices do not support EPUB books, but supports MOBI and PDF formats. I personally prefer MOBI to PDF because the former is more flexible and better for reading.

    But most of books we download from torrent sites are often EPUB files. If you want to transfer these books to Kindle for reading, the perfect solution is converting the EPUB books to Mobi.

    And If you want to transfer eBooks purchased from Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Play Books to Kindle, things will be a little tough. These books are typically DRM-protected so we can’t directly convert the formats. Instead, we have to strip the DRM protection at first. DRM-protected PDF books also have to be decrypted because Kindle only supports DRM-free PDF.

    In a word, before transferring books to Kindle, we should comfirm 2 things: Books are DRM free Books are Kindle Mobi format.

    Here is the best eBook DRM Removal & eBook Converter – Epubor Ultimate, that can help you fulfill the job.

    Remove Or Erase Your Card

    Amazon fixed one of the most broken things about Kindle Fire, now it ...

    Want to eject your card? Then youll probably want to make sure its not in use first.

    Go to the Storage settings, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and youll see an option marked Safely Remove SD Card. This will stop any tasks associated with the card to prevent problems.

    Or if you want to erase everything on the card, theres an option for doing that too.

    Fortunately theres a warning message the pops up before you take either action, so it takes at least two clicks to erase or eject the SD card, making it less likely that youll do either by accident.

    You also wont be able to erase or eject the SD card if your tablet is connected to a computer via a USB cable. Youll need to unplug the tablet before making those sorts of changes to the card.

    Looking for more things to do with your Amazon Fire tablet? Here are some more resources from Liliputing:

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    How To Transfer Files & Apps To Your Kindle Fire

    FTC Disclosure: If you make a purchase via a link on this site, I may receive a small commission. There will be no added cost to you. Thank you!

    Do you want to put files and apps onto your Kindle Fire? You can do this from a computer, another Kindle Fire, or any other device that has Internet access. There are several ways to do it, so let me show you how! 🙂

    Please be aware that we do our best to share safe Kindle Fire resources with you, but Love My Fire cannot be held responsible or liable for any issues you may experience by following the tips, tricks, and tutorials on this website. Please see the Terms of Use page for full details. Thanks!

    How To Make A Kindle Fire Share With An Android Phone


    Even though the Kindle Fire doesn’t work with the Google Play app store, you can still share apps between your Fire and your Android phone by using the Amazon Appstore. You’ll need to manually load the Amazon Appstore on your Android phone, but once it’s there and you’re logged in, you’ll have access to any app you purchased for your Kindle Fire. Note that you will need to use the Amazon Appstore to update any apps you’re sharing between your Kindle Fire and your Android as they will not update automatically like apps downloaded through the Google Play store.

    Unlock your Android phone. Open the app launcher and choose “Settings.” In the “Security” area, enable “Unknown Sources” so you can install the Amazon Appstore.

    Browse to the Amazon site on your Android phone to download the Appstore file. Touch the button to download the file, then when it finished downloading, swipe down your notification area and tap on the download notification to open the file. Confirm that you want to install the Amazon Appstore on your device.

    Tap “Open” once the Appstore has finished installing. Enter your Amazon username and password. You must enter the same username and password you used to log in to your Kindle Fire to share apps between the devices.


    • Purchase apps that you want to share on your Kindle to ensure that they will work with your Fire.



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    Change Your Kindle Fire Email Address

    On this page at the top under, “Send-to-Kindle E-mail Settings” you can change the actual name of the email address for your Kindle Fire. Just hit the “Edit” link under Actions to the right of the pre-assigned email address.

    I personally changed all of mine to ones that were much easier for me to remember, plus I added them to my email’s address book.

    You can see what your Kindle’s email address is on this page under “Send-to-Kindle E-mail Settings” as well as on your Kindle Fire: slide down top menu, tap More/Settings, tap My Account, and it will be listed there.

    Can I Read The Same Book On Two Kindles

    Transferring Videos to Kindle Fire from Windows 10 PC, 2020

    You can link your account to multiple Kindles. After buying a book through Amazon, download the book to your Kindle at any time and delete it from that Kindle at any time. This means two people can each read the same book on their own Kindles, even though only one of them has bought it.

    Can I transfer files from my Kindle Fire to my PC?

    Using a USB cable, you can easily transfer the files from your Kindle to PC. You will need the special cable for transferring data. You can also get the Kindle Fire USB which is sold on Amazon and transfer data easily. Go through these steps: Connect the PC and your Kindle while it is turned ON.

    How do you send a file to a Kindle?

    With Send to Kindle, the process is simplified. Users can transfer files from Windows Explorer by simply right-clicking on a document and choosing Send to Kindle. From any other Windows application that can print, users can select Print, and then choose Send to Kindle.

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    How To Transfer Data From One Tablet To Another With Gmail

    Many cloud services, such as Gmail, iCloud, etc., can help you transfer files from one tablet to another. These cloud services support cross-platform data backup and restore services, which means that you can upload the data on the old tablet to the cloud service, and then log in to the same account on the new tablet to synchronize the backup files in the cloud service On the new tablet. Below, we will use Gmail as an example to tell you how to transfer contacts, calendars and notes to your new Android or iOS tablet.

    Step 1. Unlock your old tablet , open the “Settings” app and choose “Accounts & Passwords”. Tap on “Add Account” and select “Google”. Then, add a Gmail account on your iPad.

    Step 2. Turn on the file options that you want to sync, such as Mail, Contacts, Calendars or Notes, and sync them to your Gmail.

    Step 3. Turn to your new tablet and sign into the same Google account. Now, you can sync all the uploaded files from your old tablet to the new tablet via Gmail.

    If you are an iPad owner, you should learn how to backup & restore iPad from iCloud backups?

    How To Transfer Files From A Flash Drive To A Fire Tablet Via Pc

    If you don’t have a USB OTG cable, you can transfer files from the flash drive to your Fire tablet via your PC:

  • Plug your USB flash drive into one of your computer’s USB ports.

  • When you connect your Fire tablet to one of the other USB ports on your computer, you may see a notification about USB Options. Tap it and select File Transfer to allow access to your device.

    If your PC doesn’t detect your Fire tablet automatically, install the USB drivers and ADB manually as detailed in the Amazon developer documentation.

  • Open your computer’s File Explorer and locate your Fire tablet under This PC or My Computer. It should appear alongside your other drives . Right-click your Fire and select Open in a new window.

    Mac users must to access a Fire tablet via USB. Your Fire tablet will appear on the desktop.

  • In the original window, select your USB drive to open it.

  • Drag the files you want to transfer from the flash drive into the appropriate folder on your Fire tablet.

    Likewise, you can move files from your Fire to the USB drive. You cannot move apps from the Amazon Appstore, content from Prime Video, and other DRM-protected files.

  • Then unplug your Fire tablet and remove the flash drive from your computer. The files you transferred should appear in the appropriate app. Any videos you send to your Fire appear in your Photos library and the Personal Videos app.

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    Transfer Files Via Wifi

    After confirming your Kindle account, you can begin sending files via Wifi. First, ensure that your PC and Kindle Fire are connected to the home wireless network. Next, follow the instructions below.

    • Download ES File Explorer app from the Amazon app store
    • Open ES File Explorer app and click on the Fast Accessmenu on the top-left icon.
    • Select Tools and then Remote Manager
    • Here, youll see the current Hotspot Network youre connected to
    • Click on activate FTP server
    • As soon as it activates, youll see the FTP address
    • Now, open Computer on your PC, click the address bar and type the address.
    • As you do, youll get access to your Kindle Fire SD card
    • Copy all the files that you want to transfer, and theyll be sent within a couple of seconds
    • You can also search the SD card root directory in the ES File Explorer
    • To check the latest shared files, click Refresh.

    Pro Tip: To ensure a stable wireless connection between Kindle Fire and your PC, you can enter Remote Manager and uncheck the Close on exit option. If the connection is still poor, you can restart your Kindle Tablet.

    Now You Are Ready To Roll

    Transfer Photos from Kindle Fire to Computer, via USB or Cloud Drive

    Once the Kindle is connected to the computer, the Kindle’s screen will show a “You can now transfer files from your computer to Kindle” message. Your computer will likely recognize the Kindle and you can click on that icon in the “My Computer” screen to open the files. You will be viewing everything on your main computer monitor to transfer files to and from the computer and the Kindle.

    You can use a drop and drag method to put files on your computer from the Kindle. You can also use the drop and drag method to move files from the Kindle to your computer. Keep in mind when transferring files that your Kindle can only hold a limited amount of files. You do not want to clutter your Kindle with too much and use all the space. Also, remember the Kindle Fire only plays MP3 files. If your music is saved in WMA format , don’t bother transferring that music to the Kindle it will just take up space and you won’t be able to play it.

    The good news is, your computer should be able to hold anything the Kindle Fire has saved. This is an excellent way to backup all your files. This is also a good idea for anyone that has more than one Kindle in the household. Files can be shared amongst everyone by transferring items to the computer and then transferring them to a different Kindle. You’ll have plenty of options and the $6 cable is well worth it. Enjoy your Kindle Fire!

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    Way : Transfer Files From Tablet To Tablet Using Dropbox

    Dropbox is available for Android and iOS. If you enable this feature on your existing device, you can upload all your media files and documents on Dropbox, then send the uploaded files to the new tablet via the same Dropbox account. The guide below will set photos as an example.

    How to transfer photos from one tablet to another using Dropbox:

    Step 1: Install the Dropbox app on both your old and new tablets or iPads, then sign in to it with a Dropbox account .

    Step 2: Tap the “+” icon on Dropbox and then select Upload files, choose the photos you want to transfer and upload them to the Dropbox cloud.

    Step 3: After the files uploading is complete, you can log in to the Dropbox on your new tablet with the same Dropbox account, then download the files to the new tablet.

    How Do I Use A Flash Drive On My Fire Tablet

    To access the files on your flash drive, you need to download a free file manager app from the Amazon app store, like ES File Explorer.

    Plug the USB OTG adapter into your Fire tablet and insert the USB drive into the port. Then, open the file manager app. If you don’t see the USB drive, look for a tab that says Local or USB OTG.

    Fire tablets do not support all file formats for photos, video, audio, and other media. Here’s a list of supported file types on Amazon Fire devices:

    • Books: AZW , MOBI , KF8
    • Music: MP3, AAC , MIDI, PCM/WAVE, OGG, WAV
    • Movies: MP4, 3GP, VP8
    • Documents: TXT, PDF, PRC, DOC, DOCX
    • Audible: AA, AAX

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    Confirm What Your Send To Kindle E

    Unlike most tablets, and even older generation Fire tablets, you cant just plug in a USB cable and transfer the files over. You have to send them by e-mail via Amazons Kindle Personal Documents Service. In order to do that, you need to know what your Send to Kindle E-mail Address is.

    Amazon automatically assigns a unique address for each device you register with them, so your Fire tablet will have its own dedicated address. Heres how you find it, and change it if you feel the need:

  • Open up the web browser on your computer
  • Type in the address bar, or use this link to get to the Manage My Content and Devices page on Amazons website.
  • Log in to your Amazon account.
  • You should see your Fire tablet listed in the Send-to-Kindle E-Mail Settings section on the page. The e-mail address listed next to the device is the one that you have to send the files to in order to transfer them to your tablet. If you dont see your device listed here, chances are its not compatible with the service.
  • If you want to change the e-mail address that you have to use, click on Edit to the right of the address associated with the device.
  • Enter the updated address in the text box.
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