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How Do I Turn Off Parental Controls On Amazon Prime

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Why You Should Place Parental Controls On Amazon Prime

How to Disable Parental Control PIN on Amazon Prime Video?

Using Amazon Prime parental control can be beneficial in more ways than one. This can provide peace of mind to parents. You may not be next to your kid all the time, but when the right parental control is in place, you can prevent them from accessing mature content available on Amazon Prime. There is also a way to limit their screen time, making sure that they do not use their gadgets more than what is necessary. Depending on the parental software that you are using, it can also prevent kids from making unauthorized purchases.


Parental Controls Guide For Netflix Apple Tv Amazon Roku And Kindle Fire

If you are a parent concerned with the media your child may have access to, you are not alone. Fortunately, most major programs and devices offer some form of parental control, and while these controls are often far from perfect, they can be extremely useful in protecting those we love from harmful material.

This blog post is designed specifically to explain how to set up parental controls on several of these devicesAmazon Video, Netflix, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Kindle Fire, and Fire Phone.

Changing Your Pin From The Amazon Dashboard

If you didnt setup the parental control services when you got the device and you dont have an existing security PIN, dont worry , its very easy to create or reset a PIN via the web-based control center for your Amazon account.

Simply navigate to the Amazon Instant Video Settings page and scroll down to the Parental Controls section as seen in the screenshot below.

Here you can create and reset your PIN as well as toggle purchase restrictions on and off. We highly recommend you enable the PIN on Purchase feature. We use this feature even on our streaming units and devices that arent used by children just to avoid accidentally buying media. Oddly, even though this setting is available in the main dashboard you need to manually set it on your Fire TV and TV Stick units too.

Lets take a look at making that change as well as locking down other portions of the Fire TV and TV Stick.

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How To Set Amazon Prime Parental Controls

We at Parental Control Now advise parents to monitor all their kids devices and in the article below we recommend parents set Amazon Prime parental controls as well to make sure they are aware of what their child is watching online. One of the largest streaming video provider after Netflix, Amazon Prime is Amazons paid subscription service. The most popular benefit of Amazon Prime membership is expedited delivery where you can enjoy free same-day delivery or two-day shipping but beyond this, you can enjoy more benefits. Another major benefit is that its members get free access to Prime Video, where you can have unlimited streaming of high quality TV shows and films . . Off course there are more perks coming with an amazon prime subscription but we would like to focus on the video streaming service and how parents should protect their kids.

Despite all the good things about Amazon Prime, you should be aware of its dangers. Thankfully, you can always rely on parental control for Amazon Prime. The latter can provide you with peace of mind if kids are using your account. Read on and well talk about how to set parental control on Amazon Prime.

Where Is The Amazon Parent Dashboard

How To Set Up Fire Stick Parental Control on Amazon Fire TV

What is a parent dashboard on Amazon? Good question! Here is the answer. Amazon parent dashboard allows the parents to check what their children are reading, watching videos, and buying products. Also, it helps the parents to see what games their deer children are playing on Amazon devices. These are some main features of Amazon Parent dashboard: Activity report, discussion cards, adding more content, remote parental control, and locking.

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How To Block Shows On Amazon Prime On Android

So, if you are using an Android device to access your Amazon Prime, you can easily block specific shows from appearing in the content list.

To do so, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Amazon Prime application
  • Press on Sign In and then complete the form
  • Go to Settings, located on the bottom right corner of your screen
  • Find and select Parental Control from the options list
  • Locate and select Viewing Restrictions
  • Enter your Amazon Password
  • Create your Prime Video Pin and save it

Now every show in Amazon Prime content that has an age restriction will require this 5-digit Prime Video Pin in order to be unlocked.

This way you can be sure that your children will never watch something inappropriate for their age.

How To Configure Parental Controls On Your Fire Tablet

ByAmy Oztan02 February 2018

Kindle Fire tablets have the built-in ability to password-protect or block different features of the tablet without having to set up a separate profile, enabling you to hand your Fire over to a child or someone you dont necessarily want to give full access to. You can password-protect things like Prime Video, email, and Amazon purchasing, and turn the controls off whenever you want.

When Parental Controls are on youll see a little lock icon at the top of the Fires screen. If you swipe down from the top, youll see a message that says Parental Controls On. You can tap that message at any time to enter the Parental Controls password and turn the controls off. Note that while some controls carry over to Child Profiles, not all of them do. Parental Controls are much better at locking down adult content on Adult Profiles than blocking allowed content on Child Profiles.

1. Swipe down from the top of the screen.

2. Press Settings.

3. Under Personal, press Parental Controls.

4. Move the Parental Controls slider to the right to turn Parental Controls on.

5. Depending on whether youve set up Parental Controls before, you may be asked for your Parental Controls password, or be prompted to set up a new password. Note that this is different from your Lockscreen password.

6. Select Amazon Content and Apps.

8. Press Password Protection.

11. Press Social Sharing to block or unblock social sharing apps like Twitter and Facebook.

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Set Parental Controls For In

Avoid unwanted in-app purchases by enabling parental controls for added security on your device.

  • Launch the Amazon Appstore on your device.
  • Select Account.
  • Select Parental Controls.
  • Select Enable Parental Controls and then enter your Amazon account password.
  • For more help, try our .

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    Asking For Permission To Turn Off Parental Controls

    How to set up Amazon parental controls
  • 1Understand why parental controls are used. Parental controls are for your protection. Not only are parental controls used to block content that may be inappropriate or upsetting to younger viewers, but they also blocks access to content and individuals that may be dangerous. Furthermore, it may be used to limit the amount of time you spend using electronic devices so that you can spend time with your family and do other important things that need to get done.
  • Never talk to strangers online. You never know if the people you are talking to online are who they say they are. They may be out to harm you. Never EVER agree to meet someone you met online without your parents.
  • Never give out personal information on the internet. This information may include your full name, your email address, physical address, where you go to school, where you or your family works, or places you go. Do not send photos to people you don’t know and trust.
  • 2Talk to your parents or the administrator of the account about adjusting the controls. This is perhaps the easiest and safest way to adjust the parental controls. The person who imposed the parental controls usually has your best interests at heart. They may be more willing to adjust the controls if you discuss the reasons why you think the controls should be lifted.
  • Some parental control software can also block useful information like access to personal health issues and topics your child may need to be aware of.
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    You Can Relax With Parental Controls On Amazon Fire Stick

    Knowing that there is a lot you can do to customize suitable content for your kids developing minds is a relief for sure. When it comes to Amazon Fire Stick, your main task is to remember the PIN you create.

    You can always reset it, but its easier to have it on hand when its time to approve a video game or a show. When it comes to Netflix, and other streaming platforms, youll have to set up parental controls separately.

    Always remember, as a Prime Video subscriber, you can have access to parental controls even without the Fire Stick.

    Do you restrict the content your kids watch? Let us know in the comments section below.

    How To Hide Shows On Amazon Prime For Desktop

    We all know that Amazon Prime is available for desktop as well and the steps are slightly different than with mobile.

    Here is how to block shows on Amazon Prime for desktop:

    • Open the browser and go to the Amazon Prime official website
    • Go to Settings, located on the top
    • Find and click on Parental Control
    • Then enable Parental Control

    Now you have enabled parental control on Amazon Prime and adult content will no longer be accessible. If you want to disable parental control the workaround is the same.

    Parental Control excludes only shows that are flagged adult content. Some inappropriate content with age restriction not high enough to be marked as adult content may appear.

    Unfortunately, this is still a known limitation and there is no actual way to activate viewing restriction on desktop.

    Even if you activate the viewing restriction on mobile, the same account will not have it enabled on the desktop.

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    Parental Controls On Prime Video

    Prime Video parental controls give you the ability to set restrictions for the video content that can be viewed or purchased on your device.

    Prime Video parental controls work by requiring entry of your PIN to bypass any purchase or viewing restrictions you’ve enabled.


    • Amazon Fire TV devices
    • Fire Tablets running FireOS 5.0 or older
    • Fire phone

    How To Create An Amazon Teen Login

    How To Turn Off Parental Controls On Fortnite Chapter 2 ...

    If you have a teen, and you want to provide them with a little more autonomy, Amazon allows parents to set up accounts for teenagers. If you set up a teen account and tie it to your Amazon account, your teen will be able to shop for items on Amazon, place them in a shopping cart, then send a message asking if you will approve the purchase. This is a great way to avoid unwanted purchases while giving your teen some extra freedom.

    This program is available for teens aged 13 to 17.

  • Enter your teen’s info, then select Continue.

  • Select your purchase authorization preferences, then select Continue.

  • Sign in again if prompted, then choose which credit card and billing address to use for teen purchases. You’ll then be asked to select approved shipping addresses, choose how you want to receive purchase requests, and enter your teen’s email or phone number.

  • Your teen will receive an invite to set up an account that’s tied to yours. When your teen attempts to make purchases, you will receive a request or notification based on your preferences.

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    How To Reset Amazon Prime Video Pin

    Amazon Prime has a huge selection of content to choose from. This content ranges right from kids TV shows all the way up to Dexter . So it is imperative for the video streaming app to have some sort of parental controls in place and they do! Not many users are aware that Amazon Prime Video has its own set of parental controls that are governed by a five-digit pin. Here is everything you need to know about Prime Videos PIN feature.

  • How to remove Prime Video PIN
  • Kindle Fire And Fire Phone

    As with the Fire TV, Kindle Fire and Fire Phone parental controls follow a two-step activation process of first turning parental controls on and then blocking selected content. The below instructions can also be found here.

    How to Turn on Parental Controls

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen to show Quick Settings, then tap More
  • Tap Parental Controls and then tap On
  • Enter a password.
  • How to Set Viewing Restrictions

  • Open the parental controls menu and enter your password.
  • Select Block and Unblock Content Types.
  • Select content to block.
  • Parental controls are not a replacement for engaged parenting, but they can provide valuable protection in a world where there are fewer and fewer barriers between children and obscenity. Because of this, it is important for all parents to be aware of what tools are available to them as wells as how they can best operate these tools. A simple PIN number or setting restriction can help to prevent the graphic content that is so prevalent in media from reaching children.

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    How To Remove Prime Video Pin

    For some strange reason, once you set up a Prime Video PIN there is no way to actually remove it or disable Parental Controls. But dont worry, you dont have to keep parental restrictions on your content.

    All you have to do is select the highest maturity rating under Viewing restrictions.

    Make sure you select all your devices below so that the setting is applied across your account.

    Once you are done, hit Save at the bottom of the page. This will lift all restrictions on your Amazon Prime Video account.

    Well, now you know how to use and reset your Prime Video PIN. If you have any queries feel free to reach out to us in the comments below.

    How To Create An Amazon Video Pin

    How To Take Of Parental Controls Of Amazon Kindle/Kindle Fire
  • Make sure youre logged in to your Amazon account from a web browser.
  • In the top right corner, click Hello Account & Lists.
  • When the drop down opens, click Your Account.
  • Scroll down a little bit and on the left-hand side, in the Digital Content and Devices box, click Video Settings.
  • Click Parental Controls.
  • At the top of the page, set your PIN and click Save.
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    How Do You Reset Parental Controls On Fire Stick

    In case youve forgotten the PIN youve created on Fire Stick, that can be a problem if you want to change the current parental control settings.

    However, not all is lost, and you can reset the PIN with a little bit of effort:

    1. The first thing you need to do is enter any PIN, a random 5-digit number.

    2. Underneath the PIN, a code will appear. Then, you have to go to this Amazon page and sign in with your account.

    3. There, enter the reset code provided on your TV and select Continue.

    You will receive on-screen instructions on what to do next. Also, you will be asked to assign a new PIN for the parental controls.

    How To Set Up Parental Controls On A Fire Tablet

    Well assume that youve created your own profile and signed into your Amazon account on the Fire tablet in question. If you havent, then go to Settings > My Account and do so. Now, there are two ways to restrict access on your tablet. This first method is easier and quicker, but we recommend you skip ahead to the second as its more versatile.

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    Can You Use External Apps For Placing Parental Controls On Amazon Prime

    If you are looking for Amazon Prime parental control, you should go beyond what is available as a built-in feature on the website. Instead, you should consider a variety of third-party apps that are equally promising in terms of putting the necessary restrictions on Amazon Prime.

    Bark: This award-winning software delivers a comprehensive online safety solution for kids and parents. It has powerful screen time management and web filtering features, which can provide you with peace of mind. It can provide 24/7 detection, so that you will always be in the know of whatever your kid is doing online. When used on Amazon Prime, you can set the appropriate time limits for them to stream video contents. Sign-up now and you can enjoy a free trial for one week.

    Or read our Bark Review

    Qustodio: Whether it is computers, tablets, or smartphones, among other devices, Qustodio is one of the best parental control apps that you can use for Amazon Prime. It is a bit pricey, but every dollar will be worth it. It is feature-packed. It has a well-designed interface, which will be easy for any user to navigate. It has comprehensive time restrictions, allowing to limit the time your kids can use Amazon Prime. With this app, you can control up to 15 devices at a time depending on the plan that you will choose.

    Or read our Qustodio Review

    Or read our Norton Family Premier Review

    Why Do I Want To Do This

    Parental Controls â What can we help you with?

    Most parents are mindful about what type of content their children consume. If you have an Amazon Fire Stick device, that means you have access to a lot of variety when it comes to content.

    Parental Controls on Prime Video allow you to ensure your younger children are not exposed to things they dont understand.

    For example, when your PIN protect app launches, your child wont be able to open any game without checking with you first. You can then enter the PIN, and they can play, but only if youve approved it first.

    In terms of viewing restrictions, there are several categories you can go through with Fire Stick. Once you access the Viewing Restriction option, youll see the general, family, teen, and mature categories as well. You can choose which one to permit and which one to lock with a PIN.

    Like with other devices children nowadays have access to, enabling parental controls gives parents the peace of mind they need when their child is in front of a screen.

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