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How Do You Become An Amazon Product Tester

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Join These 41 Product Testing Websites

How To Become An Amazon/ Product Reviewer

Only a few companies advertise product testing opportunities. Instead, companies prefer to let market research firms handle the entire process for them.

These 41 tried-and-tested product testing websites are the online counterpart of market research firms:

Daily Goodie Box will send you giant boxes of free stuff and all you have to do is let them know what you think!

You will be working with big companies directly to help them improve their product offerings.

Just fill out their application here, answer a few questions, and start getting tons of free stuff in the mail.

Opinion Outpost is another highly reputable market research group and they are looking for people to take short surveys on upcoming products.

Payments are made via PayPal , Amazon gift cards, or iTunes gift cards.

Their goal is to keep their surveys as short as possible, maximizing the amount of money you can earn per hour.

How Does Early Reviewer Program Work

The Amazon Early Reviewer Program is Amazon’s internal launch program that incentivizes customers who have already purchased a product to leave a review. This benefits both the reviewer, who gets something in return for their honest review, and the seller, who gains early reviews for their product…. continue reading

How Often Should I Review Products Ive Purchased

Reviewing items youve purchased frequently can increase the likelihood you may receive an invitation to join the Vine program, providing the reviews you create are considered helpful by fellow customers.

TIP: Be sure to give some time in between reviews to ensure theyre published so Amazon shoppers can view them and hopefully give you positive ratings.

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Taking Reviews With A Pinch Of Salt

Although reviews are a useful indicator, you dont want to take them all at face value. Im sure were all aware that were far more likely to tell everyone when weve had a bad experience but keep it to ourselves when things have gone smoothly. I am certainly guilty of that.

And not all reviewers seem to fully understand the process. I have seen bad reviews for products because Amazon sent the wrong order why would that make a product poor? I have even seen people reviewing a completely different product!

How Does Product Testing Work pH Test Strips, 150 Saliva and Urine pH Test Strips for ...

If your application for Under Armours Field Testing Program is approved, they will send you the product that is under review. This can be anything from a pair of sneakers to a hoodie, T-shirtyou name it. Then youll use the product like you would any other pair of sneakers, or whatever the item is. The testing time range varies, but its typically for a few weeks to a couple of months, depending on the project. You will receive all of the details before you start.

Youll share your experiences with the product, typically on the fit, comfort, durability and performance. You may be asked to keep a daily journal online to record your thoughts on the product, including where you wore the item, for how long, and what you did in it. Feedback can be collected in a range of ways, including online surveys, sharing photos, or via email, phone or video conversations. To increase your chances of being chosen for another project, its best to give as much detailed feedback as possible with your reviews. At the end of the trial, youll usually need to return the sample so that the company can test it for wear and tear and evaluate how it has held up over the testing process.

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What Do Product Testers Do

After receiving the item to review, youll use it as you ordinarily would while paying careful attention to your experience. Companies could ask you to assess design, packaging, colors, fit, comfort, effectiveness, taste or countless other aspects.

Some companies will require specific usage amounts. For example, testing footwear may require that you use them for several miles, or testing a washing machine may require you to run a specific number of laundry loads.

List Of Companies Giving Discounted And Free Product To Test

Over the past 3 years, I have signed up for dozens of these product testing programs listed below, receiving well over a hundred products for free. Furthermore, I have scoured the web looking for secret VIP product tester lists for companies and brands. And, because we send thousands of people to these sites each month, some of these companies asked us to help launch them by including them on this list.

In the list below you will find only the companies that I have either used myself or personally vetted via email or phone. Most noteworthy is that many if not all require you to sign up with an email and also ask for your public Amazon Profile URL or blog address. While many work with ebay Sellers and Amazon Sellers to get full products and product samples out to Reviewers and influencers, some are in-house product testing programs, or super user programs that are run by a company to promote only their brand.

Sorted by the most recently added product testing sites first. You can filter these results by type or country

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Why Are Product Reviews Important

In some ways, we are very lucky. Look for a product and youll find dozens of options to choose from, sometimes more. The difficulty is, finding the best item and the best value. You could, of course, look at the manufacturers website, but what will that tell you? Does a vacuum cleaner with 125,000 RPM really perform much better than one with 100,000?

Thats why we often turn to see what other people say. Who better to ask than people who have actually used the product? Theyre not going to confuse with strange terminology and tell you just about the benefits. They will tell you the downsides too.

How To Become An Amazon Product Tester In The Uk

How To Become An Amazon/ Product Reviewer I $193 Products “FREE”

Becoming an Amazon product tester sounds pretty good, doesnt it? Free products, just for your opinion. But whats really involved, what kind of products are involved, and most importantly, is it worth your time?

Some of the articles on this blog contain affiliate links. If you click on them, it may mean that I earn a small commission to help cover my running costs. As an Amazon Associate, I will earn from qualifying purchases. This does not affect my reviews.

I am a big Amazon fan. I actually bought some books for uni from them, back when they only sold books. It doesnt seem possible now, especially when you consider how much they actually sell. Including market place sellers, its estimated that there are over 353 million products to choose from!

But recently, I heard rumours about becoming a product tester, which sounded great. As a family of five, with several animals, there are plenty of things we need and Im always happy to receive a freebie.

Now, Ive done a fair bit of testing before through a couple of survey sites. Both i-Say and Panelbase have allowed me to try a variety of products including chocolate bars, alcohol, soft drinks, kitchen rolls, and even a vacuum cleaner. Thats right, I got a brand new Shark vacuum that I tested for several months. Although I did have to give it back. Usually though, you get to keep what you test and get paid too.

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Join A Facebook Group

There are Facebook Groups for literally anything, including options to become an Amazon product tester.

What youre going to want to do is search for something along the lines of free Amazon products or Amazon product tester. You will then want to filter your results so that youre only seeing groups. If you dont know how to do this, dont worry as I did create a simple how-to guide in my .

With that list, take a gander at the most popular options, usually the ones with the most people. Before joining, however, just make sure that there has been some activity as of late as some groups do go dormant. Even though there are a lot of people, it doesnt always mean there will be a lot of action.

To start getting products to test, all you will need to do is read the rules in how you can get a free product and then wait for sellers on the platform to start testing. Usually, sellers will post pictures and ask whos interested. You will just need to be fast in replying as they tend to go fast.

Using a Facebook Group can be tricky since theres no feedback system or system in place, but they seem to work.

There are a ton of them, so I cant recommend one or another. Instead, use the search tips to find thats of interest to you.

Review Products You Really Like And Want

Theres no point in reviewing something youre not interested in. Review products you want to have and are interested in, based on your niche.

This also creates the mindset for the consumers that you, the product tester and reviewer, are knowledgeable and genuine about the product.

Consider the product questions you would want answered if you were the customer buying the item, whether its worth the money, if it really works and other competing brands out there.

Help the customer decide if its right for them.

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Can You Work As A Product Tester Full

Its cool that you get paid to test products as a side gig, or whenever you find something youd like to dip your fingers into.

Even receiving not-yet-launched products can be exciting.

However, joining product testing panels does not guarantee that youll be chosen every time.

You also dont know when new opportunities will come.

As such, make sure you dont turn this into a full-time job because youd surely be disappointed, not to mention broke.

The best thing to do about product-testing income is to consider it as extra cash for gifts during Christmas, birthdays, and other holidays .

Test Products At Homeproducttestingorg Sperry Industries

Test a wide range of Amazon products with

You can get products for free, or for a huge discount.

At the time of writing, there were deals featured on the site that gave you up to 80% off.

All you need to do to test out a product is browse the products available, then place the cursor over the item you want, and then click on Reveal Coupon.

Once youve done that youll get more information from the seller on how to purchase the product for free or at a discount.

  • Sign up for here.

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How Do I Get An Invite To Join Amazon Vine

The first step to getting an invitation is to become a good reviewer on things you already buy!

Vine members, or Vine Voices, are invited based on the quality of their Amazon reviews.

If you are consistently posting useful, substantial, detailed reviews of Amazon products youve purchased yourself that are ranked as highly helpful by other shoppers, you could be chosen.

One goal you should set is to land on . Youll notice that the top reviewers have done thousands of reviews, but its not absolutely required. If you look through the pages, youll see reviewers in the top 100 who only have hundreds of reviews. Quality over quantity!

Aim for expertise in a product category! For example, if you have better-than-average knowledge of photography equipment, and your reviews reflect that, you may receive a higher ranking for that particular category. If that category needs more Vine Voices, you may be invited faster.

TIP: Add photos or videos of what the product looks like and how it works to support your review.

Sign Up For Multiple Sites & Programs

Our last tip is to make sure that you sign up to as many product testing programs/websites as you can.

This gives you the best chance of finding discounts and free offers for products that youll actually use.

If one site doesnt have any offers that youre interested in, then checking out one of the other sites on our list will give you more options.

So wed suggest signing up to all seven places that we mentioned above.

Of course, you cant sign up to Amazon Vine, but still keep it in mind.

As we said above, write lots of reviews on the stuff you buy on Amazon to try to establish yourself as a trusted reviewer.

If you do that, then youll increase your chances of being selected by Amazon.

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Way : Join Some Facebook Groups

If its happening online, its happening on Facebook!

As with everything else related to e-commerce, Facebook can be a really useful tool for those looking to become an Amazon product tester.

With 2.23 billion users worldwide, Facebook is a quick and easy way to reach huge numbers of people for free. An increasingly popular feature is the these days there are specific Facebook groups for everything from support groups for professionals to forums for those who love a specific kind of food.

Most Amazon sellers and reviewers are aware that there are a number of groups on Facebook aimed specifically at Amazon sellers and reviewers and these cover review exchanges, product deals and offers and product tester recommendations.

Some of the best of these groups are as follows:

With a worldwide membership of over 14,000 people, this group connects Amazon sellers with product testers and reviewers. Sellers post a product and state whether its free or discounted and, potential testers can comment or send a private message to apply. Top Amazon Reviews Vote And Deals Club is free to join subject to Admin approval.

For experienced and reliable reviewers and product testers, this group is a goldmine for those looking for great freebies to review. Strictly monitored, this group is free to join but potential members must apply via an online form and, must provide a number of pieces of information including Amazon and Facebook profile links.

Review Your Current And Previous Purchases

How To Become A Product Tester (Guide) | Get Paid To Test Products (Reviewer)

Start reviewing products. This begins with reviewing your own current and previous purchases.

Even if your former purchases aren’t in the same category, review them anyway. You can get some practice under your belt.

This is a good way to start being comfortable reviewing Amazon products. Then, moving forward, it’s better to focus on one category for your Amazon reviews.

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Sign Up For Review Sites

Amazon sellers want to drive up their sales, which is why they seek help from product reviewers who are tried and trusted by consumers to give valuable feedback positive or negative on their products.

Its also time consuming and tedious to find individual buyers and contact every one of them, plus you cant be sure as a seller that product testers will even leave a review.

For shoppers who want to become testers and get free products but dont know the specific Amazon sellers who are offering free items in exchange for reviews, there are Amazon review sites for this purpose.

Review sites are platforms where Amazon sellers and shoppers find each other easily and quickly to exchange free stuff for reviews.

All you need to do to become an Amazon tester through a review site is to sign up for the site, and wait for an alert when a new review opportunity comes up. Some sites let you login and see the products available for review or testing.

Products are either shipped directly to you from the seller, or youll get a promo code, which you can use to get the items at heavily discounted prices or for free.

In the latter case, youll buy the product from Amazon, but enter the code at the checkout page to get the item free or at a discounted price.

Some sellers may ship for free, while others may require you to pay for the shipping, but if the product costs more than $35,

Prime members enjoy free shipping on any Amazon fulfilled or sold product.

VIP Power Club



How To Join The Amazon Vine Program

Customer reviews have a tremendous impact on a products selling potential. In fact, 93% of consumers cite product reviews as a determining factor in their purchase, and 84% trust those reviews as much as a referral from a friend. Perhaps nowhere is this more relevant than on Amazon, where product reviews also determine where your product ranks on the site. With 92% of customers making online purchases through Amazon, soliciting a high quantity of reliable reviews is a vital component of your success.

But, reviews can be tough to generate and can often be laced with bias. The typical review platforms have no safeguard against competitors submitting fake reviews. to address these issues by inviting the most trusted reviewers to submit opinions on products theyve been identified as eligible to review. Vine benefits consumers with more accurate assessments, and it also benefits sellers who want to increase their number of reviews, sourced from qualified buyers.

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How Are Under Armour Product Testers Selected

Each product requires a different test and testers are chosen based on the needs of that criteria and the specific demographic they are looking for. This can include your sports activity and level of experience, how often you play, your size, and your geographical location. Athletes are selected based on whether they match the test product requirements.

An Under Armour Field Test Analyst screens a database of potential testers to source the best match for each product. After the potential testers have confirmed their interest in participating, the Field Test Analyst narrows it down and chooses the final roster of participants.

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