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How Do You Cancel Your Amazon Prime Membership

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Notes On Cancelling Amazon Prime

How To Cancel Amazon Prime Membership Or Free Trial
  • If you cancel your free trial of Amazon Prime, you will still be able to enjoy the benefits of Amazon Prime until your free trial period expires. After that, you will not be charged the annual rate for your Amazon Prime subscription, but you will lose access to all of Amazon Primes benefits.

  • If you want to restart your Amazon Prime membership, simply follow steps 1 and 2, but in step 3, click Resume Membership.

  • Under specific conditions, Amazon will refund some or all of what you paid for your Amazon Prime membership when you cancel it. However, these conditions are different depending on how long it has been since you signed up for Amazon Prime, or converted your free trial into a paid subscription. Our has more information.

How Do Amazon Channels Work

The best way to understand Amazon channels is to see it as an aggregator for many streaming services. They are part of Amazon Video and you can use Amazon to subscribe to each of them individually. Its like a shortcut, and instead of going through the sign-up process for each streaming service, Amazon makes it more accessible. You also dont have to use a lot of different streaming mobile apps. You can view all the content through the Prime Video app for iOS and Android devices. Visit the Amazon Channels page to choose the channels you want.

You will quickly see that most streaming services and channels offer a free trial. To get access to Amazon channels, you must be a Prime member. However, you will still have to pay for all the additional channels. That means you pay for your Amazon Prime membership separately, regardless of whether you subscribe to any channels. The total monthly price you pay will depend on which channels you want and how many. For example, after the 7-day trial, you can subscribe to Cinemax through Amazon Prime Video for $ 9.99. And if you want PBS, it will cost you $ 4.99. The most expensive is MLB.TV and costs $ 24.99 per month.

How Do I Cancel By Amazon Prime Free Trial

If you want to cancel your free trial, head to Your Prime Membership as before, but this time youll need to click on Cancel Free Trial or Do Not Continue on the left hand side of your browser window.

Its best to select Do Not Continue in this instance, as youll be able to keep using Amazon Prime until the end of your free trial period, after which your membership will end. This will cover you for the remainder of Prime Day and a good chunk of the holiday sales. The payment card that you provided details for when starting you trial wont be charged in this case.

You can also set a renewal reminder by selecting Remind Me Later in the Do Not Continue section of your account. Of course, its always worth setting a reminder on your smartphone anyway if you plan on cancelling your account after the free trial is up.

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Want To Cancel Your Amazon Prime Membership After Finishing Your Prime Day Shopping Here’s What You Need To Do

So you’ve finished your Prime Day shopping, and now you need to know how to cancel your Amazon Prime membership? Whether you’re cancelling a free 30-day trial, or a full membership subscription, the process is very similar and very simple. Just be aware that Amazon Prime Day runs until the end of the day on Wednesday October 14, and you need that membership to take part.

There are plenty of benefits to keeping your Prime membership this year, especially if you’ve only just signed up for the 30-day free trial . That period will cover you with free delivery and preferential deals for the next month, which covers much of the pre-Black Friday shopping period, where you’ll likely do most of your holiday and Christmas shopping. It will run out before actual Black Friday itself, though. You’ll also keep Prime Video too, which can be a real benefit if you find yourself spending more time at home this winter.

However, we understand that $12.99 in the US / £79 per year in the UK / and AU$6.99 in Australia is still a financial commitment you might not want to make, especially if you don’t shop regularly at Amazon. Saving that money by cancelling your Amazon Prime membership frees up finances to help you save or buy elsewhere. So here’s how it’s done.

How Do I Cancel My Amazon Prime Video Membership

How to cancel, quit Amazon Prime subscription

To cancel your Amazon Prime Video membership, you need to go to your account settings and then click on Your Prime Membership. Once you are there, find the End Membership and Benefits button. After that, all you have to do is click on the button and follow the instructions for canceling your membership.

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How To Cancel Amazon Prime Video Channel Subscription

confession time. While writing this article, we realized that we may have been paying for some Prime Video channels by mistake. Both subscriptions were taken months ago to watch certain specific shows, then completely forgotten and weve been charged monthly fees for them ever since.

Dont let it happen to you. Instead, follow the instructions once again and go to Accounts & Lists, then Subscriptions & Subscriptions, and click the Subscription Settings button next to the Prime Video channel you no longer want . Gone that you had in the first place) )

Other Benefits And Supplemental Memberships

Click for information about additional Prime benefits. We also offer Prime members supplemental memberships, which are subject to these Terms, require you to be a Prime member, and may have additional fees and terms. As used in these Terms, âPrimeâ applies to all supplemental memberships. Click for more information about supplemental memberships.

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How To Cancel Amazon Prime: Will I Get A Refund

If you haven’t used your Amazon Prime membership since your credit card was charged, then you’re eligible for a full refund, even though your trial period has already ended. That means if you realize a month down the line that you don’t need the subscription, you can still cancel and get your money back. Otherwise, you have three days from when Amazon Prime charges your credit card to decide whether you want to cancel.

If you do cancel, Amazon may charge you the regular prices for any Prime benefits you used during that three-day period. Those benefits include music and book downloads and streaming. This policy depends on exactly what you’ve bought. For instance, if you buy a television on day two, you might get a refund of $99, minus the normal shipping charge for that television. The amount that you used your membership during the trial period has no impact on your ability to obtain a refund. If you sign up, but don’t use the membership, you won’t be charged.

Cancel Your Subscribe With Amazon Subscription

How To Cancel Your Amazon Prime Account – Desktop and Mobile

You can cancel your Subscribe with Amazon subscriptions at any time from Your Memberships and Subscriptions in Your Account.

To cancel a subscription you purchased using Subscribe with Amazon:

  • Go to .
  • Select Manage Subscription next to the subscription you’d like to cancel.
  • Select the link under Advance Controls. The main subscription page opens. From here, you can end your subscription.
  • The following applies to refunds for digital subscriptions:

    • Once you cancel, the renewal date in your subscription details becomes the end date. We won’t charge you for the subscription again, and you can continue to access it until this date.
    • You can cancel a subscription at any time, with no early termination fees.
    • For subscriptions with a renewal period longer than one month, new subscribers are eligible for a full refund if they cancel within seven days of purchase. We may charge your account for a service or product used during this period, or deduct the amount from your refund. Access to the subscription ends as soon as we issue a refund.
    • Outside of the refund window, or for subscriptions with a billing period of one month or less in length, cancellation turns off auto-renew for the subscription so you won’t be billed again.
    • For subscriptions with a billing period of six months or longer, or when otherwise required by law, we’ll notify you when the subscription is due to renew. You can then change your billing information or cancel your subscription before you’re charged again.

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    How To Cancel Amazon Prime Video

    Amazon offers a second subscription service, which is cheaper than regular Prime because it only provides access to the retail giants TV and movie-streaming service, Prime Video. Its also fairly easy to cancel if you no longer want to use it.

    To cancel, follow the same instructions above, and youll then see Prime Video listed as one of your Amazon subscriptions on the Subscriptions & Subscriptions page. Go through the same process to unsubscribe as described earlier, and this subscription will also be unsubscribed.

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    As a side note, without a Prime Video subscription you can still pay to rent or buy individual movies and TV shows from Amazon Prime, as long as you have an Amazon user account, which includes Doesnt cost.

    Canceling Your Amazon Prime Membership

    You might think that Amazon would make it difficult to cancel Prime, but its actually quite easy. To end your Amazon Prime membership, log in to your account, then select Your Prime Membership from the Account & Lists drop-down menu.

    On the left side of the screen, youll see End Membership and Benefits as an option. Click the link, and then confirm that you want to cancel your membership. Alternatively, to end your membership.

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    Amazon Prime Terms & Conditions

    Welcome to the terms and conditions for Amazon Prime. These Terms are between you and Services LLC and/or its affiliates and govern our respective rights and obligations. Please note that your use of the website and Prime membership are also governed by the agreements listed and linked to below, as well as all other applicable terms, conditions, limitations, and requirements on the website, all of which are incorporated into these Terms. If you sign up for a Prime membership, you accept these terms, conditions, limitations and requirements.

    How To Cancel Your Amazon Prime On The App

    How to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership? [2 Ways]

    Whether you’re on iOS, Android, or a tablet, the cancellation process on the Amazon app is the same. Here’s how to do it:

  • From the app home page, tap the menu icon on the bottom right, and then Account.

  • Scroll down the list of account settings until you find Manage Prime Membership. Tap on Manage membership under your profile name, then Update, Cancel and more.
  • Tap End membership, scroll through the list of benefits, and tap Cancel My Benefits. If there are still days or weeks before your next renewal date, you can select the Remind Me Later option, continue using your Prime benefits, and cancel when Amazon notifies you three days before the membership renews.
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    How Do I Cancel My Amazon Prime Subscription

    Cancelling your Amazon Prime subscription is really easy first you need to hover over the Your Account button in the top right corner of your browser, and select Your Prime Membership from the drop down menu.

    If you have a paid membership, click End Membership on the left hand side of the page. If you havent used your Amazon Prime benefits like free delivery or Prime Video , then you will be eligible for a full refund.

    Even if youve used some of Amazon Primes features, but not all, you may still be eligible for a partial refund based on your use.

    Cancel The Prime Free Trial

    Amazon offers a 30-day trial period where you can enjoy the benefits of Prime membership. Once the free trial finishes, it converts you into an annually paying member automatically. Make it a point to cancel your free trial within those 30 days. Heres how you can discontinue your free trial.

    1. Log In To The AccountSign in to your Amazon account using your phone number, username, email address and password.

    Log in to the account.

    2. Cancel Free TrialOnce you have entered your account, hover over to Manage Your Prime Membership and click on the Cancel Free Trial link.

    3. Auto-CancelInstead of worrying about accidentally paying at the end of the free trial, set up an auto-cancel for the subscription to terminate after one month by clicking on Do not continue the free trial.

    Do not continue the free trial.

    This directs you to the membership page, where you click on End My Benefits.

    If you want access to the benefits till the end of 30 days, click on Do Not Continue and enjoy the benefits for the trial month.

    Cancel Membership.

    Once the period finishes, it cancels your membership without charging your card.

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    To Cancel Your Prime Membership:

  • Go to in your web browser and log in.

  • Move your mouse cursor over Hello, : Your Account and click Your Prime Membership.

  • In the left-hand column, click either Do Not Continue or End Membership .

  • On the next screen, you will have to confirm that you wish to cancel your Amazon Prime membership. Click Do Not Continue or End Membership .

  • There you go! Your membership to Amazon Prime is cancelled.

    Shipping Benefits And Eligible Purchases

    How to Cancel Your Amazon Prime Membership!

    depend upon inventory availability, order deadlines, and in some cases the shipping address. They are limited to certain products sold by on the website and to certain products on third-party websites that offer Prime shipping benefits. Products eligible for Prime will be designated as such on their product pages. Some special product, order, handling fees, and/or taxes may still apply to eligible purchases. If only some items in your order are eligible for Prime, you will pay applicable shipping charges for the ineligible items. Changing or combining orders, or changing your shipping address, speed, or preferences might affect Prime eligibility. Certain purchases may only be entitled to Standard Shipping because of their size, weight, and other shipping characteristics.

    We may exclude products with special shipping characteristics at our discretion. The of our Help pages provides information about eligible items, shipping cost, shipping speed, and shipping destinations.

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    How To Cancel An Amazon Prime Subscription

    When you are a member of Amazon Prime, subscribing to any of the available channels is easy. Amazon already has all your credit card information and they charge your channel subscriptions directly.

    It is a plus when it comes to subscribing and also useful when you want to cancel. After a while, the subscriptions accumulate and if you want to unsubscribe from any channel, this is what you should do:

    • Go to your Amazon Prime
    • Select Prime Video Channels.
    • Scroll to find the channel you no longer want to watch.

    Canceling Your Amazon Prime Subscription

    Amazon Prime is an excellent membership with plenty of benefits, but sometimes its just not suitable for you. Whether its Prime or something else, you must know when to stop and delete your account for good.

    Whether youre saving some money or trying to curb your online impulse buying tendencies, you now have everything you need to cancel your Amazon Prime subscription after reaching this far.

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    Now You Can Close Your Amazon Account

    With your Prime membership canceled and payment returned, you can close your Amazon account if you’d like. Bear in mind, this is a permanent process and once it’s done you’ll lose any data tied to your account along with access to everything Amazon-related. If you change your mind in the future, you would need to sign up for a brand new Amazon account.

    A few examples of what you’ll lose access to: Prime Video, Amazon Music, Amazon Photos, Audible and all Kindle content in addition to free, faster shipping on Amazon Prime items.

    To begin, download any data you have stored in your Amazon account, such as anything stored in Amazon Photos before proceeding. The easiest way to do that is to use the desktop app.

    Amazon has a more complete list of everything linked to your account on this support page. After looking over the list, if you’re interested in closing your account, .

    There, you’ll be presented with a list of all the data and services linked to your account that will be deleted. Again, study it carefully to make sure there’s nothing you need. For example, if you’re a Whole Foods customer, your account at the grocer will also be deleted.

    At the bottom of the list is a checkbox you’ll need to select, followed by a final click on the button labeled Close My Account. Your request will be sent and processed.

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