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How Do You Find Storefronts On Amazon

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Dont Forget To Add A Video If You Have One

How to Access the Amazon Brand Storefront through Seller Central

Amazon is inspiring sellers to capitalize more and more on videos. Previously they could only be added to A++ Pages/Premium A+ Content, but now any seller with a brand registry can add videos in their listing image section and a selected group of sellers can now also add videos in their Sponsored Brand Ads. Videos attract instant attention, make your brand look professional and drive more traffic and conversion than images, which is why it is essential that you upload a video in your storefront too. If you dont have a video yet, it wont be a bad decision to spend some money on making one.

So Is Your Business Eligible For The New Storefront

Yes. If you have successfully registered your brand or brands on , you are eligible for an Amazon Store.

Dont own your brand? Its possible that distributors are able to set up brand registry on behalf of a brand they represent and could then qualify for a brand store.

If none of the options is available, you can still configure an old-style seller storefront in your Seller Profile and customize the URL, but thats about it. What youll get wont look great: it will be a page with your products on it and nothing else.

This is how an Amazon Stores page looks for a seller who doesnt own his or her brand. End of story. It is also how a Stores page looks for a seller who does own his or her brand but has not created a new Amazon Brand Store page.

Amazon Storefronts: All Your Questions Answered

Amazon sellers can create their own branded store to showcase their products. Heres how to create an Amazon Storefront and boost your sales.

This post is by Chris Turton, an ecommerce and Amazon consultant.

All sellers with Brand Registry approval can now create their own store on the Amazon website a set of pages they design themselves and that is dedicated to their business and products.

Sellers have been asking for this for a long time. Amazon is a very search-driven website, and its impossible to build your brand when customers are swamped by hundreds of competing products. A dedicated store page addresses this problem, by giving sellers their own home on Amazon.

Heres everything you need to know about Amazon Storefronts, from creating your own store to getting the design approved and monitoring its performance.

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Create Individual Category Pages

Organizing your product according to individual categories makes it easier for shoppers to find the product they are looking for. Simply creating a banner for the homepage and adding a product grid wont help you earn more sales. But making your customers buying experience easier would definitely help you do so. You can categorize your ASINs according to the type of product or according to the shoppers. For example, if you are selling apparels, you might want to create different pages for Men, Women and Kids. And inside those pages, you can showcase the products according to the type, for example, hoodies, t-shirts, formal wear, etc. If you have an extra-large product catalog, it might look very tedious and time-consuming, but trust me this is the most crucial step to creating a storefront.

Customize Your Amazon Storefront Url

3,000 Amazon Go stores may open by 2021 Video

1. The first thing that you need to do is to log-in to yourSeller Central account.

2. Once you are in, hover your mouse to Settings located on the top right section then select AccountInfo on the drop-down.

3. You should reach the Seller Account Information page. Under the Business Information section, click the Display Name link.

4. Choose the appropriate marketplace and click the Edit link next to the Store Details.

5. Under Storefront Link edit the field on the right. You need to make sure that the storefront name is not yet used. So you can just type your brand name there and let Amazon check it. It will show a red exclamation point with a notice if the store name is used.

It will also give you a green check if it is Available.

6. Once you have finalized your storefront URL, click the submit button to save and make the URL yours.

You should see a green callout giving you the confirmation.

Now when you would want to visit your shop, you can just type in . Now your URL is ready to be shared on any social media platform.

And those are the steps on how to customize your storefront URL in Amazon Seller Central.

Want us to walk you through it? Watch the video here!

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Design Your Amazon Store

Once enrolled in Brand Registry, you can begin setting up and designing your Amazon Store. Navigate to Manage Stores from within the Amazon Ad Console or Seller/Vendor Central.

You will see a list of the brands under your account that are registered and eligible for creating an Amazon Store. Upon selecting your desired brand, you will be directed to the Amazon Store Builder console in which you will design your store. Select your homepage template and begin creating new pages for your store.

Be strategic when creating new pages. Take time to plan out how you want customers to be interacting with your store and catalog. It can be a helpful exercise to reference your direct-to-consumer website and mirror the design and page logic.

Consider ease-of-use when laying out your design. With three levels at most between your customer and your product, be sure not to create unnecessary obstacles in the customer journey or use confusing categories for your page titles.

Once you have your different levels built and assembled into a hierarchy, its time to add content tiles to each of your store pages.

With several types of content tiles available for use, there is plenty of opportunity to create differentiation between your Amazon Store pages. Once your pages are built out and your products are linked where necessary, you should be left with a new store worth shopping.

Is An Amazon Storefront Like Having Your Own Web Store

In some ways, an Amazon Store is just like having your own ecommerce platform, and at a page level the features compare very well with Shopify and Magento.

Of course, your products have to link to the Amazon catalog and that could be seen as a benefit or a disadvantage depending on your point of view. Amazon is the most popular ecommerce site in the Western world with 150 million Prime members. By using an Amazon Store you are selling to people where they want to buy, and making it quick and convenient to access your products.

The major disadvantages are that you have to pay Amazon fees, and you are dependent on Amazon for your sales. While an Amazon Store might help build brand awareness and loyalty, the customers remain Amazons customers and you will have no way to communicate with them directly. Your marketing options are very limited.

But the right decision depends on where Amazon fits into your overall strategy. There are some very successful brands, such as Anker, that only sell on Amazon. Other direct-to-consumer brands put their own online store at the center of their strategy. Conventional brands, however, usually sell through several channels their own online store, retailers, distributors, marketplaces etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Warehouse Deals

What is Amazon Warehouse Deals?

We offer deep discounts on open-box items like TVs, laptops, tablets, home audio, kitchen & dining, home goods, outdoors, and more.

How do we fit in with Amazon?

Amazon Warehouse Deals is a part of that specializes in offering great deals on returned, warehouse-damaged, used, or refurbished products that are in good condition but do not meet rigorous standards as “new.” We also offer products in new and open-box condition.

Do Amazon Warehouse Deals’ products qualify for Prime or FREE Shipping?

Yes. Eligible items sold by Amazon Warehouse Deals qualify for Prime or FREE Shipping.

Do products come with a warranty?

No. Used products generally do not come with a manufacturer’s warranty but all of our items are backed by Amazons return policy. If you would like additional protection, you can purchase a warranty from Square Trade to cover certain items.

How do you evaluate a product’s condition?

We thoroughly test the functional and physical condition of each item and give the product a specific grade before selling it.

Your inventory keeps changing, is this normal?

Yes. Since we specialize in returned, warehouse damaged, used or refurbished products, we can’t predict future availability for any item, so check back often and order quickly.

Join The Brand Registry

How to find a Amazon Sellers Store Name and Store Id

Only members of can set up an Amazon Storefront. Membership is free but its only open to brands that own a registered trademark.

If you havent got an active trademark, youll need to register one. Its worth the effort because of all the perks that come with being a member. As well as access to Amazon Storefronts, members can take advantage of , enhanced brand protection, sponsored brand ads and .

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How To Make The Most Of Your Brand Store

  • Link your Sponsored Brand Ads to your Storefront and promote your whole line of products
  • Include your store link in all your marketing activities, both on and off Amazon
  • Link your storefront to the product detail pages
  • Use in-built reporting tools measure and optimize your stores performance
  • To get the best results on your storefronts, we would recommend hiring Amazon seller storefront designers.

Iii The Benefits Of Amazon Brand Stores

You wont make it as a third-party seller on Amazon if you arent chasing growth and planning to take your business to the next level. To get your products noticed in an overcrowded market, youll have to explore different ways of advertising, both paid and free, and probably invent your own strategies.

The good news is that Amazon is far more supportive of third-party sellers. The tech giant recently invested $15 billion to develop 225 tools and services to help small- and medium-sized businesses sell more effectively. With all these opportunities at hand, this battle for new leads is well worth fighting.

So what are the benefits?

  • More options to enhance your brand image, which builds an emotional connection with your customers.
  • Ability to update content and messaging as part of your seasonal and promo campaign.
  • Increased number of repeat purchases and improved overall customer satisfaction.
  • Effective Amazon advertising campaigns. According to Amazon, linking your Sponsored Brand ads to Stores instead of product pages is likely to boost RoAS by as much as 22%.
  • Improved discoverability of your Amazon brand store with the help of brand logos and small banners on product detail pages.
  • Ability to drive traffic and leads from external sources and capitalize on that.
  • Potential to obtain higher ranks in Amazons organic search results.
  • Better user experience across mobile and desktop.

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Choosing A Template For Your Homepage

In the next step, you have to include a page meta description for your store and you can also choose a pre-created template for your homepage, letting you customize your Amazon Store. You can select one of the following options:

  • Product Grid
  • Blank

You can preview the options that this design provides you. When you decide which template you would like to work with, hit Create Page.

How To Find Amazon Influencers

Amazon Go Will Offer Checkout

You have probably looked far and wide for influencers to promote your products on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, but what about Amazon? Amazon is a retail giant when it comes to e-commerce. With their influencer-friendly platform, working with content creators to promote your products on Amazon can elevate your brand to the next level.

Influencer marketing is a great way to expose people to your brand, and can even inform purchase decisions. In fact, 45.5% of micro influencer followers said that theyve tried something an influencer has recommended. Influencer marketing just works! Now, lets dive into how to find Amazon influencers to collaborate with.

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Amazon Buyers Can Find Your Home Address In 30 Seconds How To Keep Your Personal Information Safe

Ok, I hope I have your attention on this.

Its super important for any Amazon seller to know whats going on. Before I get into how buyers can do that, and how you can protect your private information, lets talk about an announcement Amazon made just this morning.

In their news section of seller central, many sellers saw the following title Advance notice: Business name and address to be displayed on the seller profile page starting September 1, 2020

That obviously got my attention. Lets break down the announcement piece by piece.

Whats Better Wix Or Shopify

Overall, Wix is the more obvious choice of the two platforms for anyone wishing to build a general-purpose website. Its page layout tools, email marketing, data capture and wider range of templates make it more suitable for those kinds of users. For e-commerce applications, however, Shopify is much stronger.

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An Overview Of Amazon Store Insights

Up until recently, its been difficult to measure the impact of creative specifically for Amazon Stores.

Now, brands have access to daily and aggregate views of their stores performance through a new program .

The new Amazon Store Insights feature gives us insight around the effectiveness of the Store and allows us to understand how an audience interacts with the pages that we create, AJ Swamy, Creative Strategy Manager at Tinuiti said.

The Store insights also allow us to tag external traffic so we can finally get more information around the effectiveness of external advertising campaigns that we route to our Stores. With Amazon Store Insights, we can see how many customers convert organically from the store, which is groundbreaking.

Metrics Available Via Amazon Store Insights

How to Build a Free Amazon Brand Storefront in under 15 Minutes – Merch Lifestyle 036

Amazon Stores Insights provides metrics by traffic source and by page including:

  • Daily visitors: Total unique users or devices that viewed one or more pages on your store in a single day.
  • Views: Number of page views during this time period. Includes repeat views.
  • Sales: Estimated total sales generated by store visitors within 14 days of their last visit. Units and sales data are only available as of December 25, 2017.
  • Units sold: Estimated total units purchased by store visitors within 14 days of their last visit.
  • Views/Visitor: Average number of unique pages viewed by a daily visitor to your store

Pro-tip: You can access analytics from the store builder, or from the Stores main page.

In January 2019, Amazon added six additional metrics including:

  • Sales/Visitor
  • Units/Order
  • Sales/Order

According to Amazon, the latest performance metrics allow Store owners to make more informed optimization decisions depending on their goals.

For example, knowing that Page 1 receives more visits than Page 2 is not nearly as useful as knowing that Page 1 receives more visits, but Page 2 provides higher Units/Order or Sales/Visit. For a Store owner, this would encourage driving more traffic to high-performing pages or making improvements to low-performing pages that receive a lot of traffic.

Customers who use custom tags do so in order to easily categorize traffic. Providing a dedicated location to find these tags facilitates this behavior.

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Where Do I Find My Amazon Store Card Number


Log in to your Amazon Payments account and click Edit My Account Settings. Click Add, edit, or delete my credit cards to view your current information.

Beside above, can you use Amazon store card anywhere? But the Store Card can only be used at Amazon, while those other cards can be used anywhere credit cards are accepted.

Keeping this in view, how do I find my synchrony account number?

Full account number: It’s on the front of your card, on the top right corner of your monthly billing statement and on the paper that your card was attached to when it was mailed. Last 4 digits of the primary accountholder’s Social Security Number.

How do I find out my Amazon Prime account number?

Find your Amazon account identifier

  • Log in to the AWS Management Console.
  • At the top of the page, click the link that is your account name.
  • Your 12-digit account ID is listed under Account Settings.
  • This Is Consistent With Seller Profile Pages Across Amazon Stores In Europe Japan And Mexico

    Say Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? They are saying that AT THIS MOMENT, addresses are showing up for Mexico, Europe and Japan? Maybe thats old news to you, but I think the majority of us did not know that this was happening. In addition, this is NOT something you can hide. If you go into the Your Info & Policies in your Amazon Mexico seller central account, there is no toggle to turn off the address.

    Now, maybe you are saying, that doesnt concern you because you dont sell in Amazon Mexico. Doesnt matter! If you sell in the USA, this information shows up. Lets go back to that Forest Heal seller profile page, and let me show you what ANY buyer can do right now.

    All I did from that US profile page, is add a .mx after the .com and pressed enter. It took me directly to the Forest Heal Mexico profile page, even though they are not selling on Amazon Mexico. Why does this matter? Well watch what ELSE shows up on this Mexico profile page!

    Yup. Right there for all the world to see is the company name and address. Now, this is one of Sean Changs companies. Hes the one who was on the Serious Sellers Podcast recently and helps Korean companies sell in the USA. He did not put his personal name on the account, he put the business name. He also has the business address here for his 3PL service. So hes ok with his information being here publicly, he even makes that public on his own website.

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