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How Do You Get Free Products From Amazon To Review

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Use Amazon To Purchase Most Of The Things You Buy To Be Invited

How to get Free Stuff From Amazon for REVIEWS – test products at home

To be selected as an Amazon Vine reviewer, youll need to have written at least 100 reviews on Amazon. In order to write these reviews, youll have to make purchases on Amazon so you can review the items youve purchased. Also, if Amazon is considering your profile to become a reviewer, they will take into account what kinds of items you have purchased to determine the categories of products you would be sent to review.

Top Amazon Review Sites

These are the best Amazon review sites from which to choose. As you will notice, there are many different sites to choose from, and each one will have a varied product selection to complement your shopping needs.

Each site might only offer a limited number of discounts per item. If all the discounts are claimed on one site, check to see if the item is on more sites.

You may still be able to get the free product on another review site.

How To Get Reviews From Top Amazon Reviewers

Snagging an assessment from one of these prize reviewers can mean big things for your Amazon seller account. These guys are the big mouth Billy basses of the Amazon world, and were going to show you how to reel them in.

Some of these Amazon reviewers make a living doing this its serious business, and some may do as many as 100 reviews a month. Be prepared to offer your product for free in exchange for a review depending on your product, this could be a pricey expenditure, so youll have to decide if this is a strategy you can afford.

1. Find the top reviewers. First well scour the Youll see the page is divided into Top Reviewer Rankings and Hall of Fame Reviewers. Hall of Fame holds the long-time legacy reviewers, while the Top Review Rankings shows the best Amazon contributors at the current moment. Hall of Fame shows the reviewers title badges and accolades, although you can get this same info mousing over names in the Top Reviewers section.

2. Search for relevant tags. Mousing over names in either section will bring up the reviewers most used tags. Your goal will be to find top reviewers who have used tags related to product or industry in the past, making them a perfect target.

3. Keep track of contacts. Next youll want to compile a contact list. Prepare to be excel-ent as youll want to keep all this info in a neat and tidy spreadsheet.

Rainbow Brite knows all about star power

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Now Lets Get To The Three Emails I Send After Each Sale

One of the most powerful aspects of Jungle Scout is how customizable your emails can be. We also have our most popular Amazon seller email templates available to use within the app. At the click of a button, when setting up a new campaign, the templates are there!

You can also adjust the timing of your emails to suit your needs, add attachments , and edit the content of the emails. The following is a look into my email campaign for Jungle Snugs. Its helped me get product reviews and, ultimately, sales.

White Hat Tactic #: Request Reviews From Customers Youve Provided Customer Service To

Get Free Amazon Products In Exchange For Reviews

If you engage in a conversation with people and provide great customer service, most people are happy to leave a great review regardless of the product. And I mean real engagement not some Feedback Genius autoresponder. Engagement can include:

  • Questions about a product before a purchase
  • Technical support after a purchase
  • Returns for a product that is simply no longer needed
  • Making an unhappy customer happy

If you have a conversation with a customer and you ask them can you leave a review? most customers will happily oblige. The easiest reviews to get are from customers who ask a product question and then order. Check up on them in a week to make sure they got the product. AFTER they respond to your business email confirming they got the product then ask for a review.

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You Will Use Product Advertising Content Only To Send End Users To And Drive Sales On The Amazon Site

which means it’s prohibited for you to show Amazon products reviews taken trough their API to sale products at your site. It’s only allowed to redirect your site visitors to Amazon and get the affiliate commissions.

You may consider the following code:

import requestsnreviews_re = no_reviews_re = def get_number_of_reviews:                                     url = ''.format    html = requests.get.text    try:        return    except:        if            return 0        else:            return None  # to distinguish from 0, and handle more cases if necessary

Running this with 1433524767 I get:

> >  print get_number_of_reviews3185> >  print get_number_of_reviews378> >  print get_number_of_reviews16

Hope it helps

As said by others above, amazon has discontinued providing reviews in its api. Howevever, i found this nice tutorial to do the same with python. Here is the code he gives, works for me! He uses python 2.7

You can use Amazon Product Advertising API. It has a Response Group ‘Reviews’ which you can use with operation ‘ItemLookup’. You need to know ASIN i.e. unique item id of the product.

Once you set all the parameters and execute the signed URL, you will receive an XML which contains a link to customer reviews under “IFrameURL” tag.

Enroll Your Product In The Amazon Vine Program

Amazons Vine Program is open to sellers who have Amazon brand-registered products and fewer than 30 reviews.

In the Vine program, a seller submits 30 units of inventory. Vine reviewers then receive the product for free, test the product out, and write a review.

In many ways, it is similar to the incentivized review programs banned by Amazon in late 2016. The only difference now is that the reviewers in the program are being vetted by Amazon.

According to Amazon, 25% of reviews received occur within 5 days of the order, while 99% of reviews received occur within 35 days of the order, so this is a game-changer, as it helps newly registered products get reviews fast.

Currently, Vine is free for third-party sellers. However, we suspect that Amazon may start charging fees to enroll or participate at some point. As of this writing, we do not know what the cost will be. To find out how to enroll, .

Also Check:

Amazon Feedback Request Template #:

Hi }!

This is } from }. Thank you so much for your purchase of }! We went through great lengths to make sure that our product is made of the best quality material and exceeds your expectations. We hope youll enjoy it!

In case you didnt know, theres many different ways you can use our product. To show you what Im talking about, Ive put together this list containing seven great ideas for how to use our product.

Many of these ideas will help ensure you get the most out of our }!

In the meantime, you can check up on your orders progress here: }.

We will follow up with you soon to make sure everything is going well with your new product. If you do have any questions or issues, make sure to contact us at:

Best Amazon Review Sites To Get Free Stuff On Amazon

How to Get Free Stuff on Amazon

You wish to buy something on Amazon but dont have enough money right now. Or you cant wait for a sale or expect someone to give you the stuff as a gift. What would you do in such cases?

Usually, most people would feel helpless. But theres no need to do so. Instead, try these 35 amazing Amazon review sites to . Or, fantastic discounts that would help you get the stuff at fantastic, low rates.

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Be An Amazon Pro Reviewer

First things first, to you will need a highly successful YouTube channel or a blog that has a lot of followers. If this is not you, then you need to look at other ways of gaining free products.

If you want it to be you then you are going to have to commit to some development work.

It takes a lot of work for free to build the necessary social media presence. However, once this is done there are lots of ways to make this pay.

However, if you already have your social media followers, then you could easily get a lot of free products being a pro-reviewer.

You are likely to have heard a lot of stories of people who have built an empire on the back on their product reviews on YouTube in particular.

The idea is to start by offering free product demonstrations and build followers for your videos.

Then, once you have gained enough views and enough followers giving product demonstrations and reviews, you will capture the attention of companies who will want you to do the same for their products too.

This is the long game but it is a way to build a business out of your free products, and by monetizing your YouTube channel.

Become A Pro Reviewer

Pro reviewers share product reviews and demos on their social media channels. Their YouTube or other social media content may be free, but because of their large following and product partnerships, they can eventually monetize their channels and turn them into successful businesses. This also benefits sellers on Amazon, whose products are vetted by influential content creators and receive the attention of new audiences.

To be a pro reviewer, you would need:

  • A strong social media presence through a YouTube, Instagram or other channel
  • The willingness to invest time and energy into developing content and maintaining the interest and engagement of your followers
  • The patience to begin offering product demonstrations for free
  • The attention of companies and sellers who can offer you freebies in exchange for more demos and reviews

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Dont Forget To Follow The Rules

Amazon takes its product reviews very seriously. In fact, many sellers are suspended from the platform due to review manipulation.

When youre trying to get reviews on Amazon, its important that you understand the difference between legal methods and black hat tactics .

Here are some essential Amazon product review rules you should know and follow:

What Free Stuff You Can Get On Amazon

6 Ways to Get Free Stuff On Amazon Without Prime ...

For many items, we have no alternative but to buy them through Amazon, but therere a number of things you can get for free.

Some stuff is already free of charge, such as free Kindle eBooks, free Audible books, free digital music, free 5GB cloud storage on Amazon Photos, all kinds of free trials, and a free baby welcome box valued up to $35, etc.

Assuming you dont want to spend money on the stuff thatotherwise you have to pay, instead of getting those freebies you can have for free already, we will only focus on those high-value products that you can get on Amazon for free, ranging from household goods to clothes to cosmetics.

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Good Luck With Reviews In 2022

Hopefully the information in this article has given you good ideas for how to get Amazon product reviews in 2022. And, as things change, we will be sure to update this material.

At the minimum, use Amazons methods, as they are 100% free of any gray areas. And always make sure to play by Amazons rules. Remember: a few extra sales garnered by using a black hat tactic isnt worth putting your entire seller account in jeopardy.

To learn more about Amazons terms of service be sure to read our breakdown of.

You can also who incorporate black hat tactics in their selling strategies.

How To Trade Your Opinion For Free Amazon Products

Did you know that you can receive FREE or deeply discounted items just by agreeing to leave a fair unbiased review on Amazon? Its like paying with your opinion and yes it is that easy! Companies need valuable reviews for their products to boost their rankings and sales on Amazon. In turn, you the reviewer get to sample awesome products for free!

There are tons of ways to find Amazon products to review, but first, I suggest you head over to your Amazon account and write a quick review for two of your previous purchases. I was never one to review my purchases on amazon so I had a ton to choose from and Im sure you do too. This gives companies something to look at when you apply to review their products .

While youre on Amazon, make sure you swing over and complete your public profile. Write a little something about yourself, upload a picture, and most importantly add your email address. Some companies will look at other item reviews, decide they like the way they are written, and pitch directly to the reviewer. In order for you to receive these direct pitches you will need to have an email address so these companies will have some way of contacting you. Check out the one I received this morning for example:

The first way to grab some free swag to review is signing up with these reviewing websites below. Dont get discouraged if it takes a few days to be approved for something. I was just approved today for something I applied for over a week ago.

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Way : Become An Influencer

For those passionate about becoming an Amazon product tester, becoming an influencer is a great way to make sure that sellers come to you rather than the other way around.

Amazon sellers are always looking for high profile reviewers to showcase their products. Try blogging about your Amazon reviews or posting regular YouTube videos demonstrating products that you have bought and reviewed.

With some time and patience, you can build up a following and establish an online presence which will catch the eye of some great sellers. Not only can you receive some great free products this way but, if you become high profile enough, you can even be paid for reviewing sellers products.

Amazon runs its own for reviewers with high profile social media accounts. The Amazon Influencer Program gives members their very own page on Amazon where they can showcase items from their social media pages and recommend products. If a customer visits an Amazon Influencer page and then shops for a product, the influencer is compensated in a similar way to the Amazon Associate Program.

With time and patience, becoming an Amazon Influencer will set you up as a trusted authority when it comes to Amazon purchases and will lead to bigger and better rewards. A marathon rather than a sprint, becoming an influencer is time-consuming with some initial financial outlay but will be ultimately rewarding.

How Amazon Review Sites Work

Get Hundreds of FREE Amazon Products to Review – How to become Amazon Reviewer

Before we find out which sites can allow you to get free products, there are a few important details to cover. These Amazon review sites partner with sellers to offer products for free or at a steep discount in exchange for a review.

Due to recent changes to Amazons customer review policy, most of these sites might require that you place a disclaimer stating you purchased the product at a discount price.

Although these sites no can no longer require you to write an Amazon review to get the discount.

However, some sites can require you to leave a social media review to get the discount. These sites issue the discount on PayPal after you post the review.

You complete the entire sale through Amazon and enter a discount or promo code on the checkout screen to get the lower price. You will still be responsible for any shipping costs.

Its possible to waive the shipping costs when you sign up for .

These discount codes will often be for at least 50% off. As Amazon still wants to maintain a high level of credibility for the customer reviews, sites dont offer as many free products as they did in the past.

Most sites offer a 90% discount, at best.

Also, each Amazon review site can limit how many discounts you can redeem each month. Limiting discounts ensures other customers can also find great deals.

Unlike Amazons in-house Vine review program that is invitation only, anybody can apply to become a shopper on these Amazon review sites.

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Proven Ways To Be An Amazon Product Tester And Get Free Samples 2020

Everyone likes free stuff right?

As an Amazon product tester, you can receive free products straight from the seller. As well as freebies, becoming an Amazon product tester is a great way to be the first to try new products, get free stuff on Amazon and connect with other testers to find the best items in any genre.

Black Hat Tactic #: Facebook Review Groups

On Facebook there exist A LOT of Review Groups where you give away your product to group members and refund them after theyve posted a review. Heres an . Search for review group on Facebook and youll see tons more.

On Facebook review groups you give away products in return for 5-star reviews

This is explicit exchange of a refund for a review is one of Amazons most suspendable offense. Given that the entire exchange takes place off of Amazon it is difficult to track, however, all it takes is one customer messaging you through Amazon asking for their refund to immediately arouse significant suspicion from Amazon.

Account Suspension Risk Level: Medium

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What Do You Need To Know About Deals For Reviews

Deals For Reviews connects reviewers with great deals in exchange for providing their honest reviews and testimonials. Sellers want to bring new products into the market. One of the best ways to do this is through word-of-mounth and the power of reviews. Buyers and consumers want great deals and new, useful products.

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