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How Do You Set Up An Amazon Store

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Amazon Storefronts Adds A New Element To Selling On Amazon

Amazon Storefront Tutorial | Step by Step Guide to Building a Free Storefront

Selling on Amazon is a lucrative business, and getting set up on Amazon Storefronts can allow your small business to shine. One of the strengths of owning a small business is your connection to the community and the products you create. Use that connection to build your brands story and create a product that people will want, no matter where they live in the U.S.

Amazon Storefronts can allow you to unlock a new customer base while telling your businesss story. Requesting information and filling out the companys online form is the most important first step to creating your own Amazon Storefront account.

Dont Forget About The Metrics

The platform gives access to your Amazon stores performance KPIs about traffic sources, visits, and sales. In addition, you can check information about the target audience, including gender, age, income, marital status, and education. Keep in mind to study these reports to help you optimize your business success. For example, such metrics can spill the light on seasonal sale flows or demographics. The more info an Amazon storefront owner can collect about their clients, the better they will market products to the shoppers.

Receive International Payments With Wise

Now you know how to start an Amazon FBA business, its time to consider how you can receive payments from customers. One great benefit of FBA is that you can expand globally with ease through Amazons network.

But that means you need to consider how these customers will pay. Having international customers means receiving international payments. This can result in high conversion fees with your traditional bank.

This is where Wise Business is different. The Wise Business account is a game-changer for international businesses.

Take the complexity out of receiving international payments
Discover the Wise Business account today

As the Worlds most international account, you can get ten major account details to receive payments like a local. For example, you can get a UK account number and sort code, even as a US citizen. This takes the complexity out of receiving payments in different currencies.

Having a multi-currency account also makes it easier for your customers to pay you, and easy payment means faster payment.

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Design Your Amazon Store

Finally, weve reached the fun part of creating an Amazon storefront! On this page, you will see the template youve pre-selected. The template will be comprised of several titles. You can change these titles by replacing them with text, images, videos, and products. You can also drag and drop these elements on the page until you find a look that you love. Lets take a closer look at each type of content you can use here:


You can use text on your storefront page to tell customers about your brand and products, add calls to action, insert links, and add Shop Now buttons.


You can use images to the storefront page alone or add text over the images to further highlight product features. The minimum image size is 1500 x 1500 pixels.


Videos can look very appealing, and they can help build up trust with your customers. Amazon has a few rules for storefront images:

  • Videos must be less than 100 MB in size
  • Videos must be at least 1280 x 640 pixels in dimensions
  • They should be in one of the following file formats: mpg, avi, MPEG, m4p, mov, m4a/v.
  • Videos should not have any links or references to websites other than Amazon.


You can add products from your Amazon inventory to the storefront. To add a product, search for it using the ASIN number or keywords. Keep in mind that before you can add products to your storefront, you need to upload them to your Amazon Seller Account. You can add products one by one or upload them in bulk.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Amazon Storefront

Simply 8 Steps to Teach You How to Set up an Amazon Store (2021)

Having an Amazon Storefront will allow you also to drive traffic while browsing on Amazon and off Amazon. There are different ways you can do this to drive back to your Amazon Storefront.

In Amazon:

  • If a customer clicks on a Sponsored Brand ad
  • If a customer clicks on a brand byline where the product details.

Off Amazon:

  • Units sold
  • Traffic sources

Amazons Storefront Insights dashboard provides every seller all the information about your sales, including how much money you generate in the period of time specified, an estimate of units purchased by store visitors, a total of orders, the average sales per visitor and the average units per order.

Also, you can know the total of users that viewed your store in a day or if you prefer you also can see the users that have visited your page in a specific period of time.

Finally, Amazon provides a tag to measure where your sales are coming from based on Amazon Organic Traffic, Amazon Sponsored Brands or other sources.

Most business owners drive the traffic to their online stores and they dont look at their Amazon Storefront analytics. Creating source tags can help you to track marketing promotions in your Amazon store.

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Create Accounts With Suppliers

Whether youll be dropshipping products from other marketplaces like Alibaba, creating a private label brand with your own products, or selling a product you manufacture yourself, you need supplier accounts. In the case of private labels, youll need to create an account with your chosen manufacturer rather than a supplier.

If you do decide to go the private label route , you qualify for a brand owners account, which offers benefits for companies such as:

  • Access to the brand registry with tools to help you build and protect your brand
  • Sponsored Brands
  • A+ Content

Check Your Amazon Store Analytics

Once your Amazon storefront is live, Amazon gives you access to a slew of analytics reports that are useful for seeing how well your page is performing.

Heres a summary of what metrics your Amazon Storefront analytics will tell you about.

  • Visitors This is the total number of unique visitors who visited your store pages.
  • Views This is the number of views that a page received.
  • Top Pages Amazon will display the top pages on your storefront and how much money they generated.
  • Sales This is the total sales that your products generated from visitors who visited your page.
  • Units Sold This is the total units sold that your store generated.
  • Traffic Sources Amazons page traffic report isnt very granular but it will tell you where your sales are coming from based on 3 categories: Amazon organic traffic, Amazon Sponsored Brands or other sources.
  • Tagged Sources You can create custom source tags if you are driving your own external traffic to Amazon so you can measure the effectiveness of that traffic.

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Always Remember Amazon Is A 3rd Party Site You Are Not In Control Therefore It Will Be Frustrating

They will change your listing with no notice. Make it inactive, change your inventory levels, allow hijackers, and all sorts.

Your BSR will suddenly drop for no reason, sales will dry up, ads wont show.

You name it, it will happen. Youll then spend hours, or days or weeks depending on how unlucky you are, going back and forth with seller central, speaking to one person after another, each one telling you its not their department and you need to speak to X.

This will lead you to blame your partner, it all being their fault and arguments will ensue! Hahaha

Its not great business practice, its not right, it is annoying, they should care, blah de blah, but it is what it is!

This is something that is out of your control and you cannot change it, so dont waste time complaining and moaning about the big bad corporate machine.

Be an entrepreneur through it all. Another word for entrepreneur? Problem Solver.

Amazon is an opportunity to make a lot of money in a short space of time. An opportunity like that doesnt come without its own set of challenges and hazards.

This will test your patience, your communication skills, your tenacity, and your dogged persistence to the limit!

Be prepared for that and embrace it!

Can You Start An Amazon Business With No Money

How to Set Storefront Link & Display Name on Amazon FBA Seller Central

Starting an Amazon business with no money is only possible if you plan to become an author and publish books on Kindle Direct Publishing or sign up for Amazon Merch. If you intend to start an Amazon FBA business you will need inventory, however, you can bootstrap an Amazon business as discussed in the section How Much Money Do I Need To Start an Amazon FBA Business?.

If you are starting from zero, first look at methods for raising your initial capital. Many people have a few items lying around the home that they no longer use which they could sell on eBay or similar to raise a few hundred dollars.

You can then take that capital and turn it into more by buying and selling items from thrift stores. All the while, you can develop your business plan for your Amazon FBA venture.

There are alternative low overhead businesses you can set up to raise capital for Amazon FBA. You can promote products as an affiliate via Amazon Associates on low-cost content platforms like a blog or social media.

Another route is to develop your Amazon FBA business plan, then approach someone with capital to partner with.

Ultimately, you can start a rewarding lifestyle business for only a few thousand dollars. It comes down to how determined you are to raise the money and how committed you are to make it work.

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Manage Your Amazon Inventory

Inside Amazon Seller Central, youll have a dashboard with information to help you manage your inventory, product pricing, ads, and more. While it may be tempting to try to keep track of everything in a spreadsheet, you are far better off managing everything from within Amazon Seller Central because it contains built-in free inventory management tools to help you. When you create a new product, youll be able to assign an SKU for easy tracking on your end so that even if others sell the same product, you wont have to worry about product identification.

If you use Amazon as part of a multi-channel approach, you can use inventory management tools from other platforms like Shopify to help you keep track of everything as it sells across multiple channels.

Always plan for seasonal fluctuations in your sales. If stocking inventory proves to be too much of a challenge, consider drop shipping as an alternative.

How Does Amazon Fba Work

The magic of an Amazon FBA business is in the sheer amount of logistical elements that Amazon & your suppliers handle for you.

Heres how it works

  • You, the seller, source private label products and add your brand and logo
  • A factory manufactures your branded product in bulk
  • A freight forwarder ships your products to Amazon warehouses in your countries of choice
  • Amazon handles the storage, packing, distribution & customer service
  • You list the product on the Amazon store and promote it across the web from your sunbed in Fiji!
  • While there are a few more moving parts, this is essentially the long and short of it.

    When we started our Amazon business

    • We sourced products already selling well on Amazon.
    • Branded them with our own name and logo.
    • Got them shipped to the Amazon warehouses .
    • Listed them on Amazon with our own brand, images, keywords, and descriptions
    • Amazon handled all the distribution of the products to the customers!

    And thats pretty much the strategy Im going through in detail in this post.

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    Package & Ship Your Products To Amazon

    Under FBA, Amazon will handle the ongoing storage and shipping of your goods.

    First, though, youll have to get your inventory to an Amazon warehouse. Once youre set up to use FBA, this is a simple procedure.

    You can assign items in your inventory to FBA. Amazon will then provide shipping labels and packaging instructions. In general, all items must be labeled with an Amazon-provided barcode .

    These are then packaged into boxes, and pallets for larger deliveries. Each of these is then labeled for shipping.

    Depending on the shipment size and your location, Amazon will arrange for collection.

    You should bear in mind that packaging and labeling of products can take time. Particularly if you have several different items. This should be something you consider when deciding if Amazon FBA is right for your business.

    Learn How Selling On Amazon Works

    Simply 8 Steps to Teach You How to Set up an Amazon Store (2021)

    Youll pay fees to sell on Amazon. Amazon now hides its individual selling plan, which allows you to pay a $0.99/item fee. This is the option you want if youre not ready to commit to a monthly subscription fee.

    The professional seller account is $39.99/month and does not charge per-item fees. If youre serious about learning how to sell on Amazon, youll likely make more than $39.99 a month selling products there, so its worth the investment.

    Alex Attsik

    I can recommend 3 simple steps to get started selling on Amazon:1. Thoroughly check all , including the Seller Code of Conduct and other general policies, Product and Listing Requirements, Shipping and Tax Policies, as well as the Product Page Style Guide.

    2. Join Facebook groups for Amazon Sellers there you will find a great source of inspiration, best practices and support. Here are some of them I can strongly recommend: , FBA Ninjas!, , .

    3. Use software to help you automate the process of starting, maintaining and optimizing your Amazon listings. The Orange Klik YouTube channel contains short demos of the relevant tools on the market. You can also check out Sellzone.And my final advice to those thinking about starting an Amazon business dont be afraid, and give it a try! Recently, I interviewed a 70-year-old woman successfully running an Amazon business, her story is incredible and very inspiring. Just being brave, you can make your dream come true!

    Successful Amazon seller Karen Cook says,

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    Define A Clear Amazon Fba Business Plan

    All businesses need a plan. An Amazon FBA business is no exception.

    Proper planning will help you budget, prepare for the future and manage potential problems.

    A good FBA business plan should include:

    • Full business profile and description. This should include business objectives, products offered, and the business value proposition.

    • Financial projections. Coverage should include expected costs, sales, and returns. What turnover and profit is expected over different time horizons?

    • Description of the target audience. Who are you trying to sell to?

    • Business budget. Looking at both short and long-term plans.

    • What capital, infrastructure, and staff the business will require. You may start with just one employee, but as your business expands, will you be able to manage without more staff?

    • plans and costs.

    • A business operational plan. This details how the business will operate, including supply, shipping, and the use of Amazon FBA.

    You can also read the 12 steps for starting your business for more tips.

    Tips For How To Use A+ Content Features:

    • Text: Provide detailed explanations with specific words and numbers to help customers become experts on your product.
    • Tables: Use comparison tables to highlight features across your product line.
    • Banners: Use banner images to show your products in use. Add your brand logo and content to all of your products to create a consistent brand experience.
    • Images: Use professional-quality, high-resolution images that highlight product features or show your product in use. If you add brand text to your images, make sure its large enough to be readable on mobile devices.
    • Fields: Use text fieldsrather than embedding text in imagesto improve your visibility in search results .
    • Mix and match: A+ Content modules offer 100+ combinations of image and text fields. Explore them all to find the right mix for your brand.
    • Mine reviews: Use information from customer reviews, returns, and communication to figure out what topics to cover. Address purchasing barriers. Think about why customers wouldnt buy your product and discuss those concerns in advance.
    • Tell a story: Describe your brands mission, story, and unique production process. Provide detailed feature information with specific data. Use a helpful, informative voice.

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    What Are The Benefits To Opening A Store On Amazon

    Before creating your first Amazon storefront, letâs look at some of the benefits to opening a store and starting your journey in Ecommerce.

    Oh the things you could do, if you could manage your own time and schedule…


    More time for your hobbies and interests: Most of Amazonâs professional and individual sellers donât spend 10+ hours a day working on their business. In fact, many people decide to sell on Amazon so that they can have a more flexible work schedule and plan their days accordingly.

    Once the initial work is done and youâve dedicated time to create your first Amazon storefront, maintaining your business wonât be as time consuming as it was in the first few months. Once you get the flow going and your store starts to make a profit, then you can start to enjoy spending more time on extracurricular activities. Isnât a well-balanced lifestyle what itâs all about, anyway?â

    Simplicity: No, you donât have to be a techie to . Managing your storefront takes some creativity and attention to detail, but you donât need to know code or even have the latest gadgets or expensive devices to succeed as a seller.

    Ready to start the process? This guide walks you through how to open your first Amazon store in 7 essential steps.

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