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How Does Amazon Audible Books Work

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How To Listen To Audible On Kindle 1st/2nd Gen And Kindle Dx

Before you try AUDIBLE… WATCH THIS | Amazon Audible Review 2021

Why do we put these three model Kindle devices together? It’s because their methods of listening to the Audible audiobooks will be the same regardless of whether you are using a Kindle 1st Gen, Kindle 2nd Gen, or Kindle DX.

1. Transfer Audible audiobooks to the above Kindle devices

Kindle 1st Gen, Kindle 2nd Gen, or Kindle DX are really old Kindle models! Unlike the recent new Kindle devices, you must use Audible Manager to activate your device and transfer your audiobooks. Please following the below steps to transfer audiobooks to your Kindle 1st/2nd Gen and Kindle DX.

1. Connect the Kindle to your PC with USB cable.

2. Install the latest Audible Manager software on your PC and run it

3. Click Devices & select Add New Device.

4. Check off Amazon Kindle on the pop-up box and click OK.

Note: Audible Manager will restart after it installs a plug-in for your Kindle. If it does not restart, open Audible Manager again, then continue:

5. Right click on Kindle device in the bottom left pane. It will pop up a box, select Activate. Then click OK in the pop-up box. And input your Audible account information to activate your Kindle device.

6. Click Library on the left side of AudibleManager’s main interface to open all of the download audiobooks on your computer. With your audiobook selected, click Add to Device in the upper right corner of Audible Manager to transfer audiobooks to your Kindle.

2. Listen to Audible on Kindle 1st/2nd Gen and Kindle DX

How To Buy Books On Audible From Amazon

Buying books in Audible format through the Amazon website is included as one of the format options, alongside others, such as hardback, paperback, and Kindle.

Purchasing this way works the same way as it does for other formats, including the cart process and confirmation. The only difference is the book appears in your Audible Library.

How To Buy Books On Audible Using The App

Purchasing books using the Audible app is as easy as using the website, and it follows similar steps.

These steps apply to the Audible app for Windows, Android, and iOS.

  • Select a book from either the store or your Wish List and tap Buy Now for $ tobuy the book individually, as there is no cart in the app.

    Alternately, tap “x” Credit available to purchase using any credits you have. This option is grayed out if you don’t have any credits.

  • Select Confirm Purchase from the screen that pops up.

  • When your purchase goes through, you see a confirmation screen.

  • On the Audible Android and iOS app, tap View in Library to jump to the book in your Library, where you can download it. The Windows version doesn’t have this option.

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    How To Listen To Audible On Kindle 8th Gen Or Kindle Oasis

    1. Listen to Audible on Kindle 8th Gen or Kindle Oasis

    Listening to your audiobooks on your Kindle or Kindle Oasis is simple. The library in the Bluetooth-enabled Kindle will show all of your eBooks and Audible books when you tap on All.

    Note: You need to turn the Wi-Fi on and complete the over-the-air update in order to see your audiobooks.

    1. Go to the Home screen to tap My Library> tap All to find your audiobooks or use the filters to see Audible books only.

    2. Tap on the audiobook you want to listen to. The audiobook will download if not already downloaded.

    3. You can listen to audiobook through the Kindle’s speakers or by plugging in your headphones or paring a Bluetooth device. If you have not paired a Bluetooth device, tap on Pair Device and choose the Bluetooth device you want to use.

    Here’s the official video tutorial to listen to Audible on Kindle 8th Gen or Kindle Oasis > >

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    Is Audible Free With Prime

    Amazons Audible service does not come free with a Prime subscription, but some e-books available in the Prime Reading library do include Audible narration. Audible does offer a trial subscription to Prime members, which includes two free audio credits, but after the 30-day trial period, you will need to begin paying like any other subscriber.

    How To Download And Get Free Audiobooks With Amazon Prime Forever

    After finding Amazon Prime Audible books, you can start to listen to them from the Audible app. If you’d like to download them offline, you just need to find the title from the library > Click the “…” icon > Choose “Download”. For the podcasts from the Audible Channel, you can also simply click the “…” icon and then choose “Download Item” to download them one by one.

    But there is one problem that when you canceled the Amazon Prime, you will lose all Prime Audible books. In theory, you don’t own the Amazon audio books. So is there another way to download and keep Amazon Prime free Audible books forever? Yes, you can draw support from a third-party Audible converter to do it.

    Here, we can meet the DRmare Audible Converter for Windows / Audible Converter for Mac. It has the ability to download and keep Amazon Prime free Audible books forever. Besides, free Prime audiobooks are AA / AAX files that can’t be recognized by common players, like MP3 players. Thanks to this powerful Audible converter, it can also convert Audible AA / AAX to MP3 with ease. And then, you can listen to free Audible books with Prime anywhere without Prime and Audible membership.

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    Audible Premium Plus Vs Plus

    In addition to Audible Premium Plus 1 or 2 credits, Audible has introduced a new, cheaper subscription plan for $7.95 per month. The new Plus plan wont give you an Audible credit and, instead, only offers you access to the entire Audible Plus catalog making it a direct alternative to Kindle Unlimited audiobooks.

    The big advantage of Audible Plus vs Premium Plus is that it costs so little while allowing you to listen to as many audiobooks as you like. Its actually the cheapest unlimited audiobook subscription on the market!

    However, the Audible Premium Plus plan is only $7 more expensive. So, you could say that the Audible credit that you get as an Audible Premium Plus subscriber costs you only $7. Thats a really good deal considering you can use the credit to buy any audiobook you like from the entire catalog! Many of these titles are $30 or $40, some even more. And if you regularly buy Whispersync deals, an Audible Premium Plus membership is definitely the better option for you than the Plus plan.

    In my opinion, the new Plus catalog is a fantastic addition to add more value to the Audible Premium Plus plan. But whether you will be entirely happy with Audible Plus vs Premium Plus, whether it will feel like enough for you, depends on which kinds of audiobooks you enjoy and if you can find enough Plus titles that interest you.

    Most Audible Bestsellers Are Not Included

    Amazon Audible Review – Audiobooks on iPhone, Echos & Computer

    Most titles available for free for Plus subscribers are original audiobook productions. You can find here Audible Originals, classic novels produced by Audible, documentaries, short-length audio publications, and popular podcasts.

    However, dont expect too many hot audiobook bestsellers on this list. You can assume that most titles that cost over $30 normally, cannot be accessed for free by Plus subscribers.

    Take a look at the list of Top Audible Best Sellers and compare it with Top Audible Plus Listens. You can hardly find a Plus title thats included on the bestseller list.

    If you are a Plus member, and wanted to get one of the Audible bestsellers, you would need to buy it separately.

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    How Can You Listen To Your Audible Audiobooks

    Listening to your Audible audiobooks is pretty simple, regardless of how you choose to do so. Clicking on the book’s cover in your Kindle library will download and play it straight away.

    The same applies when you use the Audible app on your phone, as you can see from the screenshot in the previous section.

    Stream from the Audible website by logging in and clicking Library at the top. This brings up a list of the titles you have access to, and you can select Listen now to play them straightaway. Note that, while you can download owned audiobooks via the button, this feature isn’t available for titles you’ve just borrowed from the Plus catalog for streaming.

    How To Listen To An Audiobook Versus A Printed Book Or Ebook

    The evolution of the spoken book mirrors innovations in the music industry: Books on tape replaced vinyl audiobooks, streaming superseded compact discs and smartphones are replacing all else. As the audiobook industry flourishes, so is the number of ways you can listen to audiobooks with apps for smartphones, iPads, desktops and Kindles from Amazon, Google and Apple everyones competing for a chunk of the thriving sector.

    Academics have studied the differences in comprehension between reading a book and listening to one. One study concluded that, for the average reader, the two elicited a comparable comprehension and retention of text. But why posture audiobooks as a replacement for printed texts in the first place? Often audio is not competing with time spent with books, with people listening while driving or during exercise, when reading a physical book is impossible.

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    Discounted Audible Membership For Prime Members

    Every now and then, Amazon comes up with many lucrative Audible offers exclusively for Prime members. And although Audible is not included with Prime, these offers will no doubt make you feel even more privileged as a Prime member!

    So, How much is Audible with Prime?

    Although there isnt any fixed discount rate, Amazon has offered Audible membership at a discount of even more than 75% to its Prime Members in the past.

    For instance, in 2018 and 2019, as a Prime Day offer, Audible membership was available at just $4.95/month. Amazon has also offered Audible membership for as low as $3.95/month on many occasions in the past to its Prime members.

    However, these discounts are generally available only for a limited period and may not always be Prime-exclusive.

    You can check the Current Audible offers for Prime members from !

    How Do You Download Audible Books

    Audible: audiobooks, podcasts &  audio stories : ...

    Audible books are very high quality audio and can be many hours long, so its not unusual for a title to be more than 200MB in size. Downloading your audiobooks when youre on a Wi-Fi connection means you wont be charged mobile data fees or risk having your monthly data allowance frozen. It also means you wont have to stop listening if you lose your phone signal.

    To download an audiobook to your device, find its title in the Library, and select it to begin the download. On a desktop PC or laptop, youll also have the option of streaming it, which doesnt download it, but plays it in the Web Player.

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    What If You Dont Like A Book Audible Returns

    As I mentioned earlier, Amazon built a whole membership service around audiobooks, which includes returns and exchanges.

    If you dont like an audiobook you got, even if you listened to it until the end, you can exchange it for another book. Its an awesome service, but it comes with limitations of course to protect the system against abuse.

    The limitations are not written in stone or, I suppose, some people would just abuse the system right before they hit the limit.Instead, you will realize if you have gone past the limit because you wont be able to return your audiobook anymore.

    You can still ask for a return at that point, but you must contact the customer service. They will likely go through a script designed to make you feel guilty about it but not so bad as to make you feel enstranged .At that point, they will likely tell you, in a PR and PC way, that for this time theyll do it for you, but that you should take it a bit easier going forward .

    In short:

    • When you return an audiobook, you get your credit back
    • There is no maximum amounts of audiobooks you can return
    • You cant return books if you ended your trial membership

    Seamless Switch Between Audible & Kindle

    If you also read ebooks on Kindle This could be a huge game changer for you.

    Whispersync for Voice allows you to seamlessly switch reading and listening to the same book as you move from Amazon App to Kindle.

    The audiobook automatically resumes from where you left off with the ebook and vice versa.

    This is what it could look like to you:

  • You wake on Sunday and start reading The 48 Laws of Power and stop at the 20th Law of Power
  • You get off of the bed, tell your Alexa-enabled speaker to start playing and the speaker starts from you left off in your ebook .
  • You listen until the 30th Law of Power and then enjoy some lighter music as you eat
  • You grab your cellphone and take your bike. You plug in your noise-cancelling earphone and resume listening from the 30th Law of Power
  • You meet your girlfriend and you pause the audiobook that youre at the 36th Law of power
  • You go back home in the evening after the perfect day with your girlfriend. You go to bed and grab your Kindle, which automatically start from the 36th Law of Power
  • Basically, if you enjoy both audiobooks and e-books, this will take your efficiency to the next level.

    Of course, you do pay something more for efficiency as you will have to buy both versions of your book of choice .

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    Book Description And Review

    Once you are signed into your account, browse through various titles and genre. Clicking over a title leads to a page which has publishers review, critics review and customer ratings. There are also sample audio recordings available for every single book. A space on the page shows people who bought this book and a few other books. There are also other titles listed by the same author on the bottom of the page.

    You will also find user ratings as well as in-depth reviews.

    Why Use Audible Is It Worth It

    7 Tips for Using Amazon Audible (Audiobooks)| Roseanna Sunley Business Book Reviews

    One of the things that discourage people from subscribing to Audible is the fact that it does not give unlimited access to audiobooks, unlike Scribd, its biggest competitor. Both require a monthly subscription, and Scribd comes at a much lower price by far. This begs the question of whether Audible worth it. One thing we will mention right off the bat is that Audible has an incredibly larger selection of books than Scribd and most any other audiobook subscription service, for that matter.

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    What Do You Need To Use Audible

    You can access Audible via your internet browser, thought far easier is installing the app on your device of choice its compatible with nearly every single phone and tablet out there. One thing youll need to make sure is that you have an Amazon account Audible is a subsidiary company of the retail giant after all.

    Now You Know How To Use Audible

    It can be difficult initially to work out which subscription model is best for you, or how to bundle your purchases in such a way that you’ve got the cheapest possible audiobook price. But once that’s done, and you have the audiobook in your hands, getting started with listening is pretty simple. And the versatility of the app means you can listen pretty much anywhere, while listening via an actual Kindle offers an impressive level of integration.

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    Which Devices Are Audible Available On

    Audible is available across a wide range of devices, which is essential as most of the companys content is protected by DRM, meaning it cant be played on unauthorized devices. You can often stream the Audible Cloud Player on any internet-connected devices, but if youre looking to download the app on a particular device, heres what is supported:

    • Windows and Mac computers
    • All functioning Kindles
    • All Alexa devices
    • Amazon Fire Tablets with OS 5 or newer
    • The SanDisk Clip Jam
    • The Victor Reader Stream

    How Does Audible Work Audible â Audiobooks &  Podcasts for Android ...

    We mentioned that Audible works differently than most services. Its different because you dont necessarily get unlimited access to all the titles. You get to purchaseothers say borrowthem using the credits that you get with your service. Fortunately, you can keep them in your library for as long as you want after the purchase. The Audible app is free to download, but you pay for the service to access the books. This begs the question if the service is even worth it. Take a look at the features and Audible mechanics listed on this Audible review below to figure it out yourself.

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