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How Does Amazon Books Work

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Kindle Unlimited Vs Prime Reading: Which Is Better

How Does It Work? Ebook Kindle Paperwhite

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If youve been reading books from Amazon, youve probably heard about the Kindle Unlimited and Prime Reading programs.

Both programs boast of offering unlimited reading on a vast choice of books and popular magazines for their members, at a surprisingly low monthly fee.

But how do the two programs differ from each other?

And which would benefit you more, Kindle Unlimited or Prime Reading? Or would you be better off with neither?

Lets answer the questions one by one.

How Does Kindle Unlimited Work On The App

You can also browse and manage your Kindle Unlimited items very easily on the Kindle app.

  • From the Discover tab, select Kindle Unlimited.
  • Here, you can browse and borrow Kindle Unlimited items, or select Manage your titles.
  • To borrow an item, select the title youre interested in and then select Add to Library.
  • If you went to Manage your titles, you can see the list of items youve borrowed and have the option to return them.

Who Gets To Be The Default Seller In The Buy Box

Amazon calls the default seller in the Buy Box the one who gets the business when a customer clicks Add to Cart without looking for more options the Buy Box winner. It uses an algorithm to choose a Buy Box winner for each product it sells, prioritizing sellers who offer low prices, use Amazon Prime, have good customer feedback, and keep their items in stock. It also requires that items sold by its Buy Box winners be new, not used, and only approved sellers may compete for the Buy Box. Sometimes Amazon itself wins the Box, and sometimes third-party sellers do.

When I asked Amazon about winning the Buy Box with regard to books, a company spokesperson sent me this statement and requested it be printed in full:

We have listed and sold books, both new and used, from third party sellers for many years. The recent changes allow sellers of new books to be the featured offer on a books detail page, which means that our bookstore now works like the rest of Amazon, where third party sellers compete with Amazon for the sale of new items. Only offers for new books are eligible to be featured.

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What Titles Are Available On Audible

Not only is Audibles audiobook selection larger, but it is also more diverse compared to many other services. It has over 200,000 titles from the most popular to the most hard-to-find books as well as Amazon original audiobooks. Booklovers would sure love to know what type of titles they can find on Audible.

You will find an extensive, nearly complete collection of fiction and non-fiction books. Some categories worth mentioning that you wont usually find in other libraries are biographies and memoirs, LGBTQ+ literature, politics, sports, and even some textbooks.

Audible Review: Is Audible Worth It

How Does Kindle Unlimited Work? The Basics And Beyond ...

Is Audible worth the money? In my opinion, the short answer is yes. Anyone who wants to listen to audiobooks should at least take Audibles 30-day free trial. It doesnt matter if you listen during your morning commute or while exercising its a great app to read more books youve been meaning to read.

In short, I would recommend Audible to listeners looking to expand their audiobook libraries. For one, this service is relatively inexpensive. More so, it features the most expansive audiobook library currently on the market. Furthermore, Audible is easy to navigate and features user-friendly settings. Beyond that, Whispersync audiobooks offer a flexible alternative for individuals who enjoy reading but struggle to find the time to do it.

If youre still not sure if this Audible is right for you or if youre still asking how does Audible work, you can take the free trial to see for yourself. Not only do you receive free audiobooks of your choosing that will be yours forever, but you get the opportunity to gauge how often you would utilize the service. This Audible review should have covered everything you need to know. Be sure to download Audible and play around with the settings to ensure you get the best possible user experience.

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How Do I Cancel My Kindle Unlimited Subscription

If you decide that you want to end your Kindle Unlimited subscription either before or after the free trial, you can do that on the same Your Kindle Unlimited page that lists your borrowed books. Just select the Cancel Kindle Unlimited Membership button.

If you already have an , you might not need Kindle Unlimited at all since you automatically have access to .

Reading At Home Or On

  • University of Ontario
  • George Brown College
  • Western Governors University

Kindle Unlimited is sort of like Netflix for Amazon’s digital e-books, called Kindle books.

You pay a monthly subscription fee for access to the full Kindle Unlimited library where you can read and enjoy as many Kindle books as you want. That’s exactly why it’s called “Unlimited.”

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What Is Amazon Prime Reading

Amazon Prime Reading allows Prime members to access and read more than a thousand books or magazines at no extra cost. Amazon says you can think of it as a “private library that lets Prime members read free”. You can download and read up to 10 titles at a time, and dozens of Prime Reading books are available with Audible narration, too, so you can listen while you are commuting, cleaning, running, or whatever.

Free Course: Amazon Algorithms

How to Make Money by Using Amazon Trade-In to Sell Your Used Books

Send your book to the top of its category by using Amazon’s recommendation system to your advantage. Get started now.

Once youve found your keywords and categories, actually entering them when you publish a book on Amazon is simple. KDP lets you select two categories for your book, and up to seven keywords. Select the ones that youve decided best encompass your book and remember, you can change and add to these later, so dont be afraid to experiment with a couple.

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Purchasing A Book On Your Kindle

  • 1Wake up your Kindle. If you’re not actively using your Kindle, it will go into sleep mode and display a screensaver.XResearch source You can always wake your Kindle by pressing and releasing the power button.
  • 2Navigate to the home screen. If your Kindle has a touch screen, tap the house icon at the upper-left corner. Older Kindle models have physical home buttons, which also sport house iconspress the button to go to the home screen.
  • If you’re currently reading a book and want to access the Home screen, tap the top area of the page to bring up the toolbar, and then tap the house icon.
  • 3Tap Store to open the Kindle book store. It’s at the top of the screen in the toolbar.
  • You can also buy Kindle books when you’re browsing Amazon on your computer, phone, or tablet. Just find the e-book you want to buy, make the purchase, and choose the option to send it to your Kindle.
  • If you have a Kindle-compatible e-book saved to your computer that you didn’t get from Amazon, such as one in the EPUB or PDF format, you can also transfer it using a USB cable or email it to your Kindle.
  • 4Search or browse for a book. You can browse books by category, check out recommendations, spot deals, and see curated lists of interesting titles. You can also tap Search at the top-right to search for something in particular.
  • Tap Browse Categories to check out the category list. This is also where you’ll find Newsstand, which allows you to download magazines and newspapers to your Kindle.
  • A Series Of Fortunate Events

    If you’re reading a series of books, you can store them all together in your Kindle. Go to Settings > Device Options > Advanced Options > Home & Library > Group Series in Library, and toggle to turn on.Then, all books that are part of a series will show up on your home screen under the cover of the first in the series with the number of the books in that group appearing on the lower right. If you don’t see the feature, try updating your Kindle software . Don’t like it? Toggle it off, and the books will appear independently in your library.

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    How Do You Get Prime Reading

    There’s only one way to get Prime Reading, and it’s pretty simple: sign up for Amazon Prime.

    Although it started as a way for Amazon customers to get free two-day shipping on their purchases, Prime has evolved into a multi-benefit subscription that includes access to movies and television shows, music, release-day delivery of new video games, and more.

    Like most other Amazon Prime benefits, Prime Reading is included with every subscription at no additional cost.

    Who Pays Taxes You Do

    do kindle ebook book formatting amazon kdp paperback for ...

    Some 160+ countries around the world charge what is called a value added tax, or VAT, on purchases. Amazon passes these taxes on to you by reducing your royalty by the amount of the tax, regardless of the royalty rate.

    • 35% royalty rate x = royalty
    • 70% royalty rate x = royalty

    Fortunately, the United States is one of the very few countries that does not have a VAT.

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    How Much Does Audible Cost

    Depends on which plan you want:

    • Monthly Gold: 1 credit per month at $14.95 per credit
    • Monthly Platinum: 2 credits per month at $11.48 per credit or $22.95 per month
    • Gold Annual Special: 12 credits per year at $9.96 per credit in year one and $12.46 per credit thereafter or $119.50 for the first year and $149.50 for every year after
    • Platinum Annual: 24 credits per year at $9.57 per credit or $229.50 per year

    Plus all members get an additional 30% off any titles purchased without credits, two free Audible Originals every month, and can exchange any audiobooks you dont love within a year of purchase.

    Where Can I Listen To Audible Books

    The Audible app is available for computers, iOS, and Android devices. You would have to log in to the app with your Amazon account. If you are logged in to multiple devices, you can sync your content so you can continue listening where you left off no matter which one youre using. To sync the content, you would have to be connected to the internet but you can always listen offline.

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    Things That Surprised Me About Publishing On Amazon:

    Formatting was easier than expected. I uploaded a Word document directly into Amazon and had very few issues with formatting, if any.

    Editing the actual content is harder than I thought and more frustrating. I should have hired an editor from the start. Lesson learned.

    Relatively speaking, non-fiction or self improvement ebooks like mine are just a tiny piece of the self-publishing ecosystem. On various eBook websites youll often see 10 or 15 book categories and non-fiction is just one. Sometimes itll be two but thats rare. Whereas fiction will be divided into romance, sci-fi, mystery, horror, fantasy, and so many others. And each of those categories has a ton of books and a ton of readers and followers.

    How Does The Audible App Work

    Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing: How Does it Work

    The app is very easy to use. You can browse and manage your audiobooks here, although no purchases can be made, those have to be done through the website. Heres a few key features:

    • Youll open the app to the home screen. It gives you several features to browse or go to your library. It also offers recommendations based on your purchase history.
    • Your library is where youll find a list of titles that you have purchased and what is downloaded on the current device you are using. To to download, simply click on the title you wish to listen to and it will automatically start downloading. The downloaded items appear brighter than the other items.
    • The Discover option is where you can browse or find recommended titles based on your past purchase history.

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    Is Audible Free With Amazon Prime

    If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can use Audible for no extra cost. However, you will only get access to a rotating collection of 50+ books, as well as the channels.

    This is a really good deal if you are already on Amazon Prime or if youre thinking of using it.

    You can try it here.

    Audible Review: The Library

    The Audible library features over 425,000 titles and audio versions of books. Given it is an offshoot of Amazon, we only expect that number to grow. Audible tops the ranks as one of the densest audiobook libraries on the market.

    The library consists of 26 book categories with new releases and audiobook titles spread evenly throughout. You can browse by category, lists & collections, or featured material. This includes a selection of titles that are compatible with the Amazon-exclusive service Whispersync.

    Members also gain access to an extensive collection of audio shows. These are free with a monthly membership. They include genre-diverse Audible originals, such as Audicted, Sincerely X, and Real Crime.

    The Audible membership also includes audio versions of news via the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and additional publications. Whats more, there is a steady stream of celebrity performances and live comedy to keep you entertained. While the non-audiobook content could serve to be expanded, its an excellent bonus feature you dont see.

    How Much Does It Cost To Publish A Book On Amazon

    Nothing! Its free to publish a book on Amazon through their online Kindle Direct Publishing platform. You pay no upfront costs, but Amazon will take a portion of your books earnings to print, leaving you with 60% royalties after the book print price, which is why now than ever before.

    If you set your books price to $17.99 on Amazon, there will be a $.85 printing fee for 100 pages, plus $.012 for each additional page. You will make 60% of the list price, and the printing fee will be subtracted from that to give you your total amount of earnings:

    $17.99 x .60 = $10.79 royalties per book

    Subtract the printing cost from your royalty rate to get our take home pay :

    $10.79 $3.25 = $7.54 take-home per book

    So while you dont pay anything to publish through Amazon, they do still charge for the books printing costs.

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    What Perks Do I Get As A Member

    So many! You get your monthly or yearly credits, plus access to Audible Originals, and two free Originals a month plus an additional 30% discount on any titles you want to buy without credits. There are also packages available for specific genre lovers. So let me break it down for you:

    • Audible Originals: These are titles created only for Audible and produced by the Audible studios. They range from theater productions to lectures on brain chemistry to romance novels.
    • News: Get stories from leading news publications from all around the country. Subscribe to one or more at no extra cost for members.
    • Meditation and Fitness: This feature offers audio-guided classes. You can do weekly classes or a complete program. Whether you want to run a mile or calm your mind, theres a program for you.
    • Audible Escape: For an additional $6.95 a month, you get access to a vast library of romance titles. You can add up to ten romance titles to your library at a time. Youll know which romance titles fall under the Escape package by the pink logo in the corner.
    • Audible Latino: Audible also offers hundreds of titles narrated in Spanish.

    How To Create Your Kindle Book

    How Does Kindle Unlimited Work? The Basics And Beyond ...
  • On the KDP webpage, click “Bookshelf” at the top of the page.
  • You can choose to create a Kindle eBook or a paperback book. Regardless of which you choose to make, the process is basically the same. Click “Kindle eBook” or “Paperback.” Choose either Kindle eBook or Paperback to start publishing your book. Dave Johnson/Insider
  • Complete the Kindle eBook Details tab. Enter a book title and subtitle as well as author information and book description. The subtitle is optional but can be very useful for helping potential readers learn more about the book. The description is also important, as it appears on the Amazon details page and represents the most important information customers will see about your book. Enter all the details for your book, including the title, subtitle, and book description. Dave Johnson/Insider
  • Continue filling out this page with relevant keywords. Like the book description, keywords help inform potential readers about your book, but also play a big role in helping search engines prioritize your writing. Try to avoid repeating the same words that are in your title, but instead may be other common terms that describe the main theme or purpose of the book.
  • Complete the page and select “I am ready to release my book now.” Click “Save and Continue.”
  • On the Kindle eBook Content tab, choose whether you want to enable digital rights management. Unless you want readers to be able to freely share complete versions of your book, you should probably click “Yes.”
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