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How Does Amazon Smiles Work

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Why Amazonsmile Doesnt Turn My Frown Upside Down :

Amazon Teeth Whitening Kit! Does MySmile Really Work?

The AmazonSmile program, where a small percentage of sales is given to a designated nonprofit, is a nice sentiment but will likely prove a net loss for most participating nonprofit organizations.

The sentiment is admirable provide exposure to nonprofits on the popular shopping site and donate a portion of sales to worthy causes. Unfortunately, for years I have seen nonprofits waste time, energy and hope on similar online charity malls, where supporters must shop through a certain website that then gives portions of proceeds to participating organizations. My issues with them and with AmazonSmile are that they are not very generous, they only benefit nonprofits with a large supporter base and they usually have a negative overall ROI for organizations that participate.

How It Works

I first heard about AmazonSmile when Beth Kanter mentioned it on Facebook. At you can choose a charity. That charity then gets a donation based on how much you spend while shopping.

$5 of every $1000

Rather than an altruistic gesture, it is more like the classic baiting technique used by retailers for years. Sales, Buy one, get one free or Free gift with purchase promotions all work on the principal that once they get you into their shopping environment with the bait, you will not just buy the sale item but will spend much more than the retailer loses through the promotion. Same goes with the fake feel good about your purchase that Amazon is selling.

Advantage: Goliath

Negative ROI

Pros For Organizations Explained

  • It can be lucrative for the right organizations: For large organizations with millions of supporters, AmazonSmile donations can add up even though individually they are small. Some charities bring in quite a lot of money in this way. Even CharityNavigator, the charity watchdog, approves of AmazonSmile, pointing out that some charities have reaped millions from the program.
  • It’s easy to set up: As long as you are a 501 charity, it’s easy to get set up for AmazonSmile. After that, it takes precious little to keep it going. AmazonSmile for some charities is an easy way to bring in more funds.
  • Most of your supporters shop on Amazon: Even for small charities, this fact is persuasive. If your supporters are already on Amazon, why not register so you can receive any donations that come along?
  • AmazonSmile offers passive, long-term donations: AmazonSmile offers donations based on already engaged consumers. It also remembers each consumer’s chosen charity, automatically collecting donations as the consumer shops. The AmazonSmile platform has millions of users a month, making it one of the largest platforms for nonprofits to access passively.

Amazon Smile Goes Mobile

Amazon Smile is now available on iPhone and Android devices via the Google Shopping app. CLIC Sargent have reminded us to update that app and .

Dont forget AmazonSmile is now available on your smartphone! Update your app to donate a percentage of the money you spend to CLIC Sargent. Just follow these instructions

CLIC Sargent

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Cons For Consumers Explained

  • Requires double-checking: AmazonSmile does require you to double-check that you are on the correct site. While it is easy to shop and donate on Amazon, you still have to make sure that you are on the AmazonSmile shopping portal for it all to work seamlessly. Amazon may remind you to switch to AmazonSmile sometimes.
  • One-at-a-time donations: On AmazonSmile, you cannot donate to more than one charity at a time. Many of us support more than one charity and would like to donate to all of them. However, on AmazonSmile, one would have to go to the trouble of switching one’s charitable choice periodically to cover more than one charity.
  • The donation amount is small: It takes a really long time for your donations to add up to anything significant. These tiny donations should not substitute for larger donations made directly to your favorite charities.

Does That Mean The Price For Items Is More Expensive

How Does Amazon Smile Work? Twitter Questions How ...

No. Absolutely not. Whatever the price of an item is that you are looking to purchase on Amazon.com, it will still be that same price on . For example, if you visit Amazon.com to buy a copy of Jim Butcher’s Brief Cases for $16.81, you would still pay the same $16.81 price if you decide to buy it on AmazonSmile instead. The only difference is that the AmazonSmile Foundation will then take 0.5% of your purchase price and donate it to whichever charity or non-profit for which you have specified. You, yourself, will not be charged so much as a penny more.

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Laziness Stupidity Indifference Or Caution

What about AmazonSmiles influence over the quality of giving? By that, I mean the potential for AmazonSmile to recommend charities that do the most good, or at least those that are more transparent than their peers about their performance. As it happens, theres an easy and useful metric to identify such charitiesthe Platinum designation awarded by GuideStar, which I blogged about last year. Alternatively, AmazonSmile could boldly turn to trusted evaluators such as The Life You Can Save, a nonprofit that recommends charities, based on evidence, that help the worlds poorest people. The Center for High Impact Philanthropy at the University of Pennsylvania also does a fine job of identifying effective nonprofits.

This wouldnt limit consumer choice. AmazonSmile permits shoppers to choose from nearly 1 million charities, it says, and it could continue to do so. But, since its early days, AmazonSmile also has nudged shoppers to give to what it calls Spotlight Charities. The company says:

We do this to make it easier for customers to choose an organization to support from the almost one million available, but we do not endorse any particular organization or the causes they support.

In the end, though, to understand the purpose of AmazonSmile, all we need to do is the math. Imagine that you spend $1,000 this year on AmazonSmile. Amazon gets $995. Your favorite charity gets $5. Someones doing well, and it isnt the charity.

No wonder Jeff Bezos is smiling.

Ellen Macarthur Cancer Trust

£29.20 in the past quarter£224.75 to date

Other charities report very low totals too:

Not going to ring the bell for the £1.18 we received this quarter 0.0000006% of our quarterly income.

Damian Chapman

Individuals have shared how much they have raised for their chosen charity.Beth Granters 37 orders had raised £8.71 to date for her local RSPCA branch.

Yes that works, thanks! I picked an RSPCA branch local to my hometown.

Beth Granter

Kelly Hewson-Fisher has generated £42 so far to Lincolnshire Rural Help.

Just received a quarterly update from , by using I have donated £42 to #easy#supportlocalcharities

Kelly Hewson-Fisher

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How To Set Up An Amazon Smile Account For Your Nonprofit

Originally Published on July 22nd, 2019. Updated for July 7th, 2020.

Amazon Smile is a great addition to your efforts to make money for your nonprofit. This program lets customers shop on and then donates 0.5 percent of eligible purchases to their charity of choice. Keep reading to find out more about the Amazon Smile program for nonprofits.

How Do I Choose Northorpe Hall Child & Family Trust

Amazon Cheapest Teeth Whitening Kit! Does MySmile Really Work?

You can select us as your charity on the . Click on Your Account and then Change Your Charity and then in the search box type Northorpe Hall Child & Family Trust. Once youve selected us youll see a message from smile.amazon.co.uk thanking you for your purchases. Then you are all ready to go.

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So How Does Amazon Smile Work

First things first, let’s take a look at how Amazon Smile actually donates to charities. Non-profits can register for Amazon Smile at and, once they are registered, Amazon users can choose a charity from the database to donate to.

From there, donating is simple. Instead of going to Amazon’s site to make a purchase, just go to instead. Once you’ve chosen your charity, anything that you buy on the Smile site will include a donation to your chosen charity of 0.5% of your purchase. The donation is made through the AmazonSmile Foundation, which is a 501 private foundation created by Amazon.

What Is Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile is a website operated by Amazon. It features the same products at the same prices as the standard Amazon site. The only difference is, when you shop on Amazon Smile, the Amazon Smile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the cost of all eligible products to your chosen charity.

There are millions of eligible products available look out for Eligible for smile.amazon.co.uk on the products details page.

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Shopping Via The Amazon App On Mobile Or Tablet

If you are an AmazonSmile customer, you can now support Northorpe Hall Child & Family Trust in the Amazon shopping app on your Android device! Simply follow these instructions to turn on AmazonSmile and start generating donations.

If you have the latest version of the Amazon Shopping App, open the App on your Android device.

  • View Settings and select AmazonSmile.
  • Follow the in App instructions to complete the process.
  • If you do not have the latest version of the Amazon Shopping App, update your App. Click here for instructions.

AmazonSmile is not currently available for iOS users so the easiest thing to do is to save the Amazon Smile check out page as a bookmark on your home screen. Then you can use the app as normal. Once youre ready to check out just open the bookmark, where your Amazon basket will be waiting.

Thanks for supporting us by using Amazon Smile, and helping us to keep supporting children and families in Kirklees.

Why Should You Register For Amazonsmile

How Does Amazon Smile Work? Twitter Questions How ...

You should register with AmazonSmile just in case your supporters have already designated you to receive their donations.

Consumers can search for your organization, and your charity may be listed but unclaimed on AmazonSmile. When the charity has not registered yet, the consumer’s eligible purchase donation will go in a “communal” fund. At the end of eight quarters, that fund will be donated to other registered charitable organizations.

It is also essential to check your organization’s status on AmazonSmile, even after you have enrolled. Changes in standing with the IRS or “violations” of the AmazonSmile Participation Agreement can eliminate your organization for eligibility.

You could be dropped if your bank account changes or even your email. While Amazon will notify you if you are dropped, you must respond promptly and fix the issue.

Claiming your account on AmazonSmile does not cost anything. But if you don’t claim it, you could lose any donations that might accrue.

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Amazon Announces $100 Million Donated To Charities Through Amazonsmile

To thank customers for supporting charities by shopping with AmazonSmile, the company is increasing the donation rate tenfold to 5% of the purchase price of eligible products from today through Friday, November 2nd

today announced that the company has donated more than $100 million to charitable organizations through the AmazonSmile program. AmazonSmile is a way for customers to support their favorite charity every time they shop with Amazon , at no extra cost. Customers who start their shopping at will find the same Amazon they know and love, with the bonus that AmazonSmile will donate a portion of the purchase price of eligible items to the charity they choose.

To thank customers for supporting charities through AmazonSmile, starting today through Friday, November 2 , AmazonSmile will donate 5% – 10 times the typical donation rate – of the purchase price of eligible products to the charity customers choose when they shop on .

Hundreds of thousands of charities have been able to expand their meaningful work thanks to the donations theyve received through AmazonSmile, and we want to say thank you to customers who are supporting important causes every time they shop, said Jeff Wilke , Amazon CEO Worldwide Consumer. We appreciate all the positive feedback from customers who say they love having a simple way to help support their favorite charity.

Discover the story of Dancing Dreams and learn more about the impact of AmazonSmile here.

About Amazon

How Does Amazonsmile Work

Whether youre an Amazon superfan who wants to give back through the purchases you already make or a charitable organization in need of additional financial support, getting started with AmazonSmile is simple. Heres how to do it.

Supporting a new or favorite charity starts with visiting the right URL.

Instead of navigating directly to Amazon.com when its time to buy, desktop users need only type in to ensure their purchases will generate an AmazonSmile donation. If you usually shop from an iOS or Android device, open the Amazon shopping app, scroll down to Settings in the main menu, and click AmazonSmile to turn on this feature.

Once youve activated AmazonSmile in your account settings, its time to pick a charity.

With nearly 1 million 501 organizations currently registered with the AmazonSmile program, you can find everything from national organizations to smaller charities based right in your own community.

You can choose one of AmazonSmiles spotlight charities, search for a specific nonprofit or simply type in the kind of programming you want to support dance, for instance to see a list of related organizations.

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Using Amazon Smile And Encouraging People To Do The Same

If you want to make sure that all your purchases are helping charities, read this section to find out how to use Amazon Smile:

How do I use Amazon Smile on the Amazon app?

You canât. You must uninstall your Amazon app first before using Amazon Smile.

How to sign up for Amazon Smile?

Simple go to then select a charitable organization you want to donate to.

How to use Amazon Smile?

As Amazon Smile is exactly like Amazon, use it to browse around and purchase goods as how you would on Amazon.

How to get Amazon Smile on app?

You canât. There is no Amazon Smile app as of writing.

How to add Amazon Smile button?

After you have removed Amazon from your mobile device, tap the

button on the Amazon Smile website then tap

Add to Homescreen.

How to cancel Amazon Smile?

You would have to email Amazonâs personal service line to have your account deleted. Also, you can just stop using your account.

How to make Amazon Smile my default?

You canât. You always have to log in through Smile.Amazon.com or tap the Amazon Smile button on your screen.

How to switch to Amazon Smile?

You canât switch from Amazon to Amazon Smile. You need to sign in to a different website to benefit a charitable organization.

How to get Amazon Smile on iPhone?

Whether on Android or on iPhone, there is no existing app so you have to create a shortcut button to directly take you to Amazon Smile.

How to login to Amazon Smile?

How to default to Smile.Amazon.com?

Can I buy corporate gift cards on Amazon Smile?

How To Use Amazonsmile For Your Pto Or Pta

Use Amazon Smile to help Work, Play, Love

AmazonSmile is a popular website that can add to nonprofits bottom lines. Heres what to think about for your school parent group.


Chances are youve heard about , or maybe even used it to contribute to a charity. AmazonSmile is a program operated by Amazon that offers all the same products, with the distinction that a portion of the price of eligible purchases goes toward the buyers charity of choice.

How Does It Work?

When users shop at smile.amazon.com, the AmazonSmile Foundation contributes 0.5 percent of eligible purchases to a designated charityin this case, your PTO. Especially for frequent Amazon users , its an effortless way to give back to charities.

A note about Amazon Associates: Amazon Associates is whats known as an affiliate program, which allows participants to promote specific Amazon products and links for payment. Its open to nonprofits, but program requirements from Amazon can make it challenging for PTOs to participate. Amazon Associates is separate from AmazonSmile.

Getting Started

First things first: To participate in AmazonSmile, PTOs must be registered and in good standing with the IRS as a 501. There are many other reasons to consider becoming a 501 if you havent yet our free webinar on 501 basics can walk you through the best practices of becoming a federally recognized tax-exempt organization.

The next steps for participating in AmazonSmile are fairly straightforward:

  • Verify your email address.

  • How Much Can You Expect To Earn?

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    How To Turn On Amazonsmile In The Mobile App

    Get the app

    Download or update to the latest version of the Amazon Shopping app on your phone. You can find it in the App Store for iOS or for Android.

    Join AmazonSmile

    If you are not already an AmazonSmile member, simply sign up at smile.amazon.com and select your favorite charity to start generating donations, at no cost to you.

    Turn on AmazonSmile

    Open the app and find Settings in the main menu . Tap on AmazonSmile and follow the on-screen instructions to turn on AmazonSmile on your phone.

    AmazonSmile in the app is not available for iPads and other tablet devicesTo shop AmazonSmile on your tablet, type smile.amazon.com into the browser.

    So Isn’t It A Good Thing That Amazon Is Making Those Donations

    Well, yes and no. And that’s where the debate comes in. Many charities do benefit from Amazon Smile, which is why, on Cyber Monday, many non-profits are asking to become the charity of choice for Amazon users.

    Did you know #CyberMonday shopping can help animals in need? Don’t forget to visit and will donate 0.5% of your eligible checkout total to the !

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