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How Does An Amazon Hub Locker Work

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Pick Up Packages At Amazon Hub Locker+

How Amazon Locker Works

Once your order is delivered to your chosen Hub Locker+ location, Amazon will send you a scannable order pickup code.

To pick up your order, visit your chosen Locker+ location and do one of the following:

  • Go to Locker+ location
  • Do one of the following
  • Show your photo ID to an Amazon Associate there to verify your identity to get your package, or
  • Scan your pickup code at your assigned locker to open your locker slot, or
  • Some Locker+ locations have self-service kiosks. At these locations, you can sign in to a self-service kiosk with the email address associated with your order to open your locker slot
  • You have 15 days to pick up your package from a Hub Locker+. If you are not able to pick up your package within this time frame, it will be returned to Amazon and you will get a refund.

    Use Amazon Locker And Amazon Hub

    To have a package delivered to an Amazon Locker or an Amazon Hub you must first place an order. Once you have an item in your cart:

  • Click Proceed to Checkout.
  • On the Choose a Shipping Address page, locate the section titled Your Pickup Locations. (Youll only see this after adding an Amazon Locker location.
  • Click the lockerlocation youve added and click Use This Address.
  • If this is your first delivery to an Amazon Locker location, youll be prompted to input your credit card informationagain. Click Confirm Card.
  • Click Use This Payment Method.
  • Click Place Your Order.
  • Pick Up Packages At Amazon Hub Apartment Locker

    When a carrier delivers a package to your home address, they will just use the Hub Apartment Locker in your apartment as if it is a regular mailbox.

    Once your package is delivered, Amazon will send you an email that contains a unique pickup code.

    To pick up your package at an Amazon Hub Apartment Locker:

  • Take your pickup code to your Apartment Locker
  • Enter your code into the touch screen display
  • Follow the on-screen instructions
  • Tip: If you do not see your package when you try to pick it up at an Apartment Locker, check with your apartments Property Manager first before reporting your shipment to Amazon as missing. Packages will remain in an Amazon Hub Apartment Locker until the Property Manager empties the locker to make space for new deliveries.

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    Can Usps Deliver To Amazon Locker

    Think of an Amazon locker like at UPS store or the Post Office. UPS, USPS, FedEx or any carrier can deliver any number of packages to a UPS Store or Post Office. Amazon locker is basically a mailbox which Amazon places in partner locations to make it convenient for customers to pickup their packages.

    Picking Up At Amazon Lockers

    What Is Amazon Locker and How Does It Work? What You Need ...

    Once your item has been delivered to an Amazon Locker, youll still need to go and pick it up. Luckily, the process is a simple one.

    Amazon Lockers;are self-serve kiosks which anyone whos successfully used an ATM machine should be able to figure out without too much trouble. They are typically large, yellow clusters of lockers with a touch screen;located in the center of it.

    Once youve found your Amazon Locker location, go to the touch screen. Using the screen, let it know that youre there to pick up a package, and it will cue you to provide a unique pick-up code.

    Enter the code and your locker will automatically open. Grab your package, shut the locker, and off you go.

    Run into problems? Call the Amazon helpline at 1-888-280-4331 and theyll make sure you get access to your package.

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    Amazon Hub Vs Butterflymx

    Although it carries the Amazon brand, the Amazon Hub Apartment Locker may not be the best package management solution. Amazons package locker may not deliver the flexibility of alternatives such as a package room. Package rooms offer a robust yet easy-to-use solution to manage the dozens of deliveries your building receives day in and day out.

    Does Ups Deliver To Apartment Buildings

    UPS delivers parcels to apartments. UPS will make three attempts to deliver your package and leave a UPS InfoNotice in a visible place to let you know that a UPS carrier has attempted delivery. When you order a product through UPS or any carrier, be specific with your apartment address. Write your name in full, the street address, the specific apartment unit, and any other details so that the driver can get your package to you.

    If the driver cant find you, UPS will hold the package at the local UPS facility and send a postcard through the Postal Service that you need to contact them with further information. If youre not going to be at home, you can let the driver know that its OK to leave the package with your roommate or neighbor.

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    Amazon Hub Package Locker Alternatives

    Now that you know more about the Amazon Hub Apartment Locker and how it works, youre probably wondering how it compares to other package management solutions.

    Every multifamily property needs a system to accept deliveries, organize and store packages, and distribute them to residents. The two most popular multifamily package management solutions are package lockers and package rooms.

    Instead of requesting an Amazon Hub package locker or purchasing another package locker system, invest in the better alternative: a package room.

    How And When To Use An Amazon Locker

    How to use Amazon Hub Locker

    Anyone with an Amazon account can use Amazon Locker if there is one in their area. Access to Amazon Lockers depends on the store hours of the location where the Amazon Locker is.

    For example, if your items are at a Whole Foods, your access to the Amazon Locker depends on the store’s opening and closing time. One of the major benefits of an Amazon Locker is being able to pick up your order on evenings and weekends.

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    What Does This Mean For The Shipping Industry

    Although any carrier can use Hub by Amazon and the service may even reduce inefficiencies and increase customer satisfaction for those carriers this certainly represents another step in Amazons move to control its own logistics.

    First, the Hub program will give Amazon last-mile control over its own shipments. Instead of outsourcing delivery to FedEx, UPS and others, Amazon will now have more power over this critical customer interaction.

    Second, industry-watchers expect most if not all carriers to take advantage of Hubs. That will give Amazon a new kind of insight into its competitors and to their customers. What volume are residents ordering? How much are other carriers shipping? Its not immediately clear how Amazon might use that data, but the more data the company has, the more power it has.

    Additionally, Amazon recently announced a new package-delivery program that can help with the fast growth of U.S. retail. Amazon works with small- and mid-sized delivery companies, but needs more help. The program will offer new partnering delivery companies access to several discounts. These discounts include fuel rates and even vehicle insurance. The companies will also receive coaching from Amazon and an app to guide delivery people on which Amazon orders need to be dropped off and at what time. The launch includes Amazon-branded delivery vans that are available to lease and Amazon-branded uniforms for the drivers.

    What Are Amazon Lockers

    Amazon Lockers, as the name implies, are . The lockers are just large metal boxes with various-sized compartments, a touch screen, a keypad, and a barcode scanner.

    Having a package delivered to an Amazon Locker is just as easy as ordering anything else on Amazon.

    All you have to do is add your nearest Amazon Locker to your address book;and then choose it as your delivery address when you check out. From there, Amazon will handle the rest.

    When one of delivers your package to the locker, youll get an email to inform you. This email will also include a six-digit code that youll use to access your packages.

    When youre ready to pick up the packages, all you have to do is head to the locker and either enter the unique pickup code using the keypad or scan the barcode in the email you received. If you have the Amazon app, you can also access the pick-up codes and barcodes there.

    Once youve entered the required information, the locker containing your package will open. Once the door opens, just grab your package, close the door, and be on your way. It really is that simple and secure.

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    Hosting An Amazon Locker

    My SO brought up an idea of hosting an Amazon Locker. For those who aren’t familiar with the concept, Amazon Lockers are physical lockers located in business districts for Amazon package pick-ups. They provide a safe area to pick up a package if you live in a high-theft area, a confusing area that might be hard to find, or you simply don’t want someone else intercepting your package before you do. These are automated kiosks — they are not staffed and you get access to your package with a unique code code. Consumers are not charged an extra fee to have their order delivered here.

    It’s an interesting concept, for sure. Admittedly, I’ve not dug into the logistics/operation costs too much yet. I’m most concerned about demand. We don’t live in a big city, but a smaller university town. I feel completely comfortable with a package sitting on my porch, but do others feel the same? I cannot imagine the cut that Amazon would pay out to locker hosts would come close to covering any rent/overhead costs we would incur.

    Any thoughts/insight would be appreciated!

    Collect A Package At An Amazon Hub Locker

    What are Amazon Lockers and Hubs?

    You can collect your package from an Amazon Hub Locker after you receive your pickup code.

    Note: Collect your package within three calendar days after it is delivered to the Locker. If you don’t collect your package by the end of the third day, we’ll take it back and give you a full refund.

    To pick up your package, do one of the following:

    Was this information helpful?

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    Are There Any Limitations On What I Can Have Sent To An Amazon Locker

    Most items on can be delivered to Lockers, but there are a few restrictions, like the item’s size and weight. If an item is ineligible for Locker delivery, youll receive an error message when you attempt to select a Locker for your shipping address.

    Learn more about Amazon Hub Locker-eligible items here.

    Amazon Locker Limitations And Requirements

    There are a few things to be aware of when using Amazon Locker and Amazon Hub. The first is that Amazon Locker locations are expanding quickly, so even if you don’t have a locker near you right now, check the map again in a month. There might be a locker near you then.;

    Additionally, when ordering the item must:

    • Weigh less than 20 lbs
    • Be smaller than 19 x 12 x 14 inches
    • Be sold or fulfilled by
    • Be valued at less than $5,000
    • Contain no hazardous materials
    • Not be a Subscribe & Save item
    • Not contain items shipping from other countries
    • Not contain items for Release-Date Delivery

    Regarding the cost, delivery, and returns:

    • There is no fee for using an Amazon Locker but Standard Shipping and FREE shipping may be unavailable at some Amazon Locker locations.
    • Same-Day Delivery and One-Day Shipping are available in select areas only.
    • If the Amazon Locker location is full it will appear grayed out on the Amazon Location map. You wont be able to ship there during checkout.
    • You can return an item to an Amazon Locker location. The code youll need to open the locker will become available when you print the return slip.
    • Your items will be in their own locker. No one elses items will be in that locker.;

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    What Benefits Does Apartment Locker Provide To Property Managers

    • Improved operational efficiency: Package deliveries are made directly to Apartment Locker by carriers, enabling property staff to focus on higher-value tasks, saving time and reducing operational costs.
    • Secure parcel storage: Built with a robust design, Apartment Locker keeps packages off the floor and safe from being lost or stolen.
    • Improved resident experience. Apartment Locker can be accessed 24/7 for convenient self-service pick-ups by residents. It minimizes human-to-human contact, a must have in the new normal.

    Here’s How Amazon Locker Works

    How & Why To Use An Amazon Hub Locker For Your Packages – Porch Pirates Hate This Delivery Option!

    To dispatch your order to an Amazon Locker:

    1. Search for a Locker location near you on the Pickup Locations page, by choosing Amazon Locker as your pickup option.

    2. “Select” a Locker location to add it to your Address Book, and next time you add an item to your basket, click “Dispatch to this address” to have it delivered to your favorite Locker.

    3. Once your parcel is delivered to the Amazon Locker, you’ll receive an e-mail with instructions and a unique pick-up code. Enter your pick-up code and the Locker slot with your order will open. Your order will be available for pickup for three business days after you receive your pick-up code.

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    How Do Amazon Hub Lockers Work

    Amazon Locker provides you with a self-service delivery location to pick up and return your packages. Once your package is delivered to the Amazon Locker, youll receive an e-mail notification with a unique pickup code that includes the address and opening times for your selected Locker location.

    To Complete A Return Through An Amazon Locker:

  • Select Amazon Locker as your preferred method of return. This selection will return a map of nearby lockers. Select your preferred locker location.
  • Once you submit your request, you will get an Amazon Locker dropoff code via email.
  • Go to your Amazon Locker and enter your unique code on the touchscreen display. Follow the prompts.
  • Note: Availability is guaranteed until close of business on the following business day. If you miss this window, you can still go to that Amazon Locker location to see if space is available for up to 30 days.

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    Pick Up Packages At Amazon Hub Counter

    Once your package is delivered by the carrier to a Hub Counter, Amazon will send you an email with a collection barcode.

    To pick up your package at an Amazon Hub Counter:

  • Take your collection barcode to your Hub Counter
  • Show your barcode to the store assistant there to receive your package
  • Tip: You have 14 days to collect your package from a Hub Counter. After that, your package will be returned to Amazon and you will get a refund on your purchase.

    How Big Is The Amazon Hub Package Locker

    The Amazon Locker Experience

    The Amazon Hub for apartment buildings is 6 feet wide by 1 foot 10 inches deep and has 42 compartments. You can add expanders as needed, which are 3 feet by 1 foot 10 inches and have 23 compartments. Amazon also advertises oversized expander lockers but does not specify their size or number of compartments.

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    What Are The Drawbacks Of Amazon Locker

    While there are over 2,000 Amazon Locker locations spread out across more than 50 metropolitan areas in the U.S., Lockers still arent everywhere. If you live in Nampa, Indiana, for example, youd have to drive to Boise, Idaho, to pick up your package. If you live in Los Angeles, youll have a hundred locations to choose from. Obviously, this issue will improve as the service spreads, but how much mileage youll get out of Amazon Lockers wildly depends on your location.;

    The only other drawback is philosophical. Amazon Locker is a perfect example of the companys incredible, and occasionally terrifying, ability to see a need and fill it, often at the expense of traditional jobs. This automation is ideal for busy people who dont have time to waste, but for every little change that makes our lives easier, Amazons power is consolidated a little bit more. Does it sound hysterical to worry about a day when Amazon buys FedEx or controls the mail? Im not so sure.;

    How To Use An Amazon Locker For Pickup

  • When placing your order, select change shipping address.
  • Scroll down until you see a section titled your pickup locations. Enter your zip code.
  • Select the most convenient locker location near you.
  • Once your package is delivered to the Amazon Locker, youll receive an email notification with a unique pickup code that includes the address and hours of operation for your selected Locker location.
  • When picking up your package, enter your pickup code or scan the barcode using the barcode scanner, then follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Note: All packages delivered to an Amazon Locker must be picked up within three days. Packages not collected within this timeframe will be returned and refunded.

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    How Does Amazon Locker Work Understanding The Service

    Amazon packages;are something that have become a part of our daily landscape. The massive e-commerce platform delivers millions of packages every day;around the world, and that brown box is something weve grown used to seeing on porches, in apartment building;lobbies, and at front desks no matter where we go. Considering how prevalent they are, Amazon…

    Amazon packages;are something that have become a part of our daily landscape. The massive e-commerce platform delivers millions of packages every day;around the world, and that brown box is something weve grown used to seeing on porches, in apartment building;lobbies, and at front desks no matter where we go.

    Considering how prevalent they are, Amazon packages;arent always easy to deliver. Some buildings dont have secure locations to drop off the packages and not everyone is home all day to monitor their front porch deliveries. As a result, theft of packages has become an issue for many people.

    To combat logistical problems and theft, Amazon has introduced its Amazon Locker;program, which allows users to ship items to a locker where packages can be picked up safely and securely.

    How does Amazon Locker work? In this article well give a brief introduction to Amazon, and then dive into Amazon Locker. Well show you how to ship an item to an Amazon Locker location, how to use the self-service kiosk;to retrieve your item, and how to find out if there are Amazon Locker locations;near you.

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