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How Does Selling Work On Amazon

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Amazon Reaches A Vast Number Of Consumers

How selling on Amazon works

Almost three-quarters of product searches start on Amazon. You can think of Amazon as the Google of online shopping . Selling on Amazon puts you in the center of the online commerce world, where most consumers go to shop. As an Amazon seller, youre more likely to be found by the people who want to buy your products.

What To Sell On Amazon

Picking what to sell on Amazon is one of the most difficult steps of getting started for most people.

It doesnt have to be.

Most people run into problems because they try to start with a strategy called private labeling.

Private labeling means putting your own brand on an easily manufactured product. This generally involves little to no modifications to an existing product design.

When this idea was first catching on, it was easy to find profitable niches. As time has gone on and more people have learned about the supposed ease of this strategy, the competition has grown incredibly fierce.

While building your own brand remains a highly profitable strategy if you are successful, it requires a lot more experience and skill to do well. It isnt as simple as plugging in some numbers into a tool then heading over to Alibaba to order whatever product the tool told you to.

You need to understand the market, and you need a plan to add value for customers.

Fba Vs Seller Fulfilled

When listing your item, a decision youll have to make is whether you will ship the item yourself or have Amazon handle the shipping for you .

We recommend using FBA in the majority of situations. With FBA, you ship multiple items in a single box to the warehouse destinations that Amazon tells you to. From there, Amazon will handle the rest.

The main advantages of using FBA over shipping directly to customers are:

  • FBA saves time.
  • Prime products often sell for a 5%+ increase over seller fulfilled items.
  • FBA products spend more time in the Buy Box.
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    Other Ways To Sell On Amazon

    There are lots of things that can be sold on Amazon, including books , Print on Demand, services, custom products, handmade, Alexa skills, video games and more. Amazon Business is a marketplace for B2B transactions that sellers can list on as well. Find the right starting point and dig in. A community of successful and helpful sellers, Scanner Society, can be vital to success as finding answers to small questions and big ones is best done in a positive and professional group.

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    Amazon Fba Vs Fbm: What Should You Choose

    Dropshipping from eBay to Amazon and FBA

    One of the first decisions you need to make is whether to let Amazon handle fulfillment of your products or to handle your order fulfillment in house .

    Essentially, you have three official options for fulfilling Amazon orders:

  • Fulfillment by Amazon
  • Fulfillment by Merchant
  • Seller Fulfilled Prime
  • You can use FBA for some products and FBM for others but lets break these down to understand each better.

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    Amazon Takes Care Of Payment Processing

    To sell online, you need to accept electronic payments. While its not hard to set up a merchant account, there are hassles. If you get a fraudulent charge on a stolen credit card, the processor will refund the customer, and you are out the money. Amazon sellers dont have to worry about fraudulent charges or handling money because Amazon takes care of payment processing and deals with any issues.

    Figure Out Your Selling Strategy

    Your business strategy for Amazon should cover what types of products youll sell. Some options include:

    • Finding popular or trending products and reselling them on Amazon
    • Manufacturing your own products or sourcing goods under a private label
    • Working with a specific supplier to start an store

    Tip: Many Shopify store owners will use a free Shopify app to sync inventory and sell products from their own stores to Amazon. That way you dont have to create separate selling plans and can control inventory management in one place.

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    How To Access Amazon Seller University

    Did you know that Amazon has its own seller training videos and webinars? Yup! Its called Seller University. Every new seller should go through this section to familiarize themselves with selling on Amazon and to learn more about Amazons guidelines.

    On the Seller Central homepage, you will see a section titled, Tutorials and Training. Then click on Visit Seller University.

    You can choose from dozens of topics to learn about.

    What Is Merch By Amazon

    How Amazon Works

    Alternatively, you can sell merch on Amazon through Merch by Amazon, which works like a print-on-demand service.

    Its a free service that lets Amazon sellers create their own designs and list them on their respective Amazon page. With Merch by Amazon, you can create unique designs and choose a variety of products to work with, such as phone cases, throw pillows, tote bags, and of course, clothing, which includes t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and long-sleeve t-shirts.

    Merch by Amazon simplifies how you create and sell your products on the e-commerce platform. Heres how you can begin using Merch by Amazon:

    You need to sign up for the service using your existing Amazon account and fill out a registration form. Wait for your application to be approved. Once approved, you can get started.

    Upload your artwork here and select a product type and color and add a product description. If you dont have a design yet, you can download . Choose from templates for:

    T-shirts, sweatshirts, long-sleeve t-shirts


    Set a price for your products and publish your design. Note that the approval of designs may take some time, ranging from a few hours to a few days.

    Amazon prints the products that are sold and takes care of fulfillment for you, from production to customer service. With Merch by Amazon, you can enjoy a lot of benefits, including:

    Earning royalties for every product thats sold

    Not having to store physical inventory

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    Can You Sell Used Items On Amazon

    In short, there are some instances in which you can sell used items on Amazon. Unlike marketplaces like eBay or Poshmark, however, Amazon is not designed for selling used itemsâin fact, Amazon has very strict guidelines and regulations about listing categories and what business owners can sell in each category.

    If youre looking to sell used items on Amazon, they would have to be eligible under category and condition guidelines. Some categories that allow used items are books, music, software and computer games, toys and games, tools and hardware, and computers.

    Additionally, certain applicable used items, like videos, DVDs, and Blu-ray, require that you obtain approval from Amazon to sell themâwhether used or new. In this case, you not only have to apply to sell these items, but you are also required to have a Professional plan .

    All of this being said, it is worth noting if you become an established Amazon seller in particular product categories and meet specific requirements, you can apply to participate in the Amazon Renewed program, which allows you to sell refurbished, pre-owned, and open-box products.

    How Do I Organize Shipping

    As a seller, you need to organize shipping yourself. If youre handling your own shipping you should keep an eye on your inventory so you can provide accurate information about stock levels to buyers. Its also important to check orders daily so you can have orders shipped out on time as per your shipping and fulfillment policies.

    Amazon also offers an optional shipping service, Fulfillment by Amazon . This essentially allows sellers to store and dispatch their goods through Amazons warehouses. By using FBA your customers will get free shipping on eligible orders and Prime members will receive 2-day shipping. FBA is also pay-as-you-go so youre charged for the storage space and orders Amazon fills.

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    The Size Of Your Audience

    Brands that already have a sizable following have a good head start. Having a large customer or fan base can make it easier to promote products. However, this doesnt necessarily guarantee success. This is why its important for you to work on building relationships with your audience first and maintain engagement.

    Evil Strategy #: Amazon Sellers Can Leave False Positive Feedback On Your Products

    How To Increase Sales On Amazon?

    Similar to the negative feedback strategy above, there are groups of malicious sellers who are leaving mass amounts of positive reviews on listings as well.

    Now you would think that getting a bunch of positive reviews on your listings would be a good thing.

    But because Amazon has been cracking down on sellers who buy 5 star reviews, Amazon now has algorithms in place to detect unusual spikes in positive review activity.

    Well guess what?

    If your listing all of sudden gets 100 5-star reviews, Amazon will detect this anomaly and instantly suspend your account.

    As a result, not only do you need to monitor your negative feedback but you also have to be on the lookout for 5 star reviews as well!

    The downside is that if you get banned for positive review manipulation, its really hard to prove your innocence. After all, why would someone else purchase 5-star reviews for listings they dont own?

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    How To Access Advertising In Seller Central

    As an Amazon seller, you will likely need to advertise your product so you can generate as many sales as possible. In Amazons advertising console, you can create Sponsored Products ads, and if you are enrolled in Brand Registry, you can create Sponsored Brands ads and Sponsored Display ads.

    In Seller Central, go to the Advertising tab and click on Campaign Manager.

    You will be brought to the advertising console where you can view your current ads or create new ones.

    What Is Amazon Vendor Central

    Amazon Vendor Central is an invite-only program for manufacturers and distributors. Amazon Vendor Central grants Amazon ownership of your inventory, which they will then market and sell to shoppers on

    How it works: Merchants or manufacturers sell their inventory to Amazon at wholesale rates. Once they have sent the items to Amazon, the sellers work is done. Amazon pays for the inventory directly to the seller and maintains ownership of the products. Amazon sells those products on the Marketplace choosing their own price and shipping options.

    Benefits of using Amazon Vendor Central

    With the Vendor option, youre selling to Amazon, and not on Amazon. This option virtually eliminates direct seller work including marketing, advertising, and even pricing.

    Other benefits of Selling to Amazon include:

    • Avoid the hassle of handling pricing, shipping and other logistics for product sales
    • Amazon makes bulk purchases, which is great for inventory forecasting
    • Display and detail page functionality only available to Amazon
    • Access to inventory projection tools not available in Seller Central

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    Find A Gap In The Market

    You might come across a gap on Amazon through simple organic search — for instance, when I search “women leggings” there are over 100,000 results, but when I search “cycling leggings women pink” there are only 1,000.

    This is a simplified example, but sometimes you need to narrow down your product search to find a place to make an impact on Amazon. Plenty of people are already selling leggings, but there might be a certain style, color, or type of legging that is missing on the site.

    Alternatively, you can find a gap in the market by reading customer reviews in your product market niche. Even if there are plenty of products similar to yours already, you might find that customers are unsatisfied by the current brands and want something you can provide.

    Choose Your Fulfillment Options

    How Does Amazon Work?

    As a seller, you have two fulfillment options: the do-it-yourself option or using FBA, where Amazon is responsible for receiving, packaging, and shipping orders.

    Fulfilled by Merchant

    You fulfill directly to customers and manage shipping, returns, and customer service. This is a good option for made-to-order products or for products that require a longer lead time for processing.

    Fulfillment by Amazon

    You send inventory to an Amazon Fulfillment Center and it ships products and manages returns from customers. You control how much inventory to send to FCs and you pay storage fees for the product in addition to a fulfillment fee for every unit sold to customers. Keep in mind you still own the inventory until a customer receives it.

    In this model, Amazon handles payment from the customer and pays you every two weeks. You get access to Amazons customer service team that handles questions, returns, and refunds. Youll also get access to Amazon Prime and Free Super Saver Shipping to scale your business.

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    What Is The Shipping Process

    There are two ways to ship items to customers in the Amazon marketplace. These are known as Fulfillment By Amazon and Fulfillment By Merchant .FBA sellers dont have to pay to pick and pack their items because Amazons team will do it for you. However, FBM sellers will need to pay for their shipping costs through the provider they choose.

    When To Fulfill Your Own Orders On Amazon

    There are certain situations where we end up fulfilling our own items.

    The main one is in December when there is no longer time to get items to an FBA warehouse with time for them to ship out before Christmas. Weve found that we get more sales and make more money by fulfilling our own orders for a few weeks because this eliminates the time our inventory is in transit to FBA warehouses and allows us to get more items delivered by Christmas.

    Situations like this where you have a high-demand product that needs to reach consumers ASAP are the main scenarios to consider seller fulfilling.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Sell Something On Amazon

    The start-up costs for both online retail in general and selling on Amazon are very low compared to other businesses.

    A commonly cited figure for starting a business is $30k, but this figure is highly variable based on the industry you are getting into.

    JungleScout recently showing that the average Amazon seller only spends $3,836 to get started! But a lot of people cant even afford to spend that. If you dont have $4k sitting around to invest in a product, thats okay!

    The strategies we recommend for getting started dont even cost this much in fact, you can get started with less than $100!

    Later in this guide, well discuss this more. You should also grab a copy of the book Im offering about getting your first sale on Amazon.

    Well also discuss the but there are options for getting started where you only pay once an item sells.

    How Much Money Can You Make Selling Stuff On Amazon

    Fulfilment By Amazon

    The amount people earn selling on Amazon ranges from $0 to many millions. Some people lose money, some people become incredibly rich.

    For perspective, we sold $6,507,690 worth of products on Amazon in 2019.

    Amazon Sales Dashboard: 2019 Revenue + Sales Data on Amazon

    On an average month, we sell over $450k in products. That number goes up considerably during Q4 though.

    There are many people who earn a lot more than us, and there are many who earn less. The big range in potential outcomes has a lot to do with your goals and the strategies you employ. My goal was to fully replace my accounting job, so I worked hard to scale my business to the level it is at today.

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    The Newest Changes And Features Of Amazon Fba

    Fulfillment by Amazon is constantly changing and adapting to meet the needs of both its customers and the sellers that are using the platform. Keeping up-to-date with the latest changes and additions can help brands meet consumer demand and stay at the top of their own game with the FBA service.

    For example, one big change in 2020 is the added comingling of inventory, which is permitted if Amazon barcodes are used. What is commingling? Its when Amazon stores every unit of a single product together, regardless of the seller, and ships any one of these to a buyer. Its also called stickerless inventory.

    This has its own pros and cons, but it can possibly end up in counterfeits being shipped to your customer instead of the high-quality unit you placed in Amazons warehouses or create other issues. So youll want to keep an eye on things if you take advantage of this feature. Some instances have occurred where legitimate sellers using FBA have been banned from selling on Amazon due to negative reviews caused by damaged or fake products.

    Another new change as of August 2020 is the Inventory Performance Index, which measures a variety of elements to determine how your inventory is performing and help you improve that by getting rid of excess inventory, improving your sell-through rate, and more. Youll want a score above 500, which is calculated based on factors like:

    • In-stock inventory
    • Stranded inventory
    • Sell-through rates

    How Much Can I Earn By Selling On Amazon

    When youre selling on Amazon, really anything is possible: You could be making $9 or $9 million. The answer varies.

    Ultimately, the amount of money you can earn by selling on Amazon is directly correlated to the uniqueness of your products. You need to sell your own branded products with high margins . That way, your marketing efforts can afford a higher customer acquisition cost , and youre making more for every sale .

    Today more than ever, ecommerce content and storytelling drive brand loyalty. Focus on maintaining your brand image on Amazon so that your products are seen as reputable, high-quality goods from a company that consumers know and trust.

    If youre a seller with a large inventory of high-ranking products with high margins and good reviews, you will be set up for success. But just like any online business, it all comes down to how well you can choose your products and market yourself.

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